Best Nutrition Analysis Software

Best nutrition analysis software includes Nutraid, Genesis R&D Food Labeling, LabelCalc, Nutritional Pro, and CalcuEasy. This software allows you to track the nutrient composition of meals and recipes and acquire an estimation of the dietary habits of an individual.

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List of 20 Best Nutrition Analysis Software

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Emergents | 2024

EU & FDA compliant operations

Nutraid is a reliable nutrition analysis software that helps a user to gain an insight into food nutrient values without going for extensive lab tests. It is also a great tool to obtain real-time product labels generation and manages the recipes from anywhere. Learn more about Nutraid

Emergents | 2024

Accurate and data-driven food labeling

Genesis R&D Food Labeling is an AI-driven nutrition software that will do instant food labeling for you. This best nutrition analysis software comes with in-built label generator with pre-made templates. Its flexible API can be integrated with any platform. Learn more about Genesis R&D Food Labeling

Emergents | 2024

Best software offering best labeling solutions

LabelCalc is a feature-rich nutrition analyzer that can manage anything from recipes to nutrients charts. It gives detailed breakage of the food nutrients value to simplify things. Also, it helps users manage the recipe costing and label generation process. Learn more about LabelCalc

Emergents | 2024

Easy search functions giving accurate results

Make your food costing, labeling, and nutrient value display process quick and reliable. Use the automatic analysis abilities of Nutritional Pro. This feature-rich nutrition analysis software helps users add recipe description, and add the allergic details. Learn more about Nutritional Pro

Emergents | 2024

Will create FDA compliant nutrition fact labels

Get instant recipe labeling by using cloud-based best nutrition analysis software, ReciPal. It comes with great automation capabilities to do easy inventory label updates, recipe tracking, and report generation. You can easily get data back up on cloud space. Learn more about ReciPal

Emergents | 2024

Integrated Nutrition information panels

Create Country of Origin Labelling over few clicks and make your retail store legally complied by using advanced features of FoodWorks Nutrition Labeling. It is the best nutrition analysis software rendering its automatic help in easy allergen declarations. Learn more about FoodWorks Nutrition Labelling

Emergents | 2024

ISO certified and iOS- Android compatible

Operations such as safety rules and regulation monitoring, workflow management, food quality assurance, and nutrient report generation can be done easily by using MenuSano. The nutrition analyzer also helps you doing a mobile inspection. Learn more about MenuSano

Category Champions | 2024

Specialized Client management Software & mobile ap

Nutriapptech is a specialized CRM Software and mobile application, directed for professional dietitians and nutritionists across the world, helping them simplify everyday tasks. Read Nutriapptech Reviews

Most Reviewed

Emergents | 2024

Nutrium is a nutritionist software for food and health organizations. This program offers appointment scheduling, patient management, menu planning, recipe/formula management, nutrient database, dietary analysis, and meal planning in one place. Read Nutrium Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Capture, manage and track the leads and generate business from them by using the automated assistance of My PT Hub. The online personal training software can manage hundreds of clients, upload, and track their progress from a single platform. Learn more about My PT Hub

Emergents | 2024

Nutritics is a fully featured Food Service Management Software designed to serve SMEs, Enterprises. Nutritics provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App. This online Food Service Management system offers Patient Management, FDA Compliance, Nutrient Database, Allergen Tracking, For Healthcare Facilities at one place. Learn more about Nutritics

Emergents | 2024

MenuCalc is a fully featured Food Service Management Software designed to serve Enterprises, Startups. MenuCalc provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows. This online Food Service Management system offers at one place. Learn more about MenuCalc

Emergents | 2024

Syndigo is a fully featured Content Management Software designed to serve Agencies, SMEs. Syndigo provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows. This online Content Management system offers Version Control, Data Quality Control, Documentation Management, Video Content, Metadata Management at one place. Learn more about Syndigo

Emergents | 2024

Software by Culinary Software Services, Inc

ChefTec is a fully featured Restaurant & Bar Software designed to serve Agencies, Enterprises. ChefTec provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows. This online Restaurant & Bar system offers Nutrition & Ingredient Labels, Purchasing, Production Management, Nutrition Analysis, Employee Management at one place. Learn more about ChefTec

The simplest way for dietitians and nutritionists

Simplified Nutrition Online is an award-winning dietary and nutrition management solution. We offer a full-scope solution including menu planning, HACCP compliance guidance, nutrition/caloric values, ordering, and budget control features. Learn more about Simplified Nutrition Online

Specification and Labeling Management Software

Improve product compliance with streamlined specification requirements i.e. Physical, Chemical, Microbial, Nutritional and Allergens, Recipe and Labelling with the power and convenience of digital specifications. Learn more about Smart Specification

Award-Winning Meal Plan and Nutrition Coaching Sof

Foodzilla is an AI-powered next-generation meal planning and nutrition coaching software for both nutrition professionals and enthusiasts. Try it for 10 days for free at Learn more about Foodzilla


Nutrition Analysis software is used in food service and manufacturing industries to calculate nutritional values for menu items and recipes, generate nutrition and ingredient labels, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

Last Updated: January 02, 2024