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Best Operating System Software in India

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Operating system is the very foundation of any computer system. It is the operating system which manages the computer hardware and software resources. As the name itself suggests operating system is something that helps us to operate the computer. When a purchaser thinks of buying a new computer or laptop he needs to decide which operating system would match his needs. He could directly purchase a computer or laptop with preloaded operating system or he can have the operating system of his choice for which he will have to know the options available for the same and the basics of operating system.

What is an operating system?

A computer cannot function without an operating system. It is the first software that is loaded in the computer so as to make it functional. It’s the operating system with the help of which computer has been made user friendly. Otherwise all of us would have been required to learn the computer language in order to communicate and give commands to the computer. It’s the operating system that manages all the hardware and software, memory and computer processes.

What does an operating system execute?

The operating system supports different applications and programs and helps the same to run simultaneously. Apart from this it is the operating system which helps us in connecting our computers or laptops with several devices like printers, scanners, photocopiers, etc.

From where do I purchase the operating system?

You might visit a computer retailer and share the details of your business or requirement. The retailer would guide you accordingly. And you need not to bind your computer or laptop to just one operating system. Having one operating system will not stop you from having another one loaded in the hard drive. So you may also go for combinations of operating system software.

What all do I need to examine before deciding the best operating system?

There are several operating systems available in the market. These operating systems are tailored w.r.t the different uses of the purchasers. Some are made with the gaming perspective while others are for the use of business or education. So identify your requirement and then think of:

  1. How easy it is to use: This should be the second stage. You might not like getting an operating system which complicates the usage of your computer system. So better take a trial before finalising the purchase. For example, if you are more into gaming stuff, examine how smooth the operating system will work while designing and developing the games and what are the options it offers for the same.
  2. Recommendations: Take suggestions, advices from your business clients or partners. Go for the ones that are being used by the people you know. Ask them whether the operating software can match your requirements or not. Or share your needs and requirements to the one from whom you are planning to purchase the system.
  3. Compare the costs: Select the operating systems based on your business needs and then compare the costs of all the systems that you have selected. Go for the one which is reasonable and which will help you carry out the functions as you desire.

So the steps are as simple as this: Identify your needs, visit the computer retailers, compare the costs and get it installed! Happy Purchasing!!

Suggesting some of the best Operating System Softwares (both for mobile and PC) :

The market is stuffed with the operating systems that can pave way for every one of us. But to be specific and choosy, here goes the list:


Sr-No PC Mobile
1 Windows 7 Android
2 Windows 8.1 iOS
3 Windows XP Symbian
4 Windows 10 Jama ME
5 Windows 8 Windows Phone
6 Mac OS X 10.11 BlackBerry
7 Mac OS X 10.10 Kindle

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