20 Best Competitors and Alternatives to Practoray

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This software is very good if you want to buy then I'll suggest to buy this software. This one is very very good product. If you want a value for money then buy this software. This very very useful software. Read MediXcel EMR and HIS Reviews

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Common MediXcel EMR and HIS and Practoray Alternatives

MediXcel EMR and HIS review compared to Practoray

"Lab management software" - Vaishnavi Jadhav


Mocdoc is one of the best software for HMS, and it helps us do easy billing and sales bills in fractions of seconds. Also, the Mocdoc regular updates make it better and helpful. Read MocDoc HIMS Reviews

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Common MocDoc HIMS and Practoray Alternatives

MocDoc HIMS review compared to Practoray

"Omkar Hospital" - Koushik Raju


Overall experience has been great. Had been using this for a year now. Suggesting my colleagues at work and family. User friendly and fast response. In times of lockdown and other major issues going on at the moment it’s not safe and we do not have time to visit a hospital ... Read eHospital Reviews

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Common eHospital and Practoray Alternatives

eHospital review compared to Practoray

"Awesome job!!" - Shokrei


A complete solution to manage the diagnostic lab. The service is really good. Finance and operations is really helpful for the business and the mgmt. Read CrelioHealth (formerly known as LiveHealth) Reviews

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Common CrelioHealth (formerly known as LiveHealth) and Practoray Alternatives

CrelioHealth (formerly known as LiveHealth) review compared to Practoray



I am currently using the trial version of Lybrate. I implemented it after a recommendation from a friend of mine, it has reduced the number of no-shows and I could notice the overall patient turn up is more. Additionally, I could manage the electronic health records with this too... Read Lybrate Reviews

Starting Price: $11.1 Month/Clinic

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Common Lybrate and Practoray Alternatives

Lybrate review compared to Practoray

"Intelligent patient management system " - Jessica


We have two PT's, two PTA's in a clinic, Three OT's and two OTA's in our clinic. Usually its very difficult to manage records, patient details, insurance details of patients, doctors rounds schedule, but with Uniwide scheduling and keeping up with medical records ... Read Uniwide HIMS Reviews

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Common Uniwide HIMS and Practoray Alternatives

Uniwide HIMS review compared to Practoray

"Love the ease of use& it is very user friendly" - Arpuna


SmartDoc is most customizable hospital management system with smart features like online doctor consultation and payment gateway for non-local patients.  Learn more about Techno-Doc

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Common Techno-Doc and Practoray Alternatives


Easy Clinic is well suited clinic management software to Consultant Physicians, Specialists, OPD Clinics and Clinics with multiple staff. Each aspect of Easy Clinic is customisable to your requirements, specialty and workflow of clinic software. ... Learn more about Easy Clinic

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Common Easy Clinic and Practoray Alternatives


I was looking for a cloud-based medical practice management software and then my colleague’s friend suggested installing Webmedy. And on doing so, I feel gifted with a comprehensive platform that allows me to track my patients’ history, along with past health conditio... Read Webmedy Reviews

Starting Price: $22.15 Month

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Common Webmedy and Practoray Alternatives

Webmedy review compared to Practoray

"Simple and User-friendly software" - Nidhi


EasyPractice is a fully featured Medical Practice Management Software designed to serve Enterprises, SMEs. EasyPractice provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App. This online Medical Practice Management system offers Billing & Invoicing ... Learn more about EasyPractice

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Common EasyPractice and Practoray Alternatives


I using MediSmart for promoting my healthcare business, it is a robust software which is designed brilliantly to take care of end to end patient needs. It has reduced the overall administration work and the best part is, there are no rooms for errors. The billing, invoicing can b... Read MediSmart Reviews

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Common MediSmart and Practoray Alternatives

MediSmart review compared to Practoray

"Brilliant Hospital Management System, designed with perfection" - Gajendra


This clinical software is a powerful web based technique that plays significant role in terms of Clinic management software Patient care, Patient monitoring and Patient follow-up. CareSys maintains practice management software with pre-operation... Learn more about CareSys

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Common CareSys and Practoray Alternatives


Good cloud based Clinic software. I will recommend others. keep on going. Read Win Apps Hospital Reviews

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Common Win Apps Hospital and Practoray Alternatives

Win Apps Hospital review compared to Practoray

"Cloud based software" - Spandana


HealthLink is an internet-based Clinic Management solution with unparalleled technology capabilities that accelerate business growth. A unique business collaboration tool, HealthLink Clinic Management is a multi-user and multi-location solution. ... Learn more about HealthLink Clinic Management

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Common HealthLink Clinic Management and Practoray Alternatives


Previous internet business frameworks I used were both essential and cumbersome to use. 10to8 works well with my messaging and calendar. If there are any issues, the assistance desk will respond quickly. Read 10to8 Reviews

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Common 10to8 and Practoray Alternatives

10to8 review compared to Practoray

"10 to 8: Love, love, love" - saipureddy chandrasekhar


KareXpert cloud-based EMR/EHR is user-friendly. It has many good features. Patient data privacy is highly maintained. I want to recommend KareXpert cloud-based EMR. Read KareXpert Cloud based EMR/EHR Reviews

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Common KareXpert Cloud based EMR/EHR and Practoray Alternatives

KareXpert Cloud based EMR/EHR review compared to Practoray

"User friendly " - Sudha


Smarter inside with advance Electronic Medical Record and Secured Patient Portal increase patient Satisfaction. Read Cloudpital Reviews

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Common Cloudpital and Practoray Alternatives

Cloudpital review compared to Practoray

"Great Experience" - Maithe


MyOPD is a easy to use, affordable and powerful software allowing Doctors to manage clinic at their finger tips. A useful software for Patient Management, Clinic Management, OPD Management with cloud backup to save your important data. Learn more about MyOPD

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Common MyOPD and Practoray Alternatives


SanHarABS iHMIS is a completely modular system, which makes it a perfect solution for all large, chain and smaller hospitals. It covers majorly all the departments and transactions in the Hospital. Hence, helping the Hospital to move from Paper to pa... Learn more about MappingTag

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Common MappingTag and Practoray Alternatives


A Beautiful piece of cloud-based EMR software, user-friendly interface for doctors, patients and receptionists. A MUST FOR EVERY DOCTOR Read DocOn Reviews

Starting Price: $83.33 User/Year

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DocOn VS Praxis EMR

Common DocOn and Practoray Alternatives

DocOn review compared to Practoray

"Review by a Dermatologist after 15 months of use" - Dr Vikas Gupta

Last Updated: September 20, 2023