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Best Rental Software for Business in 2020

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Well, all that is there to know regarding what you are going to rent out or you are going to take on rent is saved by the technological advancement called the rental software. One of the best things in the commodities and goods market is that things necessarily need not be bought. Some things are only needed for a certain stipulated time frame. In such circumstances, goods and commodities can be returned or are disposed of which is also a waste. Ever since the possibilities of renting started, so did the complications of maintaining the track of it.

You can imagine rental services having huge registers and multiple levels of formalities. Thanks to technology and the requirement to have a management system like CRM software, real estate management system, Task Management system, etc. for every human activity, we have some of the best rental Management software in the market that makes life easier. Rental management software has now taken over the huge registers and loads of manual activities.  Some of the top rental software is made with an eye to the future and has integrated multiple levels of third-party systems too. This makes life so much simpler who are professionally into only renting services.

Rental Software has different modules for every individual functionality. Not only does the rental software ensure that your business is efficiently managed, but it also displays how a business is doing a great job in the market. A part of your business is getting clear views from most of the people who have excellent experience working with you. Let us see what the positive impacts on the business are:

  • Potential orders are enlisted: The software records it all. Not only do your customers find it easier to place the orders online, but it also becomes even simpler when any future orders or a potentially large number of customers can do it without any need to arrive on the spot. Your customers are always in a position to go through all that you have to offer at any time of the day and can place orders. Your brochure is there for them to view whenever they wish.

  • An Availability calendar to save cross-bookings: That is one of the worst things that can happen when you are out on rental business. If over a service or goods, there are overbookings and cross-bookings, it creates a humongous amount of confusion. Rental business software helps to curb that problem because all the booking that is done is highlighted on the client console and the business console. Overbooking to cross-booking can be saved because of the efficiency of the rental system.

  • Freedom of choice for customers: The customers can easily go through your business and the catalogs online. They don’t have to go through the tiresome sales pitch. Customers these days know what they want and they want to be precise in their purchase. They want their freedom to choose from the services that they are aiming for. The best rental software makes shopping an enjoyable experience for the customers and then they may want to come back for your services next time.

  • Cut down on customer no-shows: After all, there are spaces for human errors and customer no-shows are pretty much a painful part of the entire process. There are places when the customers might not even have paid for the services or reservations. In such circumstances, charging a partial payment or a percentage of the goods or services ensure that there is a fewer number of cancellations or there are more sensible bookings.

  • Discount management is easy and breezy: One of the most important things for customers is discounts. They like coming back if your business is giving them the discounts they so like. You can keep a record of how much discount is being offered, how many customers have benefited out of it and what will be the next best thing to add for bringing in more customers. Discounts run the business well and help increase the reach of the customers.

  • Visibility regarding your operations: Once you are efficiently working and your rental system is all that the world talks about, naturally, your business will start getting noticed. Word of mouth spreads faster and if your business module supports it, the rental business software becomes a huge asset. You will be in a position to advertise better and give better results and thereby increase the number of visitors to your business. Visibility is a key ingredient for a business to thrive.

  • Lets you concentrate on other strategic planning: While your online rental software is taking care of your business, there is this great opportunity of expanding and diversifying your business. You need not have to actively concentrate on every aspect of the business because the rental business software takes care of it. So, if you have been thinking of expanding or you wanted the business to go in a new direction, you can do that because the rental software has taken care of everything.

So, how to go about it? How do you know that you are going for the best rental management software? And that too, without creating a hole in your pocket? There are some key features of having an efficient rental system. This should become your standard checklist of items against which you purchase your software:

  • Rental Order Management: You need to keep a track of all the orders for the goods and services. You must essentially, keep a rental management system active all the time because that is where the real deal in the business is happening. When you are having an online rental software, the module needs to be dynamic to ensure that there is crisp coordination of activities.

  • Intra-team Collaboration: The different teams that are working in your business need to be on the same page to ensure that everything happens smoothly. One of the most essential parts of a rental management system would be having close intra-team communication and collaboration so that the latest updates can be entered into the system. And that all people associated with the business, including customers are aware of the position. If some goods or services have been sold out, it automatically flags up on the system and customers are aware of it.

  • Inventory Management: Almost all the best rental management software mandatorily have the inventory module because the cut-off point is the most important part of a business. Inventory management pretty much comes up in every kind of business process management and is one of the most essential factors – specifically in cases of rental management software where only limited stock is handled at the same time.

  • Automatic generation of Quotation: Quotation generation is extremely important. Apart from the standard packages offered by your business, if there are add-ons and customizations, the quotations keep changing. And if the customer adds it, the system should be able to auto-generate the quotation. It makes the whole process simpler and easier.

  • Integration with CRM & External Communication: Integration with other systems is equally important. You can barely find any systems that are standalone applications anymore. Most of the systems have got to integrate with other systems and payroll software for a dynamic system. That along with some CRM software make it easier for external communication and interaction with customers simpler.

  • Auto notification: Auto notification is like a must-have every system should have. There needs to be a system via which people get notifications in case actions are being taken. This is helpful if some unwarranted or unplanned actions are done and you get intimated regarding them. All rental apps indeed give this feature so that the admins are alerted for any activity.

  • Cloud-based rental software: One of the most important things to remember is having software that can be accessed from anywhere at any given time of the day. You don’t have to depend upon being at one place, be on one system to access your information. Cloud-based rental software helps you access the whole information and data from wherever you want and everything is updated in real-time.

  • All feathers in one cap: An ideal rental management system would be the one that has all of the above-mentioned features. Not all software in the market might provide what you are looking for. But also, ensure that you are getting what your business requirements demand. And also, it satisfies most of the parts where expansion and diversification are needed. Make sure that you get the cap with all the feathers of the trade.

There is no textbook rule for what makes a good rental system. But there are some very good yardsticks to consider while you go for software for your business. Make sure that your rental software has at least most of the mentioned factors here.

  • Flexibility: One of the biggest factors here would be flexibility. Is there a standardized set of parameters? Are there appropriate validations to block from overbooking or disappearing services and goods? Is the rental system flexible enough to incorporate changes and ensure smooth functioning – both for the business and the customer?

  • Easier to Use: The platforms that provide such service necessarily need not have complicated systems. Often a simple interface and a variety to interconnected modules are all that is needed for simpler and easier to use systems. Systems should not be confusing and complicated to use. And that is why people often go for systems that are having an easy interface because they can use without having to get stuck too much in the steps.

  • Powerful features: You cannot deny that a rental software needs to have some serious integrations and powerful features that enable the system to be a dynamic tool that assists your business. It should allow your business to manage inventory efficiently and lt you have a glance at your progress in one go. This helps plan business, way in advance and strategic planning can be taken up.

  • Ability to generate reports: Generating reports is of absolute importance when it comes to rental applications. Reports enable us to watch the progress, keep an eye open for any bottlenecks and basically, have a look at how the finances look. Reports are the tool that gives a bird’s view of things.

  • Security & Support: Any rental system should have these two “S” taken care of. The system should be secure at multiple levels so that your business data and the customer information remain safe and secure. It should also be in standard compliance with rental software. Also, in case of any emergency, there should be an option of reaching out to an active customer support executive who can ensure that your queries are solved immediately. For something like a data breach, you would want to consider immediate action to be taken and resolve security issues.

Considering the start of the year and the current market scenario, the obvious favorites are equipment and vacation rentals as a lot of people are on vacation. Come summer in a few months and people will set out to roam places. Some of the favorites that are gaining momentum include space rental software, best apartment rental apps, home rental apps, equipment rental apps, etc. Certain market trends speak for escalation in property rental software what with the world economy swaying around a little. These are some of the promising sectors that you should be looking out for in the coming few months.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Most of the generic section includes standard packaging of assets and property management, service management, inventory management, costing and financial services, customer service and call-center services, Sales management, auditing, and reports. These are some of the standard business process modules of rental software.
  • A. You will get a lot of rental software online. Some of the ones that are topping are the charts include EZRentOut, Rentman, Reserved, Lodgify for vacation rentals, Rezdy for Tours and activities reservation.
  • A. Prices vary based upon the cost of the number of modules or like a subscription for the number of people. However, prices mostly range from $15 to $300 depending upon the units that have to be managed. One time subscriptions may include an upfront payment of $500.

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