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About ProfitBooks

ProfitBooks is a simple and fastest business accounting software for small businesses. It lets you create beautiful invoices, track expenses and manage inventory without any accounting background.

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ProfitBooks Pricing

Professional Plan
$ 83.32
Per Year
  • Accounting
  • Includes 10 Free Users
  • Bill your client for time
  • Track expenses and manage finances
  • Payrol
  • Create invoices in multi-currency
SMB Plan
$ 124.99
Per Year
  • Accounting
  • Includes 10 Free Users
  • Create sales orders & POS
  • Inventory
  • Payroll
  • Purchase & sell inventory
  • Maintain warehouses
  • track stock movements or wastage easily

ProfitBooks Features

  • Banking Integration
  • Database backup/restore (Management)
  • HR & Payroll
  • Inventory Management
  • Multi User login & Roll based access
  • Online Banking Integration
  • Security
  • Taxation Management
  • Multi Currency Support
  • Invoicing
  • Notification via SMS and Email
  • Cashflow
  • Payments
  • Multi Layer Security
  • Manage Customers and Suppliers


  • Deployment:

    Cloud Based

  • Payment:


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  • cancel Customization
  • check_circle Mobile Support

Desktop Platforms

  • check_circle Web App
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  • cancel Mac

Mobile Platforms

  • cancel iOS
  • cancel Android

Language Support

  • check_circle English

ProfitBooks Users


  • check_circle Freelancers
  • check_circle StartUps
  • check_circle SMEs
  • check_circle Agencies
  • check_circle Enterprises

Available Support

  • check_circle Email
  • cancel Phone
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Company Details

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  • Website :

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ProfitBooks Description

How ProfitBooks can help you:

Accounting is not about just recording your transactions, its about knowing how to make more profit! With its simple interface, ProfitBooks lets you take control of your business no matter where you are. You can access key financial reports like Balance sheet or Profit  Loss on the go on your mobile devices.

  1. Understand which product is more profitable
  2. Find out who is your highest paying customer
  3. Stay on top of your payables, receivables
  4. Save atleast 2hrs everyday lost in manual work

Quickly to know payable or receivable the amount for Service Tax, VAT and others taxes. Detailed reports just a to click away, anytime without any of complication. You can to create professional invoices and email those customers with one click.

Customers of the lifeline to any business. ProfitBooks makes it is easily to manage all your customers at one place. You can be view various transactions recorded for a particular customer and generate statement. Similarly, to manage employee leaves and process payroll with a few clicks and even generate to salary slips.

Unique Features of ProfitBooks:

  1. Sales Order Management
  2. Tasks & Projects
  3. Document Management with Dropbox integration
  4. Instant one-click support and much more.
  5. ProfitBooks is Highly Secure. Always available  Trusted by thousands!

As ProfitBooks is cloud based, you have access to your data anytime anywhere. You can access ProfitBooks on mobiles, tablets or any internet enabled device. Data is transferred over 256 bit encrypted HTTPS connection to ensure maximum security. Our data servers enforce 5 levels of security measures to data protection and secure access.

ProfitBooks founder

ProfitBooks headquartered in Pune, is an accounting and payroll management application. ProfitBooks is a GST enabled software so it is a preferred accounting software for Indian SMBs and startups. Apart from accounting, it also offers bookkeeping solutions.

1. What according to you are the major pillars on which ProfitBooks stands upon?

We wanted to simplify financial accounting. At ProfitBooks we believe that simplicity is not about chopping off features, It’s about bringing order to the complex things. So, lot of thought goes into designing every single screen of ProfitBooks.

We constantly ask ourselves – how can we reduce the number of clicks to perform this particular operation? We constantly strive to build a flow which will help our customers to record transactions in simplest and fastest manner.

Our single minded focus on simplicity has made us the most popular accounting software in India. Currently, ProfitBooks website is visited by over 8 to 10 lakh people every month.

Apart from this, we invest a lot in friendly customer support. This is why customer engagement ratio is very high at ProfitBooks.

2. How did you hit upon the idea for your Company?

We started ProfitBooks to make financial accounting super easy for business owners. Traditional software were designed keeping accountants in mind and were complicated. We wanted to change that. With ProfitBooks, we got rid of accounting jargons and built a simple interface that anyone could understand. This instantly resonated with our customers.

3. How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

We’ve seen many competitors come and go.

Our biggest competitor is not Tally. It’s not Quickbooks. Its pen and paper. In India, millions of SMEs still rely on pen and paper to record their financial transactions. They depend on their accountants for tax compliance.

With our simple interface, we want to bring these SMEs into the ecosystem. Apart from accounting features, we’ve added capabilities that can help SMEs to grow their business. For example, we’ve integrated payment gateways in ProfitBooks. So, our customers can start accepting payments using credit card, net banking and even wallets. This way, their account receivable cycle reduces dramatically and this results in better cash flow.

Now, we are adding 1-Click return filing for GST. This is something that none of our competitors can offer. Imagine the time it will save for both business owners and their accountants.

We want business owners to focus on their business and leave their compliance burden on us. At ProfitBooks, CAs are part of our customer support. So, we not only help customers with technical issues but also answer their accounting related questions.

In coming months, we are going to add business intelligence features which will help business owners to take well informed decisions.

To cut the long story short, our competitors have accounting software that can record transactions. ProfitBooks turns transaction data into meaningful insights.

4. How has sales evolved since you first got into the business? What hasn’t changed?

Sudden increase in internet penetration dramatically improved our sales in past couple of years. Financial accounting has always been at the core of any business. So, the basic requirement hasn’t changed a lot.

Once GST comes into force, it will change the way people do tax compliances but the core will always remain the same.

We always believed that one day everything will be done online. We got resistance to online accounting when we started 5yrs ago. Things have changed now. With GST, government is taking entire tax compliance online and being an early cloud accounting company, ProfitBooks is well positioned to serve this market opportunity.

5. Think of something you’ve done in the past; what would you have done differently?

I think whatever decisions we took in our journey were correct in the context of that situation. We bet on online accounting when everyone was building offline software. We focused on business owners when everyone else was running after accountants.

So, can’t really single out anything which I would have done differently. Fortunately, things went as per the plan.

6. How do you approach a decision where people disagree with you?

If people disagree with me on something, I try to argue with statistics. I support my arguments with data. Any decision which is not supported by data is an assumption. If the other person has more meaningful and logical data to support his argument, I never have problem agreeing with them.

7. What do you expect to see over the next 5 to 10 years in the Industry?

In FinTech industry, automation and bots will take over. People will simply ask questions like ‘how much sales have improved this quarter?’ and then a bot will dig into the financials and quickly return with an answer. Software will become more and more user-friendly.

8. What are your experiences with highs and lows at ProfitBooks?

There are times when you feel very low. Some small failures can trigger the bad emotions and mind just gets blocked. In those situations, it becomes very difficult to concentrate. Earlier I used to run away from these situations but slowly I learnt to deal with them. Interestingly, more you face such instances, more stronger you become emotionally.

Talking about highs, honestly, I think I’m yet to get one!

Lastly, we would be glad to have your valuable suggestion for the new Entrepreneurs coming up in the industry today.

My advice to the new entrepreneurs would be to focus on building a self-sustaining company. Nowadays, funding rounds are glorified and people think that the company is doing well. Everything looks very glamorous from the outside. But a self-sustainable business goes a long way and gives far more satisfaction.

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ProfitBooks Customers

ProfitBooks Customers
ProfitBooks Customers

Overall Reviews

Overall Rating

4.5 /5



Ease of use


Value for money


Customer support

Likelihood to recommend

ProfitBooks Reviews (15)

Markus Schiefer
Company Size: 51-200 employees
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Good inventory keeping software

Apr 21, 2020

ProfitBooks helped at lowering inventory costs and raise customer service levels. The low stock alerts work properly and helps avoiding cost of goods not sold.


The software is really straight forward and users are quickly taught in. Dashboards are designed in a clear manner so that you can read the KPI's at first glance


I have not found any issue with the software. There was once a problem with the report formatting, but the customer service was fast at helping me out.

Useful 0
Ashwini Gore
Company Size: 51-200 employees
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Packed with innovative features and great usability.

Jun 19, 2018

Buy it if you want to sit back and enjoy error-free accounting operations. We are using it for quite a long time and finding it used way more than our expectations. However, it lacks viability at certain levels and complex integration stands first at this place. Its email integration is highly laudable and streamlines the operations all-inclusively. 


Innovative modules with the responsive operating system. Taxation management is error-free and time-bound. Web-based development and SAAS based payment system for easy accessibility.


Lacks good customer support. Need to improve it’s after sale service as well.

Useful 0
Jignesh Vala
Company Size: 201-500 employees
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Two business plans designed with perfection.

Jun 19, 2018

ProfitBooks has made accounting easy than ever before. You can take a breather with its multi-level security program that zips locks all your details. However, the app needs to e more responsive and upgraded. The training has to be more informative. Cost is on the higher side but it totally worth it as it handles almost every accounts related operations.


Multi-level security to protect all your data and details offers easy cash flow within your firm and multi-currency support, mobile app support.


Little pricey and lacks good customer support. The team is not thorough enough about the features.

Useful 0
Mohan jain
Company Size: 11-50 employees
Overall rating
Ease of use

Profitbooks is my favourite

Jan 04, 2018

Profitbooks makes it easy to track expenses against a budget, keep up with payroll, or track down payments. Profit book is a well developed mature accounting software, with a minimal amount of learning curve. It takes us no time at all to gather all of the necessary information. The ability to import/export payments and invoices make our account receivables process very easy. Sharing information with others and working with others is easy because of its ubiquity and people's familiarity with Profit book. All financial activity is recorded in one place from invoicing customers to paying vendors to pay employees. Profit book a 1 stop shop.  


"easy to track payments minimal learning curve easy to process payroll"

Useful 0
Ivan Clerk
Company Size: 11-50 employees

Review source

Verified Reviewer :
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Perfect for small business

Dec 27, 2017

Easier, faster, reliable I can quickly and easily generate invoices, track expenses. Visual graphs and quick overviews of financial data on the Profitbooks dashboard is also very easy to use. Profitbooks has greatly improved my work flow and enjoyment. Easier, faster and more reliable invoices and quotes. Profitbooks makes it really easy for me to spend less time on administrative tasks like invoicing. The few items that I did have issues with about use, I emailed support of Profitbooks about, and literally everything I have ever suggested to them about their platform, they have implemented very quickly afterwards, and even contacted me to alert me of the changes.


Easier, faster, reliable

Useful 0
Latha Velagapudi
Company Size: 1-10 employees
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

best experience and time saver

Dec 11, 2017

I had the good experience and saved lot my time and make easy calculations.


It is simple and has easy tools for GST Invoicing and great customer care service and support to startups


price is little bit high and it is better if they make more demo videos

Useful 0
Ajitsinh Barad
Overall rating

ProfitBooks is an easy and fast accounting software for small businesses

Feb 15, 2017

ProfitBooks is an easy, fast accounting software for small businesses. Creation of invoices, expense tracking , inventory management is hassle free even if you don't have much knowledge of accounting. I have a small business and for years, my book-keeping meant incoming invoices, receipts and tons of copies just piled up one above the other. I had no time to track every nickel and dime. I explored online accounting software for my sales management but they were too expensive and complex for me unlike ProfitBooks here. I have been using Profit Books for a very long time and I must tell you that it is an easy to use, easy to learn accounting management software. Everyone must give it a try.

Useful 0
Nehaba Jadeja
Overall rating

Best Accounting Software for small Business

Jan 30, 2017

ProfitBooks has provided my startup business great performance being one of the best accounting software for small businesses. It takes care of all Inventory Management, Banking Integration & Invoices right from the desk while featuring a powerful HR Management module and multiple user logins. It also takes for Taxation related transactions and provides very detailed yet engaging insights. To be frank, my startup wouldn’t have been so successful if not for the amazing functionality provided by ProfitBooks.

Useful 0
Shruti Sinha
Overall rating

Miserable Support Experience

Sep 12, 2016

Profitbooks is a very fast growing and easy to use cloud accounting software for Indian businesses. This product is very intuitive and reliable. I have been using this product for more than 6 years now in my business. I just love the simple and intuitive interface of profitbooks. The support staff is very reliable and always ready to help. I would like to say thousands of distributors and small to midsize organization organize their inventory using profitbooks everyday. You can easily control stocks and purchases and much more. Overall I am highly impressed by their dedication and patience to deal with my minute queries. I would definitely recommend others too.

Useful 0
Bhavika Popat
Overall rating

Best Online Accounting Software

Mar 28, 2016

Profitbooks as the best online accounting software for small to Medium size businesses. I am fully satisfied with Profitbooks because it does not required any formal accounting training for managing Inventory, payroll, at the same time it's also fits service companies becouse time tracking & project management features. It's provide multi user login & roll base access. Profitbooks avoid using complicated accounting terms like Banking, Expenses, Income and journal categories so it's really helpful for newcomer.  As well as ProfitBooks offers 3 affordable pricing options like professional, enterprise and SMB version. Recommended Profitbooks for all organization.

Useful 0
Nikunj Prajapati
Overall rating

Complete accounting solutions

Mar 02, 2016

It is user friendly and provides complete accounting solutions to organizations. Besides the accounting solutions, Profit books also provide payroll management and stock management efficiently.

Useful 0
Himanshu Kashyap
Overall rating

It is the complete accounting software

Mar 02, 2016

ProfitBooks is the complete accounting software which removes the old accounting systems from the business, old accounting system which take allot of time makes the efficiency of a business down and due to this factor the accountant the employees are always in rush and yet they were not able to complete task properly, with this software you can access you and you can save your business data where you don’t need to be worried about losing the data because it provides the high security. This software provide automated solution to business transaction like pay roll and taxation calculation ,the time is saved and hustled is finished, Recommended software by top business companies.

Useful 0
Overall rating

Profitbooks - your online accountant basically

Nov 29, 2016

Profitbooks is basically your online accountant! Fast and user friendly program which simplifies accounting for any business person today. I definitely found it very useful throughout my time using it.

Useful 0
Aseem Anupam Anupam
Overall rating

Best Billing & Invoicing Software for All Businesses

Jul 14, 2016

When I start working for this organization we had just begun to look at Proofitbooks for a distribution tool. Our E-billing % is up to 75% saving us postage every month and more of our customers are using this portal to make payment and retrieve invoice copy. They marketing tools help us to be successful. Profitbooks is web base billing and invoicing software specially designed for all type of businesses. I continue to use this software for over 3 years and look forward to a long association with them in future. Pros : I have used lot of invoicing programs in the past, but Proofitbooks is by far the easiest to use on both the user and client side of things.

Useful 0
Bubun Nanda Nanda
Overall rating

The best online accounying application ever mafmafe

Sep 29, 2020

I liked each and every bit of this software. It's every feature is clear and simple. It is not at all a time consuming business when you are working woth profit book.It's UI is neat and free from guys ..just give it a try...

Useful 0

ProfitBooks FAQs

What are the main features of ProfitBooks ?


The key features of ProfitBooks are as follows:

labelDatabase backup/restore (Management)

labelInventory Management

labelOnline Banking Integration

labelTaxation Management



labelMulti Layer Security

How much does ProfitBooks cost?


The ProfitBooks has 2 plans - Professional Plan USD 83 (Per Year), SMB Plan USD 125 (Per Year)
Free trial : Available

Who are the typical users of ProfitBooks?


ProfitBooks has the following typical customers: Freelancer, Startups, SMEs, Agencies, Enterprises

Which mobile platforms does ProfitBooks support?


ProfitBooks supports the following devices: Android, WinPhone

Which operating system does ProfitBooks support?


ProfitBooks supports the following operation system : Web App

What payment method does ProfitBooks support?


ProfitBooks supports the following payment methods : SAAS

What is the deployment type?


ProfitBooks has Cloud Based deployment.

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