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Wishup is a platform that connects American entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses with pre-screened and pre-vetted virtual assistants. It connects companies with virtual assistants who can assist with bookkeeping, customer service, lead management, administrative tasks, and data entry.

Year Established:
Florida , United States
Employee Size:
100-250 employees
Avg Hourly Rate:
$150 - $199/hr
Min. Project Size:

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Client Focus

Services Focus

Bpo Services

  • Virtual Assistant
Virtual Assistant

Voice Call Center Services

  • Surveys and market research
  • Virtual receptionist
Surveys and market research
Virtual receptionist


Neelesh Rangwani and Vivek Gupta joined forces to create Wishup, which is headquartered in Delhi, India, with a growing presence in the US. Wishup, a startup founded in July 2015, employs experienced remote workers as its unconventional talent pool and trains them to serve as virtual assistants for companies worldwide.

The business aims to assist entrepreneurs and sole proprietors in successfully and effectively managing their enterprises.


  • Strict hiring standards to only choose the top 1% of applicants.
  • Graduates with more than 200 different skill sets.
  • Exceptional, thoroughly screened virtual assistants
  • Replacement/refund policy with no-questions-asked
  • Even the most complex services can be performed by experts.
  • Onboarding within 24 hours of selection
  • There are virtual assistants based both abroad and in the US.
  • Contracts, insurance, liabilities, or employee benefits are all taken care of for you.
  • Privacy and data security are assured


  • The VAs are not available on weekends.


Better Communication

One of the key characteristics that sets Wishup apart from some of their rivals is their app, which adds some practical functionality and a second channel of communication.

Zero recruitment costs

With Wishup, you can be sure that during the hiring process, not a single cent will leave your pockets. Therefore, you can unwind knowing that you only need to cover the virtual assistant's working hours. When it comes to pre-hiring expenses like advertisements and promotions to recruit and hire talent, you don't have to pay anything.

Top 1% of global talent

Wishup provides you with virtual assistants that are among the top 1% of talent worldwide. These are highly educated professionals who have more than 200 different specialties. You just need to choose someone qualified for the job without worrying about relocation, taxes, or other issues. 
Additionally, hiring from a global talent pool gives you access to more qualified and diverse candidates, addressing your company's inclusivity and diversity aspects. 

Instant, round-the-clock onboarding

Long onboarding hassle is over right now! Wishup makes it simple to hire a competent expert for general or administrative tasks. Additionally, onboarding gets started within a day, which helps you quickly assemble a remote team of experts.

Seven-day trial and money-back guarantee

With Wishup virtual assistants, you can try out virtual assistance for free to see if it's right for you and your company. You can put your virtual assistant to test for seven days in terms of your company's values and culture. You can get a refund if you don't like the virtual assistant.

The policy of replacement without inquiry 

If you are unhappy with your primary assistant or they are unavailable due to an emergency, Wishup offers the incredible benefit of having your virtual assistant replaced immediately and without asking any questions. 

100% checked out, screened, and trained beforehand by Wishup

Wishup's virtual assistants have all undergone extensive screening, including multiple background checks and verifications. Additionally, they have already been pre-interviewed and vetted, saving you time on the time-consuming interview and onboarding processes.

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Wishup FAQs

Where is the head office of Wishup located?

Wishup 's head office is located at Florida,United States

What major services does Wishup provide?