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List of 20 Best Regulatory Reporting Software

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Software by Matterhorn Reporting Services

Matterhorn offers a comprehensive AIFMD Annex IV reporting software solution that is more efficient than other market alternatives, helping you to significantly reduce your annual regulatory reporting expenses. The AIF and AIFM AIFMD reports both require minimal input. Because data is reused frequently, subsequent AIFMD Annex IV reports take relatively little time to compile.  Learn more about AIFMD Annex

Software by CoreFiling Limited

CoreFiling provides a reliable source of information for regulators, governments, financial institutions, and filers.True North's® financial data aggregation app, the leading source of public company data, including SEC and Companies House filings, enables you to build faster apps and get smarter answers. The True North® data platform simplifies the search, display, and analysis of individual firm financial records as well as large complex datasets. Learn more about CoreFiling

Software by Kyzer Software

With Kyzer Create and track all previous reconciled data and regulatory report presentations in one location. A web-based portal that operates within the bank's intranet provides fast data access for reporting and audits.  Learn more about Kyzer

Software by MAP FinTech

Polaris provides the necessary conversions, upgrades, and re-formatting of the obtained data in order to prepare it for submission. It also automates complex workflow procedures, allowing us and our customers to examine findings and ensure correctness across the entire cycle. It also adjusts to changes across institutions, regions, and jurisdictions without requiring system re-engineering, resulting in shorter implementation timeframes. Learn more about MAP FinTech

Software by Wolters Kluwer India Pvt. Ltd.

OneSumX is a fully-featured Financial Risk Management software designed to serve startups, agencies. OneSumX provides end-to-end solutions. This online Financial Risk Management system offers portfolio modeling, risk analytics, market risk management, credit risk management, portfolio management in one place. Learn more about OneSumX

Software by Broadridge Financial Solutions

Broadridge Revenue and Expense Management is a fully featured Hedge Fund Software designed to serve Enterprises, Agencies. Broadridge Revenue and Expense Management provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App. This online Hedge Fund system offers at one place. Learn more about Broadridge Revenue and Expense Management

Software by Point Nine

The Point Nine solution is designed to help businesses comply with regulatory reporting requirements and do so successfully. Regulators require financial businesses, service providers, and enterprises to send accurate data on time to trade repositories, recognised reporting channels, and national competent authorities. Point Nine processes data from various sources, covers all asset classes, converts reports into the appropriate formats, and transmits reports to trading repositories.  Learn more about Point Nine

Software by Regnology

Regnology's international RegTech Factory provides a digital, fully integrated, and automated reporting factory that enables participating banks and financial service providers to achieve considerable economies of scale. Low interest rates, digitization, and new competitors are all putting a strain on revenues. Learn more about Regnology

Software by Qontigo

At Qontigo, we collaborate with our clients to develop solutions that leverage investment intelligence to generate targeted, long-term returns. We deliver complex solutions at scale, underpinned by modern technology, open architecture, and unrivalled customer focus, using our award-winning STOXX and DAX indexes and institutionally-proven Axioma analytics.  Learn more about Qontigo

Software by TRAction Fintech

TRAction extracts, reviews, and populates data in the required format for the selected trade repository. We register you with a trade repository, track your costs, and repair any data inaccuracies on your behalf. Explaining the legislation, assuring your company's compliance, and keeping you up to date on regulatory changes are all part of our services. Learn more about TRAction

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Last Updated: September 12, 2023