Best Professional Service Automation Software

Best professional service automation software are Salesforce PSA, Mavenlink, Certinia PSA, OpenAir, and ConnectWise PSA. Such professional services automation tools help to manage the core business operations.

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List of 20 Best Professional Service Automation Software

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#1 Cloud ERP for Fast-Growing Businesses

NetSuite, #1 cloud ERP, is an all-in-one cloud business management solution that helps more than 29,000 organizations operate more effectively by automating core processes and providing real-time visibility into operational and financial performance. Read Oracle NetSuite ERP Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

Intuitive PSA for an exceptional service delivery's PSA empowers MSPs with efficient workflows, automation, and intuitive ticketing. Increase revenue and deliver exceptional service with this robust and user-friendly solution. Read PSA Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

NetSuite, #1 cloud ERP, is an all-in-one cloud business management solution that helps more than 29,000 organizations operate more effectively by automating core processes and providing real-time visibility into operational and financial performance. Read Oracle NetSuite Reviews

Complete suite of SCM and Manufacturing

Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM is a professional services automation software that provides a full suite of SCM and marketing tools. A single platform seamlessly allows professional services to manage business operations, supply, and marketing. With features like Supply Chain Collaboration, Delivery Tracking, Inventory Control, etc., it is a great fit for businesses of all sizes. Learn more about Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM

Contenders | 2023

One of the best PSA solutions, FinancialForce, is easy to access and use. It provides real-time data and seamless integration for various processes of professional service businesses. It is a comprehensive tool for professional services businesses with features like Milestone Tracking, Shipping Management, Sales & Operations Planning, Resource Management, Time & Expense Tracking, etc. Read FinancialForce Reviews

Emergents | 2023

Manage Your Firm, Not Just Your Projects

BigTime is a cost-effective but feature-rich professional services automation system. Its value for money makes it an excellent option for all professional service providers, freelancers, or large enterprises. Along with productive integrations, it comes with features like Project Management, Workflow Management, Real-time Tracking, Automatic Time Capture, PCI Compliance, etc. Learn more about BigTime

Contenders | 2023

NetSuite OpenAir Software is one of the most popular of professional services automation solution. It is referred to a suite of software enabling IT Service organization to manage people and skills resources. The Web-based project management capabilities to improvement on-time project delivery. Read NetSuite OpenAir Reviews

Software by Mavenlink Inc

MavenLink is one of the best PSA tools because of its focus on managing customer engagement. It is also rich in project management features like Resource Management, Gantt Charts, Task Management, Utilization Management, etc. It also comes with ERP/ General Ledger and CRM integrations, which help to manage all aspects of professional service businesses. Read MavenLink Reviews

Software by Sap

SAP S/4HANA is a professional services management software focusing on inventory management for businesses. It offers end-to-end solutions that work well for startups, SMEs, and large enterprises. Features like Inventory Management, Distribution Management, Supply Chain Management, and Enterprise Asset Management are complemented by tools to manage other business functions. Learn more about SAP S/4HANA

Contenders | 2023

A system to boost productivity and profitability a

Accelo is a top PSA program known for its innovative features aimed at improving productivity. It allows accelerated teamwork and can be used as a project management tool. It combines CRM and sales features too. Its hundreds of features are CRM & Sales Dashboards, Mailing List Management, Conversion Tracking, Push Notifications, etc. Read Accelo Reviews

Software by ConnectWise

A professional services automation for small businesses and startups, ConnectWise uses industry best practices to improve desk management. It streamlines all client relationship activities to ensure maximum opportunities are converted into revenue. Automation features like Help Desk Management, Calendars, Invoicing, Ticketing, etc., can help businesses improve efficiency and productivity. Learn more about ConnectWise

Contenders | 2023

One of the most flexible and customizable PS automation tools, Replicon enables professional services to manage employees and other resources better. It has Real-time Reporting and Analytics to give a comprehensive picture of performance so the business can be more agile. Some of its features are Absence Management, Time Capture & Approvals, Timesheet Management, etc. Read Replicon Reviews

Software by Planview, Inc

Planview is one of the professional services automation solutions that offer efficient strategic management to businesses of all sizes. Its KPI feature, On-report tracking, Requirements Budgeting, Resource Management, and Project Management tools are geared to help professional services reduce errors and improve performance. It even provides support in 3 languages. Learn more about Planview

Emergents | 2023

All-in-one work management software

Scoro is a cloud PSA software that combines powerful features of CRM, Budgeting, and Project Management software. It aims to provide professional services to businesses with a complete experience while being cost-effective. It offers Financial Management, Employee Management, Client Management, Workflows Management, and various other features. It is customizable and has an attractive dashboard as well. Read Scoro Reviews

Software by Screendragon

One of the best professional services automation software, Screendragon is a workflow management program with many interesting features. It has functions such as Forms Management, Spend Management, Time Tracking, Customizable Dashboard, Graphical Workflow Editor, Marketing Calendar, etc. It allows SMEs and enterprises to manage all their professional services functions seamlessly from one place. Learn more about Screendragon

A project management software you'll enjoy using Work OS is the no-code project management platform that lets you easily plan, manage, and track projects, collaborate in real-time, and use automations and integrations to streamline workflows and save time. Read Reviews

Powerful collaboration tool for teams of all sizes

A highly cost-effective professional services automation software, Wrike is versatile in its support for online project and team management. It allows businesses to manage multiple teams or multiple projects simultaneously. It offers language support in 12+ languages, along with hundreds of valuable features. Some features are Collaboration Board, Financial Templates, Product Roadmapping, Automated Scheduling, etc. Read Wrike Reviews

Most Reviewed

Best-in-class Cloud Accounting & Financial Managem

Sage Intacct is a cloud-based financial statement solution designed for small and mid-sized businesses. This robust and innovative software automates critical finance and accounting processes besides providing users with real-time financial insights. Read Sage Intacct Reviews

Contenders | 2023

Clarizen Professional Service Automation System is the best of Cloud-based PSA Software. It has easy to create business rules that are automation trigger workflow process, validation, data synchronize, or any another action. Clarizen is access through a cloud, enables 360-degree visible across of the entire customer engagement lifecycle. Read Clarizen Reviews

All-in-One IT Management Software

Atera is among the best PSA tools for IT service providers and managed service providers (or MSPs). It provides technology services to businesses of all sizes. It provides automation, integration, and business processes within the same platform for better control of business activities. Its host of features includes Hardware Inventory, Bandwidth Monitoring, Custom Patches, Incident Management, Internet Usage Monitoring, Backup Management, etc. Read Atera Reviews

professional service automation software guide

As your business grows, you also need to scale the internal processes to stay on track. For this, you need software that enables you to automate your existing business processes. Professional services automation software is an ideal solution for such a scenario.

This guide will provide you with in-depth information about professional services automation software and how you can implement it in your organization.

What Is Professional Services Automation (PSA) Software?

Professional services automation (PSA) software helps manage complex processes like time tracking, project management, accounting, and billing in professional service organizations. It provides end-to-end visibility and control over every aspect of your day-to-day operations to streamline workflows and increase productivity. 

With PSA solutions, you can manage your resources effectively by automating repetitive tasks and providing real-time insights into project performance. You can also monitor project progress and generate automated invoices with ease.

Benefits of Professional Services Automation (PSA) Software

Here are some key benefits of using professional services automation tools in your business.

benefits of professional services automation software

  1. Monitor costs and profitability

    PSA tools enable you to keep track of labor costs, materials, and other associated expenses. With this, you can identify areas where you’re overspending, make necessary adjustments to avoid losses and ensure you’re maximizing your profit margins and revenue streams.

  2. Optimize resource management

    By tracking time and expenses, managing schedules, and allocating resources according to availability and skillsets, professional services management software enables you to make informed decisions about how best to utilize your resources. You can also reduce conflicts and the risk of overbooking or double-booking employees or equipment.

  3. Improved project management

    With PSA solutions, project managers can easily create and manage tasks, assign resources, track progress, and monitor budgets in real time. This helps them stay on top of the project delivery target and make informed business decisions based on accurate data.

  4. Eases customer collaboration

    The best professional services automation software allows you to manage all aspects of customer interactions in one place. From project management to billing and invoicing, everything is automated and integrated into one platform. 

    This software also allows real-time communication between team members and clients through built-in chat features or messaging systems, therefore enhancing customer satisfaction.

Users of Professional Services Automation Software

Users of PSA automation software range from small businesses to large enterprises across various industries.

users of professional services automation software

  1. Sales & marketing

    Sales teams use cloud PSA software to track leads and deals throughout the entire sales engagement process. Marketing teams, on the other hand, utilize it to plan and execute marketing campaigns and analyze campaign performance metrics.

  2. Accounting teams

    A professional services automation system provides accounting teams with a centralized platform that automates invoicing, time tracking, billing, project management, and other tasks. 

    For example, the software can automatically generate invoices based on predefined billing rules or pull data from multiple sources into a single report without the need for manual data entry.

  3. Project & portfolio managers

    A PSA solution helps project and portfolio managers optimize resource allocation, manage project schedules, track time and expenses, forecast revenue, and measure profitability. It provides a centralized platform where all stakeholders can collaborate on projects, share updates in real time, and monitor project status.

  4. IT services companies

    With professional services automation software, IT services companies can easily manage their workflow from start to finish. They can create project plans with timelines and milestones to ensure everyone stays on track. The software also enables accurate billing for client work.

  5. Legal firms

    The right PSA solution allows law firm personnel to accurately record their time against specific cases or projects. With this information, they can generate reports on how employees are spending their time, see how much billable work has been completed in a given period, and optimize resource utilization based on real-time data.

  6. Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)

    With the help of PSA automation tools, architects can share their designs with engineers, who can review them for any discrepancies or inconsistencies. Similarly, construction teams can get real-time access and updates on design changes, which helps them plan their work better.

Features of Professional Services Automation Software

There are many core features of professional services automation solutions that make them essential tools for businesses in today's competitive landscape.

features of professional services automation software

  1. Project & Portfolio Management

    Allows you to create a centralized location for all your project-related data. You can also track project timelines, budgets, resource utilization, and risk management.

  2. Billing and Invoicing

    Enables you to create invoices based on time worked, expenses incurred, or fixed project fees. In addition, you can customize invoices with your company's branding and logo for a professional touch.

  3. Resource Management

    Involves allocating, scheduling, and managing resources effectively to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.

  4. Collaboration

    Enables team members to work on projects simultaneously from different locations. They can share documents, files, and other resources in real time without worrying about version control issues.

  5. Customer Relationship Management

    Tracks client projects, communications, and history. By having all this data in one place, you can gain insights into your client relationships and improve your business processes accordingly. You can also automate repetitive tasks, such as follow-up emails or appointment scheduling.

  6. Human Resources & Payroll

    The system automatically calculates and processes payroll taxes, tracks employee benefits like vacation time and sick leave, manages retirement plans like 401(k)s or IRAs, and even handles compliance with labor laws.

  7. Risk Management

    Includes tools for identifying potential risks, assessing their likelihood and impact, developing action plans to address them, and monitoring progress over time. With this feature, you can reduce the likelihood of costly mistakes or delays caused by unexpected issues.

  8. Help Desk

    The system automatically assigns tickets to support agents who can prioritize them based on severity levels or deadlines. Agents can also communicate with customers directly from within the help desk interface, providing timely updates and solutions.

Consideration while Selecting Professional Services Automation Software

Here are some considerations you should keep in mind while selecting the top PSA software. 

consideration while selecting psa software

  1. Stage of business growth

    Different stages of business growth require different functionalities and features from cloud computing professional services automation software. For businesses in the early stages of growth, simplicity, and affordability are often key considerations.

    However, as your business grows and becomes more complex, you may need more advanced features, such as resource management or financial data forecasting capabilities.

  2. Standalone software vs. integrated suite

    Standalone software performs one specific task, such as time tracking or project management. If you need multiple functions like invoicing, resource management, and reporting, you should go for integrated suites.

  3. Data security

    You should ensure your PSA solution has robust encryption protocols, firewalls, and other measures to prevent unauthorized access or data breaches. You may also want to consider whether the software vendor offers regular security updates or has a dedicated team responsible for monitoring potential vulnerabilities.

  4. Mobile Accessibility

    Mobile devices are important because they allow you to stay connected with your work no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Mobile accessibility also provides greater flexibility when scheduling appointments or meetings with clients.

  5. Customer support

    Your PSA provider should have a dedicated team available by phone or email and a comprehensive knowledge base with helpful resources, such as FAQs, user guides, and video tutorials. A service level agreement (SLA) should also be included to ensure response times meet your needs.

  6. Scalability

    You need a system that can accommodate more users as your business expands. Your chosen solution should also be able to handle an increase in data storage and processing power without any significant impact on your business performance.

  7. Integrations

    This allows different systems to work together seamlessly, streamlining your workflow and increasing productivity. Some of the integrations you may want to consider are accounting software, project management tools, and CRM systems.

Top 5 Professional Services Automation Software

With so many options available in the market today, it can be overwhelming to find the right professional services automation software. Here are our top picks for you. 

Free Trial
Starting Price


14 Days



FinancialForce PSA

14 Days

Yes $50/mo

CMW Platform

14 Days




14 Days



ConnectWise PSA

14 Days


  1. Best for SMBs: Kantata Cloud for Professional Services
  2. Best for Nonprofit Organizations and Public Administrations: FinancialForce PSA
  3. Best for Small Businesses to Large Corporations: CMW Platform
  4. Best for Accounting Firms and IT Companies: BigTime
  5. Best for Freelancers: ConnectWise PSA

1. Kantata Cloud for Professional Services

Why We Choose Kantata Cloud for Professional Services

Cutting-edge technology for small to big enterprises. Kantata Cloud allows you to easily adjust your resources according to fluctuations in demand. It can also protect sensitive data from cyber threats. Not to mention it has a very intuitive user interface. 

Key Features


  • Simple but effective design
  • Ease of tracking time
  • Good loading times


  • Integrations may not work well at times
  • Some features may not be useful for your business


  • Starts at $59/user/month. A free trial is available. 

2. FinancialForce PSA

Why We Choose FinancialForce PSA

A comprehensive solution for nonprofits and public administrations. FinancialForce PSA helps with your enterprise resource planning and invoicing processes. It also enhances your team collaboration by providing a unified view of your projects.

Key Features


  • Clean interface and powerful tools
  • Excellent analysis tools and integration with Excel
  • Ideal for HR processes


  • The project task Gantt view doesn’t work sometimes
  • Historic tax can be a burden


  • Contact FinancialForce PSA to get a price list. A free trial is available. 

3. CMW Platform

Why We Choose the CMW Platform

An enterprise-ready software for building professional business apps powered by process automation. It is suitable for middle and large companies, helping them to start a full cycle of business transformation; from process modeling to constant optimization.

Key Features


  • User-friendly interface based on the drag-and-drop principle
  • Powerful integrations via Open API
  • Quick deployment in the cloud or on-premise


  • Analytics customization is limited
  • Requires stable internet connection


  • Contact CMW Lab to get a quote. A free trial and demo is available. 

4. BigTime

Why We Choose BigTime

One of the most reliable and user-friendly PSA systems for accounting firms and IT companies. BigTime enables you to easily manage your team’s time and budget. It also offers seamless integration with tools like QuickBooks and Salesforce. Plus, it has automated invoicing and expense tracking features.

Key Features


  • Helps businesses track progress reports and budgets with ease
  • Very professional and accessible customer service
  • Integrates with calendar apps


  • Stops syncing with QuickBooks sometimes
  • Some features are missing


  • Starts at $10/user/month. A free trial is available. 

5. ConnectWise PSA

Why We Choose ConnectWise PSA

The leading software solution for freelancers. ConnectWise PSA provides one platform for managing projects, time management, invoicing, and client management. It also offers an expense tracking module that allows freelancers to monitor their expenses accurately and bill them back to clients where necessary. 

Key Features


  • Great platform for storing client information
  • Offers great integration with third-party systems for ticketing, finance, etc.
  • Can cater to individuals and corporations


  • The interface needs an update
  • Subscription plans have glitches sometimes 


  • Contact ConnectWise PSA to get a quote. 

Challenges in the Implementation of Professional Services Automation Software

Here are some of the main challenges involved in implementing PSA software and how they can be overcome.

challenges in the implementation of psa software

  1. Cost

    The initial cost of purchasing and setting up the software can be high, and ongoing expenses like maintenance, upgrades, and training can also add up over time. To overcome this challenge, you should research different PSA solution options and associated costs.

  2. Complexity

    This arises because PSA tools typically involve integrating multiple systems, processes, and workflows. One way to overcome this challenge is by breaking down the implementation process into smaller, more manageable stages. It can also be solved through effective communication and training.

  3. Data accuracy and integrity

    Inaccurate or incomplete data can lead to a host of problems. For instance, it can result in incorrect billing or project planning, leading to dissatisfied customers and lost revenue. Hence, you should address this challenge by ensuring accurate and reliable data when implementing cloud-based PSA software.

  4. Integration with other systems

    Each system may use different data formats, protocols, or APIs. This can make it difficult to transfer data between systems without errors or inconsistencies. To overcome this issue, you need to engage with an experienced PSA vendor who provides customized solutions that meet your organization's unique needs.

  5. Support & maintenance

    This challenge arises due to the complexity of the cloud-based PSA software system and the need for constant updates and patches. To fix this dilemma, you must ensure your provider has an expert team available who can provide ongoing support after installation.

Trends of Professional Services Automation Software

Professional services automation software has been transforming the way businesses operate for years now. And as we move towards a more digitalized world, it’s becoming increasingly popular. 

trends of professional services automation software

  1. Cloud-based solution

    This trend is especially beneficial for small-to-medium-sized businesses that don’t have the resources or expertise to manage complex IT systems. With cloud-based solutions, you can focus on delivering high-quality services while leaving the technical details to qualified providers.

  2. Remote work

    The remote work trend represents a shift away from traditional office-based environments towards more flexible working arrangements. With these tools, you can manage your employees regardless of location, ensuring that everyone stays on track and productive.

  3. Greater focus on security and privacy

    Many PSA software providers now offer advanced encryption technologies and two-factor authentication processes to ensure secure access control. They have also implemented regular audits and assessments to maintain compliance with industry standards, such as GDPR or HIPAA.

  4. Interest-based resource utilization

    This innovative approach to resource allocation allows you to better utilize your workforce and ensure that projects are completed on time, within budget, and to a high standard. This not only increases job satisfaction but also minimizes burnout and turnover rates.

  5. Customer collaboration

    The idea behind this trend is to create a collaborative effort between your business and your customers, which improves trust, communication, and satisfaction. It’s transforming how professional service providers work. 

    Instead of just being seen as external consultants, they become strategic partners who work hand-in-hand with their clients toward achieving common goals.

Average Cost of Professional Services Automation Software

The pricing of professional services automation software varies depending on your company's size and specific needs. Most vendors offer pricing plans based on a per-user or per-month basis.

Typically, smaller businesses with fewer requirements can expect to pay lower monthly fees, while larger enterprises with more complex needs may incur a higher cost. Some vendors also offer free PSA software options or custom pricing structures depending on the services required by their clients. On average, the cost of professional services automation software ranges between $20 to $80.

In addition to monthly fees, some PSA software vendors may charge extra fees for additional features, such as data analytics or integrations with third-party tools.


Professional services automation software is a great tool to help your business streamline processes and increase efficiency. The right software can make a big difference in how much time and money you save over time. 

With the information from this buyer's guide, you now have the knowledge needed to choose the best PSA software solutions for your business. Research different options carefully, compare features, and review customer reviews to find the solution that works for you.

Compare Pricing Plans of Top Professional Service Automation Software Providers

Name Ratings & Reviews Starting Price Free Trial?
Oracle NetSuite ERP 4.8(86 Reviews)

Available on Request

No Learn More
Asana 4.6(30 Reviews) $0 User/Month Yes Learn More
Oracle NetSuite CRM 4.9(27 Reviews)

Available on Request

No Learn More
Oracle NetSuite OpenAir 4.6(18 Reviews)

Available on Request

No Learn More
Zoho Projects 4.5(14 Reviews) Yes Learn More

Last Updated: July 13, 2023