Best Real Estate Software in 2018

eBUILD Construct

Software for Builders & Contractors
eBUILD Construct is complete real estate ERP software which includes project costing and financial management solution designed to fit with the way you do business. Real estate management system is capable of estimating all job costs and managing revenues, as well as effectively carrying out complete financial reporting in a single solution.


Software BY Foison Technology Solution PVT LTD
FREM is a online software solution for Real Estate Developers which enables them to organize, automate and synchronize there Pre and Post Sales processes leading to better Customer Service and Value addition to the bottom lines of the company. Real estate CRM software also provides online cloud based solutions.

Oasys ERP

Software BY Oasys Tech Solution Pvt Ltd.
Oasys Real Estate ERP software solution provides the construction industry with complete project management, document and record management, scheduling, searching functionality and work flow. Real estate management software ensure maximum efficiency through monitoring, maintenance and support.

Tally.ERP 9

Real Estate Accounting Software for SMEs
Tally.ERP 9 is a real estate accounting software for accounting, inventory, payroll. It is economical and one of the most popular ERP software solutions available in the industry. You can download free version of Tally.ERP 9.

Bitrix 24 Real Estate

Software BY Bitrix Inc.
Bitrix24 is real estate CRM software that's 100% free for up to 12 agents. The free release comes with unlimited records, email marketing, mobile CRM, combined telephony and agent management device that support you automate routine business method and sell more efficiently. 


Best Real Estate CRM Software for agents, brokers
Real Estate CRM Software for Marketing and Contact Management built for Residential and Commercial Agents and Brokers. Propertybase focuses on innovation and fosters diversity.

DaeBuild Real Estate CRM Software

Pre and Post Sales Management Software
DaeBuild Real Estate CRM Software is specifically tailored for Indian Real Estate Developers and enables them to manage and automate various processes related to Leads, Sales, Customer Accounts, Documents, Brokers, and Staff. It is preferred CRM software for various Real Estate Companies across India.

Intellika Real estate CRM

Software BY Intellika Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Intellika’s Real estate CRM provides easy access to brokers, agents and the customers data in an understandable format thus by ensuring that all participants in the ecosystem are satisfied. Our strategy, solutions and services, meets our client expectation and solve business challenges by business process re-engineering, innovation and by bringing operational efficiency.


Software BY Procore Technologies
Procore provides cloud-based construction software to clients across the globe. Using its award-winning suite of project management tools, hundreds of thousands of registered Procore users manage all types of construction projects including industrial plants, office buildings, apartment complexes, university facilities, retail centers, and more.


Software BY RealSpace
RealSpace is a cloud-based Real Estate CRM Software for Industry and Brokers. It is a full-feature of property management CRM solution to make your deals more effective and less time consuming.

EspoCRM Real Estate

Software BY EspoCRM
if it comes to real estate, efficiency and efficiency of information processing are required. To be the successful realtor, you need to be fully aware of the modern sales transactions, appointments and all other vital information that will guarantee the company’s success.


Free & Open Source Property Management System
OpenMAINT is meant on the open source software CMDBuild and moved developed utilising the most excellent form criteria and the best available technologies for property management openMAINT allows to register and analyse certifications and data that were declared/collected for the strength and environmental controls

Real Estate Cloud

Software BY Real Estate Cloud LLC
Real Estate Cloud CRM is FREE for private agents. Real Estate Software present you with a unique set of tools that will support you to achieve your deals secure. Real Estate CRM combines various modules and gives an easy to use interface.


Software BY BAAP Technologies
BlueDolphin is a leading construction management system widely adopted by the construction industry. The product enables medium to large construction companies manage all aspects of construction management including Tender Preparation, Project Management, Accounting, Billing, Asset Management, Procurement and HR. 


Software BY MobileERP Softech P Ltd
MobileERP365 Software – This is free construction ERP software on Cloud with chargeable services. Yes unbelievable, but yes this is true. With CloudERP your are not going to spend on real estate ERP Software. ERP Software which other companies spend THOUSANDS of dollars comes free for you. 

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What is Real Estate Software?

Builders and real estate developers are increasingly facing challenges in meeting stipulated deadlines while delivering a project. There can be many foreseen and unforeseen issues that can interfere with the timely execution of a project. When this is damaging to their reputation, it also increases cost and risks associated with it. Real estate business software applications are designed to mitigate such issues by allowing real estate vendors in managing all aspects of their complex business requirements from an integrated platform.

The demand for real estate developments is rapidly increasing along with fast urbanization. Real estate CRM software developers are now required to deliver multiple projects within a short period of time, which have made the project execution process complex. Real estate agency software is designed to facilitate pre-project and during project execution planning, cost and risk management through efficient forecasting etc. The primary function of these applications is to make project management process easier. The basic highlights of real estate software are listed below.

  1. Project planning and management
  2. Managing multiple projects from a single platform
  3. Reducing stakeholder risk
  4. Budgeting, cost monitoring and better management of finance
  5. Reducing risks and improving profitability
  6. Designed to serve building lifecycle of the user
  7. Document management and reporting
  8. Timeline management
  9. Bidding
  10. Customer relationship management (CRM)

Both on-premise and hosted software solutions are available in abundance. Software vendors are offering real estate management software for large as well as small builders. The key is to select the right size application that will support intrinsic business requirements, easy to integrate and install, flexible and scalable to changing business needs. Our listing service lists software pertaining to your specialized industry where you can check, learn and compare between the different software applications available.

The section of real estate software lists specialized software appropriate for builders. If we are to suggest a few names, those would be – iGreen T.FAT Build, BuilderPlus, Highrise etc.

How Real Estate Management Software can help your business

Competition nowadays has intensified between real estate developers as everyone is trying to grab hold the first attention of customers. Real estate software development, when is a lucrative business, also involves a great deal of risks. Real estate management software facilitates the amalgamation of different complex aspects of construction business by offering an integrated dashboard to users. Most software of the type offers to bid to billing solution so that the whole process can be managed from a single platform. Today, where most builders strive to complete multiple projects within a short period of time it is important to be able to manage day-to-day operation from a consolidated platform.

To a construction business owner, real estate agent & developer, benefits of a real estate software are multi-dimensional. Most applications of this category have the following features.

  1. Project Planning: Construction projects normally involve a large investment. The real estate management system is, therefore, imperative to lay down a proper project execution plan to make the process smooth and hassle free. It also helps towards mitigating risks and delayed deployment.
  2. Financial Planning: Large involvement of fund also needs proper management and planning and hence, these applications integrate with a financial management module that allows users to keep track of receipts and expenses and ensure transparency at every level.
  3. Schedule Task: Schedule tasks and check progress from a consolidated dashboard. Receive daily updates and measure project execution percentage for timely delivery. See all open issues and steps taken to address the problem all from one platform.
  4. Bidding: Check vendor bidding status. Most applications will allow you to check, schedule and attach a document to bidding process along with providing with a list of vendors who have been invited to bid.
  5. Contract Management: Manage contract documents and also track changes in contract terms and condition. Real estate ERP software allows a collaborative platform from which all documents pertaining to all open and closed projects can be managed. The user can also set permission level for users to view, access and edit documents.

Important features of Real Estate Software

In the present world, with the increase in population, there is also the increase in the rise of accommodation. All over the world, people are investing their ventures into the real estate’s as it is one of the fastest growing industries at present. All the construction sites and the real estate projects are increasing tremendously day by day. Presently, there is the real estate management software which eventually provides real estate a complete solution in order to manage their property peacefully and handling them with great efficiency and effort.

The real estate management software are of great help. The major portion of the work of the real estate transaction management software is to offer functionality for takeoff, estimating the cost, managing the project properly, document management, service management, and accounting. The real estate database software works under different features such as:

  1. Risk management: Using the particular software it will help the users to minimize liability in the field of tracking of lien waivers. The labors who all are working at the construction site undergo different risks factors. In that case, you can explain them the risk management process thus reducing their tension.
  2. Customizable as per your business needs: Using the real estate ERP software will eventually provide the organization that much freedom to define their accounting, operations and procurement processes. The job is much simpler as it can be customized as per own necessity.
  3. Project Management: With the help of the real estate management software the users can easily decrease their own risk factors and thus can eventually increase their productivity and profitability. The organizations can easily detect the problem and solve it before it’s too late.
  4. Real Estate management: The users will get the details of all their documents and they get the opportunity to manage their entire property with improved communications. They can also offer their organizations inflexible lease options and can eventually make a profit.
  5. Document Management: Using real estate management system software the users will have a great control over the documents and undergo clean audit trail thus reducing the risk factors.
  6. Visibility in business: if the user wants then the person can easily take control by defining the information the organization requires and the way to access and also regarding the business decision and the profit charts.

As a result, all the features of the construction management software eventually help the organizations to work peacefully, attain profit and also reducing the various risk factors.

Customer Purchase Insights For Real Estate Solution

Here is the Real Estate System report generated by analyzing more than 750+ Real Estate System buyers for 2016.

  • Geographical Spread Of Real Estate System Buyers

We found that 26.2% of Software buyers are from Karnataka, followed by 14.3% from Gujarat and 8.3% from Telangana. Rest of the sections in the Graph is shared by other States.

  • Preferred Deployment Type: Installation-based Vs. Web-based Software

When it comes to choosing between Installation-based and Web-based Software, 41.4% of the total customers preferred to buy software which offers both - Installation-based deployment and Web-based deployment. This is followed by 38.2% customers who preferred Web-based Real Estate Software. This clearly shows that as far as Real Estate System is concerned, not many are open to buying just the Installation-based solution.

  • The Estimated Budget Preference (in INR) Of The Customers:

Around 36.1% of the total customers preferred to buy their required Real Estate Solution in the Budget range of INR 0 - 1,00,000. This is followed by 34.5% of customers, who preferred the Budget range of INR 1,00,001 - 2,00,000. The percentage of customers decreases gradually as the Budget range increases and this is clearly demonstrated in the Graph above.

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