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We are in the midst of a huge e-commerce boom and technology has disrupted the way we sell things today! The internet has revolutionized our conventional marketplace with the rapid growth of numerous online stores. Selling online poses a unique set of challenges and one of the biggest roadblocks to a seller is bridging the distance between your website and a customer’s wallet. A great solution here would be to set up a user-friendly and flexible payment gateway service! It’s important to know that to accept payments online, a gateway is mandatory. So what exactly is a payment gateway and why is it the best option for your web-based business?

What is Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway is a service provided by various e-commerce application service providers  that allows a store to securely request and handle payment transactions with customers. They facilitate ease of payments so that the organization can focus on more crucial aspects of operation. Payment gateway service is an essential merchant service provided by an e-commerce application service provider that authorizes credit card or direct payments processing for e-businesses, online retailers, bricks and clicks, or traditional brick and mortar.

How Payment Gateway Works?

It is sometimes a daunting task for a business of payment gateway integration in its operations! There are so many questions about its functioning that may seem complicated. A payment gateway works in a simple way to ensure that when a customer clicks on “order and pay”, the entire payment process happens in a seamless and orderly fashion. A payment gateway service exchanges informations between website and acquiring bank. Let’s understand how payment gateway works.

It all begins when the customer places the order. The merchant securely transfers order information to the payment gateway. The transaction is then routed to the issuing bank or the 3D secure page to request transaction authentication. After the authentication process is successful, the transaction is then authorized or declined (depending on funds available in the customer’s account) by the issuing bank or card (VISA, MASTER, MAESTRO, American Express etc.). The payment gateway then accordingly sends a message to the merchant. The bank settles the money with the payment gateway serviec, and the money is then transferred to the merchant. So, a payment gateway works in a smooth manner to make your payment procedures simple and effective!

Integrate a Payment Gateway to Transform Business Growth:

Businesses require an agile, scalable, and reliable billing solution to process their payments – new and recurring. Choosing to integrate a payment gateway may seem to be a complicated task, but it’s easy once you asses your business requirements. They come with varying fee structures and features which are suitable for different industries and company sizes. It costs an initial lump sum of money and may seem to be a sizeable investment, however picking the right gateway helps your business save money in the long run and keeps it running smoothly.

Creating a great payment experience for your customers is essential for business success and longevity. It should be seamlessly integrated to the online store’s shopping cart software to provide a hassle-free payment option for customers. These nine steps will help your business integrate a payment gateway system for your business -

  1. Understand the Function of a Payment Gateway – It’s important to know the various functions of payment gateways and how it will help your business grow in a profitable manner. It will help you make an informed choice and choose the best gateway for your requirements.

  2. Check with Your Web Host- Browse through your website's control panel or your online shop's admin page and check if there are payment gateway options. This will help in the quick implementation of payment gateway services to the business suite.

  3. Browse Through Various Options - There are a host of popular payment gateway service which are widely supportive and compatible with most online business models. List of payment gateways:

  • PayPal
  • Payza
  • Perfect Money
  • Egopay
  • SecurePay
  • Verify
  • Braintree
  • SecurePay
  1. Understand the Fees/ Terms & Conditions – Payment gateways come in a variety of flexible payment options. User-friendly fee structures which can include monthly fixed fees, fixed fee amount per transaction, variable fees based on the transaction amount. Compare rates to find the service that meets business needs in the most economical manner.

  2. Pick Between an External or a Direct Gateway - External gateways redirect your customers to another website to process the payment. Direct gateways complete the entire processing within your store, keeping the customer on your site. Choose the kind of gateway you wish to implement in your business model.

  3. Sign up for a Merchant Account – The next step is to sign up for a merchant account, which can then be linked to the payment gateway solution. This will facilitate the online shop to receive payments from the customer. Merchant accounts will typically charge per transaction that is carried out.

  4. Sign up for Your Chosen Payment Gateway System – Once the merchant account is set up; you need to sign up with your chosen payment gateway service provider. A suitable Login ID, password and authorization can be setup to ensure data security.

  5. Add payment methods - This procedure may vary from service to service, but generally you will need to enter your payment gateway information for each method of payment you intend to accept. This is in the initial setup stage.

  6. Test the Gateway – Payment Gateway providers give test accounts which allow the user to check the smooth functioning of services. These allow you to perform fake transactions to ensure that the payment process is working correctly. It is important to test before making your online store live, so as not to have unexpected roadblocks.

These simple steps will help any kind of business integrate a payment gateway in a seamless manner!

There are payment processing solutions for every industry and there is advanced expertise to meet the unique needs of all types of businesses. Innovative technology, affordable rates, multiple payment options, easy-to-use tools, and exceptional service make payment gateways a must-have for your business. So, it’s time to invest in a payment gateway and create an exceptionally delightful payment experience for your customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • A.
    - It acts as a go-between to ensure that the customer’s data is safe and secure
    - It decreases the frequency and severity of credit/debit card frauds
    - Most online shoppers are quite familiar with the services
  • A. there are four types of payment gateways

    - Hosted payment gateways
    - Self-hosted payment gateways
    - API hosted payment gateways
    - Local bank integrated
  • A. Generally, payment gateway services accept all VISA and MasterCard, but if your business involves international transactions, then you need to check if the gateway supports local cards or not.
  • A. A brand management software will primarily focus on the overall appeal of your brand while digital marketing software will help you promote your products and services to generate sales.
  • A. There are only limited ways to boost the awareness of your brand manually, and you can reach limited no. of people. Many companies work on big data to analyze market trends and customer behaviors, and brand management tools are the best option to make your system automated.

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