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I have been working at Luxoft for more than 5 years and would like to share my experience. In my opinion, the company has a huge number of advantages, among them: interesting projects, a lot of internal resources, the opportunity to study, in addition, good English courses. Their... Read Luxoft Reviews

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Luxoft review compared to Prescient

"Great place for start" - Halyna Hapii


Overall experience is good. I love the services they provide. I specially like their virtual machine. They provide various options to create virtual machines. I use their virtual machines as a server for my website. They have best load balancer too. Read Rackspace Reviews

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Rackspace review compared to Prescient

"Good cloud company " - Tapan Parekh


The teams has leveled up its game with the high end features it has to offer especially the enterprise teams. The enterprise can add their own applications Read Team Computers Reviews

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Team Computers review compared to Prescient

"Great application teams" - Justin J Miranda


Excellent design and fully working condition this software work this software review tough professional digital solutions and services industry homepage dashboard all the functions best software engineer very thankful Read Cosmo Consult Reviews

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Cosmo Consult review compared to Prescient

"Software review" - Pappu Kumar


Its a solution provider company, not a core software development company. They have great commitment towards their work and quality. Employee friendly and pays them best in industry.Currently have best facilities regarding cabs and support. Read Accenture Reviews

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Common Accenture and Prescient Alternatives

Accenture review compared to Prescient

"Great Company to work" - Gaurav Patel


TEKLYNX is intelligent barcode software with awesome functionalities. It helps in barcode generation, label printing and data collection from these barcodes. It can link the prints to the inventory. Learn more about TEKLYNX

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Common TEKLYNX and Prescient Alternatives


Slalom is a reliable Microsoft partner that has gain unparalleled expertise in the implementation of various Microsoft solutions like Azure, Dynamic 365, Office 365, and Power BI. They have a powerful partnership with various third-party vendors to o... Learn more about Slalom

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Common Slalom and Prescient Alternatives


Get a well-crafted and need-specific Microsoft IT infrastructure and empower your organization with Technologent. This trusted Microsoft partner can be hired to get the best-of-breed Microsoft Office 365 and Azure solutions. Learn more about Technologent

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Common Technologent and Prescient Alternatives


Nasuni is a considerable alternative to any of the top cloud storage solutions. The software provides features like data synchronization, encryption, file sharing, version control, etc. Also, there is a 24/7 helpline to support customer queries. ... Learn more about Nasuni

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Common Nasuni and Prescient Alternatives


Mindtree is leading service provider of IT Services. characterize, plan and execute systems that drive the business development, diminish costs and make new income streams. Learn more about Mindtree

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Robust solutions with an app for almost everything. Eque2 has enabled office and on-site staff to work together seamlessly, saving vast amounts of time on admin and paper-based processes. Great setup and support team too. Read Eque2 Reviews

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Eque2 review compared to Prescient

"Very effective solutions for construction " - Chris


PingOne is an intelligent identity authentication software that can create a self-serve access control portal for you. You can use the adaptive one-click sign-on facility for all system apps. It can also create multiple authentication portals. Learn more about PingOne

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Common PingOne and Prescient Alternatives


ion8 is one-step for all your Zoho needs. By taking the help of this professional Zoho partner, you can easily get hand-picked Zoho service suites developed by experienced experts. Due to their ability to focus on your needs, its services are always ... Learn more about ion8

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Making most of your Microsoft investment is easy with DataBank IMX as this Microsoft Gold partner enables a business to get customized Microsoft business tool suite. By offering all kind of Microsoft services under one roof, it supports collaborati... Learn more about DataBank IMX

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Common DataBank IMX and Prescient Alternatives


For all kinds of Microsoft procurement and managed services, Cyclone is the ultimate destination. As long as Microsoft's partner is handling Microsoft implementation in your ecosystem, you will get the latest update and maintenance. Learn more about Cyclone

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Common Cyclone and Prescient Alternatives


SoftwareONE is a leading Microsoft partner that empowers your IT infrastructure by bringing customized and latest Microsoft modules. Whether its Office 365 or Azure, it takes care of successful implementation and migration. Learn more about SoftwareONE

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Common SoftwareONE and Prescient Alternatives


Optimize your set-up costing and IT overhead using TWINTEL. This Microsoft partner can offer you proactive service monitoring and optimization of implemented Microsoft services and help you make most of your investments made. Learn more about TWINTEL

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Common TWINTEL and Prescient Alternatives


Microsoft Dynamics is a line of ERP and CRM business software that helps to gain control of your enterprise, manage demand and supply channel and build stronger CRM with Silver Touch Technologies’s expertise on high impact Dynamic NAV ERP and C... Learn more about Silver Touch Technologies

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BroadPoint Engage is a fully featured Erp Software designed to serve Startups, Agencies. BroadPoint Engage provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App. This online Erp system offers Warehouse Management, Ground Shipping, Parcel Shipping, Shipment Tracking, Bills of Ladi... Learn more about BroadPoint Engage

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Common BroadPoint Engage and Prescient Alternatives


Logicalis offers you all the leading Microsoft service implementation and integration facilities at an affordable cost. Without disturbing your regular operations and making any compromise on your data safety, it handles multi-data migration. Learn more about Logicalis

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Common Logicalis and Prescient Alternatives

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