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List of 20 Best Restaurant Scheduling Software

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Software by 7shifts

7Shifts is a restaurant scheduling software that uses tools to reduce labor costs for restaurant owners. It fully features time management software with an intuitive and very user-friendly interface. The software features allow staff to carry out management work without any hassles. It is highly reliable and must have effective software for restaurants. Read 7shifts Reviews

Software by Sling

Sling is a robust restaurant scheduling program with exceptional features and functions. This easy-to-manage scheduling management software helps restaurant owners schedule every resource a restaurant requires to function promptly. This Sling software can be a great partner for restaurant owners in streamlining and boosting business productivity. Learn more about Sling

Software by When I Work, Inc

Arguably, When I Work is one of the best restaurant scheduling software programs in today's market. The software application provides an excellent platform for restaurant owners and workers to track their work schedules. With this application, scheduling tasks for employees becomes a piece of cake for restaurant owners. Learn more about When I Work

Software by Restaurant365

Restaurant365 is a cloud-based restaurant scheduling app that also provides an excellent accounting solution for all sizes of restaurants. The software integrates handy systems like POS, vendor, and bank systems and hassle-free payroll systems. By having this Restaurant365 application, restaurant owners can easily make profit-driven business decisions every day. Read Restaurant365 Reviews

Grow and scale your business by simplifying HR, pa

Push Operations is one of the few straightforward online restaurant scheduling software programs with high ratings. This restaurant software platform allows restaurant owners to manage their staff according to rising demands during peak hours. This cloud-based software has exceptional HR, payroll, time tracking, and task scheduling features. Learn more about Push Operations

Software by CrunchTime! Information Systems, Inc

CrunchTime would be an excellent restaurant solution for owners looking for a high-performing, efficient restaurant scheduling system with automated shift scheduling and inventory management capabilities. The application comes with comprehensive features that allow owners to manage their business operations effectively, eliminate waste, and gain full control over the business operational costs. Read CrunchTime Reviews

The Operations Platform for Any Business

Jolt is a positive experience in restaurant employee scheduling software that assists owners to streamline their business processes and improve productivity. The online employee scheduling and task management software is straightforward and helps restaurant owners train new employees without hassles. Jolt is incredibly easy and customizable workforce management software. Read Jolt Reviews

Software by Toast, Inc

If you are looking for the best restaurant scheduling software with cloud technology, then choosing Toast POS will be the right choice. Unlike other restaurant software that follows old-school traditional proprietary systems, this cloud-based POS software has fully packed features that allow owners to easily accept, manage, and track food orders. Read Toast POS Reviews

Software by RestaurantOps

RestaurantOps is a mobile-friendly restaurant shift scheduling software mainly used by restaurant owners to deliver better customer service. This scheduling software can be a handy application for enterprises and SMEs that provide end-to-end customer services through web-based technology. This easy-to-use software can play a significant role in improving user satisfaction. Learn more about RestaurantOps

Software by Red Book Connect LLC

If restaurant owners plan to track their work done in a week, then choosing this excellent restaurant scheduling software, HotSchedules, would be the right choice. It is one of the best programs for managing work hours, shifts, and an employee's schedule. Installing this HotSchedules software is easy, and it is very intuitive. Learn more about HotSchedules

Software by Pioneer Works Inc

Homebase is the best restaurant scheduling app for small restaurants. It is so simple and a great parent application that anyone can operate without prior experience. Employee scheduling operations become easy with this Homebase software, eliminating all the hassles for small restaurant owners. Read Homebase Reviews

Software by Out Crowd Ltd

Findmyshift is a leading restaurant scheduling software that enables restaurant owners to do everything related to their businesses in one place. Scheduling employees' work is much easier with this software, and it is flexible enough to change the employees' pay rate at any time without interrupting the payroll process. Learn more about Findmyshift

Simple, powerful employee scheduling software

Planday is one of the most recommended restaurant scheduling software programs with a faster employee scheduling system. It would be an excellent tool for restaurant owners looking for a scheduling system with incredible HR functionality. This user-friendly software is a great organizer and efficiently fills the communication gap between management and staff. Learn more about Planday

Software by Deputy

Among so many restaurant scheduling apps on the market, Delegate is a comprehensive solution with intuitive interface software designed to assist entry-level users. Its remarkable UI and UX makes this software indispensable for new restaurant owners. They find accessing and scheduling their employee's tasks much easier without hiccups. Learn more about Deputy

Software by Humanity Inc.

Humanity software assists restaurant owners in many ways. It is one of the most effective employee scheduling software for restaurants, extremely easy to use, and provides full freedom to employees in task management. Organizing tasks and scheduling work among the workers will never be a hassle anymore for restaurant owners with this Humanity software. Learn more about Humanity

Software by Shiftboard, Inc

Shiftboard is one of the highest-rated full-service restaurant employee scheduling software programs, providing exceptional solutions to all sizes of restaurants. This software is great for restaurant owners who want to simplify their workforce environment. Shiftboard software is designed to automate complex work streamlining business operations. Learn more about Shiftboard

The all-in-one app for managing deskless employees

Connecteam is an excellent restaurant scheduling program that perfectly fits mid-sized and large restaurants. Moreover, restaurant owners can use this Connecteam software for effective management of non-desk employees and to eliminate the communication gap. This intuitive software is incredibly easy to use and has flexible pricing, making it a preferred restaurant platform. Read Connecteam Reviews

Most Reviewed

Back Office Restaurant Management Software

It is another cloud-based all-in-one restaurant scheduling tool for Corporate, Franchise Management Groups, and Individual Franchisees. The SynergySuite restaurant scheduling software can be easily accessed from mobile devices. This makes the information provided by the restaurant owners easily reach staff and customers in time. The deployment of this software is easy, and it receives regular updates. Read SynergySuite Reviews

Buddy Punch is an online time card replacement tha

Buddy Punch is undoubtedly a fantastic restaurant scheduling system that lets owners track their employees' working hours. This user-friendly employee scheduling software comes with easy navigation, allowing anyone to access it without any trouble. It is a good tool with good values that restaurants can use for their growth. Read Buddy Punch Reviews

Software by Celayix

With this Celayix online restaurant scheduling software, keeping track of employee tasks becomes much easier for restaurant owners. This online employee scheduling software is extremely easy to use and has all the essential functionalities to deliver exceptional results. Celayix would be an excellent addition to restaurants for improving the management process. Learn more about Celayix

Software by Bizimply

Bizimply Software store all types of documents from CVs to training cards, making sure they're accessible to the right people within your organization at all times. Learn more about Bizimply

restaurant scheduling software guide

Indeed, it's challenging to sustain in today's fast-paced and competitive restaurant industry; hence efficient management of staff schedules is essential for ensuring smooth operations and delivering exceptional customer service. This is where restaurant scheduling software comes into play.

Specially designed to streamline creating and managing staff schedules, this innovative software provides restaurant owners and managers with a powerful tool to optimize labor costs, improve employee communication, and enhance overall productivity.

But how will you choose your best scheduling software? In this case, we have referred to some of the best restaurant scheduling software with its features and other crucial things. That can assist you in choosing the best one.

What is Restaurant Scheduling Software?

Restaurant scheduling software is a computer application designed to streamline and automate the creation and management of schedules in a restaurant platform.  This tool provides a digital solution that replaces manual scheduling methods like spreadsheets or paper-based systems.

This tool allows restaurant owners to easily change restaurant staff schedules without error. This system gives you a relaxing moment. On the other hand, creating manual scheduling for all the employees is very difficult because manual processes require more time to complete a task. But how can you avoid manual processes? The straightforward answer is to use the best restaurant scheduling software and cancel your manual process.

How Does Restaurant Scheduling Software Work?

Although scheduling software is a local or cloud-based computer program, hence assists in automating employee scheduling and operation managing purposes. Restaurant employee scheduling software allows restaurant managers or owners to manage employee schedules. It assists the owner in tracking the employees and operates by leveraging sophisticated algorithms.

This system collects and analyzes massive data such as employee availability, skills, workstation, and others. It works systematically. If the necessary information is gathered, the software assigns shifts to employees based on the restaurant manager's predefined rules and parameters. These rules may include labor laws, staff preferences, seniority, and even performance metrics.

Benefits of Best Restaurant Scheduling App

A restaurant scheduling app can be the game changer to bring a business to a supreme level. Those are restaurant software scheduling app providers that offer two categories free and paid. It is known that the free version does not contain sufficient features. Let’s see the benefits of using a restaurant scheduling app that can compel you to use it.

benefits of restaurant scheduling app

  1. Increased Automation

    Most restaurant scheduling software is automated. Automated scheduling is a way of using AI to make an optimal schedule for your restaurant staff. This process helps to manage your staff without frustration and hassle.

  2. Improved Communication

    This tool enhances the communication level between restaurant staff and the management team. You can make better decisions within a short time, improve efficiency, and have the shortest way to communicate with others.

  3. More Accurate Scheduling

    Restaurant scheduling software also works as an accurate scheduling tool, therefore helping restaurant owners to stick to the scheduled plan and implement them. This tool offers the best opportunity for the management team to make early decisions. So, it can be the game changer for your staff’s accurate scheduling.

  4. Controlled Labor Costs

    It controls labor costs in many ways. This tool also reduces human effort and makes a schedule within a very short time. However, using scheduling software can help control labor costs in several ways, such as efficient shift planning, real-time monitoring, skill-based scheduling, attendance integration, and employee self-service.

  5. Remotely Track Time And Attendance

    Suppose you are outside of your office and are unaware of how many restaurant staff have attended your restaurant. If you use this software, then you may remotely track them. It is really a good sign to manage the restaurant staff.

  6. Easy Shift Swapping

    Scheduling software greatly simplifies the process of shift swapping. It is easy and efficient for employees. Employees can access their schedules and initiate shift swaps with just a few clicks. The software incorporates an approval system. Employees can ensure they are swapping with someone who can adequately cover the shift.

Features of Best Restaurant Scheduling Software

Indeed, all the software providers want to design better software. They always want to keep sufficient features and be lightweight. So that users become satisfied. The final word is they want to meet user intent. However, let’s see which features should have the best restaurant scheduling software.

features of restaurant scheduling software

  1. Shift Scheduling

    Shift scheduling in the restaurant can be complex and time-consuming. However, this process has become significantly more streamlined and efficient due to the advent of employee scheduling software for restaurants. It allows the user to easily assign shifts, track employee attendance, and make necessary adjustments in real-time.

  2. Multiple Work Locations

    Multiple work locations refer to where an organization operates in more than one physical location. It can be in the city, or in different cities. Multiple locations may be in various industries and sectors, such as retail chains, restaurant franchises, healthcare organizations, consulting firms, and manufacturing companies.

    Scheduling software can successfully work for different locations. In that case, Should I use different scheduling software? No, the user can manage multiple workplaces from one station.

  3. Mobile Access

    Nowadays, most modern online restaurant scheduling software provides mobile access to users. Mobile access is a crucial feature of such software that allows managers and employees to access the software conveniently from their smartphones. Users can make schedule adjustments with staff members directly from their mobile devices.

  4. Scheduling Notifications And Reminders

    Scheduling notifications is a great feature. It is incredibly beneficial for both managers and employees. It is because the user or managers can set up an automated notifications system to remind employees of their upcoming shifts, reducing the chances of missed scheduling. This notification can be sent via email, SMS, or mobile app, depending on the software’s capabilities.

  5. Pos System Integration

    Integrating your restaurant POS system with restaurant scheduling software can provide benefits such as inventory management, accounting synchronization, customer relationship management, and more.

    Before integrating, check if your POS system and scheduling software offer compatible integration options because many scheduling software have pre-built integrations with popular POS systems.

  6. Time Clock Integration

    Restaurant scheduling software has time clock integration. It allows exact tracking of employee working hours. Time clock integration eliminates the need for separate time management systems. Employees can easily clock in and out directly within the scheduling software. Scheduling software automatically records the time and provides accurate information for payroll processing.

  7. Task Management

    Most scheduling software often includes task management capabilities to enhance operational efficiency. This feature allows users or managers to create and give tasks to specific employees. This process informs the employees that all necessary duties are covered and completed on time. In this case, users or managers can easily track the progress of tasks, set deadlines, and prioritize important tasks.

  8. Reporting

    Restaurant scheduling software offers reporting capabilities that enhance operational efficiency and include effective management of staff schedules. These reports include information such as employee work hours, shift coverage, labor costs, and overtime hours. Restaurant owners and managers can access comprehensive reports that provide valuable insights into various aspects of employee scheduling.

How to Choose the Right Restaurant Scheduling App?

There are many scheduling software providers on the online platform. But which goes better with your business? In this case, follow some strategies to find the best restaurant scheduling software, such as customer reviews, features, customization options, lightweight, secure, easy operating process, etc.

how to choose the right restaurant scheduling software

  1. Scalability

    Because of its highly scalable features, restaurant scheduling software can easily handle all the scheduling needs of restaurants of various sizes, from small establishments to large chains. The scalability depends on two factors, such as the software's architecture and the underlying infrastructure. The scalability demand is how the software can meet the user demand efficiently.

  2. Easy-To-Use Interface

    An easy-to-use interface is a crucial aspect of scheduling software because it directly impacts the user experience and overall efficiency of scheduling operations. The interface should feature a clean and organized layout that lets users quickly understand and access the necessary scheduling functions. It is noted that most users like an easy interface. So that they can operate it easily.

  3. Forecast Capabilities

    Forecast capabilities refer to the ability to predict and project restaurant staff needs based on various factors, such as historical data, sales trends, seasonality, and others. Restaurant scheduling software can generate accurate forecasts by analyzing past data and considering future patterns. This process helps restaurant managers to make decisions when creating schedules.

  4. Enhanced Transparency

    Restaurant scheduling tools enhance transparency by providing clear visibility into schedules and facilitating communication between managers and employees. It allows authorized users to access their schedules in real time. Employees can be aware of their assigned shifts and any changes if needed.

Top 5 Restaurant Scheduling Software Comparison

Free Trial


3 Days




14 Days




7 Days


Custom pricing


14 Days


Custom pricing


7 Days



There are many restaurant shift scheduling software providers. They design their software depending on customer demand. However, we have referred to the top 5 restaurant scheduling software here. So, look at the features and pricing, then decide which restaurant scheduling system you would like to get for our restaurant.

1. 7shifts

7shifts dashoard

7shifts is an innovative and comprehensive scheduling software. It was designed to streamline staff management and optimize productivity. It offers the ultimate solution for restaurant owners and managers seeking to simplify scheduling processes and enhance operational efficiency.

  • Shift scheduling
  • Availability management
  • Shift swapping
  • Communication tools
  • Labor cost control
  • Time and attendance management
  • Compliance and reporting
  • 7shifts offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface and reduces time with its drag-and-drop schedule builder.
  • It has mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices.
  • It integrates with various point-of-sale (POS) systems.
  • Some users have reported that the software lacks certain customization options. 
  • The cost of 7shifts may depend on the size of the restaurant and the specific features required. 
  • It offers customer support, but there have been occasional reports of delays in response time.

7shifts Pricing

It has four pricing plans:

  • Comp plan- Free for a single location
  • Entrée plan- $29.99 per month/location
  • The Works plan- $69.99 per month/location
  • Gourmet plan- $135 per month/location

2. Restaurant365

restaurant365 dashboard

Restaurant365 scheduling software has powerful scheduling capabilities. Restaurant365 restaurant scheduling software assists restaurant owners and managers manage staff schedules significantly. It can be integrated with other aspects of the restaurant management system, such as payroll and inventory. It provides a unified solution to streamline operations and improve efficiency.

  • Shift creation and management
  • Availability and time-off tracking
  • Shift swapping and approval
  • Labor forecasting
  • Communication and notifications
  • Compliance and reporting
  • Integration with payroll systems
  • It provides robust scheduling functionality.
  • Managing inventory and placing orders with vendors is remarkably easy.
  • The restaurant manager is able to create, edit, and optimize schedules.
  • It offers easy reporting and analytics capabilities that help managers make data-driven decisions to optimize operations and improve profitability.
  • It requires some time and effort to fully understand and utilize.
  • The pricing is higher than other scheduling software for smaller restaurants with limited budgets.

Restaurant365 Pricing

It has two pricing plans:

  • Essential plan- $435/month
  • Professional plan- $635/month

3. HotSchedules


HotSchedules is a leading restaurant scheduling software. The restaurant owners and managers can create and manage restaurant staff schedules efficiently. It offers labor forecasting and analytics, enabling data-driven decision-making to improve operational efficiency. Its user-friendly interface and robust functionality have snatched people’s hearts.

  • Shift scheduling
  • Availability management
  • Shift swapping and pickup
  • Communication tools
  • Labor cost control
  • Time and attendance management
  • Compliance and reporting
  • HotSchedules intuitive design and drag-and-drop functionality allow for quick adjustments and updates.
  • Restaurant managers can easily make data-driven decisions about staffing levels.
  • It offers messaging and group chat functionalities.
  • This integration reduces manual data entry and improves data accuracy.
  • Adequate training and support may be necessary during the initial implementation.
  • It could be frustrating for users requiring immediate assistance.

HotSchedules Pricing

  • Custom pricing

4. Jolt

jolt dashboard

Jolt is a powerful and comprehensive restaurant scheduling software that provides massive solutions to manage employees. It was designed to streamline and optimize the scheduling processes within the restaurant industry. It has a dynamic user interface that is easy to operate and compels users to continue using it. It has a drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to make adjustments, handle shift swaps, and ensure optimal coverage for each shift.

  • Shift scheduling
  • Employee communication
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Compliance and legal considerations
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Integration with POS and HR systems
  • Multi-location management
  • Mobile app that allows employees to access their schedules and receive shift notifications.
  • Better communication features enable seamless communication between managers and staff.
  • It offers labor forecasting tools and real-time data.
  • Jolt may have limitations in advanced features and integrations with other restaurant scheduling tools. 
  • Customer support could be frustrating for users requiring immediate assistance.

Jolt Pricing

  • Custom pricing.

5. Sling

sling scheduling dashboard

Sling is a powerful restaurant scheduling tool. Its interface and robust features allow users to create, manage, and communicate schedules effortlessly. The software offers a range of tools to optimize staff allocation, track employees, and handle shift swaps and time-off requests. Sling has real-time notifications and updates processes to keep everyone on the same page. Running a small cafe or a large restaurant chain is best.

  • Shift scheduling
  • Time clock and attendance Tracking
  • Compliance management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Time-off management
  • Multi-location support
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Sling scheduling software offers a clean interface that is easy to navigate. 
  • It saves time and reduces errors associated with manual scheduling.
  • Its smart labor cost tracking system allows users to monitor labor costs and make informed decisions.
  • It has limited access for some users.
  • Sling may have limitations for restaurants that require more in-depth data analysis.

Sling Pricing

It has three pricing plans:

  • Free plan
  • Premium plan- $1.70 per user per month
  • Business plan- $3.40 per user per month

Challenges in Restaurant Scheduling App

Managing employee schedules in a restaurant can be complex, and restaurant scheduling apps aim to simplify the process. In most cases, restaurant owners face several challenges that can arise when using such apps. We have referred to some common reasons. Let’s see -

challenges in restaurant scheduling app

  1. Complex Scheduling Needs

    The complex scheduling needs of scheduling software include managing employee schedules, table reservations, shift communication, and labor cost management. Excellent scheduling software allows employees and users to manage everything smoothly. It helps with the over-scheduling.

  2. Employee Turnover And Availability Changes

    Employee turnover and availability changes are crucial factors that restaurant scheduling software needs to address. This tool has the capability to handle employee turnover efficiently. It allows managers to quickly update employee information. This ensures smooth scheduling transitions and minimizes disruptions caused by employee turnover.

  3. Communication Gaps

    Communication gaps may arise due to some factors, such as if the software lacks proper features to facilitate effective communication among managers and employees, if the software does not provide real-time updates, if there is a sudden shift change or a shift cancellation, employees may not be aware of it in a timely manner, leading to confusion and scheduling conflicts.

  4. Balancing Employee Preferences

    Balancing employee preferences involves considering the needs and preferences of individual employees while ensuring efficient scheduling and operational requirements are met. It can be achieved through availability input, shift bidding or swapping, fair distribution, automated scheduling algorithms, effective communication and notifications, and employee feedback.

  5. Cost

    Pricing is a crucial factor for every sphere. The restaurant scheduling app cost is not the same for all the App providers. Cost depends on crucial factors, such as app interface, features, technology, compatibility, number of users, etc. For this reason, the pricing becomes different. The best way is to check the price of the scheduling app, visit the app scheduling app provider’s website and get the actual pricing limit.

Market Trends in Restaurant Scheduling Software

Restaurant scheduling software has seen significant market trends in recent years. One essential trend is the shift towards cloud-based solutions. It allows restaurants to access scheduling data from anywhere and facilitates real-time updates.

Another thing is mobile app compatibility. It enables employees to access their schedules, make requests, and receive notifications conveniently. However, there are some essential trends in this software, such as -

trends in restaurant scheduling software

  1. Cloud-Based Solutions

    The cloud-based solution is on the rise due to several market trends. This trend includes enhanced accessibility, scalability, cost-effectiveness, integration capabilities, collaboration and communication features, real-time updates, and analytics functionalities. It offers restaurant owners and managers the ability to access schedules from anywhere, easily adjust resources as needed, and avoid upfront investments.

  2. AI-Powered Features

    AI-powered features have become a prominent trend in the market. This feature leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to optimize scheduling processes. It includes demand forecasting, smart scheduling recommendations, automated shift assignment, shift swapping and self-service capabilities, real-time adjustments, etc.

  3. Employee Self-Service

    Employee self-service refers to features that empower employees to take an active role in managing their schedules and related tasks. It is a growing trend in restaurant scheduling software. It allows employees to view their schedules, request shift swaps, submit time-off requests, manage their availability, and communicate with managers.

  4. Real-Time Communication

    Real-time communication is a prominent trend. It enables instantaneous and efficient communication between managers and employees. A real-time communication system facilitates quick notifications of schedule changes, shift updates, and important information, leading to improved coordination and timely response within the restaurant workforce.


As we’re in the modern digital era, achieving success in the restaurant business requires the implementation of advanced & digital solutions that can effectively manage both the restaurant and its staff.

However, by incorporating restaurant scheduling software into your operations, you can streamline processes and optimize productivity. Above, we have curated a list of the finest restaurant scheduling software options available, considering their features and pricing.

So take your time to analyze & measure all the recommendations to find the perfect long-term solution for your restaurant.

Compare Pricing Plans of Top Restaurant Scheduling Software Providers

Name Ratings & Reviews Starting Price Free Trial?
Connecteam 4.9(16 Reviews) $0 10 Users Yes Learn More
Restaurant365 4.5(8 Reviews) $249 per location/per month No Learn More
CrunchTime 4.4(7 Reviews)

Available on Request

Yes Learn More
Jolt 5.0(5 Reviews)

Available on Request

No Learn More
Toast POS 4.7(3 Reviews) $79 Per Month Yes Learn More

FAQs of Restaurant Scheduling Software

Restaurant scheduling software cost can rely on various factors, such as the features offered, the number of users, the restaurant's size, and the software provider's pricing model. Basically, scheduling software is available in different pricing tiers or plans, with costs ranging from approximately $60 to $250 or more per month. Some others offer monthly/half-yearly/yearly subscription plans. So, it depends on the software providers.

To create something, planning is a first concern. In a true sense, an effective restaurant schedule requires balancing the needs of the business. However, creating a restaurant schedule involves various factors to ensure smooth operations and optimal staffing. We have referred here to some crucial points that are needed to make a restaurant schedule.

  • Assess staffing needs
  • Consider employee availability
  • Create shift templates
  • Assign shifts
  • Manage time-off requests
  • Optimize labor cost
  • Communicate the schedule
  • Monitor and adjust

Yes, most reputable scheduling app providers prioritize the security and confidentiality of employee data. They employ industry-standard security practices such as data encryption, secure transmission protocols, and robust access controls to protect sensitive information. The software provider also implements measures to ensure compliance with relevant data protection regulations.

Last Updated: September 21, 2023