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Software BY POSist Technologies Pvt Ltd
POSist is the best retail pos management software for restaurant. Point of sale system is an efficient and simple restaurant management system. Online Point of sale software designed to help restaurant businesses with keeping track of customers, sales, items and stock.

All inclusive cloud-based smart POS software
Weaver is your solution to a smart business. With features like KOT, Online ordering, Dashboard App to monitor operations in your store, recipe mapping, setting variants for items, table management, and the best CRM, you can supervise operations and run your restaurant management system from anywhere around the word.

Torqus POS

Best Restaurant Management Solution
Torqus Restaurant POS software and Material Management software not only helps to streamline the billing process but also enables evaluation and analysis of every branch by generating numerous reports. It takes care of billing, inventory, kitchen orders, online orders & delivery system


One stop solution for your restaurant
SMART RESTAURANT POS software is an easy and fast POS, allow you to focus more on customer. Clean and informative Kitchen Order Tickets will increase productivity of your kitchen, it also reduces errors.

Aatithya HMS

Software BY Dataman Computer Systems
A well know a name for simple restaurant management system, running successfully at over 750+ medium size to large scale of properties across the country. It can be used in Budget Hotels, Lodges, Guest Houses, Megamalls, Clubs, point of sales & Restaurant businesses etc.


ERP - Bakery, Food Courts, Restaurant & Bar, QSR
Logic F&B is a functional powerful restaurant management software application for growing needs of Fast foods outlets, Fine dining, Cafes, Bakery, Bar & Restaurants. Powered with state of art technology with vast experience of vertical Logic F&B provides best suited for the Hospitality industry.


A web-based hospital management ERP
MediSteer is a web-based state-of-the-art product covering all aspects of operations and management of small, medium and large-scale hospitals. It helps in improving operational effectiveness and customer care resulting in reduced costs and medical errors.


Cloud Based Restaurant POS Software
InnkeyPOS is the complete restaurant management system which covers total needs of your business lifecycle. It will act as your restaurant billing software and cover entire business operations like restaurant billing, sales, stocks.


Automated restaurant management software
HDRestaurant is an advanced automated point of sales software for restaurants, coffee shops, fast food counters, pubs and other Hotel outlets. Easy to use, pictorial user, interface for quick billing with or without a touch screen.

HyperSoft Restaurant Software

Software BY HyperSoft Technologies Limited
HyperSoft-RMS Software is used for the restaurant industry and primarily includes touch screen computers for the serving staff to place orders, which are sent to kitchen and bar printers for preparation. The back-office and enterprise software allow different types of reports, such as total sales and total menu items sold to be produced. 

Retail Graph

For Retail Stores & Chains
RetailGraph is a complete Retail Management System that offers small and mid-market retailers a complete point-of-sale solution that can be adapted to meet unique retail requirements.

MARG ERP 9+ Restaurant Bar Software

Integrated with eBusiness Apps & Ready with GST
The aim of Marg Restaurant Software is to provide software which is easy to use and get implemented easily as well as also get customised according to any type of business which saves time and money.

True Restaurant Management

Software BY Truelogics Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
True Restaurant is easy to use, full of the features a Bar uses many time, every day, and is very affordable price. True Restaurant Management software should have made order entry easier, make customers happier build a restaurant and Bar business.

Lucid POS

Software BY Lucid IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
LUCID Restaurant retail POS Solution is available for Desktops, TOUCH POS and for hand held devices. The Lucid POS Software integrates with other modules from Lucid and with the Revenue enhancing Solutions, hence with Retail POS solution. It is also a restaurants management system for Indian business.

Touche POS

Software BY Prologic first
Touché operates in Windows based touchscreen hardware, handheld mobile devices or PCs. Optional modules are available for repeat diner profiling in fine dining restaurants, table reservations, stored value cards in food courts, additional promotional displays in QSRs and kitchen displays in fast food outlets.

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Your Restaurant Needs Restaurant POS Software. Here's Why?

In this modern age of cutting edge computing technology, there’s barely a territory untouched by the ever growing giant called the Internet.

Restaurant and bar management software is one of the many businesses that are in the front lines of software-supported productivity enhancement. With heavy competition not just with your peers but also huge international brands, the ‘league’ is no longer what it used to be. And the customers are swept along with the tide as well without doubt. The price and quality of the food is no longer the ultimate Decision Influencing Factor.

Here is the Restaurant Management Software report generated by analysing more then 10,000+ Restaurant, Bar Software buyers for 2016.

1.Geographic Spread Of Restaurant & Bar Management Software Buyers

Restaurant Bar Management Software Buyers

2. Prefered Deployment Type: Installation-based Vs. Web-based Software

Restaurant Management Software Deployment

If you’re a tech savvy bar and restaurant owner, you would’ve been half way there figuring out how to use technology to supercharge your business. Though it might seem daunting, with Restaurant Management Software, you’re probably never going to agree to spend a day without it once you get the hang of it.

Online presence

Undoubtedly, the key ingredient in the recipe of attracting more customers in today’s world is having a strong online presence.

There’s indeed an arsenal of weapons you can use to get attention and stay in the spotlight. A good Restaurant Management Software can link up with all the popular online platforms, and voila! You’re the talk of the town!  Let’s boil it down to the elements that constitute the term Online Presence.


I don’t think anyone would argue anymore about the importance of having a website for your business. Whatever the business you own, having a dedicated website has become the norm.

A good website for your restaurant business must have the following features:

1. Appealing Photographs and Descriptions of Menu : Having a wonderful gallery of mouthwatering dishes is definitely going to attract more customers without doubt.

Once a database for dishes is set-up, the Restaurant Management software or bar management software can update the online menu on your website automatically as soon as you tell the software what you got in store.

2. Online Ordering and Table Bookings : Most of your customers would personally prefer certain tables or certain views or places while they enjoy their delicious food. But most of the times, they have to put up with whatever space is available. And I don’t think anybody has to explain the frustration of waiting for food at the expense of missing an important meeting. here is list of top order management software for businesses.

This is where the Restaurant Management Software becomes the most useful coupled with a dedicated website. You can configure it for customers to order their favorite food in advance (and pay for it) as well as book their tables. Live update for the available tables can be a great feature too.

3. Online Feedback Space : This feature can be great to know how your customers feel as well as for promoting your business. This is probably the most powerful marketing strategy you can use since all of us have been accustomed to make our decision based on other people’s experience. And evidently, the better feedback you get, more the customers you’ll attract.

Though unethical, you can moderate the feedback or pay people to write them. But that might backfire on platforms where people can openly interact such as forums and social-media.

Social-Media and CRM

Now that we’ve mentioned social-media platforms, Twitter and Facebook are your best bet to reach the potential masses at the moment.

The first step would be to set-up a good Twitter profile and a Facebook fan page. Then link them up with the Restaurant Management Software to handle it.

Now, the software can update the folks with what’s hot and it can update you with what’s on their mind. It can very well track their engagements and reach-insights as well.

You can also setup options for your customers to sign-up to your site’s newsletter via Facebook, Google+ or Twitter to comment on dishes and leave feedback. With help of this software, you can display it on your social-media pages automatically.

It also allows you to implement marketing strategies such as launching campaigns, special offers, discounts, loyalty programs and much more in just a few clicks. It’s more effective than dropping fliers all over the city from a glider plane!

You can even setup room for people to interact with the chefs and convey their suggestions. This can be a life saver if your customer isn’t satisfied with the food!

Mobile Application

It might seem too much but launching a Mobile Application dedicated to your restaurant is as close as you can get to draw your customers’ attention. The Restaurant Management Software can be configured to deliver every day’s special dishes, discounts, custom offers and what not.

And ordering food can never get easier. Delivering special offers to customers who use your Application can be more rewarding in the long run. It makes sure you always stay in the spotlight and people always consider your restaurant whenever there’s a plan to eat out.

Restaurant Listings Sites

Considering that today everybody lives on somebody’s top 10 lists, it’s probably one of the best ideas to get in touch with the popular restaurant listing sites. Need a tip? Google “Best restaurants in … (Your Locality)”. If you’re up in those lists by the sites, great job! If you’re not, we got some work to do! Contact them; get them updated about your restaurant, make provisions for them to list the dishes from your website. This will ensure that the customers’ attention is ‘directed’ towards your restaurant as much as possible!

Sites like Food Panda are effective in that department especially if your restaurant offers home delivery.

The software can also track all the transactions and will take care of your promised commissions. It’s also an effective way to track how many leads those sites generate for you.

Interfacing With the Generic Restaurant POS Terminal

The Restaurant Management Software is designed to integrate with a fully functional POS system depending on your needs.

With a sound Restaurant Management Software and required hardware, you can achieve perfectly tallied and organized:

  1. Card Transactions (Debit/Credit Swipes).
  2. Internet Banking (Direct transactions or via certain wallet apps).
  3. Near Field Communication (NFC) Transactions.
  4. Cash (it’s obvious but it can also link up with a cash register!).
  5. Redemption of Loyalty points, Gift Cards, Coupons, etc. (if applicable).

It can moreover organize your orders, track all the payments, provide insights, point out the customer patterns, indicate the influencing variables, correlate with CRM and much more!

Inventory Management

Whether you run a small restaurant or a chain of multiple restaurants, inventory management is as important as the quality of food delivered. list of top business inventory management software.

The Software can take care of this department effectively and efficiently. It monitors real-time status of the orders and thus the depletion of inventory, and therefore predicts the approximate exhaustion time in advance. It can also consider the degree of perishability as a deciding variable. It can be configured to notify you, or send texts/mails to your regular vendors, or even purchase directly after comparing prices and delivery time from various online vendors!

The software logs and displays the most accurate insights to all your expenses and income. You’ll probably no longer miss a penny unaccounted for and have perfect control over your money-flow.

Though it has nothing to do with customer attraction directly, it can make sure your regular customer will never miss his favorite sandwich just because you forgot to buy the salmon!

Restaurant Management Software - A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide:

One of the most popular means of entertainment or relaxation is to go to a restaurant. When customers have a good experience at your restaurant it ensures more referrals and good reviews. A restaurant that provides the customers the best combination of food and services wins approval all the time. With the growing usage of social media and the way people dine/eat; the competition to survive is really intense.

Since, restaurants always require the manager to be in constant vigil and on his/her toes; using restaurant management software can be a great support to you in making your own experience of detailing and coordination smooth. With the restaurant pos software, you can order proper items, can schedule the timings of your employees and time the reservations with coordinated efforts.

Restaurant Management Software is a tool that supports and even boosts the functionalities of the restaurants and the way they manage their range of services. Restaurant Management system is an interface that broadly helps in the following aspects:

  • Reaches out to your customers
  • Enables smooth reservations and bookings
  • Integrated marketing services
  • Management of your site and other systems

The primary task of support that the restaurant management software provides is in the inventory. It helps managers set the prices of food items and gives continued tracking of price of every ingredient in the food item; thereby allowing them to vary prices accordingly. This also benefits them in marketing or sales promotions when they bring out offers and schemes.

Restaurant Management software is available in all operating system versions and most of them give a thorough support and backup for restaurants. Depending on your restaurant requirements you can select the software based on the features that you shall use every day.

So, the headache of memorizing every minute detail is over with restaurant pos software installation.

Restaurant Software and Bar Management Software Benefits

1. Employee Schedules:

  • The salary and expenses related to employee training budgets can be tracked effectively.
  • Keeps tracking system accessible location wise.
  • Employee timings are scheduled to keep them well in tune with the restaurant requirements (like peak hours or festive season).
  • Reports are generated graphically too.

2. Managing Inventory:

  • Full access to menu items, ingredients and stock purchases. This can be updated.
  • Accounts on food costs that help in decision making.
  • Reduction in costs by tracking wastage and theft.
  • If the bar software has recipe management feature, you can control food costs down to the smallest ingredients also.

3. Reports on Point of Sale:

  • Consolidating data and costs of different items and then having an overview of the whole cost is really beneficial.
  • Coordinate the menu items (which are in more demand and which less) and the stock items.
  • Restaurant POS software helps to generate reports that can be shared with the relevant employees.
  • Get alerts for cash shortage, discount dates and overtime work hours.

The disadvantages of the Restaurant Management software

  1. If there are power cuts while entering any data of the customers; there is a possibility of it not being saved.
  2. If there is typing error of any information it can lead to problems in getting everything right
  3. When an audit has to be done at night; all other users except the primary one must be logged off
  4. If the computer gets virus or malware problems the information may be erroneous.
  5. To use the resturant or bar software properly the staff has to be trained well
  6. The restaurant or bar software has to be renewed each year.
  7. There is a high risk of virus attack since the software is connected to the internet most of the time
  8. Software support in most cities might not be available locally and support can be provided online only.

Must needed Features of Restaurant Management Software

Restaurant management system differs according the features that they provide. According to your restaurant needs and setup, you should choose the most ideal software. To make your choice easier, we’re giving you a list of essential features that you must take into account.

  1. Cost: Most restaurant software or bar software available is in affordable range. However, the cost might become higher depending on customized features that you might require. If needed, additional hardware costs related to tracking different aspects of restaurant management also needs to be kept in mind.
  2. Ordering: Most restaurant billing software takes up dine-in orders into the system. This is an inbuilt feature of most of the software. However, now a days the online and even mobile based orders are also fed into the system and updates are sent to the restaurants
  3. Table service: This is an essential feature that helps managers run the restaurant efficiently. He can assign the waiters, coordinate the table services and even check for any requirements of the customers effectively
  4. Employee management: Scheduling the shifts of the staff becomes easier at the click of the mouse. Since all the details are fed into the system there is less chance of error
  5. Social media and Marketing: Restaurant can attract customers through different social media platforms simultaneously and engage with them. Regular updates are given about the restaurant promotions, schemes or offers through Facebook, Twitter, blogs, text and even emails.
  6. Membership Cards and Gift cards: Membership cards and gift cards can be issue from the information fed into the system. Bills also can be adjusted according the inputs of the gift card rates.
  7. Reports: The restaurant pos software generates reports on different aspects of restaurant management including sales, item stock, daily operations and management and much more.
  8. Streamlining Locations: The entire chain of restaurants at different locations can be coordinated from one single software source. This gives the restaurant owners the ability to control operations at all locations and also save time
  9. Store management: Items that are stored/stocked and their inventory is updated for better running of the restaurant. Items can also be purchased in advance before upcoming promotions or festival times
  10. Accounts and taxes: Order billings, staff salary and promotions, discounts and offers, taxes applicable on the bills and all sorts of accounting work is managed on the resturant billing software. Even the accounts and taxation aspects of the restaurant business itself can also be taken care of through the software.

The Bottom-Line

At the moment, you may be limited by your location on the map or the size of your business, and hence you may feel it isn’t so important to have a Restaurant Management Software. But since no part of the world is isolated anymore, all thanks to the Internet, the sooner you implement a Restaurant Management Software, the better chances to accumulate and attract more customers.  The price of the implementation is usually a tiny fraction of the profit and efficiency it delivers.

In the long run, either forced by the need to survive the competition or the time it takes to handle everything manually, the implementation of a Restaurant Management Software is inevitable. I will leave you to answer the question “When will you?”

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