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In-App NATIV Campaigns target your users by showing a message while the user is using your app. Engage users throughout the user life-cycle with in-app NATIV messaging. Use Plumb5 in-app message designer to create NATIV banners or Forms easily.

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Requires Android :

4.1 and up

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Company :

Decisive Analytical systems Pvt. Ltd

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Available for Android

FAQs of Plumb5 Mobile App

What are the best Alternatives to Plumb5 apps?

The best alternatives for Plumb5 app based on customer reviews are:

  1. Kapture CX
  2. Zendesk Sell
  3. StrategicERP-Real Estate ERP
  4. Odoo
  5. QueueBuster POS

What kind of app is Plumb5?

Plumb5 is CRM Software.

Plumb5 mobile app is compatible with which devices?

Plumb5 mobile app is compatible with Android devices.