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    Meet Mayple, an SEO service provider and the best digital marketing company in India created by experienced marketers and technology professionals.  Mayple uses data-driven technology to perfectly match businesses with top vetted digital marketing experts, and assures businesses get optimal results and great service constantly. 

    Private Ltd Company
    Startups, SMEs, Entrepreneur
    $50 - $99/hr
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    United Kingdom, Israel

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    Digital Marketing is a prime key for any business growth.

    But while big companies have access to top Marketing talents and advanced technologies, small and medium-sized businesses lag behind.

    You start by filling in our online brief, ultimately designed to know you and your unique business needs.

    Mayple’s algorithm then matches you with three of our top vetted marketing experts, that make a perfect fit for what you actually need.

    Becoming a Mayple top vetted expert is not an easy task, at all.

    We know proposals can be tricky, this is why Mayple makes sure they are simple to understand and that your strategy is specifically planned for your marketing success.

    With Mayple you are never alone! Mayple makes sure your campaign is built based on best practices and in a way that protects your business interests, in one secure place.

    We consistently monitor your strategy and results, ensuring your marketing expert stays focused on continuously growing your business and sales. If something doesn’t work, we will be the first to identify it and will act to change it.

    Transparency is a top value of Mayple, You can view all your project’s activity at a glance with our live monitoring tool and easily adjust services according to your needs.

    Plus you always have Your personal Maypler by your side, recommending your next successful move, and ensuring you get high-end digital marketing services and results—just like top-performing brands.

    Fully transparent, flexible and safe

    Mayple is your digital marketing home

    FAQs of Mayple

    Q. Where is the head office of Mayple located?

    Mayple's head office location is not disclosed.

    Q. What major services does Mayple provide?

    Major services provided by Mayple are:

    label Digital Marketing

    Q. What industries does Mayple serve?

    Mayple serves industries like E-commerce, Healthcare, Banking & Mortgage, Insurance, Hospitality / Travel, Food / Beverage, Auto Dealership, Real Estate, Retail and Consumer Products.

    Q. How many employees does Mayple have?

    Employee size is not disclosed by the company

    Q. What is the annual revenue of Mayple?

    Mayple has not disclosed its annual revenue.

    Q. What is the minimum project size Mayple works for?

    Mayple works on the projects of $500+.

    Q. How much does Mayple charge for its service?

    Average hourly rate of Mayple is $50 - $99/hr.

    Q. Who uses its services?

    Mayple is generally used by SMEs, Medium Size Businesses and Enterprises.

    Q.How many clients does Mayple have?

    Mayple’s total number of clients is not disclosed.

    Q. When was Mayple founded?

    The founding year of Mayple is not disclosed.

    Q. What is Mayple’s expertise in Digital Marketing?

    label Media Planning & Buying

    label Advertising & PPC

    label SMM

    label SEO