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Best Password Management Software in 2020

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Passwords represent a set of definite strings that are provided by a user to gain access to a web account. Nowadays, organizations around the globe are following the concept of password management for enhanced security of sensitive data. The theft of business data can lead to a decrease in business revenues and create a lot of stress for organizations. In order to avoid such situations, it is necessary to invest in top-of-the password storage software.  

Password management can be defined as a set of principles and best-in-class practices that are followed by users while storing and using passwords. Following effective practices of password management will make sure that no one can tamper with sensitive customer data or access company information that is not for public use.

There are many tools such as online password management software and password storage apps that can help companies manage their passwords better. Password storage software can ensure that all passwords are stored in an encrypted form with a strong master password to access the stored data. Companies should invest in the best password manager software to enjoy better data regulation, control, and stringent security of company information.

Enterprise password management software is a must-have business asset in the modern workplace. Password keeper software removes the hassle and difficultly of creating and managing strong robust passwords. Here are the various benefits of using password management software for business:

1. Only One Master Password To Remember: A password management system gives users only one master password to remember. This eliminates any kind of confusion or problems that they face, as all they have to do to access any document is to enter the master password.

All password management tools require a user to log in to the system by using the master password key, then the password saver app will give access to all other application passwords. Users do not need to worry about forgetting their passwords or write them down to remember them later (creating a security threat) – the entire process is automated through password keeper apps.

2. Complex Encryption of Passwords: One of the greatest advantages of password storage apps is that users do not need to waste time creating strong passwords. The best app to store passwords will ensure that there is an automatic generation of passwords, thus saving user time and effort. Employees do not need to waste time thinking of a strong combination of characters that will not pose a security threat. Online password management software ensures that passwords are not based on personal information such as birth date or name of a pet that is easily prone to hacking incidents.

Long, complex, and random passwords created by password storage software are extremely safe. In fact, password saving software also allows users to specify if they need any particular number of letters, numbers, and characters in the password.

3. Easy To Change and Add New Passwords: It is recommended that passwords should be changed at frequent intervals to prevent any security breach or hacking by miscreants. If organizations get the best password manager software, their employees will not need to manually change passwords after regular time intervals. If users log in to a new application, enterprise password management software automatically creates a new password and saves it in the system for future ease of access.

Similarly, if a password has to be reset, users just need to log in to the password keeper software, make the required changes, and log out. All the details of the new password are saved by the password management system, and it also keeps track of any kind of security threats or breaches.

4. Simple Access to Passwords on All Devices: Most employees use multiple devices to access official information and keep working, even while they are on the move. Password management software for business organizations can ensure that team members have access to their passwords on multiple devices such as smartphones, laptops, and personal computers.

Password management tools require a user to be aware of the master password, rest as long as users have downloaded the required apps on the device, the password will be handled by the password saver app. Investing in the best password manager app will give your business flexibility, agility and allow employees to work from any corner of the globe without compromising on data security.

5. Minimal Financial Investment: Many organizations do not invest in password storage apps as they feel that it will require a heavy financial investment. However, that is not true. The best password keeper applications require a one-time initial investment, and they give back a high return-on-investment. The basic plans are very economical and do not require organizations to set aside a heavy budget. However, organizations may be required to pay money for any kind of additional features that are not included in the basic package.

6. Easy To Maintain System: One major reason to invest in the best app to store passwords is that it will require no maintenance post-installation, and is hassle-free. Most online password software management solutions are user-friendly systems that do not have any demand for complex software or hardware requirements.

Credible market vendors handle the complete installation process and provide any kind of support that is required by organizations to make the implementation smooth. Since most password management tools are intuitive and simplistic, there is no requirement for long training sessions – team members can understand the features easily, and start using the new system.

Password storage software is a useful tool that stores all data credentials in a structured and organized manner. It operates on a simple principle – the password manager generates a master password that is highly encrypted and cannot be hacked easily. Password saving software will then ensure that users can automatically log in to any application, without manually entering the password.

Most password management tools store user credentials online, hence users can access the system from multiple devices and work from any geographical location in a secure manner. To reduce risk, most password keeper software solutions encrypt all passwords on the device, and then only upload it online. It is highly convenient, agile and flexible for organizations that need to keep their company information safe from intruders, as it gives complete guarantee against any kind of data theft or fraudulent activities.

Getting a password manager is a long-term decision for any organization. It is important to check out the various features before deciding the best app to store passwords for your business data. Here are some essential features to look out for before purchasing a password management solution for your organization:

  • Automatic Form Filling: One of the most overlooked functions of enterprise password management software, automatic form filling is beneficial for all kinds of companies. This enables users to avoid filling every single data form that they come across online. Instead, it is possible to fill a generic form in the password manager. This information is stored safely, and can automatically be filled in any forms that are encountered by users online. This saves precious time and saves users the hassle of repeatedly filling the same information multiple times.
  • Note Management: Most password saver apps can be employed as full-time note-making tools. Users can create, tag, and share data notes with others. For example: if an employee wants to share bank account details, they can select the category, and enter fields such as bank name, account number, and account type. There is also the 6option of enabling password protection for these individual notes, thus ensuring that there is no threat to sensitive data. 
  • Password Encryption: One of the most vital features of all the best password keeper apps, encryption is definitely given top-most priority. Password management systems store all passwords in a heavily encrypted form so that any hacker cannot access them. This makes sure that even if an official device is stolen or accessed by unauthorized personnel, the intruder will not be able to view any password or access business documents. It increases the level of safety and keeps official information safe from online miscreants.
  • Secure Web Browser: Most password storage apps have an inbuilt secure web browser so that users can access websites and online applications without any fear of data theft. These online browsers are integrated with the password management software’s auto-fill feature. Hence, users do not need to keep filling in their credentials or manually fill forms while using password management software for business organizations. The browsers have all the typical features such as multiple tabs, bookmarks, and desktop versions.
  • File Storage: Most password management tools allow users to attach documents and images on notes as well. The data on the notes is heavily encrypted; hence an unauthorized person cannot access it. The attachments can be given unique descriptions and can be categorized and stored under separate headings. This makes it a safe portal for employees and team members to share information, and enhances the stringency of data security.
  • Random Password Generation: Since most employees constantly struggle to come up with strong passwords, the random generation feature of password keeper software is highly useful. Password managers can automatically generate unique and strong passwords that are not prone to hacking. Users can customize password length, specify any special characters, and adjust any other filters if required. Random password generators are mostly available in all the best password management software solutions and are very helpful in increasing the security level by preventing hacking incidents.

The market has ample choices with respect to password management tools. Organizations need to assess their business requirements before making a final choice and invest in the best app to store passwords. Here are the various types of password management systems:

  • Standalone Password Manager: This is the earliest variant of password storage software and does not require being associated with any other software. This is an ideal tool for users who do most of their official computing work on one device and do not share it with others. Standalone password keeper software solutions have a number of features such as form filling of online pages, random password generator, and the option to export passwords to a readable file. It provides heavy encryption of data and increases the security level exponentially.
  • Web-based Password Management Software: These are the latest type of password management systems, and they can be used from anywhere, as long as the device connected to the Internet. They have a number of functional features and are an ideal option for companies that have a wide employee base in different geographical locations. This type of password storage software can be used for multiple devices with different operating systems, thus making it a wise choice for larger organizations.
  • Cloud-Based Password Managers: This is a very popular type of password manager, and it ensures that all the usernames and encrypted passwords are stored securely on the service provider’s server. The user’s web browser transmits all the data through a secure Internet channel. The main advantages for organizations are that they can access their passwords safely from anywhere, without worrying about security aspects.

With an increase in the rate of data theft and online fraud activities, most companies across the globe have started adopting password management solutions. There is a growing emphasis on compliance management and stringent regulatory mechanisms that make it necessary to invest in the best password management systems.

Password keeper software is not restricted only to individual users, rather it can be customized to suit specific industries and serve to their unique business requirements. Here is a list of some vital industrial sectors that can avoid data theft and tighten security measures by adopting password management solutions:

  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate 
  • Banking
  • Retail
  • E-commerce
  • IT
  • Public Sector
  • Education
  • Financial Services
  • Transport 
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • A. Well, to be honest, nothing is perfect or in terms of password managers - none are 100% secure. There is a risk of storing all your passwords in one place. All these password managers use some kind of ‘virtual space’ to store your passwords, so if their servers get hacked, your passwords can be extracted.
  • A. You must be wondering why should you use them despite the vulnerability? Well, think of it this way - wearing a helmet while driving a two-wheeler doesn’t guarantee you that you’ll be 100% safe if an accident occurs. But you are advised to wear it due to whatever amount of safety it provides.
  • A. here, is a list of key benefits of password management software

    • You no longer need to memorize your passwords for different websites/apps/services.
    • You can use stronger and complex passwords that are more secure.
    • Smooth and hassle-free experience
    • You can also manage shared accounts without revealing the actual password

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