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LastPass, a GoTo (formerly LogMeIn) company, is a password management application to simplifies access to enterprise applications for users but also increases centrality and ease of management of access for administrators with task automation, and convenient and secure password s... Read LastPass Reviews

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LastPass VS PassMan

LastPass review compared to Panda

"Review for LastPass" - islam. Pakistan


Bitdefender is an excellent antivirus tool I have been using for the last few months; it provides some good things I like about it. It automatically scans everything inserted in the system fully until we can access it. Read BitDefender Reviews

Starting Price: $180 Per Year

BitDefender review compared to Panda

"excellent antivirus tool" - Jemmy Ferguson


I have been using Avast for antivirus protection it offers robust protection against malware, viruses, and other online threats. Its scanning and real-time protection are highly regarded. The interface is easy to navigate, making it simple for users to run scans, manage settings,... Read Avast Reviews

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Avast VS Kaspersky

Avast review compared to Panda

"Effective Protection with User-Friendly Antivirus " - Aslah Faseel K


Large footprint makes it indestructible to hackers. For the money it is awesome and customer service is excellent to work with when you renew your subscription. Read ESET Smart Security Nod32 Reviews

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Common ESET Smart Security Nod32 and Panda Alternatives

ESET Smart Security Nod32 review compared to Panda

"Review for ESET Smart Security Nod32" - islam. Pakistan


Systweak Antivirus is the best software for use as an antivirus. I like it and use it personally in my system. I am happy with this software. And I will advise my friends to use this software too. Read Systweak Antivirus Reviews

Starting Price: $36 Full Licence for One Year

Common Systweak Antivirus and Panda Alternatives

Systweak Antivirus review compared to Panda

"Systweak Antivirus" - MUHAMMAD SIDDIQ


If I put down $899 for a two-year subscription, Norton Antivirus might seem a little expensive, but the protection it offers on my device is commendable. The software offers strong protection against malware and viruses, as well as real-time protection, a secure VPN, and a passwo... Read Norton Reviews

Starting Price: $10 Per Year

Common Norton and Panda Alternatives

Norton review compared to Panda

"A personal experience of using Norton Antivirus " - Sarvesh Khodwe


Trend Micro Cloud One is very helpful, especially with our server lift and shift to the Cloud. Seamless migration and ease of administration. Scalable, Easy to use, comprehensive security coverage, and cost-effective. Read Trend Micro Reviews

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Common Trend Micro and Panda Alternatives

Trend Micro review compared to Panda

"Review of Trend Micro" - Wakkas Ahmad


Precise and reliable antivirus software, which gives me confidence to be my go to antivirus software. It's exceptional performance that left me thoroughly impressed. Read NP AV Reviews

Starting Price: $9 Per Month/single user


NP AV VS Avast

NP AV review compared to Panda

"Best Antivirus " - ANKUSH GANJRE


It is a wonderful experience to use this anti-virus software. Its easy to use and helps while you are working, making your work smoother, and you can work efficiently. Read REVE Antivirus Reviews

Starting Price: $11 1 devices/year

Common REVE Antivirus and Panda Alternatives

REVE Antivirus review compared to Panda

"Beautifull experience" - Jazib Bhatti


Exceptional protection for enterprise networks and devices that must be managed.Positive and would recommend to those looking to invest in a robust and proven anti-virus software package. Read Malwarebytes Reviews

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Malwarebytes VS Avast

Common Malwarebytes and Panda Alternatives

Malwarebytes review compared to Panda

"Review for Malwarebytes" - islam


AVG Antivirus strikes a balance between user-friendly design and robust malware protection. It's real-time scanning and diverse security tools are commendable. Nonetheless, occasional resource consumption issues during scans and limited customer support dampen the experience.... Read Avg Antivirus Reviews

Starting Price: $143 Per Month

Free Trial

Common Avg Antivirus and Panda Alternatives

Avg Antivirus review compared to Panda

"AVG Antivirus Review User Friendly Protection with a Few Quirks" - SABUJ HOSEN


I have been using Quick Heal Total Security for a long long time and it's the most trusted brand in my opinion if we talk about antivirus. It comes with complete protection, whether it's system or internet or web protection or the payment safety or the password manager, i... Read Quick Heal Reviews

Starting Price: $20 Per Year

Mobile App
Free Trial


Quick Heal VS Avast

Common Quick Heal and Panda Alternatives

Quick Heal review compared to Panda

"Make In India Antivirus " - Anshuman Vardhan


Kaspersky is a comprehensive security suite that offers a wide range of features to protect your devices from malware, viruses, and other online threats. Read Kaspersky Reviews

Starting Price: $40 Per Year

Free Trial

Common Kaspersky and Panda Alternatives

Kaspersky review compared to Panda

"Kaspersky: A Comprehensive Security Suite" - Surya Pratap Singh


All work done on the laptop is protected well and assured that it does not get corrupted easily. The software can easily be shared with others also till the limit. Value for money Read McAfee Reviews

Starting Price: $50 Per Year

Free Trial


McAfee VS ClamWin

McAfee review compared to Panda

"Found this software to be excellent. Protects our laptops and desktops from most of the viruses" - Joe Cherian


K7 is an excellent antivirus, and I can say it's better than a traditional antivirus tool. I have used it for more than 3 months and it's been working great so far. There are many features additional to an antivirus such as anti-theft for phones, security leaks, and prote... Read K7 Antivirus Reviews

Starting Price: $499 Per Month

Mobile App
Free Trial

Common K7 Antivirus and Panda Alternatives

K7 Antivirus review compared to Panda

"An excellent antivirus" - Shanvi Bahal


DriveCrypt is a fully featured Computer Security Software designed to serve Startups, Enterprises. DriveCrypt provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows. This online Computer Security system offers Vulnerability Protection at one place. Learn more about DriveCrypt

Starting Price: Available on Request


Common DriveCrypt and Panda Alternatives


F-Secure is a complete internet security tool that helps with virus protection, browsing protection, and parental control for children. It can support any size of businesses. It comes with a 30-days trial session having and is very fast, easy and sim... Learn more about F-Secure

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Free Trial

Common F-Secure and Panda Alternatives


My best company of software that is a word best company all user s support easy to use and best feature if my company this company is very best of software Read Sunrise Total Security Reviews

Starting Price: $42 User/3 Year

Free Trial

Sunrise Total Security review compared to Panda

"Best the company" - manjoo chaurasiya


Protect business system and critical data against malicious intent with ClrStream. The solution provides email continuity when the primary mail server is unavailable or down. The Vaultastic bundle ensures email data durability at 99.99999999999%. All... Learn more about ClrStream

Starting Price: $9 User/Year

Free Trial

Smart & good experience but outlook is ugly with its color. Also scan progress bar absent. Unable to identify where scan is running. On scanning mode high CPU usage and high memory usage which may slow down other works in pc. Read Immunet Reviews

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Free Trial


Immunet VS Norton

Common Immunet and Panda Alternatives

Immunet review compared to Panda

"Good experience but outlook can be better" - Sayed

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