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Optimise & Enhance Your Sales & Distribution Processes.A Complete Front Line Sales Automation Platform for Secondary Sales, Distributor Management(DMS),Primary Sales, Van Sales, Retailer/Dealer App, Modern Trade App.


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Key Features of SalesDiary

Here are the powerful features that make SalesDiary stand out from the competition. Packed with innovative tools and advanced functionalities, this software offers a range of benefits.

  • Expense Management
  • Territory Management
  • Sales Tracking
  • Opportunity Management
  • Lead Management
  • Contact Management
  • Order Tracking
  • Call Management
  • Channel Management
  • Field Sales Management
  • Sales Performance Management
  • Accounting Integration
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Sales Orders
  • Pipeline Management
  • Sales Reporting
  • Scalability
  • Sales Order Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Business Process Automation
  • Reorder Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Orders and Invoices
  • Mobile Sales
  • Order management
  • AI / Machine Learning
  • Geofencing
  • Heat Maps
  • Sales analytics and reporting
  • Sales performance dashboards
  • Sales goal setting and tracking
  • Sales task automation
  • Sales call management
  • Sales gamification features
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SalesDiary Specifications

Get a closer look at the technical specifications and system requirements for SalesDiary. Find out if it's compatible with your operating system and other software.

Deployment :
Cloud Based
Subscription Plan :
Monthly, Yearly
Accessibility :
Mobile Support
Desktop Platforms :
Web app
Mobile Platforms :
Language Support :
Business :
Available Support :
Live Support
Integrations :
  • Tally
  • SAP
  • API
Company Details :
Company Name : SalesDiary
Headquarter : Bangalore
Website : Visit Website
Full Address : Appobile Labs Pvt Ltd, 2nd Floor, Manu Plaza, 9th Main, 3rd Cross, Kalyan Nagar, HRBR Layout, Bangalore - 560043

SalesDiary Description

Here's the comprehensive description of SalesDiary. Gain a brief understanding of its unique features and exceptional benefits.

Key Features of SalesDiary

  1. Order management
  2. B2B Sales
  3. Suggested Ordering 
  4. Route Optimization 
  5.  Image Analytics
  6.  Targeted Promotions and Marketing
  7.  Retailer Engagement
  8.  Contract management
  9.  Geo-Analytics
  10.  Influencer Engagement
  11. Inbuilt Business Intelligence Tool
  12. Multi-Level Dashboard access as per hierarchy

Attendance and Leave management

  • Mark Attendance
  • Selfie-Based Attendance
  • Geo-Fence Location for Attendance
  • Attendance Override by Manager
  • Leave Management

Route management

  • Beat Jump
  • Permanent Journey Plan. Cut-off date for planning
  • Beat Recommendation and Must-visit Recommendation.

Retail Audits and Activities

  • Record stock with image at multiple check points at dealer
  • Enable in-store promoters to record opening and closing stock at retailer point.
  • Measure market share and share of shelf
  • Opportunities/Task Management
  • Create custom surveys for capturing data for market intelligence.

Order Booking

  • Segregation of products by category, brand, family and variants
  • Suggestive Product Search
  • Quick Access Cart view for Stock, Sales and Returns in one go
  • Custom defined unit of measure ( Box, Case, units etc)
  • Option to give free samples
  • Live Stock Display at the time of taking Orders and Disallow order taking when out of stock at supplier point
  • Product Recommendations on cart page based on past order, MBQ,Focus and Must Sell
  • Special Discount and Price Edit at the time of placing order
  • Set "favourite" products in the cart page for ease of recognition/access
  • Green/Growth Call Feature
  • Capture special instructions at time of taking orders
  • Geofencing for order taking
  • Invoice number generation and visibility on print at the time of order taking(Van Sales)
  • Make Must Sell SKU reminder at the time of taking order
  • Customised Order detail sharing formats
  • Upload photo of document at the time of taking orders. Documents like Order copy, GRN, etc
  • Capture Expected Delivery Date at the time of taking order
  • View previously sold quantity at the time of taking order
  • Thermal or Deskjet Wireless printer integration

Schemes and Spl Margins

  • Enables configuring and mapping schemes (QPS ,VPS and Period ) at the territory and retailer level
  • Auto-apply of schemes at the time of taking order on app and backend
  • Banner display of schemes for Sales Rep and in Retailer App
  • Loyalty Program and Reward points redemption
  • Tagetted schemes for key outlets, classification or location based


  • GST, Excise, VAT and CESS based Tax configuration
  • Partial fulfilment of orders
  • Custom sequence number generation based on distributor
  • Custom invoice print format per distributor in A4/A5 sized paper
  • Customisable Tax Ledger Reports
  • Return Invoice and Credit Note generation
  • Credit note generation based on schemes
  • Group/Chain based schemes and discounts
  • Stock Deduction after order placing or invoice creation
  • Invoice creation and despatch on offline/no internet mode

Tally Plugin

  • Sync SFA orders to Tally
  • Sync Invoices generated from Tally to SalesDiary
  • Sync payments and party ledgers to SalesDiary

Dispatch and Delivery Automation

  • Transport Permit and e-way bill generation
  • Item and Customer-wise picklist
  • Customisable Transport Permit( TP) print formats for different districts
  • Load generation and print with transport permit (TP) details
  • Google assisted optimised route for delivery
  • Geofencing delivery of orders
  • Proof of delivery with OTP verification or Digital Signature
  • Auto-Delivery of order at the time of placing on the app(Applicable for Van Sales)
  • Customisable Transport Permit print formats( State/District wise)

Credit Management

  • Record payments receipts. Option to take total amount or part payment or any other amount
  • Dsiplay of outstanding payments at the time of taking a new order
  • Display of payment history and receivables
  • Configurable outlet/product wise credit limit and credit duration
  • Disallowing Order taking from outlets which have exceeded their credit limits


  • Customisable dashboard for distributors
  • Static and Pivotable reports with built-in BI with role based access.

Expense Management

  • Enable users to record sales expenses as per grade, location and company policy
  • Restrict expense claim if users have not performed minimum mandatory activities on the app

Sales are the single most crucial variable in appraising the performance of a company. And sales management plays a vital role in the success of a business.

Salespeople form an integral part of Sales Management. Driving your field sales team to perform at its peak requires active field sales management. However, managing a remote sales team is no easy task. It is essential to support on-field sales representatives as they put a lot of effort into converting prospects into customers. This support can range from the feedback offered to provide the right sales management tool.

Overview of SalesDiary

SalesDiary, an advanced sales management tool, empowers your on-field salespeople to surpass and unleash the true potential of your business. Deploying it can help your front-line executives plan, implement, monitor, and optimize their day-to-day on-field activities in real time.

The necessity to automate complex and tedious business processes has increased demand for Sales Force Automation in the FMCG sector. With the different offers for retailers and distributors, it becomes essential to keep an eye on the orders, schemes, stock, and performance of salespeople.   

SalesDiary offers a complete Sales Force Automation platform for efficiently managing marketing, sales, and distribution of goods across various geographies.

Key Modules of SalesDiary Sales Management Tool

  1. Secondary Sales App

To tackle the emerging challenges of FMCG or CPG secondary sales and team management, SalesDiary introduces its Secondary Sales App. Every minute detail of the on-field activities and actionable insights of each stakeholder helps an organization plan its sales strategies in the most effective way. There are many features that one can leverage from the Secondary Sales App of SalesDiary.

  • Attendance Management

With SalesDiary, an organization’s employees can mark their attendance in two ways – either by taking a selfie or with their current location. They can even apply for leave here.


  • Route Management

With Route Management (they call it ‘Beat’), on-field agents can plan their outlet visits and prioritize them based on the monthly potential of a business. Its Monthly Plan includes scheduling appointments, dates, and targets for the entire month. This helps the sales team gauge the plans in advance and work appropriately. Further, Target vs. Achievement enables them to check the focus products (refers to the list of products set as their target). They can even determine the portion of the goal they have achieved to date.

  • KRA and KPI Setting

To meet the organizational goals, managers can set KRA and KPIs daily, weekly, and monthly. The system allows one to choose the KPIs and configure them.

  • Geo-Fencing and Deviation Tracking

With real-time tracking abilities, SalesDiary provides the difference in the planned and actual activities of the sales team. Supervisors or sales managers receive alerts on their mobile for the same.

  • Outlet Classification and Profiling

It helps the sales team to classify the outlets based on their type and business potential. They can also do profiling of outlets with a survey questionnaire and check outlet history and growth indicators. 

  • Targeted Scheme and Price Management

Managers can set dynamic schemes and prices depending on different classifications. The sales team can offer tailor-made outlet-wise schemes from the App and offer products accordingly.

  • Market Share and Shelf Share Analysis

Placing the product on the shelf in an outlet and ensuring offtake is the sales team’s key role. With this App, the salesperson can analyze the market and shelf share at a particular outlet. He can upload shelf analysis with photos and update opening and closing stocks at the start and end of the day. Stock ageing at the outlet level is a boon for products with low shelf life.

  • Activity Management

The app facilitates other critical on-field activities like sampling, brochure distribution, competition mapping, market surveys, etc. Every activity is geo-tagged and time-stamped. 


  • Planogram

It helps the sales team decide how products must be displayed in an outlet. Further, Product Placement Analysis aids in checking if the products get showcased as per the planogram.

  • Order Management

Orders, Returns, Damages, and Samples can be effortlessly managed on a single window. Also, the sales team can access insights on current outstandings, offers, schemes, and order history at all times on their app.


  • Streamline Sales Call Process

With this App, the sales team can prescribe the sales call process so that bill value increases with every visit.

SalesDiary- Call Process

2. Distributor/DMS App

SalesDiary’s Distributor App can handle all the distributor operations effectively. From Primary Order Management to Order Fulfilment Reports, distributors can keep their business organized.

  • Primary Planner

Sellers can plan the monthly targets for different distributors with Primary Planner and track them in real-time.


  • Primary Order Management

Any distributor or sales representative can place the order directly with the manufacturer with the help of Primary Order Management. This App even provides functionalities like team collaboration for better output. Manufacturers, as well as distributors, can leverage order delivery tracking.


  • Secondary Delivery Plan

With the secondary delivery plan, salespeople can determine the subsequent orders due for delivery. To fulfil it efficiently, they can choose the best routes from the App with its AI-driven route management capabilities.


  • Stock Management

It lets sellers check the available stock in real-time and helps maintain the inventory across distributed SKUs.


  • Payment Collection

Its Payment Collection feature enables sellers to avail outlet-wise outstanding payment summary and also record payment receipts on the App.


  • API Integration

SalesDiary’s seamless API integration with an organization’s existing ERP and Distribution Management System workflows automates repetitive tasks, thus, benefitting the delivery of services.

  1. Van Sales

When it comes to FMCG industries, Van Sales form the most integral part of the supply chain. Since SalesDiary is the smartest AI-powered SFA tool available on the market, the van sales team can quickly adapt to it in no time. 

  • Load-in and Loadout

It lets the van sales executive carry forward the previous day’s unsold stock as opening stock. The reliability of the record increases through a small verification feature. He can put a request to the warehouse manager for fresh stock as per the day’s target. Moreover, he can create a picklist in print so that the warehouse manager quickly picks the required stock from the warehouse. SalesDiary Van Sales offers a system that matches the requisites from van sales executives to that of the stock available with the warehouse manager.


  • Route Management

Based on the day-to-day business needs, SalesDiary lets van sales executives plan and manage the route. With its advanced AI-driven tools, the executive can schedule the visits based on different parameters – order frequency, outstanding payments, promotional activities, outlet stock, etc. In the case of absenteeism, vehicle breakdown, or other uncertainties, the salesperson can benefit from route assignment. Depending on Van's availability, he can assign specific routes and outlets to the executive. On top of that, the list of zero-sales outlets on his route lets the executive prioritize his schedule.


  • Real-Time Van Inventory

While taking the order, a van sales executive can obtain actionable insights into – past orders, order frequency, average bill value, outlet potential, outstanding payments, and more. Such data helps the team enhance their productivity and increase revenue. They can check the outlet stock every visit and analyze its movement and ageing. They can even capture information about planograms, BTL activities, and competitor products via images and texts.

  • On-Spot Billing

The App also enables executives to generate on-spot digital invoices for faster operations.

  • Outlet Level Discounting

SalesDiary App provides a list of applicable schemes for particular outlets and retailers. Moreover, it incorporates separate survey forms for customers, retailers, and distributors. The App is efficient enough to manage free samples, returns, replacements, and expired goods.  It records all the information with time, date stamps, and location.

  • Expense and Payments Management

With this App, a van sales executive can handle expense management. They can click the pictures of the expenses, and the admin approves/disapproves the same before setting accounts for the day.

  • Location Tracking

The geo-tracking facility for all delivery vehicles functions like clockwork. It facilitates an understanding of outlet coverage. Any deviation in the timing, products, location, or route will be notified to the manager in real-time.


  • EOD Closing Summary

As the SalesDiary App records the stock movement in and out of the van, stock reconciliation can be quickly done at the end of the day. Further, the records of all transactions and calculation of Net Payable by the van sales executive to the distribution hub add value to the EOD closing summary.

SalesDiary eod-closing-summary

  • Real-Time Cash and Credit Sales

Sellers can view the orders received, payment details, and credit sales.

  1. Modern Trade Merchandising App

Modern Trade has seen tremendous growth for FMCGs in the past years. With a shift from general trade to modern trade, companies are now focusing on increasing their revenue from Modern Trade Outlets, more popularly known as MTOs. SalesDiary aids in keeping track of the supplies to modern trade outlets through its multitude of advanced features. 

  • Route Management

With route management, salespersons can optimize the route based on criteria – priority outlets, business goals, and more.

  • Check-in & Check-out

The geo-tracking abilities of the App help the executives check in and check out at the outlet automatically. Thus, the managers can gauge the time spent at a particular outlet in real time. Furthermore, it aids in analyzing Below the Line activities and their impact.

  • Automated Purchase Order Alerts

As the system suggests the order and lets them share it with the purchasing team, sales representatives can take the orders quickly. They can even track and verify past orders with real-time updates from the depot generated by the system.

  • Tertiary Sales

Tertiary Sales are the most important sales of all. It is the final level of sales observed in a company. This happens when any retailer sells to an end customer. Tertiary sales happen in a three-tier distribution i.e. Manufacturer -> Distributor -> Retailer. SalesDiary offers POS integration to enable modern trade retailers to keep a record of sales and obtain customer feedback.

  • Asset Management

In the world of sales and marketing, asset management refers to managing a company’s sales assets, i.e., presentation desks, freezers, standees, kiosks, and gondolas (freestanding fixtures used by retailers to display merchandise). SalesDiary facilitates the sales executive to keep a proper check on their assets and the products stored in disjointed repositories.


  • Planogram Adherence

The sales team can verify the planogram (the way products must be displayed) agreed with the brands from the SalesDiary App and avoid confusion. It can also prepare the product ageing report denoting the expiry date of products and shelf life.

  • Consumer Surveys & Competition Analysis

Companies can learn about the latest trends and the products put on the market with competitive analysis from SalesDiary App. Moreover, they can create a questionnaire for the consumers and analyze the change in customers’ buying patterns and choices. They can record different issues, claims, returns, damages, and feedback regarding the product from the customers with the App. It helps companies stay ahead of their competitors.

  • Team Performance

Through SalesDiary, businesses can analyze their team’s activities at different modern trade outlets, derive the best practices, and put them into action for better results.

  1. Retailer Engagement App

A decade ago, technology didn’t have much to do in the FMCG arena, specifically in building effective customer relationships. These days, customers no longer rely on manual operations and perform most of their purchases on mobile devices. Retailer engagement apps like that from SalesDiary bridge the gap between sellers and their target retailers. It provides a rich, convenient experience that creates and engages loyal customers.

Salient Features of SalesDiary’s Retailer Engagement App

  • Orders

Through this module, the seller can access the details about all the retailers in one place. He can receive orders as well as confirm them. Additionally, it even facilitates sharing the dispatch and outstanding payment details. 

  • Automated Re-order

By setting reorder levels, this retailer engagement app allows the seller to generate orders from retailers automatically.

  • Schemes

Depending on how a retailer performs, sellers can offer personalized schemes to retailers. Moreover, the schemes can be customized based on the product categories, the retailer’s market preferences, and previous purchase history.

  • Stock

This App enables the sellers to check the stock data at the retailer’s point and devise their sales plans and schemes accordingly. It can tremendously benefit sellers and retailers.

  • Product Catalogue

Sellers can augment their product lines horizontally as well as vertically with the help of digital catalogues. They can inform the retailers about the new products on the live inventory itself. Further, they can share pricing and product information updates through SalesDiary’s retailer engagement app. It lets sellers send push notifications and SMS to retailers regarding new product launches, schemes, and outstanding notifications.

  • Cashless Transactions

The world is going cashless, and so is SalesDiary’s Retailer Engagement App. Sellers can receive payments from retailers online via BHIM and Bank Transfer. The transfer information gets updated automatically.

  • Claims and Escalations

Retailers can raise requests directly for any damages, returns, and replacements for the products through this portal.

  • Market Intelligence

With quick access to actionable information about retailers, sellers can generate precise business strategies that benefit both parties. 

Mulling over whether to implement SalesDiary’s sales solutions or not? Let us help you out!

Key outcomes of implementing SalesDiary

  • Compliance

SalesDiary ensures systematic compliance enforcement. With real-time alerts on variations and updates, it makes sure to maintain the data authenticity of the user.

  • Planning

With appropriate execution strategies, SalesDiary brings up robust settings to meet user expectations and offers course correction.

  • Execution

SalesDiary’s real-time execution speedometer and algorithmic suggestions to grow VC and PC enable users to determine the performance metrics. 

  • Merchandising

To enhance the merchandising process, SalesDiary offers an array of features like Targeted Scheme Allocation, Trade Promotion Spends, ROI (Return On Investment) on BTL (Below The Line) activities, and Competitor Analysis.

  • Primary Sales

With inventory management, effective schemes and discounts, primary order despatch notification, and tracking, SalesDiary promotes efficient Primary Sales management.

Winding it up

To become a sales growth platform in the FMCG industry, SalesDiary has come up with solutions to improve and maximize an organisation's sales. Its industry-specific modules immensely help the relevant stakeholders in the sales vertical.

To gain more information about SalesDiary, visit SalesDiary's profile on SoftwareSuggest or its website.

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SalesDiary Pros and Cons

"Good customization for us to create the KPIs calculation for incentives - Pivot feature in analysis page is great, I can slice and dice the data as per my requirement - Good customer support team that is happy to assist with any queries."

"Verities of reports are available to download. Best app for the startup companies."

"The various features and reports Live tracking of field sales"

"Lot of times the app has many issues in the morning before starting work for the user and it becomes hard and frustrating for them sometimes if it happens repeatedly - Dashboards could have been better"

"It would be very helpful if we have any analytics tool with this application."

"Lighter on network use Make it more simple user centric like facebook and other Apps"

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SalesDiary FAQs

What apps do SalesDiary integrate with?

SalesDiary integrates with various apps:

  • Tally
  • SAP
  • API

What are the top 5 features for SalesDiary?

The top 5 features for SalesDiary are:

  • Expense Management
  • Territory Management
  • Sales Tracking
  • Opportunity Management
  • Lead Management

What type of customer support is available from SalesDiary?

The available support which SalesDiary provides is:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Live support
  • Training
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