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Do you want to automate your Sales force? Is your CRM or SFA struggling with user adoption? Can you view pan-India sales performance at the click of a dashboard? What is the overall satisfaction index of your frontliners? Call us and we promise that will change.

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Key Features of Peri CRM

  • Expense Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Performance Management
  • Task Management
  • Territory Management
  • Customer DataBase
  • Field Sales Management
  • Performance Metrics
  • Sales Collaboration
  • Sales Performance Management
  • Activity Management
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Collaboration
  • Campaign Management
  • Analytics
  • Sales Order Management
  • Data Management
  • Business Process Automation
  • 360° Customer View
  • Orders and Invoices
  • Mobile Sales
  • Synchronization and Integration
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  • Freelancers
  • StartUps
  • SMEs
  • Agencies
  • Enterprises

Available Support

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Live Support
  • Training
  • Tickets


  • Deployment:

    Cloud Based

  • Payment:

    Monthly, Yearly

  • Api
  • Customization
  • Mobile Support

Desktop Platforms

  • Web App
  • Windows
  • Mac

Mobile Platforms

Language Support

  • English
  • Hindi

Peri CRM Pricing

Monthly Plan
$ 2.78
  • Employee Management
  • Product Management
  • Distribution Management
  • Territory Management
  • Order Management
  • Interaction Management
  • Business Forecasting and Analytics
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Peri CRM

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Peri CRM Description

Here’s a shoutout to all FMCG companies that want to take advantage of Indian retail opportunities - get Peri CRM and immediately receive benefits such as: -

  1. 100% adoption from Week-1
  2. 100% digitization of company’s Products
  3. 100% digitization of company’s distributors and super stockists
  4. 100% view of organisation’s attendance
  5. 100% photographic evidence of existing retailer universe
  6. 40+ TC and 10+ PC
  7. 1-click Sales Dashboard
  8. Improved market satisfaction
  9. Preventive rather than reactive Sales performance improvements

Peri CRM's vision is two-fold:

  • To build better selling agents: Our passion is working with sales reps, we do not sit in fancy offices, instead we hit the streets and do actual sales calls.
  • To create a technology ecosystem: We want to see a consumer brand go live, pan india in a matter of minutes 

Peri CRM is an amalgamation of “sales best practices”, “salesman’s on-field behavior”,  “managerial expectations”, and “best-in-class user experience”. Treat Peri as your business partner that provides consulting and training solutions through technology without burning a hole through your pocket. 
Peri gives you what most Indian Sales softwares offer i.e. stock management, order management, employee tracking and performance reporting. 

But below are some Unique features of Peri which you would not find in our competitors:

  1. No complicated login and password process
  2. Daily attendance alarm
  3. 1-click sales call
  4. Optimal battery consumption and relevant location tracking
  5. Super easy to use
  6. Great training and support system, personalised attention to each sales rep

Get the guesswork out of decision making through actionable insights and a high-performing sales force. Take advantage of India’s most user-friendly, technologically advanced, well thought-through and fundamentally strong mobile CRM.

Last five years or so, technology has evolved to a great extent, and it has impacted how humans perform their day-to-day activities. But if you bump into an FMCG sales representative at a “Kirana” store (the number of such stores is estimated to exceed 12 million), you would see him taking orders either on a shoddy bill book or on a cumbersome mobile application which he unwillingly uses because his company mandates it. Peri CRM, a Gurgaon-based SaaS startup, is attempting to fundamentally change this by providing an Indianized, easy-to-adopt, mobile-first sales automation platform. It has been designed for front-liners with a clear goal of transforming a smartphone into a sales competency-building tool. 

When asked what drives this mission, their founder, Harsh Kohli, answered, “improving the lives of salespeople is in our DNA; that’s the sole purpose why Peri exists. We serve the sales heroes on the street to the CEO of the company”. 

Peri CRM

Peri CRM is a product of years of observations, interactions, training and improvement projects with sales representatives across India. Peri’s team started their journey back in 2015 with generation 1 of their platform while diagnosing sales processes in the medical devices industry. 

Through years of iterations and transitions, the team’s effort culminated when they launched Peri in September 2018 and acquired their first customer Mrs. Bectors Food Specialities Limited (biscuit brand Cremica). At the time of launch, Peri only had FMCG essential features like attendance, stock and order management while the major focus was directed toward user experience (UX), user interface (UI) and adoption by the average Indian sales rep. This was a great start as Peri had replaced a market-leading SFA platform, Bizom, which had been struggling with user adoption for the past 2 years.  

Since then, Peri CRM has continuously innovated on the product with best-in-class features. The result is a sales force automation (SFA) application that is super easy, visually appealing, and learnable with minimal data entry. At the same time feature-rich, scalable, innovative and tailor-made for the FMCG industry. With these features in their bucket, Peri calls themselves a sales consultant and trainer, not just a technology partner. They want to focus on helping companies achieve strategic sales objectives like entering new territories, increasing the retail universe, pushing retailer throughput, maximizing sales efforts on key brands, achieving sales discipline and more.  They are targeting 1000 monthly users by Mar 2020. Currently, Peri CRM is limited to sales automation but wants to venture into marketing, logistics, and service automation in the future

Let’s delve deeper into the top functionalities of Peri:

Here are Some Top Functionalities of Peri CRM

1. Easy Accessibility

Peri is perhaps the easiest software in India in terms of adoption. It does not require any username or password. Users can log in using their mobile number registered with the company’s HR department. 

2. Flexible structure

Peri adopts as per the company’s internal structure (not the other way around) so that the transition to automation is seamless. For example:

2.1 Sales branches and sub-branches: Peri allows companies to break a state (say Punjab) into sales branches and sub-branches depending on how resources are spread and reporting preferences. 

2.2 Direct and indirect reporting: Peri maps every frontline to a reporting manager up to the company's CEO.  Peri also allows indirect mapping with view-only capabilities to non-sales functions like HR and marketing.

3. Accurate master data

Peri works with the company’s MIS team to extract, clean and upload the master data from various sources like MS excel sheets, ERP, legacy CRM or HRMS. For example:

3.1 Products: Peri provides a complete visual representation of products that sales representatives must sell. This feature reduces the burden of heavy backpacks filled with catalogs, brochures, and handouts. Besides, digitized products make conversation with the retailer easier as users can show their entire portfolio in a single tap. 

3.2 Distributors and Stockists: Peri integrates with the company’s ERP or stock management software to pull dealers' data and assign it to sales representatives. This gives clear visibility of stock movement and payment updates for effectively servicing these partners. 

3.3 Retailers: Peri has made it super simple to onboard a retailer. Users need to take a picture of the retailer’s facade with a name board (which comes in handy during retailer audits), and type the retailer’s name without special characters and 10 digits unique mobile number. A welcome SMS is triggered for trust and future engagement.

Example of Peri’s super-easy user interface (UI)


4. Actionable mobile dashboard

Peri’s mobile home screen consists of a pie chart and top business KPIs with color coding that allows users to analyze their monthly performance. This dashboard provides a schematic representation of the monthly target, achievement, focus product categories and other leading indicators. The primary objective is to enhance user motivation at work. The users can set their work schedule accordingly to reach the desired target without any hassle.

5. Sales discipline

Discipline is perhaps the most desired trait for a sales team. Peri lays special focus on enforcing discipline through its platform. For example: 

5.1 Attendance for all working days: Peri has a highly effective attendance marking feature where an alarm goes off every morning at a stipulated time, prompting the user to self-declare a presence or absence from work. The reporting manager later approves this disclosure based on contextual information.  

5.2 Automated Beat Plan: Peri was clear from day one that it would not adopt the traditional beat mapping methodology where beat names are manually entered and assigned to the distributor and salesman. Peri relies on the world’s best geo management platform Google to extract beat names and supplement them with a proprietary algorithm to standardize and assign it to a salesman. 

5.3 Know your customer (KYC): FMCG typically has high manpower attrition which means a retail market serviced by one salesman will tomorrow be handled by another. This is why knowing your customer or retailer is very important. Peri has a fully customizable retailer KYC screen to get comprehensive details like decision-maker, preferred timings, GST number, shelves and windows, typical customer reach, credit preference and more. 

6. Seamless Sales transactions

Sales can be a very demanding job. Peri ensures that there is Zero loss of sales and routine market working of a sales rep is seamless. For example: 

6.1 Sales Call or TC: When a sales rep enters a retail shop, he can report a TC with a finger swipe. Simple and efficient.

6.2 Order taking or PC: Most CRMs take 5-10 minutes to place and confirm the order. On the contrary, Peri allows a salesman to enter a new order or copy a previous one and do minor edits in 1-2 minutes. This ultimately helps fulfill the FMCG company’s primary goal, i.e., maximizing order placement and minimizing data entry time. The order page displays a bar graph with monthly sales trends to avoid sales loss and push monthly growth. Peri also has the convenient feature of sending a PDF of the order summary, which can be downloaded and shared with the retailer over WhatsApp.       

7. Stock Management

Many Indian FMCG companies, especially small to mid-sized, find it difficult to implement and manage DMS at their distribution points. The top reasons are that business owners have no computer, run legacy systems like Tally or are unwilling to disclose their daily stock movement. Peri CRM offers an alternative to DMS through its effective stock management functionality. Anyone visiting a distribution point is empowered to capture consolidated stock as well as at an SKU level. The algorithm at the backend correlates the inventory with opening and primary stock to give a great sense of secondary and retail throughput. 

8. Interactions and Surveys

Feedback and surveys play an essential role in capturing the pulse of a brand in terms of product quality, service and customer preferences. Peri has a fully customizable survey module where senior managers and marketers can create detailed surveys and launch BTL (below-the-line) campaigns at the retail level.

9. Joint Working and Training

Peri has a unique module to help capture joint working and value-addition by supervisors, managers, and senior managers. This helps engage non-transactional users on the SFA platform with activities like training, problem-solving, feedback collection, market validation and more.  

Peri CRM training

10. Offline working

Another great feature in Peri, especially for upcountry markets, is its offline availability. The salesperson doesn’t have to worry about typical issues like poor network and low battery. They can save the transactions locally and sync when they reach a proper network area. 

11. DIY analytics

In today’s fast-paced business environment, routine data analysis is perhaps the only way to get early signs of business problems, identify the root cause, and devise effective execution strategies that can be validated with concrete data points. But analytics must always be dynamic and available. Peri is powered by the world’s leading, best-in-class data visualization platform, Zoho analytics. In addition to pure visualization, Peri also gives its customers an AI assistant named Zia, which understands data requirements in plain English and throws a set of reports and dashboards that can be tweaked per your needs. Thoughtfully designed sales automation and powerful business analytics give a compelling value proposition to Peri’s customers.  

Peri CRM DIY analytics

SoftwareSuggest believes that Peri CRM has entered the crowded FMCG automation space with a unique philosophy of keeping the core end-users' benefits at the forefront. This is a challenge to the status quo, where everyone talks about management features like data analytics and artificial intelligence. By entering at this juncture when the need for automation is highest, Peri has a unique late-mover advantage as it has collected the industry feedback on failed implementations, nagging user issues, cumbersome data entry points and prevalent policing behavior, which is counterintuitive to user adoption. 

Peri is a clear winner in innovation, design, user-friendliness, adoption, customer support and data analytics.  It remains to be seen how Peri gets accepted by the market – as a niche player or as a mass-market CRM. 

You can explore more about Peri CRM on their SoftwareSuggest Profile Page.

Peri CRM founder

The Indian FMCG industry is going through a lot of positive changes and is looking at technology start-ups to support their growth journey. The first wave of SFAs had introduced concepts of digitizing sales and distribution business processes. But, does the transition of manual entry from paper to excel sheet or cumbersome applications really define the extent of what technology are capable of? Challenging how the market looks at sales force automation is the new kid on the block- Peri CRM. In their words, Peri wants to fundamentally change how sales force automation is adopted in the industry. Let’s hear it from the founder himself about what makes Peri so unique.

In conversation with Harsh Kohli, the founder of Peri CRM

What motivated you to develop Peri CRM?
I have been consulting small and mid-sized Indian companies for almost 10 years now. From my first assignment with Ortel Communications to increase their broadband penetration in Chhattisgarh, to Thyrocare technologies to setup model sample collection centres in metros with special focus on preventive testing, to Suture India private limited for development of an in-house CRM with surgeons as the key stakeholder, to Matrix cellular for development of an in-house CRM to augment corporate sales, to finally Cremica biscuits to work towards adoption of an existing SFA (Bizom). 

Those rich experiences offered a unique opportunity to observe technology from a human resource and business standpoint where I could spot mistakes that technology market leaders were making and how the real benefits of automation were not translating into business gains.  

My biggest motivation to develop Peri CRM is Sales enablement, i.e., to support Indian organizations, business leaders, function managers, and, most importantly, the front liners to sell better in the wave of digital transformation (2020-2025).

With numerous Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms available on the market, what makes Peri CRM different?
One has to look at competition with the right perspective. Firstly, there are generic CRM like Zoho, Freshsales, Salesforce, and then there are industry-specific CRM like Bizom and FieldAssist. Peri falls in the latter, a specialized CRM for the Indian FMCG industry with a strong focus on the Sales function. Secondly, in a SAAS model, the cost of replacing a CRM is not expensive. Thirdly, and most importantly, the Indian CRM landscape is changing and is expected to transform in the next 5 years completely. During this departure, a lot of players will go extinct as markets and customer needs evolve. 

Peri is different because we are not only a technology company with a great product; we are an FMCG consulting, advisory, and training company with in-depth subject matter experience. We are agile with our development process, incorporating the unique needs of Indian businesses. We are positioning ourselves for the long haul.

What is your vision for Peri CRM?
To makes every FMCG salesperson a better selling agent using technology and to create an ecosystem where an FMCG brand can go-live, pan-India in a matter of minutes.

What unseen opportunities did you see that may result in making your start-up a huge success?
The most significant opportunity that we see currently is to bring back the “Service” element in the “Software as a service” market. These services include brainstorming solutions, advisory, consulting, data cleanup, data analysis, training, on-ground support, and upskilling are required to be a part of the SAAS model from a holistic standpoint.  I have seen companies and their sales managers struggling with basic adoption, whereas the SAAS vendor was pushing for jazzy features like AI and Machine learning. 

Our first customer Cremica was struggling with India’s biggest SFA player in terms of data management (cumbersome administrative tasks), quality of interactions (fancy account managers instead of FMCG experts), and response time (typically a few weeks). Our second customer, a startup named Super DK, was approached by multiple vendors but no one who would sit with them and create a roadmap of sales automation and real business benefits. 

We quantify our success by the number of value-added FMCG relationships we will develop, not just by the monthly users. 

How do you drive innovation in your product?
Disruptive innovation is in our DNA. Picture this, the first month of our existence, we threw out the old school way of beat management and gave our customers a unique, self-managing way of mapping a territory. In the second month, we offered complex stock management on mobile to small and mid-sized Indian companies who cannot afford a DMS. In the third month, we gave a proprietary joint working mechanism to middle and senior managers. 

We are creating an organization of listeners (not calling agents) and solution givers (not programmers) who would work hand-in-hand with clients and innovate every day (if required) to offer technology that works for the business (not the other way round). 

What obstacles are you working through?
We believe in treating obstacles as opportunities. Right now, we are working towards the opportunity of meeting as many FMCG stakeholders as possible to understand their barriers to technology adoption and their expectation of real business benefits from a CRM. Our message to the CXO’s out there is this, ”throw us a problem.”

How do you measure success? What are your metrics for it?
Peri defines its success in three phases, i.e., implementation, adoption, and benefits. Implementation is considered successful if the company’s master data is rightfully migrated from spreadsheets and legacy systems onto Peri. Adoption typically takes between one to three months, depending on the maturity of the organization. The success metrics here are 100% attendance, validation of more than 50% of the retail universe, and average TC, PC per territory of 30 and 10, respectively. Benefits are unique for each organization based on their goals. We help them achieve their objectives for the quarter or the year so that the metrics may vary.

How do you motivate and elevate your workforce to be at their very best?
I believe a startup’s success or failure depends 100% on the cultural fit, motivation, commitment of its team. I endeavor to give each employee certain ownership in the company through multiple avenues like ownership of functionality, or a customer, or company’s shareholding. 

Where do you see Peri CRM in the next 5 years?
By 2025, Peri will be a nation-wide consulting and training organization with a state-of-the-art product, a great set of people, and amazing consumer feedback.

If you weren’t building Peri CRM, what would you be doing differently?

  1. Problem-solving using technology
  2. Starting a technology accelerator 
  3. Being an angel investor or a seed capitalist
  4. Traveling and capturing sunsets
  5. Interacting with nature

Peri CRM Customers

Peri CRM Customers

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Peri CRM Pros and Cons


"Customer service.Turnaround time for any support."


"New to SFA, So improvisation is happening very fast, USER requires frequent training sessions."

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Customer Marketing Manager

Used the software for : More than 1 year

Company Size :501-1000 employees


Nov 04, 2019


PERI stepped in when Cremica was struggling with stock management, attendance & effective market working of our sales force. PERI has brought many data points to discuss in monthly meetings related to sales, effeciency, building future ready organization etc.

Feature Feature 4


Out of 5

Ease of use Ease of use 5

Ease of use

Out of 5

Value for money Value for money 5

Value for money

Out of 5

Customer support Customer support 5

Customer support

Out of 5

What do you like best about Peri CRM?

Customer service.Turnaround time for any support.

What do you dislike about Peri CRM?

New to SFA, So improvisation is happening very fast, USER requires frequent training sessions.


How much does Peri CRM cost?

The starting price of Peri CRM is $ 2.78/User/Month. It has different pricing plans:

  1. Monthly Plan : $ 2.78/User/Month

The details of Peri CRM’s free trial have not been shared by the vendor.

What apps do Peri CRM integrate with?

Peri CRM integrates with various apps:

  • SAP
  • Zing HR
  • Microsoft Dynamics

What are the top 5 features for Peri CRM?

The top 5 features for Peri CRM are:

  • Expense Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Performance Management
  • Task Management
  • Territory Management
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