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Founded in 2010, they are an Australian-owned company that have helped businesses and enterprises with growth success stories by supplying a stream of quality business leads and appointments

Marketing Services
Year Established:
S , Australia
Employee Size:
10-49 employees
Who uses:
Avg Hourly Rate:
< $25/hr
No of Clients:
No of Projects:
Min. Project Size:
Other Locations:
Australia, New Zealand

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Area of Expertise


Client Focus

Industry Focus

Services Focus

Bpo Services

  • Lead Generation
  • Telemarketing
Lead Generation

CRM Functions

  • Customer service
  • Marketing automation
  • Sales automation
Customer service
Marketing automation
Sales automation

Direct Marketing

  • Telemarketing

Voice Call Center Services

  • B2B Appointment setting
  • B2B lead generation & qualification
  • B2C Telemarketing & telesales
  • Other outbound services
B2B Appointment setting
B2B lead generation & qualification
B2C Telemarketing & telesales
Other outbound services


Telemarketing Professionals is a dedicated, Australian-owned outbound marketing agency that offers premium marketing services, including lead generation, appointment setting and call center services. They assist enterprises and businesses by building their brand visibility and increasing sales and revenues. Telemarketing Professionals have a trained team of telemarketers with experience and expertise in the outbound marketing domain. They leverage their expertise to offer unparalleled results to their clients. They specifically employ only local Australians who have an easily understood neutral Australian accent. Their telemarketers are provided with specialist training to enable them to come across as professionals and communicate like corporate executives, extensive coaching and training programs are provided to ensure that their staff get the very best in conversion from each call to qualified sales leads and appointments. There state-of-the-art call centre software, technology and tools to help them get superior results. They have a combined approach of outbound calls with email marketing, social media and automation to get the best results providing a high return on investment for every dollar spent. Once the campaign starts, you will get an online client portal to log in anywhere, anytime, on any device to see all your leads and appointments as they are generated. You will be able to login and see the details of every lead as it’s generated. Comprehensive daily and weekly campaign reports are provided with all details, including all detailed information. Telemarketing Professionals is your one-stop destination for all your outbound marketing needs. They design a personalised campaign for you to assist in evaluating your business needs to deliver the best, purpose-driven outcomes. Get genuine leads from dedicated lead generation and appointment setting specialists with a proven track record and amazing success rate. Contact them now and get a stream of reliable quality, qualified, leads and sales appointments to fill your sales pipelines, keep your sales people happy and skyrocket your sales and revenues.

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Where is the head office of Telemarketing Professioanls located?

Telemarketing Professioanls's head office is located at ,Australia

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