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This app is just awesome the main motive to write this review that I got that softw are which I was finding for. A year great software Liked it very much the main problem with this app is that it doesnot work. Smoothly because my PC is actually slow please release a lighter versi... Read Movie Organizer 8.0 Software Reviews

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Common Movie Organizer 8.0 Software and Sahifa Alternatives

Movie Organizer 8.0 Software review compared to Sahifa

"I used this software for a month awesome" - siddhant baranwal


This good and nice. This software from one of the leading cable operators is what you need. No hassle nothing. Manage your DTH connection from one click. Gone are the days when you needed to go out to pay for your connection. Good effort by shree. Read Shreecom Cable Software Reviews

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Shreecom Cable Software review compared to Sahifa

"Good Software for leading cable operators" - Surojit


I am using Logosys Playout for past 3 years after a recommendation from a friend of mine. The software is very helpful for cableTV playout, the user interface is very friendly and the best part is that the software can be customised as per our needs. I have recommended this softw... Read Logosys Playout Reviews

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Logosys Playout review compared to Sahifa

"A systematic software with unique features" - Victoria


UniCable provides a complete insight into the business operations like subscribers information and robust architecture to configure and customize your business with the latest facets. It offers all the basic features and functions as well like billin... Learn more about UniCable

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Common UniCable and Sahifa Alternatives


Aplomb is the best cable tv software in the broadcasting industry. It renders services based on movie, music, news and other base channels. This cable software is equipped with the latest technologies like broadcast automation software and decklink p... Learn more about Aplomb

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BlackMagic is a web-based cable Software engineered especially for Cable TV Operators. Its design allows both Professionals and beginner to run their entire Automated TV Channel on a Personal Computer. The automation rendered by the software makes it a highly recommended softw... Learn more about BlackMagic

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The entertainment industries face complications in providing the desired services to their watchers. With Cable software, you can overcome this crisis and streamline the operation of providing utilities to the customers. It is a highly recommended entertainment project for cab... Learn more about Cable Software

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UniPlayOne is a free TV Playout and CG automation software with an insightful GUI and easy to use features. It has a crash-free performance with seamless switching between media files and live videos and configurable playlist manager. It supports all... Learn more about UniplayOne

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Trinity Data Systems is widely leading software developer to design, implement and vend Video Channel Playout Software specifically for the Cable TV sector. Trinity meets the demand of cable tv operators in day-to-day procedures and caters to full all the tasks of the business... Learn more about Trinity Data Systems

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Common Trinity Data Systems and Sahifa Alternatives


Digital Cable Network is a web-based cable tv channel broadcasting software feasible for all cable tv operations. It is fully featured and is known to complete all the tasks smoothly. Its features include inventory management, repairs, and discarded ... Learn more about Digital Cable Networks

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Common Digital Cable Networks and Sahifa Alternatives


AV Broadcast System for Cable TV is great digital video broadcast software for cable TV operators . It's a complete channel automation software. With AV Broadcast System for Cable TV software, need not worry regarding faulty VCRs VHS tapes, VCD Players or even th... Learn more about AV Broadcast System

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Last Updated: January 02, 2024