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25 Best Online Training Software In India

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What is Online Training Software?

In this fast-growing technological era, people are more into this technology and the online world. Searching for everything online or on e-platforms has become the basic necessity of everyone. People are very much interested in learning by being in their comfort zone and sitting at home because it saves their time as well as their efforts. Moreover, online training has benefited people a lot, as it has reduced the manual time taken for traveling from one place to another, no physical space or material is required for the training process. All just you need is a screen like a laptop, mobile phone or computer, and functional internet connectivity.

The E-learning platform or the online training system contains a variety of online features like educational tools and software, online tutors and online study material and an education system which is advanced and has all the online training solutionThe best part is that these online training software can be accessed anytime, from anywhere in the world. 

Online training software, which is also known as eLearning, initiates educational activities and concepts for students or the employees and the corporate employees of the company as most of the educational institutes or multinational companies believe in providing online training to their students and employees. It helps the individual to update themselves according to the latest trends and by being in their comfort zone. It saves the money of the company and the time of the individuals. The companies or educational institutions can easily create their online courses according to their needs and can make these courses accessible according to the preference of their employees or students. 

Different Types of Online Training Software

The online training has now been an essential part of the corporate sector. Management also sometimes comes between incorporate online training, which can lead to ending up wastefully. Technology can sometimes be expensive too. Therefore every financial decision or commitment has to be taken carefully. The central part is to review the problems of the organization and to find out the online learning solutions and how these problems could be resolved using the right online training software. Never hurry, always explore all types of online training software and its relevance. Based on L&D applications, there are five different types of online training software:

1. Onboarding of New Team Members

In mostly all of the organizations, the new employees are set under the supervision period. The starting period of their job is their trial period. The company supervises these employees in the trial period. The employees also get a chance to evaluate whether they are fit for the organization or not. On the first day, there is an orientation organized for the employees, and then for the next few weeks, online training sessions are conducted. Every organization uses the best online training system to make its employees familiar with their relevant organizational policies. The flow of work, a chain of command, and what is expected from them, is taught to the employees. All this is done through online training software to avoid interference in daily tasks. Therefore, the best online training software is used for the same.

2.  Familiarization of Product and Customer Service

Product and Service training is another useful and essential form of online training software. While the onboarding teaches the philosophies and the organizational policies of the company, the product and service training are more practical sessions. Training is provided to all the companies and particularly to the sales and marketing team, so that everyone in the organization has the basic knowledge of the products and services of the company, and they can offer relevant information to their clients. Therefore, every organization uses the best online training app for the same purpose for their employees.

3. Routine Compliance of Online Training

It gets necessary to update the compliance documents regularly, depending on the type of industry you work for. These courses are undertaken annually because they are the fresher courses, so you can keep your employees up to date; by using online training development software. The best part is you can interact with every employee of your organization individually. The best part about online training management systems is that it can send a notification to your employees when their licenses are about to expire. The training systems are therefore beneficial to keep track of your team and hence avoiding the unnecessary expenses of non-compliance fines.

4. Brushing Up the Soft Skills

The education system focuses on completing the syllabus and preparing students for the examination. Therefore, students know how to pass exams with good marks but don't know how to be successful in life when it's time to struggle in a career. These require a set of different skills to advance and move forward in life. These skills and abilities are known as soft skills.

Online training is the best way to build in your employees these soft skills. These soft skills include communication, negotiation, problem-solving, time management, ethics, presentation, and teamwork. These qualities are not directly helpful at work but improve the overall quality of their work and life. As these are general skills, these cannot be taught at any seminar and workshop. Therefore, using the best online training software to help staff build and develop these abilities.

5. Development of Technical Skills 

While soft skills are very often ignored, hard technical skills are always well covered. Every organization still needs to be updated continuously with the technology, as they have to keep themselves updated and should know how to use the technology. Many skills cannot be taught online, but wherever possible online training software should be used to save time and money. The online training software can make your team familiarize your team with the company terms and industry policies, especially useful when they need licensing.

What are Essential Benefits of Online Training Software in Business

The several essential benefits of Online Training Softwares in Business are:

  1. Students can study and learn hassle-free from any place being in their comfort zone, which means it provides students with high flexibility.

  2. Reduces the total cost and helps in expanding the collaboration.

  3. Online training offers a proper community and online support.

  4. It provides more convenience and flexibility.

  5. Gives learners the freedom to choose what they want to study.

  6. Immediate updates are provided.

  7. It offers high mobility so as the user can access the software from any device, be it a laptop, computer, or phone.

  8. It makes more extensive data and information easily portable. 

Core Features of Best Online Training Softwares

Several features of the best online training software are:

  1. online training software comes up with compelling integration with other platforms like CRM or the management tools to provide improved training and productivity. 

  2. It gives the ability to check the progress of trainees and to generate the final report for the improvement of the organization.

  3. It also helps users to check their knowledge levels by providing them with demo tests and exams. Hence, helping in customization as per the requirements of the users.

  4. The installation of this online learning software is effortless and easy, which makes it easy for users to understand.

What are Challenges and its Solutions in the Online Training System

Challenge-1 Online training is boring

Online training is a substitute for boring classroom-based classes, but this is always not the case. Many online learning software contains a lot of texts which are followed by many questions that fail to engage people in training. It becomes tedious and therefore seems more like e-reading. Therefore, students get bored with this online training software, and this lack of motivation and engagement in learning is the main reason for the failure of online training courses.

Solution- Finding the online course which is fun and interactive.

Challenge-2 Students encounter technical difficulties

Technical problems that occur during online training are the main blockages of online training software. Some types of issues arise where the users are stuck at individual pages from where they are not able to move further, and they don't know how to continue. All disturbances add frustration and reduce the engagement of users, and because of this, the learning experience gets disturbed. Users are more likely to abandon the course then and there.

Solution- Offering multiple device courses and choosing courses that can be operated without using much internal memory or high-speed internet connectivity.

Challenge-3 Students don't remember the time of online training

The online training software offers students a comfort zone where they can take the courses when and where they like as this training software has scheduled sessions for every hour. Students don't remember to take classes and remain inactive in the course, and that's why they are unable to complete their course.

Solution- Send regular reminders to students and set a time limit for them to finish the course.

Challenge-4 The students don't know if the course exists

Sometimes the situation arises when you have spent months designing an online course, you choose the best software provider for your online training software because you know the course you prepared is essential for your employees. But the sad part is no one in the organization is aware of the existence of your course. 

Solution- Launch a communication campaign for the course you have designed for your employees.

Challenge-5 Users are unable to practice

Practise is the only thing which can help us learn something. By practicing stuff, we get the experience, and we can do it. Practise makes us recall and check the concepts and skills we have learned so far. However, mostly all the online courses doest take care of this part, and their only focus is on theoretical knowledge and lessons, and it results in the non-practice of students. Therefore, the learning process or the main motive of the online training is not achieved.

Solution- Using practical courses that are useful and help users get engaged in practicing the concepts.

Challenge-6 The online course has no impact on the organization

Sometimes it happens when all the above problems of the online training software are resolved. The users access the training without any technical issues or questions; the users were able to complete the course within the deadline. Still, the problem arises that there was no impact of the training on the organization. The practice does not help in improving the human capital of the organization. Therefore, most of the online training courses fail because they do not have an impact on the organization.

Solution- Design and allocate online training courses, which fulfills the objectives of your organization and keep on measuring the goals.

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