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PubNub is used by app development teams to power features that require real-time communication and collaboration between users at any scale. PubNub makes it easy to build experiences like chat apps, maps with live location overlays, and many other features.

Software / Technology
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San Francisco , United States
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Personal, Startups, SMEs, Enterprises, Freelancer, Entrepreneur
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What makes us different?


PubNub is the industry’s most scalable platform, allowing rapid concurrent usage without financial penalties. Because we allow for unlimited concurrent users, you’ll never have to worry about exponential cost increases due to growth.

  • Handles over 800 million active devices and over 3 trillion API calls delivered monthly.
  • Record for the largest online concurrent event with more than 10.5 million users
  • One connected fitness client stated, “From testing to 1,500 rides a day today, to an estimated 15,000 rides a day in the coming months, we’re confident PubNub can handle that growth.”
  • "When we hit our concurrency limit [with our previous provider], it was a no-brainer to go with PubNub to power our entire platform, and our whole team gave the go-ahead. We knew we would be supported by PubNub no matter how many users and messages we were handling.” -Virtual Events Company


With low latency and high uptime, PubNub users can trust in and rely on a true real-time digital experience that leads to authentic and engaging interactions for their audiences.

  • 99.999% uptime Service Level Agreement and global points of presence with automatic routing for failover and redundancy.
  • Every message is delivered to any device in milliseconds
  • Multi-region replication, redundancy within and across data centers, geographic server distribution, geo-routing, and latency monitoring.

Security and Compliance

While powering real-time engagement is our passion, security is our priority. We deliver enterprise-grade security, end-to-end encryption for every message running over the network, fine-grained access controls, localized data storage, and more.

  • PubNub is ISO 2700, SOC 2 Type II, GDPR, and HIPAA compliant, and we conduct annual SOC and ISO audits and annual penetration testing conducted by third parties.
  • A leading healthcare software solution provider stated, “Data security and HIPAA compliance are extremely important … When we evaluated PubNub as a real-time messaging service, we were very impressed by how easy they were to use. We were sold on PubNub as a partner once we learned about their strengths in data security, SOC 2, and HIPAA compliance.”


PubNub is a platform solution that enables teams to build the real-time experiences users demand and leaves the door open for adding additional features and functionality in the future.

  • We developed over 50+ SDKs and over 65 pre-built integrations with external and third-party APIs, so developers get the features they need regardless of programming language or tech stack.
  • A food delivery service customer reduced ticket resolution times from five minutes to 30 seconds and stated that “having that flexibility in building and being able to have our chat operate in real-time was key to us—that’s why we chose PubNub.”


As a trusted extension of your ops team, PubNub is a partner from design through testing, launch, and beyond. With our white glove support and features like 24/7 support across the globe, a robust self-service library, and operational dashboards, we ensure your app is supported at any level throughout its lifecycle.

  • One PubNub client went from having a dedicated programmer spend 75% of their time monitoring their in-house chat to effortlessly scaling their chat to support 40x growth within a year.
  • Partnering with PubNub allowed one virtual events customer to bring their users together in ways not previously possible, “With PubNub and their live event support team, we can truly scale our chat to a large number of concurrent users at a time, and that’s what enables us to bring that interactivity between a creator and their fanbase.”
  • A rideshare customer was able to focus on building their app because "powering real-time updates and signaling is not our domain. Using PubNub lets us focus on our expertise.”

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PubNub Inc FAQs

Where is the head office of PubNub Inc located?

PubNub Inc's head office is located at San Francisco,United States

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