Best Screen Sharing Software

Best Screen Sharing Software are MicroGenesis, Capricot, Sniper, and Neilsoft. With these applications, you can share your screen with other users having the same application installed on their devices. You can also ask for control to perform different actions on the other system.

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List of 20 Best Screen Sharing Software

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Secure online meetings. Engaging webinars.

Zoho Meeting is a browser-based conferencing solution for hosting moderator controlled secure online meetings and engaging video webinars for individual users as well as small and large-sized organizations. Read Zoho Meeting Reviews

Productivity and Collaboration Tools

Shivaami is an authorized Google Cloud Partner, that offers Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, a cloud-based productivity and collaboration suite developed by Google. It includes a variety of applications such as Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc. Read Shivaami Reviews

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Cheap And Robust Web-Based Screen Sharing Software

ISL Light Remote Desktop is a fully featured Remote Support Software designed to serve Enterprises, SMEs. This online Remote Support system offers Real-time Chat, Diagnostic Tools, Customizable Branding, Session Recording at one place. Learn more about ISL Light Remote Desktop

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Most Popular Screen Sharing Software

ZOOM Cloud Meetings is an intelligently engineered video conference software that can help you arrange video meetings, conferences, and video webinars from a remote location. It can build collaboration-enabled conference rooms. Read ZOOM Reviews

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Best Screen Sharing Software for Everyone

Skype screen sharing software keeps the world talking, for free. Share, message, and call - now with group video on mobile and tablet too Read Skype Reviews

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Online Screen Sharing Software for Enterprise

Google Meet is a fully featured video conference Software designed to serve every segment. Google Meet provides end-to-end solutions designed for web apps. This online video conference system offers video meetings, conferences, and video webinars in one place. Read Google Meet Reviews

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Best Screen Sharing Software for Business

Hangouts are synced automatically across devices, so you can start a Hangout on your computer and continue on another device, such as your phone. Read Google Hangouts Reviews

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Accountri Meet is India's Free Video Meetings & Video Conferencing tool. Whether you are looking to schedule a business meeting or for personal use, Accountri Meet is always a perfect choice. Read Accountri Meet Reviews

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GoToMeeting web conferencing software makes it simple and cost-effective to meet online with colleagues and customers. Best of all, meeting participants can share their webcams in high definition.  Read GoToMeeting Reviews

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CrankWheel is the web-based Sales Management platform and completely manage all the features of Inside sales companies. It offers live sales presentations and customers a way to request product demo in real-time by providing Request Demo button on your website and convert the number of customers. Read CrankWheel Reviews

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BlueJeans is feature-rich software that helps you build a collaborative workspace to exchange hassle-free and password protected audios, videos, and document exchange. With its enterprise-grade security, you can make sure that your data is secure. Read BlueJeans Reviews

World's Most Affordable Screen Sharing Software!

Clonadesk is a remote access software that allows users to interact with computer systems in other locations as though they were local. It empowers businesses to provide remote customer service and technical support with its advanced remote desktop capabilities. Read Clonadesk Reviews

Google Workspace is a suite of cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools developed by Google. Formerly known as G Suite, it includes popular applications such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Calendar. Google Workspace is designed to streamline communication and collaboration within organizations, providing email hosting, document creation, file storage, and real-time collaboration features. Read Google Workspace Reviews

Emergents | 2024

TeamViewer provides unparalleled ease of use and flexibility. It even works across firewalls, and is available in more than 30 languages. As an all-in-one screen sharing software solution that includes unattended remote access, multiple remote connections at the same time from a single computer. Read TeamViewer Reviews

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One of most powerful of the web-based Redbooth Project Management and Collaboration Software is very simple online task and create beautiful Gantt charts within the single click. The Online project management feature providing to team work-spaces, reporting, project templates, and file sharing. Read Redbooth Reviews

No installation is required

Secure peer-to-peer connection, add unlimited participants, arrange a meeting from anywhere, with MingleView. This desktop sharing platform works without asking for port forwarding and special firewall configuration. Read MingleView Reviews

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Controlled access and data management

LogMeIn is what you need to set-up a powerful and comprehensive remote desktop in no time. using this remote desktop software, you can bring workflow on your fingers, share data instantly and securely, and become extra productive. Read LogMeIn Reviews

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EnableX provides innovative Video Communications and Collaboration Solutions that empower your remote workforce, students, or customers to stay connected. Read EnableX Video Meeting Reviews

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Mikogo offers a free screen sharing software solution, which thousands of companies worldwide use to facilitate their online meetings and web conferences. Learn more about Mikogo

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Software by SolarWinds Worldwide LLC.

It provides both on-premise as well as cloud-based remote support solutions. Dameware Remote Support is a fast, simple and light-weight solution for IT professionals to quickly respond and solve various issues. You can also get a free trial of their software. Learn more about Dameware

screen sharing software guide

What is Screen Sharing Software?

Screen Sharing Software Is one of the best applications through which users can share their screen access and collaborate with other people in real-time. It enables employees could connect quickly and seamlessly when working from remote locations.

Sharing access to the computer display is known as screen sharing. Screen sharing software employs various approaches to allow a second user to share a screen for teamwork and other activities remotely. Desktop sharing is another term for screen sharing.

A graphical terminal emulator is frequently used with screen-sharing software. It gives the second access control to whatever the first user sees and what another user is doing. Online Training is one of the most prevalent uses of screen sharing, with educators enabling remote screen sharing systems to illustrate a particular process to trainees.

Because the rapid advent of new computer innovations necessitates thousands of people's Training, the screen sharing system has proven to be a beneficial component of the whole training program, which is frequently conducted via videoconferencing rather than face-to-face conferences.

From conference video conferencing solutions to new cloud-based software as service delivery, the screen sharing system is a prominent element in many latest technologies that assist enterprises. In addition, newer businesses and lifestyles are increasingly conducted through the Internet, including remote communication. As a result, screen sharing is becoming a critical component of the evolution of virtual collaboration systems and telecommuting.

Benefits of Using Best Screen Sharing Software in Organization

Benefits of Using Best Screen Sharing Software

1. Optimize Meetings with Online Screen Sharing Software

A screen-sharing feature enables live office interaction with a large number of peers and team members. Meeting attendees can immediately see many views by sharing the same screen information, such as pictures, charts, or graphs. Rather than requiring guests to download enormous files in the expectation that they will follow along, you can now direct the presentation from your computer and ensure that the entire meeting is much more focused. In addition, you are reducing meeting time since the screen-sharing program eliminates the time spent explaining the whole content.

Meetings are bound to become substantially more efficient when you're able to maintain such high levels of control, assisting teams in achieving faster results and minimizing the time of the session.

2. Remote Support through Screen Sharing

Many screen-sharing apps include a remote mouse or keyboard control, which is very popular among IT departments. Support employees can even ask to see the clients' screen, manage the client's mouse and keyboard, and provide technical support with just a few clicks to start the screen sharing tool. You can also record the complete technical assistance session for future reference and documentation.

Regular online meetings are becoming increasingly popular in motivating workplace cooperation, with video conferencing and virtual workspaces playing a big part in keeping remote employees linked. Screen sharing is a critical element of these platforms, allowing distant team members to collaborate on ideas, provide comments, and stay on task.

You may minimize misunderstandings and unnecessary mistakes by showing other team members exactly what you're talking about (rather than having to go through the frustration of describing it), ensuring that everyone is viewing the right page and the plan is leading in the right path.

3. Online Screen Sharing Tools for Presentations

Online presentations enabled by a screen-sharing system are an excellent way for businesses to interact with their customers and clients. A salesperson, for example, can use a screen-sharing tool to exhibit their products and offer clients to try them. Giving Online presentations is one of the great features of screen-sharing software.

4. Online Screen Sharing Tools for Training

Companies can save money by using screen-sharing tools in online Practice since they don't want to arrange the complete projector set up; instead of wasting time trying to convey the problem over the phone or paying for external talks, they can use screen-sharing technologies.

Instead, a lecturer's content can be transferred from their PC screens to all of their attendance via a screen sharing tool. Lecturers can also employ screen-sharing features like a participant pointer and whiteboard to connect with students and create an engaging learning environment.

5. Video Conferencing With Online Screen Sharing Software

Video conferencing is frequently performed using screen-sharing tools. For instance, a company presenter can use the screen-sharing program to send out invitations and provide guests with all of the information they need to participate in the conference. You are not required to disseminate the documents ahead of time.

Participants can see any documents or files on the presenter's screen and ask the conference holder to send related files and documents via the screen sharing tool's transfer function.

Key Feature of Screen Sharing Tools

8 Key Features to be considered in Screen Sharing Tools are

  • Annotations

  • Desktop/ Browser Sharing

  • Mobile Screen Sharing

  • Presenter Control Management

  • Screen Capture

  • Screen Mirroring

  • Screen Recording

  • Targeted/ Locked Screen Sharing

List of Best Screen Sharing Apps

  • Best screen sharing software -  ZoomWebex meetings

  • Remote screen sharing software -, Teamviewer

  • Desktop screen sharing software - Troop Messenger

  • Secure screen sharing software - Slack, Clearslide

  • Multi-screen sharing software - Google Meet, Ditto

Issue Can Face with Screen Sharing Software and How to fix it?

If your screen share isn't operating and when you're getting errors when sharing a screen, such as multiple screens when sharing a screen, you cannot see users' shared screens, then you'll need to go through some troubleshooting steps to figure out what's wrong.

Issues could be

  • You are unable to view the shared screens

  • You are unable to see the updates of the shared screen

  • You are unable to organize your screen for sharing with others

  • You are unable to see all the apps that need to be shared 

  • You are getting a shared screen with an infinitive number of the same screens

  • Your application crashes when you start to Screen Share

  • You are getting a gray Screen share & keeps loading 

The Best Possible Screen Sharing Solution

1. Restart Your Computer

Most computer problems, including screen sharing system issues, can be solved by restarting the computer. You can go to the Start menu, select Power, and restart.

2. Close all Browser Windows and Clear the Cache

Closing your browser will not be enough to resolve the screen sharing system issue, as it may continue to run in the background. Use the Control + Delete + Alt shortcut on your PC to halt browser processes. You should also delete the cache in your browser. Because screen sharing is a graphics-intensive procedure, this is the case. If you have an older processor, you may need to free up some RAM to accommodate screen sharing.

3. Activate the Force-Quit Feature 

Another screen-sharing solution is to quit all running apps, including the one with which you're attempting to share the screen. Then, try using the screen-sharing option once more.

4. Increase the Size of the Page

Change the page size probably low if you can't see all of the shared screens. However, increasing the size will prevent your application from showing all of the users and shared displays. In Space Properties, you can examine and adjust the Chime view page sizes.

5. Neglect Using the App. Window & Share the Complete Screen

If team members cannot view the changes on the screen you are sharing; it is most likely due to a problem with that application. Unseen Changes are a known issue with some programs; you can share the entire screen, not just the application window, where your App is.

6. Make Sure Your Permissions are Set Correctly

Check your permissions if you can't share the complete screen or if the screen is grey. If you have all of the necessary permissions but still can't share screens, go through the program troubleshooting process to resolve the problem.

7. When Infinitive Windows Appears, Do not Share the Screen

The Infinitive Windows Effect occurs when you select to share the same screen where you are seeing what you are sharing, and it occurs when you select the same screen that you want to share. It is not a bug that the Infinitive Windows Effect exists. It is, nevertheless, expected when sharing screens in this manner.

8. Problems With Applications Troubleshooting

Check to see if the App works rightly in the browser (Incognito or in-private mode to avoid cache issues). If there are no difficulties there, your App is most likely obsolete, or it has some caching or other difficulties, in which case you should troubleshoot it further.

What Should You Consider While Purchasing Screen Sharing Software?

Consider While Purchasing Screen Sharing Software

Some features to consider before purchasing Screen Sharing Tools in Screen Sharing Platform include Security, Computer Knowledge, Reliability, and quality.

1. Computer Knowledge

The primary purpose of a screen-sharing app is to aid communication. Only when you know how to employ modern tech does it work. As a result, choose an application that is both accessible and simple to use.

2. Security

Confidentiality of corporate information is critical in the corporate sector. Choose a free screen-sharing software that securely transmits your information. 256-bit encryption is the most secure way of communication. 

3. Cost

Check if the App is Free Trial,- Trial License, Monthly or Annual Subscription. For large enterprises with significant expenditures, a screen-sharing application is not a viable solution. Instead, free software is a terrific place to start as you will not be paying for any plans, and it has all of the essential functions for online communication. The best screen-sharing applications should not blow the budget in exchange for realistic time limitations, features, and participants.

4. Ease of Usage

The best screen-sharing platform allows you to access the Internet without installing anything and can be used on multiple devices.

5. Collaboration Features 

Collaboration features must be available in screen sharing platforms such as collaborative document editing, Presenter switching, co-browsing, and shared annotation.

6. Reliability and Quality

The reliability of the screen-sharing solution is critical. If it fails to work during your group meeting, it will disrupt the flow of conversation; worse, you will leave an unprofessional impression on your clients. Check the maximum number of users to use the Screen Sharing platform at a time.

7. User-friendly Mobile Experience 

Whether in-app or in-browser, the best software provides a mobile experience on par with a desktop. The best screen-sharing software should be user-friendly.

8. Integrations

The best screen-sharing software should have the ability to automate operations such as scheduling sessions, and uploading recordings simplifies the entire process.

Latest Trends of Screen Sharing Tools

Latest Trends of Screen Sharing Tools

The latest Trends of Screen Sharing Platform are

1. Home Office Rises

Offering kits and bundles for home workers (often a webcam and headset), as well as new options of higher-quality webcams for individuals in client-facing professions who need to create a good impression over the video, is part of the home office upgrade trend.

2. Productivity-Enhancing Specialties

Translation, video clipping, file sharing and Transcription interfaces with productivity programs are the new features. These characteristics drew a lot of attention even before the outbreak.

The number of productivity-enhancing innovations continues to grow with screen Sharing solutions. While this field is still in its infancy, and many of these aspects aren't yet fully developed, it will be a crucial component of video technology in the future.

3. Support for Live Video Editing

New streaming software has been developed during a live video conversation to allow for live video editing and post-production effects. Changing backgrounds to complex camera effects and gimmicks are among the post-production effects available.

Screen sharing solutions such as Zoom already have green screen and virtual background features and are rapidly developing more. In addition, we will rely less on third-party software in the future because all essential business video tools will include live video editing tools.

Another tendency that began before the pandemic and is now accelerating as a result of it is this. Workers seek something more thrilling and lively after a year of viewing themselves in generic video boxes.


The essential/ starter plan Cost of any Screen Sharing Software ranges from $5 per month to $9/month.

Last Updated: January 02, 2024