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Best School ERP software For Your School and Institutes

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What is School ERP Software?

Nowadays, technology has become an integral part of every business. Irrespective of the size, almost every business owner is incorporating the software to yield better results, and educational institutions like schools and colleges aren’t an exemption. There are various types of technologies and software that are available in the market. Schools need to incorporate the right technology for comfortable and better management. The one software that will surely help in the management of an institution is school ERP software. This college ERP software is considered as a part of EdTech software. The EdTech is the short form of Educational Technology.

It isn’t just confusing to hear; even the school authorities are also confused with this terminology. The phrase is a little bit difficult to understand, and even incorporating the academic ERP software isn’t a cakewalk either.

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, one of the essential software that is incorporated in almost all the businesses irrespective of the type or size of the business. The ERP software will help in the management of the business processes for any company. In the same way, the school ERP software will help in the management process of a business. The educational system consists of various small systems, i.e., Principal, Staff, Manager, Accounts Department, Examination Department, Parent’s association, students, etc. All the systems, as mentioned above, should be operated simultaneously, and they should be kept coordinated all the time. This isn’t an easy task, and it becomes cumbersome with time. So incorporating the campus ERP software in school will help in managing the school with perfection. The university ERP software is capable of putting all the information that you need at your fingertips. The daily operation of the school is made easy with this software. It integrates various departments at once, and all the departments can access the data present in the software together. From managing the school administration to the announcement of any exam results, everything can be done with a few clicks. The manual efforts that are needed to put all these together are way more, and it consumes a lot of time too.

The school ERP system posses so many best features that will aid the schools in the management of their administration. The command will be able to track the actions of students, monitor their performance from time to time, design their schedules, manages their extracurricular activities, and even keeps track of all the accounts regarding the school. An ERP system is the one thing that the school needs. It has all the essential features that make the management and operation of schools easily incorporated in it. The cloud education ERP software is preferred by almost all the schools nowadays, and the main reason behind this is the benefits that cloud-based software offers. The management of the school will be able to access the data from anywhere without any hassle. The data will be updated into the cloud in real-time, and it will be updated in different departments. A PC or laptop with an internet connection is enough to know about the insights of the school when the cloud education ERP software is employed. On top of that, there won’t be any reason to get worried about the loss of data because the data will be stored in a secured cloud database. One can retrieve the data at any point in time.

The school ERP software has become mandatory for any school because of their increasing work pressure. From increasing school staff to different types of activities involved in the school, everything can be managed with the help of a simple campus ERP software. The school ERP software and university ERP software have similar features only.

School ERP Software Features

School ERP software should have certain essential features so that they can give the best output.

Here are some of the essential features that every college ERP software should consist of:

features of school erp software

1. Admission Process

The first and most hectic task in any school or college is the admission process. The entire process is very tiresome. A school ERP software that can manage the admission process as a whole and store the data directly in the cloud database will come in very handy with the school. So it is essential to have a cloud education ERP software with the admission management feature.

2. Thorough Attendance

The school management should assure the parents that their kids are attending the school without fail. Attendance plays a vital role in tracking the presence of students in the class. The ERP school management software with attendance management will make the monitoring of attendance easy. The audience can be marked online, and the same can be sent directly to the parents of the children through a text message. The entire attendance marking process will be made easy with competent and highly reliable school ERP software.

3. Analysis and Tracking of Student Behavior

It is essential to have precise analytics and insights into the behavior of students from time to time. There is a specific school ERP software that is capable of tracking the behavior of students from time to time, and they even provide predictions about the behavior of students. These predictions may not be accurate, and they aren’t much reliable, but keeping track of student’s behavior is essential. Hence deploying the academic ERP software with student behavior tracking features will be very helpful for the school.

4. Effective Communication Facility

The phrase “Communication is the key to success” is so very accurate, and the school management needs to keep in touch with the parents, students, teachers, and the staff from various departments. The school ERP software should consist of a communication platform that will help the management to send bulk SMS to the parents, etc. Good academic ERP software will help in sending and receiving every piece of information without any hassles.

5. Transportation Tracking

Transportation is the most crucial task for any school. The school management should make sure that the students are traveling safely to their homes. They absolutely cannot compromise on the safety of the students, and hence having a college ERP software that will keep track of the transportation of their bus from time to time is very necessary. The management will be able to track the bus anytime, and the student’s route change history is also updated from time to time with the help of this school ERP software.

6. Fee Defaulter’s Reports

In a school consisting of thousands of students, it is not an easy task to keep track of the fee defaulters and inform them about the fee, but the school ERP software will make this procedure simple. The software identifies the fee defaulters from the reports that the management has provided to it, and it will send messages to all the fee defaulters’ parents. This will reduce a lot of manual efforts.

7. Exam Management

There are so many exams that a school conducts to its students in a particular academic year. The school ERP software will ease this task, and it will help you with the preparation of question papers, practice sheets online, and even guess papers. There would be no need to give a manual scorecard anymore if you own ERP software for educational institutes because this ERP software will help you to generate the scorecards online itself. The entire exam management is made easy with the help of this ERP school management software.

8. Easy Fee Payment

Every student ERP software should consist of a unique feature - secure fee payment. This feature enables the parents to pay the fees online only. This is the most convenient fee payment method for parents.

9. Homework Management

This homework management feature present in a school ERP software is very beneficial for the students. The students or their parents can log in to their respective accounts and check the homework at any time. If they want to refer their old homework, they can just check them in the archives folder. The school ERP system with homework management features will be very advantageous for the organization and students.

10. Access to the Parents

It will be tough for parents to visit the school and monitor the performance of their children from time to time. School ERP software will help them in evaluating their children’s performance just by sitting at home. The student ERP will provide up-to-date student’s information to the parents.

11. Library Management

Library automation software is mandatory for any educational institution. The school ERP software with library management software will come at an affordable price, and there won’t be the necessity of investing in two different software too. So it is better to search for a college ERP software with a library automation feature.

12. Hostel Management 

Although the hostel is an entirely different department in an educational institution, it is essential to have the data of the hostlers too. A school ERP software should be capable of managing the hostel rooms, goods of the students, mess, and the attendance of the students.

13. Recruitment Management

This is for the colleges. The college ERP software should consist of the entire training and placement reports. The whole data of the students will be compiled and stored in one place with the help of a cloud education ERP software.

College ERP System Modules

The main reason behind the implementation of school ERP software by any school is to make the management and operation of the school more efficient. When you invest in an ERP school management software, you would be buying different kinds of modules with the software. The usage of these modules will determine the efficiency of the software. If you use the blades correctly, you will be getting the output that you have been aspiring for. Most of the school management didn’t have a clear picture of these present in the college ERP software, and hence they won’t be availing the fantastic benefits of using the software.

Here are the most critical modules present in college ERP software:

college erp system modules

1. Student Module

The student module helps the management of the educational institution to access and manage each minute detail of the students present in the organization. From the student of kindergarten to a high school student, each aspect of the student will be stored in the student module of academic ERP software. The core details that are stored in this module are the admission information, general and demographic information of the student, their images, family health of the student, ways to communicate, and some other documents that are related to the student.

The admissions of the students are also considered under the student module. The institute can decide the criteria of admission and customize the school ERP system according to it. The ERP software for educational institutes will help in organizing all the details as per the requirements that have been mentioned by the organization. The attendance of the student is also maintained with the help of this student module. An instant alert, as stated above in the features section, will be sent to the parent if the student has bunked any classes.

2. Finance Module

All the finance-related data is stored and managed in this module. From the fees of students to financial transactions that are performed under the name of school are handled with the help of this finance module present in university ERP software. The management can assign the fees to students with the help of this software, and the details can be updated whenever necessary. This module is also responsible for sending the alerts to fee defaulters.

The accounts related to the school can be maintained with the help of this finance module. It acts like a tally management software providing fee posting and account mapping facility. The bills and vouchers can be generated with one click in this ERP software for educational institutes.

3. HR Module

The HR module of school ERP software is designed to manage the employees of the school. From the principal of the school to peon, the details of every employee will be recorded in this HR module. The record management of the staff of the school is similar to the management of the students. Details such as attendance, leave adjustment, payroll, etc. are monitored under this module.

The payroll management includes the amount deduction, benefits management, earnings, and PF setup. This HR module is one of the most critical modules in academic ERP software.

4. Assessment Module

The assessment module is more important than any other module present on this list. This module deals with the examinations, and everyone knows how vital observations are in the schooling period. The examination module of student ERP will help in conducting and managing any type of study that is done in the organization.

Although the paper pattern differs from state to state and syllabus to syllabus, the academic ERP software is capable of preparing the question papers according to the program. The ERP software for educational institutes is highly customizable and can be modified according to the requirement. Online examinations can also be conducted using this software. The software also issues system-generated scorecards for the students, and the test results are directly uploaded to the student portal, where parents will be able to access the results directly from home. The cloud education ERP software comes in handy to fulfill this requirement.

5. Resource Module

The resource module of academic ERP software will help in managing the assets of the school. These assets include the chalk piece or marker used in the school, the lab apparatus, and some other equipment. Any school management needs to keep an eye on all the instruments present in the school, and this includes the stationary. This module also manages the library, canteen, transport, and hostel too. Although the canteen management feature may not be present in all the college ERP software, the remaining elements are a must. They are available in all types of ERP software for educational institutes.

Benefits of School ERP software

The School ERP system provides some of the fantastic benefits for the school and makes the management of school more accessible. A majority of school administrators do not have a clear idea about what a good and reliable school ERP software can do to their organization, how much productive the ERP software for educational institutes is.

Here is a quick look into the benefits of a campus ERP software:

benefits of school erp software

1. Technology Integration

Technology has evolved as an essential part of every human being's life, and it made life more comfortable. Integrating such technology into the school will benefit the school in so many ways. The ERP school management software can be accessed at any time from anywhere if it is a cloud education ERP software. Hence the integration of the technology into the schools will make the management of school easier and efficient.

2. Flexibility

Both students and teachers will be able to communicate even when the schools are closed. The campus ERP acts as an excellent communication platform among the students, teachers, and student-teachers. The non-teaching staff and management will also be able to provide any information on the software from anywhere at any time with the help of ERP school management software.

3. Paperless Administration

The college ERP software made it possible to eliminate the paper clutter in the schools and colleges. The software not only allows the users to enter data, but the cloud education ERP software will save all the details in the cloud database, which makes it easy to recover when any problem occurs. Students are also able to receive assignments and homework in the form of soft copies.

4. Productivity

As most of the things are managed by university ERP software, the staff will be able to spend their time on some other things. This will immediately increase the productivity of the team, which affects the productivity of school too.

5. Performance

The wastage of time on form fillings or retrieving the information can be reduced with the help of a school ERP system. The entire form filling can be done with a click on the academic ERP software, and the information will be retrieved in just some seconds.

6. Information Accessibility

The students will be able to access the information that is present on the college ERP software right from their home. If all the notes are uploaded to the cloud education ERP software, it becomes straightforward to access the information even from their homes.

Why is ERP Software Important For School Management?

ERP software plays a significant role in various types of industries, including educational institutions. The school ERP software integrates both the academic and administrative functions of an organization. The ERP software for educational institutes is capable of automating almost all the tasks that are performed in a school by the management. The main reason for the implementation of this college ERP software is simplicity. The software makes the entire management of the organization as simple as possible. The ERP school management software will provide the institution with a plethora of options to streamline their processes and integrate the different departments of the school. The entire administration is handled in a straightforward manner with the least manual efforts.

Dozens of tasks must be performed in a school daily, and one academic ERP software is enough to manage all the functions with one click. Right from the automation of the admission process of a school to generating the E-scorecards of exams, the ERP software for educational institutes comes in handy for various situations. This is the main reason why it has become essential for every educational institute to implement the school ERP software. The increasing competition between different school ERP systems present in the market has led to the availability of the software at an affordable price. So investing in one of these ERP school management software has become more comfortable for the schools too. From simplification to increased productivity, the academic ERP software will help an organization in various ways for different tasks.

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