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List of 20 Best Screenwriting Software

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Software by Literature and Latte

A highly preferred writing app, Scrivener is a go-to app for writers. It is tailor-made for long writing projects and helps grow the manuscript organically. The drafts can be integrated into easy-to-use project outline. Read Scrivener Reviews

Most Reviewed

Software by Arc Studio Pro

Arc Studio Pro is the best screenplay software for outlining, editing, and writing screenplays and television scripts. This software offers straightforward shortcuts, industry-standard formatting, and a simple visual style that eliminates all unnecessary distractions. Arc Studio Pro is excellent for solo writers, large writing teams, and everything in between. Learn more about Arc Studio Pro

Software by Dabble

Dabble is the best scriptwriting software for fiction writing. This cloud-based writing tool lets you access your creations from anywhere, and its cloud backup and sync ensure you never lose a word. It makes organizing plans and ideas easier with its rich set of features for plotting and notations. Learn more about Dabble

Software by Fade In

Fade In is the best screenwriting software for advancing your screenwriting career. Its robust functionalities include a fully featured application interface, extensive formatting capabilities, autocomplete typing, zero distractions, cloud storage, breakdowns, tagging, etc. Fade In is a great editor for professionals writing for motion pictures, television, video games, the stage, radio, and other media. Learn more about Fade In

Software by Squibler

Squibler is an AI screenwriting platform that helps you write and edit drafts ten times faster. The software adapts to your writing style, and its advanced features help you edit your screenplays with just a few clicks. Explore Squibler's best screenwriting tools like project management, flexible formatting, dark mode, templates, split screen, and more for professional screenwriting. Learn more about Squibler

Software by Slugline

Slugline is the best screenplay program for writing your screenplay anytime, anywhere. It provides a powerful outline, timeline, pagination, and color- coded notes to create a plain screenplay that eliminates distractions. Slugline also lets you export perfect Final Draft files, including dual dialogue and actual notes. Learn more about Slugline

Software by Final Draft

Final Draft is an industry-leading screenwriting software that uncomplicates your screenwriting journey. This screenwriting software features a range of tools, including The Final Draft Assistant, which ensures proper formatting; the Final Draft SmartType for autocompleting names, locations, and scene headings; and the Final Draft Collaboration tool, which allows you to work with your co-writers. Learn more about Final Draft

Software by Write Brothers

Movie Magic Screenwriter is the best scriptwriting software for formatting scripts for movies, televisions, novels, stage plays, comic books, etc. It displays your script with an outline, scene cards, notes, and bookmarks, allowing you to edit the document easily. Its flexible, rich features include tagging, breakdown sheets, revision controls, production lists, and one- liners. Learn more about Movie Magic Screenwriter

Software by KIT Scenarist

KIT Scenarist is a simple and powerful screenwriting application for creating screenplays. The fully-featured studio for streamlined work with multiple episodes within a single project and for creating screen and stage plays, audio dramas, comics, and novels. KIT Scenarist also provides advanced character profiles, a relations plot, a map of locations, an AI assistant, a poster generator, and many more features. Learn more about KIT Scenarist

Software by Trelby

Trelby is the best screenwriting program for screenplay writers and editors. It is a simple, fast, free screenwriting software with extensive tools for enforcing correct script format and pagination, auto-completion, spell-checking, reporting, and more. Trelby can also compare versions to check what has changed in the script. Learn more about Trelby

Software by Storyist

Storyist offers the best screenwriting tools to help novelists and screenwriters produce submission-ready manuscripts and screenplays. The tool allows you to create a rough narrative draft using index cards and then polish it with editable plot, character, and setting sheets. Storyist keeps all your stuff organized and accessible in the cloud, allowing you to quickly access it from wherever you are. Learn more about Storyist

Software by Page 2 Stage

Page 2 Stage is a free, open-source professional screenwriting software for people writing screenplays, scripts, and plays. Depending on your preference, it can be used in scenes, as a continuous flow, or as individual pages and comes with full editing tools. Page 2 Stage supports more than 30 languages and supports a translation program. Learn more about Page 2 Stage

Software by The Quote-Unquote Company

Highland 2 is an innovative software featuring screenwriting tools that take care of the formatting and presentation, allowing you to focus on better writing. You can drag and drop scenes to reorder them, save passages of text for use in alternative scenes, have conversation and character cues automatically indented, and track changes in the margin's various colors and stars. Learn more about Highland 2

Software by Script Studio

Script Studio is a powerful screenwriting software with a unique and intuitive design to help screenwriters, playwrights, and novelists unlock their imagination. The software helps plan, structure, develop, format, analyze, and publish scripts through a structured approach while maintaining your creative flow. Script Studio also keeps track of character ideas, plot points, draft script scenes research, etc. Learn more about Script Studio

Software by Nolan

Nolan is the ultimate screenwriting software for drafting compelling movie scripts. With AI-powered features and a user-friendly interface, the software helps writers express their creative voices. Nolan offers other useful features like character and scene breakdowns, revision tracking, personalized character accents, formatting options, collaboration tools, etc. Learn more about Nolan

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Last Updated: August 08, 2023