Best ORG Chart Software

Best ORG chart software in India exists Lucidchart, Keka, HRMantra, EDraw Max, and Creately. Such organizational chart software allows users to create organizational graphs of all employees.

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List of 20 Best Org Chart Software

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Emergents | 2024

Org chart template generator and chart maker

Lucidchart is a convenient organizational chart software that helps to give the right direction to the blueprint in your mind and make the most appealing charts out of it. It helps to make quick and easy as well as complicated charts. It is one of the best org chart software in the market.  Read Lucidchart Reviews

Category Champions | 2024

Web based diagramming tool by Creately

Creately is an offline organizational chart making tool which helps you create powerful charts. Whether you need to impress your customers/employer/employees/someone else, this org chart software proves to be indispensable chart-maker. Read Creately Reviews

Category Champions | 2024

Complete employee experience platform

Keka is the best HR software for businesses of all sizes. It is the only Payroll & HRMS software that is employee-centric. Unlike traditional HRMS solutions, it is a modern new generation platform focused on user experience and simplifying complex workflows. Read Keka Reviews

Most Reviewed

Category Champions | 2024

World's Most Powerful HR and Payroll Software

HRMantra is the World's most feature rich HR and Payroll software helping automate the most complicated of hire to retire HR processes easily using its CRORES of ready to use features. It saves 30 min per emp per day giving over 10 times ROI. 100% project success assured. Read HRMantra Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Organizational chart-making software by Organimi

Organimi is an out-of-box org chart software. It helps in providing unified and visual view of critical data, converting data quickly into charts and making it understandable. Read Organimi Reviews

Emergents | 2024

One of the best organizational chart software

MyDraw helps you draw better charts, which help you in better planning and a better understanding of your organization. It is used to draw flowcharts, floor plans, UML diagrams, mind maps and so on. Learn more about MyDraw

Emergents | 2024

An org chart with superpowers

Pingboard is a better way to build, manage and share your Org Chart. The org chart is kept up-to-date for you as people change managers when you connect to your IT or HR system. You can export and share the org chart, and access it from your phone. Learn more about Pingboard

Emergents | 2024

Org chart template generator

Organizational design solution to streamline business transformation such as M&A, RIF, Diversity and Inclusion initiatives and reorganization. Organization charts, organization design and in-depth HR Analytics. Learn more about Nakisa Hanelly

Category Champions | 2024

One of the best organizational chart maker

SmartDraw is fairly easy to use org chart software which can prepare charts with an upscale appearance. You can make unlimited charts using this which can be utilized for various purposes. Read SmartDraw Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Organizational chart software by Gliffy

Gliffy is an org chart-making tool with professional org chart template layouts to make your charts more appealing. It has got templates which offers you wide range to choose from for colors, fonts, styles and so on. Learn more about Gliffy

Emergents | 2024

Real-time org chart template creator

OrgPlus RealTime helps to draw impressive organizational charts that and make your idea easily understandable audience. This org chart software has got more than 50 customizable fields which make chart-making easy. One of the best organizational chart software for heavy usage. Learn more about OrgPlus RealTime

Emergents | 2024

High-end organizational chart software

OrgChart helps to draw data-rich organizational charts. It is a highly customizable software. It is a very popular org chart software and used by brands like Mercedes-Benz, Nike, World Vision and many more. Learn more about OrgChart

Emergents | 2024

Easy to use organizational chart maker

OrgWeaver has got powerful features which help you prepare user-friendly and interactive organizational charts. This organizational chart software is very easy to install and has got good customer support to help you 24X7. Learn more about OrgWeaver

Emergents | 2024

Organizational chart software for small businesses

DemandFarm's Org Chart Software is a perfect choice for a small organization which needs to make just a few organizational charts. It is user-friendly and does not require much technological knowledge. Learn more about DemandFarm's Org Chart

Emergents | 2024

Org chart software by Veeva Systems

OrgWiki is a powerful, quick and easy organizational chart software which helps to provide visibility into data. We can create a dotted-line organizational chart using this software. Learn more about OrgWiki

Category Champions | 2024

An applicant tracking system for great recruiters

Great recruiters know how to find great candidates. It's all the other things, like scheduling interviews and sending out status updates that they need help with. So, we built Freshteam a time management software to help recruiters focus on the only thing that matters: recruiting. Read Freshteam Reviews

Category Champions | 2024

Easily create beautiful designs and documents Use Canva's drag-and-drop feature and professional layouts to design consistently stunning graphics. Design presentations, social media graphics, and more with thousands of beautiful layouts. Read Canva Reviews

Contenders | 2024

Payroll Management Software for Small Businesses

Gusto is the employee onboarding platform, offering payroll, benefits, HR tools, and world-class support for small businesses. With Gusto, it’s easy to take care of your team and grow your business all in one place. Read Gusto Reviews

Contenders | 2024

EM-HRMS is flagship product of Eastern Infotech. Which manages a life cycle of an employee, Also Automate all the HR Process in the company. EM-HRMS can reduce the day to day work effort by 40%. We have added module in EM-HRMS is work force management. Read EM-HRMS Reviews

Contenders | 2024

Microsoft org chart software by EdrawSoft

Edraw Org Chart works on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and Citrix to draw impressive organizational charts. This organizational chart software is compatible with various Linux distributors such as Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, etc. Read EDraw Max Reviews

What is Org Chart Software?

An organizational chart is basically a graphical representation of various relationships amongst the organization. And it is used by the companies to plan for future, mobilize sales, or improve the employee communication.  This implies that an organizational chart software should then just be software that creates these org charts. This, however, is a misconception.

Yes, an organizational chart software is a powerful tool that lets the companies visualize, design, modify, interpret, and edit various org charts. But what needs to be emphasized here, is that the best org chart software products provide the users with affordability and ease of use, that goes way beyond just the creation of these charts. All the organizational chart software can be used to design the org charts at the tip of your fingertips. 

Some of the best org chart software in the market currently, will let you input employee data from a spreadsheet, any of the company’s payroll system, or the HR database, and then create an org chart automatically, all by itself. And you can also publish the charts to PDF, web, or any of the office suite software like Microsoft office. Not only that but the advanced org chart software today will also let you fetch the various employee attributes like performance ratings, potential successors for key roles etc, all the same while, letting you classify employees, on specific characteristics, through colour coding.

While a majority of the software do the basic work, the best org chart software in the market go ahead and offer additional features, to help the organization at a wider level. Now what makes the use of an organizational chart software a must in the corporates today, is the ease at which the software gets a lot of work done, in lesser time and with lesser efforts than the traditional tools like Viso, Excel, and PowerPoint. Also, sharing these charts with an org chart software is a lot easier than it is with the traditional tools. Furthermore, the painstaking HR tasks of workforce analysis and recruitment planning are made a lot easier by the elaborate charts generated using org chart template available in the software.

What are the Key Features of Org Chart Software?

Amongst the host of features that are available in the online organizational chart software as well as their better trusted offline counterparts, an org chart software provides its users with the following key features:

  • It contains professionally designed and easily editable org chart templates along with themed colour palettes & styles for user- end customization.
  • It allows the user to rack all the changes to a particular file by the full version history.
  • An org chart software as also mentioned earlier, allows you to export the charts and the final output into a host of file types like PDFs, SVGs or images.
  • It is also possible to just enter text data and let the software provide it a suitable shape if the text doesn’t fit the available shapes.
  • Just like a cloud doc, a collaboration between individuals on the same file via cloud can be done and the same are then reflected as the real-time changes.
  • As mentioned earlier, the organizational chart software also provides the users with an option to just import raw data from HR database or from any similar information logs and convert the data to a readymade organizational chart. And it also lets the user check the employee attributes linked to the data like location, performance ratings, and designation among others.
  • An interesting feature amongst some of the best org chart software is that of workforce planning. It lets the user create multiple scenarios with drag and drop options and built-in formulas to reach the optimal org design. It also lets the user simulate probable scenarios of the changes in the org structure if certain employees are promoted or somehow leave the organization.
  • These org chart solutions also let you identify the areas of focus, in terms of hiring strategy. You can analyze with these tools as to what key positions need to be filled in and who are the employees that are at the risk of leaving, via the insights generated from the org charts.
  • Moreover, with the help of organization chart tool, the companies can run detailed calculations with regards to employee salaries/cots vs employee performance/output, organization fit, etc.

Based on the above discussion, some of the best software to create org charts are OrgChart, Organimi, Insperity OrgPlus, EDraw Max, and Creately.

What are the Benefits of Organizational Chart Software?

It has now been established that org chart solutions have some really helpful features to assist the organizations. Some of the salient benefits of using an organization chart tool or software are:

  • They save time. One doesn’t need to fumble around with the shapes and connectors as in the case of the traditional tools. These tools have standard built-in templates and solutions in them. In fact, one doesn’t even need to have a full-fledged software to get this benefit. There is a host of online org chart software to do the needful, just a click away.
  • At a time, they provide the company with an in-depth analysis of the workforce management, compensation management, and aid in future planning and forecasts.
  • The organizational chart software also allow multiple users to collaborate on a single file, hence providing access to domains across the organizations, even at the time of editing the charts. Also, it becomes easy to modify or update the charts at any level due to this feature of collaboration in the organization chart tool.
  • An organization software also helps the company integrate all the employee data and its relationship with the organization as a whole in one single place. This relationship can then be retrieved, analyzed, and modified any time, as the situation might demand.

Why do Businesses Need Org Chart Software?

All the businesses need to identify the structure of their organization so as to streamline the flow of responsibilities and ensure the targeted growth. And so it has been standard practice to prepare the org charts. But, an organization software, not only prepares the required chart, but it also helps the company with a host of other functions, as discussed above.

Today, the businesses across domains, need to monitor their workforce productivity and the costs associated with it. They need to plan for the future and utilize their existing workforce at the optimum level. An org chart software provides the organizations with the tools, to do just all of this.

That’s about it. So, if your organization is ever confronted with the dilemma of choosing best software to create org charts, you now have a list of what all features to look for in the software, apart from the basic organization chart templates. Also, it should be noted that there are a variety of online org chart software for trial if at all one wishes to go for them. Some of them are SmartDraw, Canva, Gliffy, & LucidChart, among others.

Top 10 Org Chart Software

Now, there are many reasons why you would need an organizational chart maker. An organization chart maker is a handy tool that lets you build the management structure and organizational hierarchy of a business. It helps to plan for the future, mobilize sales, and improve employee communication.

Are you looking for a professional organizational chart maker but clueless about which one to choose? Let us help you then. In this article, we have listed out the top 10 org chart software (in no particular order) to help you pick the best. Let’s begin then.

1. Visual Paradigm Online 

Visual Paradigm Online is a web-based organizational chart maker, which transforms data into accurate designs. It offers users solutions like a free drawing tool, process maps, anva, and other technical system models.

In addition, it is easy to use. You can create and connect shapes by simply dragging and dropping. These connectors stay stuck to shapes and never separate apart.



  • Offers you an unlimited period of access, and an unlimited number of shapes and designs.
  • Apart from using their diagram bank, you can also draw your own designs.
  • Lets you print, export, and share your drawings in different formats (PNG, JPG, SVG, GIF, PDF).
  • Enables you to easily embed text, external images, and web links to a diagram.


Pricing Plan:

Express Starter Advance
Free (only for personal and non-commercial use) $4 per month $9 per month

2. Vizzlo

Vizzlo is an easy-to-use organizational chart maker that increases productivity by providing users with extremely intuitive online tools. You can easily create diagrams and designer-grade charts in no time.

One added feature is that it allows for the import of data from spreadsheets and sharing it online. In fact, you can also choose to export your work as a high-quality PNG or PDF file.



  • Allows for export of document as a high-quality PDF or PNG file.
  • Enables you to edit your work on your browser or directly in Powerpoint.
  • Lets you add custom colors in single boxes.
  • Offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface to create complex designs.


Pricing Plan:

Free Premium Business
Available $11 per month $15 per month

3. SmartDraw

SmartDraw is a flowchart maker and diagramming solution, which is powerful and easy-to-use. This software is designed to document processes, manage projects, and plan strategies. Plus, users can create any type of diagram - graph-based, chart-based, or schematic.

Furthermore, the application is equipped with thousands of designs and templates for easy editing and drawing.



  • Can be integrated with tools such as Excel, Microsoft Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint.
  • Allows sharing of files to let you collaborate with other users on your drawings and visuals.
  • Easily draw and edit with the help of SmartDraw's intelligent formatting engine.
  • Built with more than thousands of templates and diagrams.


Pricing Plan:

Free Single User Multiple Users
Available $297 Starting from $595

4. LucidChart

Lucidchart is one of the leading organizational chart maker applications in India. In fact, it is used in many industries like web design and development, business sectors, and engineering for its intuitive interface.

It is an ideal diagramming tool for system design, brainstorming, and project management. It makes it easy to create and share professional graphs.



  • Integrates with BambooHR so that you can easily import your data and create a professional org chart.
  • Allows for sharing your work with executives and employees by sharing URL, or by integrating your diagrams into Google Slides, Slack, and Confluence.
  • Create flow and organization charts, wireframes, and UML, among many others.


Pricing Plan:

Free Pro
Available for Single User $9.95 per month

5. Organimi

You can now get creative with Organimi. Organimi is an org chart diagramming used by some of the big names in the world — Uber, Walmart, Amazon, Adobe, and more.

The tool is fairly easy to use. You simply have to upload the spreadsheet into the system and with just a few drag-and-drop steps, you can build your org chart. It also has a user dashboard where you can find your contact list on the left-hand side panel.



  • Compatible with any system that provides an Excel or CSV output.
  • Provides customer support via email and has an online FAQ forum.
  • Integrates with security software like Active Directory and Bitium.


Pricing Plan:

Free Organimi
Available (for up to 50 members) $80 one time payment

6. Visme

Visme is an org chart maker that transforms the way you create and share engaging presentations, infographics, and other visual formats. It’s a web-based tool that offers a variety of content creation tools. Besides, you can publish your document online, embed it to your site, or download it for offline use.

It is mainly used by users from the fields of marketing, education, business, and other professional areas.



  • Easily lets you connect, disconnect, and reconnect the sections.
  • Lets you personalize with your selection of fonts and images.
  • Automatically animates all charts and have the option to share your file online or download it.


Pricing Plan:

Free Individual Business Education
Available Starting from $14 per month Starting from $25 per month Starting from $30 per semester

7. Canva

With a vast collection of over 1 million graphics, photographs, and fonts, you can never go wrong with Canva. Canva is a simple design platform that enables users to create high-quality and professional graphic designs.

From business houses to individual professionals, everyone makes use of Canva. This online design solution lets you share your work with users sitting across the globe. People with links to the document can access and edit the design on their computer, iPad, iPhone, or Android device.



  • Easily download your finished design as a high-res PNG or PDF file.
  • Share and print your work in high resolution so that you can post it wherever you want.
  • Lets you customize colors to reflect the brand identity.


Pricing Plan:

Free Canva for Work Canva Enterprise
Available $ 12.95 per team member/month Price by request

8. Glffy Diagram

Now turn your ideas into reality using the Gliffy Diagram tool. With its easy-to-use interface, you can create and share flowcharts, network diagrams, floorplans, and much more. Gliffy Diagram has secure management features and enterprise-grade functionality. Thus, it can be used by organizations of any size.

Furthermore, it gives you the liberty to work from anywhere. The SaaS application is supported in all modern web browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and more.



  • Has a drag-and-drop interface and real-time online collaboration for easy sharing.
  • Allows you to export your work in various formats such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, and SVG.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Google Drive, Google Apps, Confluence, and JIRA.


Pricing Plan:

Free Personal Team Enterprise
Available $7.99 per month $4.99 per month Price by request

9. Creately

Creately is a diagramming tool that can be used both online and offline. It offers plenty of templates and designs to help you easily build your diagrams - be they infographics, flowcharts, or more.

The best part about Creately is its intuitive shapes and connectors. Its smart shape intelligently figures out its users’ customized style and adapt themselves to match with them.



  • Allows for seamless collaboration between in-house employees and external associates.
  • Enables personalization of your org chart by letting you add profile pictures and logos.
  • Offers more than thousands of ready-made templates for you to choose from.


Pricing Plan:

Free Personal Team Plans
Available $5 per month Starting from $25 per month

10. Factorial

You can import all of your employees’ details with their positions and the app automatically creates the chart. Plus, you can update the chart anytime you want.



  • Lets you import your files and automatically creates the chart.
  • Enables updating the chart anytime you want.
  • Allows you to easily share your work with your teammates.


Pricing Plan:



To help you out, we have created a small comparison table. It mentions the basic features required in an organizational chart maker tool.

Product name Visual Paradigm Online Vizzlo SmartDraw Lucidchart Organimi Visme Canva Gliffy Diagram Creately Factorial
Free trial Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Import of data from the spreadsheet No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes
Print, export and share your work Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Diagram examples and templates Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Easy to use Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

To conclude, make sure you weigh all the features and usability of the software before making the final decision.

Last Updated: January 02, 2024