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EnactSoft is a software arm from EnactOn Technologies. EnactSoft is proving business solutions for the affiliate industry. We develop Cashback, coupons, deals, offer software, website, and mobile app for ios and android.

Software / Technology
Year Established:
Surat , India
Employee Size:
10-49 employees
Who uses:
Startups, Enterprises, Entrepreneur
Avg Hourly Rate:
$25 - $49/hr
No of Projects:
Min. Project Size:
Other Locations:
United Arab Emirates, Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, India, Italy, New Zealand, United States, Dubai

EnactSoft Awards

EnactSoft Awards
EnactSoft Awards

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Quality Quality 5


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Management Management 5


Out of 5

Customer Support Customer Support 5

Customer Support

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Willingness to recommend Willingness to recommend 100%

Willingness to recommend

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Ashis K.


Used the software for : 6-12 months


Oct 04, 2023

Amazing Experience with Laraback Pro Plus

Cashback Website has become an integral part of modern affiliate businesses, and after extensively using Laraback Pro Plus. I can confidently say that it offers a powerful solution for both small and large Businesses. User-Friendly Interface:** One of the standout features of laraback pro plus is its user-friendly interface. Any Normal Person who does have not technical Knowledge can easily use this cashback system. The powerful admin dashboard provides complete control over the cashback site. Customization and Flexibility:** What sets laraback pro plus apart is its flexibility and customization options. laraback pro plus allows a cashback program to suit specific needs. It can set custom rewards, fine-tune eligibility criteria, and much more. Features:** Building New can often be a headache when implementing a new Cashback site, but Laraback Pro Plus makes it a breeze. It offers a wide range of advanced features and more than 100 Unique features This ensures that it can smoothly run a cashback website. Customer Support:** The customer support provided by Laraback Pro Plus (By Enactsoft) deserves special mention. Their team is responsive, knowledgeable, and always willing to assist. Whether you have a technical issue, need help with customization, or have questions about using the Cashback site effectively, their support is top-notch. Value for Money Laraback pro plus offers a comprehensive suite of features, the price is very minimal as compariosn to its advanced unique features and technology. considering the potential cashback solution, it is a worthwhile investment.

Quality Quality 5


Out of 5

Management Management 5


Out of 5

Customer support Customer support 5

Customer support

Out of 5

Willingness to recommend Willingness to recommend 5

Willingness to recommend

Out of 5

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Pros: What did you find most impressive about EnactSoft

Very Impressive of Enactsoft are Quick Support, Very Knowledgeable team members, Futuristic tech use, Very minimal, Fast delivery, and so on.

Cons: Please provide which EnactSoft features/part can be improved

Till now I don't find any difficulty with Enactsoft. Enactsoft is perfectly best from every angle.

What were your goals for this project?

To reach 5 million cashback users in India

Can you share any outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?

After using laraback pro plus, I got thousands of sales and so many users joined on a daily basis.

How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs?

There is the best workflow with the enactsoft team. We get quick responses from their CRM system and they help very effectively with the help of images, video.

What other products like EnactSoft have you used or evaluated ?

Before laraback pro plus was used, I tried the cashbackEngine PHP script. But cashbackengine is very hard to use and everything is a manual task. Laraback Pro Plus is a fully automated system. Which saves me a lot of time.

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EnactSoft FAQs

Where is the head office of EnactSoft located?

EnactSoft's head office is located at ,India

What major services does EnactSoft provide?