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Vonage Business Cloud is a communication solution aimed at small-midsize companies. It integrates with third party applications, and includes IP-PBX capabilities, video conferencing, and collaboration tools. Pricing starts at $19.99 per month and increases with the amount of phon... Read Vonage Reviews

Starting Price: $20 Per Month

Mobile App

Common Vonage and RingRoost Alternatives

Vonage review compared to RingRoost

"Review for Vonage" - islam. Pakistan


Gives me the ability to talk to my clients on a secure foundation and helps me collaborate with the customers on a daily basis. This has helped me very well in the success of my business. Read 8x8 Virtual Office Reviews

Starting Price: $20 User/Month

Mobile App

Common 8x8 Virtual Office and RingRoost Alternatives

8x8 Virtual Office review compared to RingRoost

"It is an excellent office tool for my business" - Willie Carter


I have been using this app for more than a year now for all my office communication purpose. Most days it works fine, but sometimes out of nowhere the app refuses to start or join a meeting, while other features work fine. Sometimes there is no notification of a chat message. Read RingCentral Reviews

Starting Price: $20 User/Month

Mobile App

Common RingCentral and RingRoost Alternatives

RingCentral review compared to RingRoost

"Descent product" - Rahul Deewan


It is an excellent product I Strongly recommend. I adore apps that automatically forward to my mobile phone. Support for sending voice mail messages to email and calling from my cell phone's Ooma number using their app. Read Ooma Reviews

Starting Price: $199 Per Month


Ooma VS

Common Ooma and RingRoost Alternatives

Ooma review compared to RingRoost

"Ooma office is an incredible VOIP Answer for a SMB" - saipureddy chandrasekhar


Real-time collaboration enhancing through no limitations on timezones and many customizing options according to once needs. Ability to record live proceedings,thus make it simple to for tracking and transparency. Read ZOOM Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Mobile App


ZOOM VS RingCentral

Common ZOOM and RingRoost Alternatives

ZOOM review compared to RingRoost

"Much Than Satisfied while Recommending it 100%" - Bethuel Maina


I am still happy with the service though, the fact that it is not costing as much as a top-notch in my book. You can save more using Nextiva and I believe that there is so much more that we haven't explore with Nextiva. Read Nextiva Reviews

Starting Price: $20 Per Month

Mobile App


Nextiva VS CallHippo

Common Nextiva and RingRoost Alternatives

Nextiva review compared to RingRoost

"My Experience with Nextiva" - Arnie


It scored a perfect rating in customer service and ease of use, thanks to its 24/7 support and easy installation process. While it generated high scores on features, it lacks video conferencing and offers limited collaboration tools. Read Grasshopper Reviews

Starting Price: $29 Per Month


Grasshopper VS 3CX

Common Grasshopper and RingRoost Alternatives

Grasshopper review compared to RingRoost

"services of grasshopper" - Trishant Rajora


Very good impact in our company and very good technologies. Thanks for producing high-quality products which we can use for our good purpose and better technologies Read OpenPhone Reviews

Starting Price: $10 User/Month

Common OpenPhone and RingRoost Alternatives

OpenPhone review compared to RingRoost

"2 years experience. " - Prinal Deb


CallHippo provides very good quality connectivity and voice quality over the call. I have experience with 3CX but working on CallHippo gives me better experience. Read CallHippo Reviews

Starting Price: $20 User/Month

Mobile App

Common CallHippo and RingRoost Alternatives

CallHippo review compared to RingRoost

"Ease to access and call quality is awesome" - Vishal Prasad


It is phenomenal for catching calls connected with a particular mission to assess its viability and the nature of leads it sends, and the tracking system is good. Read CallRail Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Common CallRail and RingRoost Alternatives

CallRail review compared to RingRoost

"My personal review on CallRail." - nadeem Iqbal mirza


It makes my work easier and reduces the timing of my work; I and my employees feel very satisfied with using this software. I am very thankful to the manufacturer of this software. Read DialerHQ Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request


DialerHQ VS CallRail

Common DialerHQ and RingRoost Alternatives

DialerHQ review compared to RingRoost

"ifound this software suitable for my business" - agha azhar


This app helps me interact with my peers, teams, and clients located in any part of the country. It is accessible on any mobile, desktop, laptop, or tablet device. Its integration with Microsoft Bing helps me to see the news on the go. You can create a group easily and add people... Read Skype Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Common Skype and RingRoost Alternatives

Skype review compared to RingRoost

"Skype Review" - RUCHIKA GUPTA


After signing up with Cloudtalk, I got a checking balance. I made audio calls from the system to my partners in many countries. Calls connected without interruption. It was a good result for me. Read CloudTalk Reviews

Starting Price: $25 User/Month/Billed Annually

Mobile App
Free Trial

Common CloudTalk and RingRoost Alternatives

CloudTalk review compared to RingRoost

"It was easy to use" - Murad Ismayilzade


MyOperator is a cloud-based call management system that provides effective call management solutions for businesses, enabling them to improve their customer service and productivity. Read MyOperator Reviews

Starting Price: $35 Per Month

Mobile App
Free Trial

Common MyOperator and RingRoost Alternatives

MyOperator review compared to RingRoost

"Write Review for MyOperator" - Sweet Farah


Around two years i was wondering around a website (Aakash Education) and found chat support by Zendesk. I found it very helpful that i could ask my doubts directly to the support team and answers comes in no time. From then onwards i am using Zendesk on most of the website (where... Read Zendesk Reviews

Starting Price: $19 Agent/Month

Free Trial


Zendesk VS Helpshift

Common Zendesk and RingRoost Alternatives

Zendesk review compared to RingRoost

"Easy Accessibility " - Manav


Servetel is one of the well-known providers of cloud telephony services in India. It offers different solutions for cloud telephony to address your business needs. It helps spark business communication with your clients. Read Servetel Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Mobile App
Free Trial

Common Servetel and RingRoost Alternatives

Servetel review compared to RingRoost

"Review for Servetel" - islam. Pakistan


OnSIP is an easy-to-use VOIP solution tailored for small businesses. OnSIP’s patented technology is 100% secure and backed by award-winning, U.S.-based customer support. Features include web, desktop and mobile apps, video conferencing, ring gr... Learn more about OnSIP

Starting Price: $19 User/Month

Mobile App
Free Trial

Common OnSIP and RingRoost Alternatives


SmartTEL being the first cloud telephony implementation for a company going solo, it was just great to have the customer support team help my team along every step. Some expected initial hiccups were handled perfectly and everything was clearly sorted out. It has been a great ove... Read SmartTEL Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Common SmartTEL and RingRoost Alternatives

SmartTEL review compared to RingRoost

"Excellently Software" - Kedar


Tenfold is the solution for the CRM to improve the communication between the customer and employee and keep the record of it. The feedback displays in real-time. Tenfold is very transparent for the services and cost. There is no any hidden charge or ... Learn more about Tenfold

Starting Price: Available on Request

Free Trial

Common Tenfold and RingRoost Alternatives


IntellioCRM is web based CRM Software for Real Estate Agent/Broker. IntellioCRM a product of Intellio Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is an advanced LMS solution for Real Estate Consultancy Businesses in India.  Learn more about IntellioCRM

Starting Price: Available on Request

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