Best Recruiting Agency Software

Best recruiting agency software are CEIPAL ATS, Freshteams, TalentRecruit, Grove HR, and Recruiterflow. These software for recruitment agencies provides a single platform to manage all the hiring processes.

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List of 20 Best Recruiting Agency Software

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Category Champions | 2024

AI-Driven Solution for Recruitment Professionals

CEIPAL is an AI-driven, fully scalable, fully integrated SaaS platform which assists staffing and recruiting firms in automating their workflows and enables them to quickly identify vacancies, promptly source and screen applicants. Read Ceipal ATS Reviews

Category Champions | 2024

AI-based Applicant Tracking System

Manatal is a cloud-based ATS software which will help you to hire better candidates in a faster way while spending less. Its key features are recommendations tool, enrichment system, easy-to-use software. Read Manatal Reviews

Category Champions | 2024

Leading Online Assessment and Exam Software

Design your own exams on TestInvite, receive detailed reports, and securely conduct them online with anti-cheating measures like lockdown mode, webcam/screen recording, live proctoring, and chat monitoring to ensure integrity. Read TestInvite Reviews

Category Champions | 2024

World's Most Powerful HR and Payroll Software

HRMantra is the World's most feature rich HR and Payroll software helping automate the most complicated of hire to retire HR processes easily using its CRORES of ready to use features. It saves 30 min per emp per day giving over 10 times ROI. 100% project success assured. Read HRMantra Reviews

Category Champions | 2024

Get all you recruiting assistance under one roof by using feature-rich staffing agency software, Recruiterflow. It stands second to none when it comes to candidate nurturing, client collaboration, and analyze candidate resume over a single platform. Read Recruiterflow Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Handling the recruiting process in more than 100+ countries

Send personalized emails to candidates, do cone click job posting, and conduct smart interviews from a centralized platform by using Jobsoid. This recruitment agency software can do job posting at multiple platforms. Read Jobsoid Reviews

Contenders | 2024

JobDiva is user-friendly staffing agency software that has been designed to reduce recruiters’ burden at various levels. The recruitment agency database software comes with CRM and VRM integration for advanced recruiting. Read JobDiva Reviews

Emergents | 2024

RECRUiiT will develop a compressive recruiting framework for your recruiting agency that is required for hassle-free hiring. The recruitment database software can do automated application reviewing and smart resume filtering. Learn more about RECRUiiT

Category Champions | 2024

Advanced Recruitment & Onboarding Platform

TalentRecruit Software is built on the core principles of Automation, Intelligence & Analytics. Our innovative cloud-based recruitment automation platform is driven by Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to improve the top & bottom line of your organization. Read TalentRecruit Reviews

Category Champions | 2024

All-in-One Application Tracking System

Zoho Recruit's applicant tracking system and recruiting software is designed for modern workforce that helps you hire more qualified candidates faster. Never miss on a hire. Read Zoho Recruit Reviews

Most Reviewed

Contenders | 2024

The holistic HR software to recruit and manage

Grove HR is a modern HRIS platform designed for fast-growing businesses that helps scale up their HR operations effortlessly. Available on both cloud-based and mobile-based platforms, Grove HR automates HR tasks and enhances employee experience across the company. Read Grove HR Reviews

Category Champions | 2024

India's fastest growing HR software

We couldn't find an HR solution that all stakeholders (employees, leaders, and HR) loved. So, we created one. Qandle - End-to-end HR solution that is smart, beautiful, and completely configurable, with a fully functional mobile app. Free Demo and Trials available. Read Qandle Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Can serve many industries with equal ease

SmallRecruit is flexible recruitment database software that brings the analytics and data-driven recruiting practices in your landscape and makes your recurring process reliable. The recruitment agency database software will do multiple job postings. Learn more about SmallRecruit

Category Champions | 2024

An applicant tracking system for great recruiters

Great recruiters know how to find great candidates. It's all the other things, like scheduling interviews and sending out status updates that they need help with. So, we built Freshteam a time management software to help recruiters focus on the only thing that matters: recruiting. Read Freshteam Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Integrate CRM database system directly into your recruiting process and save efforts and cost by using TriSys Recruitment Software. This recruitment agency software can be ready-to-use within 60 seconds and can create mobile-friendly websites. Learn more about TriSys Recruitment

Emergents | 2024

ETZ Payments is a fully featured Recruiting Agency Software designed to serve Enterprises, Startups. ETZ Payments provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows. This online Recruiting Agency system offers Billing & Invoicing, Payroll Management at one place. Learn more about ETZ Payments

Category Champions | 2024

Complete employee experience platform

Keka is the best HR software for businesses of all sizes. It is the only Payroll & HRMS software that is employee-centric. Unlike traditional HRMS solutions, it is a modern new generation platform focused on user experience and simplifying complex workflows. Read Keka Reviews

Contenders | 2024

Find jobs & hire talent. Anywhere.

Snaphunt is a global remote hiring platform that helps fast-growing companies find, engage & hire the world's best remote talent. Read Snaphunt Reviews

Contenders | 2024

A flexible solution for recruitment and staffing a

PCRecruiter provides recruiting and staffing professionals with a complete suite of tools for tracking candidates, clients, and jobs. Flexible fields, forms, and flows allow PCRecruiter to conform to practically any business model, company size, or recruitment vertical. Read PCRecruiter Reviews

Contenders | 2024

Applicant Tracking System for Growing Businesses

Recruiterbox applicant tracking system is the easiest way to receive and manage job applications to your company. It is more efficient than email and simpler than any other recruitment software. It is one of the best open source recruitment management software. Read Recruiterbox Reviews

Recruiting Agency Software Guide

What is the Use of Recruiting Agency

Recruitment agency software provides a central platform for automating the applicant search, qualification, and hiring process. It gathers and sorts resumes, links job seekers with openings, sets up interviews and streamlines back-office hiring procedures.

Executive search businesses, staffing agencies, and recruiting agencies all use recruitment agency software to manage talent during the recruitment process.

It caters to businesses that are solely concerned with the recruiting and hiring process. Other recruiting agency software typically supports HR departments that manage recruiting and other HR roles and responsibilities within a corporation.

Moreover, recruiting agency software is closely related to staffing agency software, which focuses on creating a talent pool of competent individuals to offer on-demand and temporary personnel to businesses.

Recruiting agency software comprises suites for analytics on the success of recruiters and hiring trends, as well as for recruitment marketing, candidate sourcing, applicant tracking, candidate relationship management, candidate screening, evaluation, interviewing, offering, recruiting, and onboarding.

AI-powered sourcing systems search social media and job sites, gather data, build candidate profiles, and rank candidates. 

The sourcing and ongoing relationship management functions are especially important for recruitment agencies since they frequently require access to standing talent pools.

Screening tools gather documents to verify identities and enable background checks. Within the recruitment platform, built-in assessment tools evaluate applicants' talents.

What are the benefits of using recruitment agency software?

Here is what you can get from using hiring software:

benefits of using recruitment agency software

  1. Positive Candidate Experience

    Your hiring process serves as a conduit between the candidates and your clients. You won't be able to guide the best applicants to your clients if the road is rough (poor candidate experience).

    In the research, 80% of applicants surveyed concurred that a favorable hiring experience had affected their choice to accept a job offer. 

    To demonstrate to potential employees that your firm is a great place to work, organizations frequently advise them during this process about routinely distributing digital newsletters about their business progress and how their employees feel at work.

    With API and CRM functionality, recruiting tools can assist you in offering the greatest applicant experience. With messaging, email sequencing, and other communication channels, recruitment software can improve the effectiveness of your communication.

  2. Smart Hiring by Reducing Recruiting Time

    The days of lengthy hiring procedures costing recruiting firms time, money, and qualified applicants are long gone. By removing manual labor, recruiting software allows you to hire new employees more quickly.
    86% of recruiters have said that Recruitment agency software has sped up the hiring process. Streamlining the workflow also saves your team time so you can quickly locate the best prospects for your clients.

  3. Efficient Monitoring and Data Organization

    Use recruiting agency software to relieve your staff of tedious data input tasks. Integrating application tracking systems and recruiting CRM helps simplify data management and monitoring.

    With the best recruitment tools, everything from managing qualified prospects to billing and sales may be effectively handled and automated.

  4. Streamlined Communication

    With capabilities like syncing emails and calendar events relating to candidates and contacts in the system, you can expedite the entire communication process.

    With all the previous information that has been shared with that candidate, your team can directly connect with them.

  5. Automate Your Recruiting Process

    According to a study, using AI-powered recruiting tools for hiring applicants (58%), screening candidates (56%), and nurturing candidates (55%) are all excellent uses.

    Many hiring process phases, such as gathering candidate data and scheduling interviews, can be automated using recruiting technologies.

    Automation in recruitment will relieve you of administrative responsibilities, so you can focus on creating enduring relationships with your clients and applicants.

What Are the Features of Top Recruiting Agency Tools?

Below we have listed some of the key features that every recruiting agency software provides.

Features of Top Recruiting Agency Tools

  1. Sourcing Candidates

    You need to create a strong candidate pipeline; posting available positions on job boards or using LinkedIn to track applications is insufficient.

    As you source and hire for roles, the correct applicant tracking can assist you in strengthening this pipeline and expanding your talent pool. Examine whether an ATS enables you to conveniently store applicant data, locate and rapidly reference candidates, produce uniform candidate profiles, and automate outreach.

  2. Managing Interviews

    You should seek features that simplify the interviewing process for your staff and candidates because interviews can add a lot of time and stress to your hiring process.

  3. Candidate Relationship Management

    You frequently find a prospect you want to hire but don't yet have a suitable role. Having a candidate relationship management solution in situations like these enables you to utilize the applicant later on when the occasion arises.

    Through your applicant tracking system, a recruitment CRM tool also enables you to develop deep connections with potential employees, allowing you to nurture your candidate pipeline without losing out on candidates who could enrich your culture.

    The ability to tag, filter, and search your applicant database are a few key features you should look for. Additionally, consider whether you can design workflows that let you keep in touch with applicants while viewing previous outreach.

  4. Reporting, Analytics, and Dashboards

    You should be proactive when seeking and selecting the best prospects because so much recruitment can be done in a reactive manner. However, if you lack the knowledge required to make wise hiring choices, you can spend a lot of money on recruitment with little return.

    Here, more in-depth data is relevant. By concentrating on diversity recruiting, reporting and analytics may be used as a single tool to help hiring teams better understand their candidate pipeline.

    When planning your hiring strategy or modifying your hiring procedure, dashboards that allow you to collect, store, and present data are extremely helpful.

  5. Recruitment Marketing

    One common misperception regarding recruitment marketing is that it simply includes social media activity on your company's part. However, the modern hiring environment is that recruitment marketing must include all interactions a candidate has with your company.

    This means that every step of the recruiting process, such as job descriptions, careers pages, application forms and portals, candidate outreach, and more, should align with your recruitment marketing.

    Ask yourself if the recruiting software you're examining helps with recruitment marketing initiatives.

  6. Automation and Personalization

    For recruiting teams aiming to find, engage, develop, and hire top talent, poor workflows can be one of the biggest productivity hindrances, especially when those procedures add unnecessary effort and manual chores.

    Automation and personalization are essential to making sure procedures advance the needle. 

    For instance, establishing interview procedures, gathering candidate input, setting up meetings, and mass-customizing marketing should all be possible with a few mouse clicks.

    The same is true for integrations that make hiring quicker, such as when your team prioritizes high-volume hiring.

7 Best Recruitment Software for Agencies

Every recruitment agency software offers a different set of features. So, you need to identify your requirements and select the perfect one for your organization. 

Here are a few best recruitment software for agencies:

1. JobDiva


JobDiva is a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) for staffing businesses that includes a patent-protected recruiting engine, a full complement of cutting-edge features to support the hiring process. Moreover, it has a partner ecosystem of more than 150 integrations.

JobDiva, according to the vendor, has more than 30,000 users worldwide and is made to assist businesses in finding people more quickly, interacting with them more easily, and experiencing dominant growth.


  • Job Requisition Management

  • Company Website Posting

  • Publish to Social Media

  • Job Search Site Posting

  • Customized Application Form

  • Resume Management

  • Duplicate Candidate Prevention

  • Candidate Search

  • Applicant Tracking

  • Collaboration

  • Email Templates

  • Reporting


  • JobDiva is ideal for recruiting, scheduling interviews, paying employees, and managing payroll.

  • Companies of any size can use the program.

  • End-users can view notes and database creation with ease.

  • It is simply because the software pulls resumes from numerous Job Portals.

  • The application tracking solution includes contact relationship management and audit trail capabilities.


  • Limited functionality on the software's mobile app is a user complaint.

  • Users say that once a note has been saved, they cannot update it.

  • No live phone help is provided by JobDiva's customer service department around-the-clock.

  • In comparison to other solutions of a similar nature, the applicant monitoring system does not offer many social media integration options.

  • Lead management functions are not available in the applicant tracking software.

2. Lever


Lever talent acquisition suite helps talent teams connect organizations with top talent and swiftly accomplish their hiring goals.

LeverTRM, a single package with extensive ATS and cutting-edge CRM capabilities for all talent acquisition leaders, is a feature that no other platform provides. LeverTRM's strengths enable them to scale and build their talent pipeline, create true and enduring relationships, and identify the most qualified individuals for recruitment. 

Lever Analytics provides customized reports with data visualization, offers accepted, interview remarks, and more to help executives and recruiting managers make tactical choices.


  • Social Sourcing

  • Job Posting

  • Candidate Sourcing Metrics

  • Candidate Search

  • Career Page Configuration

  • Candidate Management

  • Dashboards Workflow Building 

  • Hiring Processes Tracking

  • Scheduling

  • Applicant Data Management

  • Candidate Evaluations

  • Automated Resume Parsing

  • Recruiting and Onboarding

  • Interview Scheduling

  • Applicant Tracking


  • Easy to deploy, quick and user-friendly.

  • The parsing of the resume is outstanding.

  • Scrape candidates from LinkedIn Recruiter directly into Lever.

  • Scheduling candidates for the various steps in their interview process is easy. 


  • Price is always an issue.

  • Hard to see data on pipelines.

3. Zoho Recruit


Zoho Recruit is a talent acquisition system that addresses the various challenges that recruiters confront. You can find, track, and hire the best candidates with the help of Zoho Recruit, which offers comprehensive solutions for both in-house recruiters and employment agencies.


  • API

  • Application Management

  • Assessment Management

  • Background Screening

  • Candidate Management

  • Careers Page

  • Collaboration Tools

  • Compliance Tracking

  • Customizable Branding

  • Customizable Reports

  • Customizable Templates

  • Internal HR

  • Interview Scheduling

  • Job Management

  • Onboarding

  • Pipeline Management

  • Real-Time Reporting

  • Reporting & Statistics

  • Resume Parsing

  • Social Media Integration

  • Social Recruiting

  • Task Management

  • Third-Party Integrations

  • Workflow Management


  • The best CRM for customization.

  • Integrate all the elements of customer/prospect interaction.

  • Project management, social media, customer service, email marketing, inventory management, and other workflow tools.

  • Track webinar participant interaction.


  • The AI assistant doesn’t seem to add a lot of value.

  • Internet access is necessary.

  • Instead of charging per group of 5–10 members, the subscription cost is per user.

4. Jobsoid


Jobsoid is an online applicant tracking system that provides a full recruitment solution for all your hiring requirements. It has a wide range of features, all intended to simplify the hiring process at every stage.

Jobsoid offers you a one-stop shop for all your hiring needs, from posting positions on numerous job sites to handling the applications you receive from prospects, from getting in touch with applicants to working with your team.

Switch to hassle-free recruiting by automating your hiring process with Jobsoid. It enables users to make their own professional-looking career portal or page that promotes their business. They can also publish job board posting on various job portals and social media outlets.


  • Job posting on multiple boards

  • Facebook integration

  • Chrome plugin

  • Execute email campaigns

  • Smart filters

  • Customizable hiring process

  • Tags and filters

  • Automated reminders 

  • Email and text integration

  • Email auto-replies

  • Interview scheduling 


  • Customer support is exceptional.

  • User friendly and provides a seamless experience.

  • Highly integrated, so it reduces manual efforts.

  • Simple and clear to understand.


  • Data storage.

  • Customization.

  • Analytics.

5. TurboHire


A machine learning- and AI-based talent acquisition platform (TAP) is offered by TurboHire to help companies of all sizes and shapes automate their hiring processes. 

Customers can rapidly post jobs on popular job sites like Indeed, Naukri, Google Jobs, and Facebook Jobs, among others, using the platform's 1-click job marketing module. Additionally, TurboHire supports the creation of a smart candidate brand for assessment and streamlines interactions between hiring managers and candidates.


  • Applicant Tracking

  • Background Screening

  • Boolean Search

  • CRM

  • Candidate Management

  • Communication Management

  • Email Management

  • Interview Management

  • Interview Scheduling

  • Job Management

  • Lead Management

  • Mobile Access

  • Pipeline Reports

  • Recruitment Management

  • Reporting/Analytics

  • Resume Database

  • Resume Parsing

  • Self Service Portal

  • Social Media Integration

  • Social Recruiting

  • Talent Acquisition

  • Task Management

  • Third-Party Integrations

  • Workflow Management


  • Speedier job screening.

  • AI-enhanced chatbot.

  • Automated interviews.


  • Lacks payroll and onboarding capabilities.

6. ZipRecruiter


ZipRecruiter allows businesses to post to numerous free job sites with a single submission and screen every application using quick and easy online interviews. 

Designed for recruitment, hiring, job posting, candidate screening, and application tracking, ZipRecruiter enables employers to publish to numerous job boards with a single submission, screen prospects using quick-to-setup online interviews, switch between responses and resumes, and more.

The application offers multi-city job posting for the greatest visibility for employment ads. Users can build custom-branded job posts by filling out a form or customizing a pre-built template.

You’ll need to add more users to the account to work together on rating and screening prospects.


  • Applicant Tracking system

  • Applicant Management 

  • Assessment Management

  • Candidate Background Screening

  • Candidate Management

  • Interview Management

  • Job Application Management

  • Multiple Employer Profiles

  • Recruitment Management

  • Resume Database

  • Resume Parsing

  • Resume Search

  • Social Recruiting


  • Simple time, place, and keyword sorting

  • generally simple to use; nothing confusing

  • leading resume database for hiring


  • The industry offers a few unsatisfactory options.

  • A boolean occasionally "enter" when you type it, forcing you to start over.

  • The platform is undoubtedly pricey.

7. Bullhorn ATS & CRM


Bullhorn offers cloud-based CRM solutions for companies focused on building relationships. To help businesses attract new customers and retain existing ones, Bullhorn provides automated data collecting and customer intelligence technology.

Many different kinds of businesses can use Bullhorn's CRM capability, from consulting firms that require relationship management insights and thorough lead/opportunity reporting to PR firms that require internal reporter management tools and improved visibility into pitch efficiency.

Bullhorn CRM allows users to work anywhere, anytime, and on any device because it is mobile-ready and accessible in any browser. Additionally, Bullhorn CRM offers an open API that businesses may use to create and incorporate mission-critical tools and applications.


  • Social Sourcing

  • Job Posting

  • Candidate Sourcing

  • Candidate Search

  • Career Page Configuration

  • Candidate Management

  • Workflow Building

  • Hiring Processes Tracking

  • Scheduling

  • Applicant Data Management

  • Candidate Evaluations

  • Automated Resume Parsing

  • Candidate-Facing Statuses


  • Bullhorn offers a more useful platform that allows customer management in addition to ATS, making it perfect for both small and large hiring agencies.

  • It has mobile functionality, enabling instant access to the ATS from any location at any time.

  • Email and the calendar are fully integrated for quicker and more precise communication.

  • Android and iOS devices, as well as open APIs, all support Bullhorn.

  • The program offers flexible subscription packages to meet varied users' requirements and financial capabilities.


  • There is no free trial available for the product for individuals who want to see if it works with their system.

  • Live chat is not provided as an additional form of customer service.

  • Bullhorn only supports the English language at this time.

  • Bullhorn's ATS and CRM software does not include a native mobile application.

  • It is best suited for recruiting firms because it only provides ATS and CRM and lacks features for other HR procedures.

How to select the best recruitment software for agencies?

If you want to pick the right recruitment software for your agency, here are three simple steps. 

Step 1: Determine Your Goals

You can improve your hiring process by identifying your main purpose. So, create a list of what you want to achieve by purchasing recruiting software.

  • Find more or better candidates.

  • Draw in more or better applications.

  • Boost the reputation of your company.

  • Reduce the time it takes to hire or fill a position

  • Decrease the cost of hiring

  • Increase candidate engagement

  • Improve the candidate experience.

  • Lower new employee churn.

Step 2: Identify the Features You Need

Top recruiting software tools should have the following features, so you can compare them and make an informed decision.

  • Controls for security and privacy.

  • Onboarding, customer service, and user education.

  • Simple job posting on specialty, premium, and free job boards.

  • Tools for candidate sourcing and screening.

  • Career promotion via social media.

  • Campaigns for employee referral recruitment.

  • Candidate monitoring.

  • Employing teamwork and communication.

  • Bulk uploading and processing of resumes.

  • Relationship management and tools for candidate engagement.

  • Design and optimization of career websites.

  • Customizing job application forms.

  • Interview and skill assessment tools.

  • Interview times are set.

  • Portable hiring.

  • Metrics, analytics, and reporting for hiring.

Step 3: Set a Budget

The price varies depending on the number of users, setup expenses, or open positions you plan to fill.

Most manufacturers of recruiting software won't offer prices until you give them specific information about the number of people who will utilize the platform and the capabilities your team needs.


Although pricing varies as much between providers, there are a few elements that constantly affect subscription terms.
These include the number of users, contacts, and feature set complexity. Similar to how two vendors competing for the same business type may prioritize functions differently, the pricing difference between them may be as great as the difference between a free and a three-digit monthly payment. Most providers of marketing automation use a software-as-a-service (SaaS) pricing structure.
Businesses subscribe to a service and pay a monthly charge to utilize software in the cloud. Vendors typically charge for marketing automation software in two ways:

  1. Per month subscription plan – Numerous suppliers provide monthly subscription plans with levels based on the number of contacts allowed and the number of services. Integrations with sales platforms, the capacity to divide target markets, and lead nurturing capabilities are frequently included in the higher tier plans.
  2. Per contact/month subscription plan: Vendors that provide this service provide full functionality while just charging for the contacts in a company's marketing database. Some vendors provide a calculator online, so companies may enter the number of contacts and receive a quote immediately away. A minimum of 1,000 contacts is the norm.

There are numerous platforms for each level of the hiring process when it comes to recruiting software. They claim that the typical recruiter uses 11 to 15 different technological tools every day. This can take a lot of time. Maybe, for this reason, several of the big providers of recruitment software have been purchasing more point solutions in order to provide a more capable single platform and cut down on the number of tools recruiters need to use.
Many major software suppliers are in haste to internalize all functions, doing away with the necessity for numerous logins.

Last Updated: January 02, 2024