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Ozemio is a talent transformation company. Ozemio helps foster a culture that leads to enhanced performance in sync with the changing world. Ozemio is part of MRCC Group. MRCC, founded in 1996 and headquartered in Billerica, USA.

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Ozemio promises exponential growth. [transformation]Better

Ozemio believes that transformation is not just about change, but about rising to a level of excellence. As a talent transformation company, Ozemio helps organizations unlock the extraordinary in individuals and organizations, empowering them to reach new heights.

Ozemio Offerings:

1. Enabling Transformation

Consulting: Ozemio’s Talent to Potential to Performance (TPP) framework is a holistic approach aligned to your business goals. The framework offers innovative solutions to transform your talent to take current challenges and be future proof. Skills and content gap analysis, performance measurement, competency development, and metric-driven evaluation techniques form the cornerstone of our TPP framework.

Content: Ozemio’s approach to creating content follows a unique path. Ozemio study individuals in organizations to contextualize learning journeys. We analyze business needs, culture preferences, markets, products, and services. With deep insights, we create a personalized learning journey that works for your business with its own set of needs and goals.

Technology: Exploring, designing and setting up the right learning technology ecosystem for your organization requires breadth and depth of experience, gained over decades across industries. As one of the world’s leading talent transformation companies, Ozemio has over 2,000 accomplished professionals on our team. We deliver an optimal learning technology environment that you need to establish a future-ready talent base and transform your business.

People: At Ozemio, we recognize the significance of acquiring the right talent. We offer highly skilled professionals with expertise in various fields, such as modern technology and transformative learning design. Whether you seek offshore, onshore, or hybrid staffing solutions, our team can assist you in establishing a flexible and dynamic workforce tailored to your precise requirements.

2. Transformation Solutions (Portfolio)

Employee Onboarding: Ozemio’s onboarding solutions are designed to promote a robust sense of culture, commitment, and connectedness within organizations. By instilling a sense of belonging and

unity, our solutions inspire employees to bring their best selves to their roles and make significant contributions to their teams. Ozemio has refined a three-part onboarding process that drives an enriching and empowering onboarding journey.

Sales Enablement: At Ozemio, our solutions have been developed over decades of experience working with some of the world's largest multinationals, including those with widely dispersed sales teams. We offer three effective sales enablement models to help you achieve your goals: Value-Selling Model, Sales Onboarding Model, Channel Partner Model.

Customer Service: At Ozemio, we place a strong emphasis on cultivating brand ambassadors who possess a high level of proficiency in soft skills and product knowledge. Our solutions are underpinned by extensive research and are fully documented in respected journals. To achieve excellence in all aspects of brand representation, we have developed a customized 6-month plan tailored to your unique needs.

Operational Excellence: Products change and evolve in keeping with the times, consumer behavior, market trends and ever changing technology. The lifecycles and development through the years can transform products. If your team finds it difficult to keep up with the changes, how can they communicate those effectively to the consumer?

Processes are no different. Each with their own business goals. They are meant to be achieving a singular purpose. Your teams must be focused on how the system facilitates better outcomes.

Compliance: When you involve employees with engaging, informal content, there’s a marked improvement in retention and application. This is the basic Ozemio premise.

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