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Best Shopping Cart Software in 2020

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What is Online Shopping Cart Software?

Almost everyone is familiar with online shopping. No matter which online website you visit, you will find a cart where you can add all your items. It is similar to the basket or trolley that you use in the supermarkets or any other store present out there. This shopping cart stores all the products that you want to buy and calculates the entire amount. The items that have been added to the cart can be brought then or you can postpone the purchase. Even if you postpone, you will be able to see the items that have been added into the bag.

This online shopping cart software helps in bridging the gap between shopping and buying. Most of the people who visit the online shopping sites add the products that they are likely to buy and store it in the shopping cart system. After adding all the items, they can either buy the product or save it in the bag and help the customer purchase it in the future. There are so many amazing benefits of this software for both seller and buyer. The buyer will be able to have a look at all the products that they want to own at one place whereas the sellers will know what products are more likely to sell.

Some of the Benefits of this Online Shopping Cart Software are:

  1. Safer Shopping: Customers think twice before paying online and with the shopping cart platform, they will be able to get the safer shopping experience. A licensed software will help in keeping all the payment details that the consumer provides safe and secured. The best online shopping cart for small businesses will provide a safer shopping experience for users.
  2. Convenient Shopping: The main reason why most of the people shop online is that they don’t want to take the hassle of going to the shop and waste their time. As the online shopping websites have a shopping cart solution, it becomes easy for the buyers to add all their items to the cart and pay for them at the end. If they don’t like any product at the end, the users have the provision of deleting the items from the cart too. Hence shopping cart software will make shopping more easy and convenient for the buyers.
  3. Single Place For Data Management: A shopping cart platform is a place where the details of all the products are provided at one place. It isn’t just a gateway for payment, it is a place where each and every detail related to the product is calculated and the stats are provided for customer verification. It stores the order and payment history of the consumer, collects and processes the credit card information, provides the invaluable stats on the selling trends for various time periods. It is a place to get all the information regarding the consumer purchases.
  4. Easy Access to the Products: A reliable shopping cart system will provide easy access to the products and services at the same time they even provide a list of products in which customers may show interest. The shopping cart platform will adapt to the browsing criteria of the customer and makes sure to provide the products that are relevant to the customer’s requirements. This improves the shopping experience of customers.
  5. Easy Payments: The software makes the payment method easy. It will collect the payment in an easy method so that both the seller and buyer won’t face any kind of issues. This solution is capable of getting integrated with different kinds of payment gateways making the payment method easier and efficient. The entire shopping experience of the customer is improved with the help of the shopping cart system.
  6. Provides Analytics for the Sellers: The shopping cart software will provide the analytics for the sellers and gives them a clear view of the shopping history of each customer. They provide the information in a visually appealing form and make the owner understand the performance of his products. The shopping cart solutions are designed in a way that the sellers can scale them easily as their business grows. This is one of the best things about the shopping cart platform.

Types of Shopping Cart Software

There are two basic types of shopping cart solutions available in the market.

  • Hosting Shopping Carts
  • Licensed Shopping Carts
  1. Hosting Shopping Carts: In this hosting solution, the hosting is done by another private firm. This firm is responsible for the server backups, upgrades and maintenance. The best thing about this hosting shopping cart platform is the third party firm will provide hosting for free. There is no need to spend money for the hosting shopping cart at all. But there is one drawback with this hosting shopping cart software the customers will be redirected to another page when they process the payment. This is the best online shopping cart for the small businesses as it gives various facilities for the users.
  2. Licensed Shopping Carts: This is the shopping cart solution that most of the e-Commerce owners prefer. The business owners build their own shopping cart and customize it according to the needs of them. The licensed shopping carts provide greater flexibility and helps in changing the features and functionalities. They can also add the third party tools if necessary. The upfront costs for setting up this software are higher when compared to the hosting solutions.

Both types of shopping cart systems have their own advantages over another one. Either way they both are beneficial and choosing one out of them is completely a personal choice of the business owner. While most of the novice e-commerce store owners prefer hosting solution, the experienced owners who require best shopping cart experience choose licensed shopping cart.

There are so many shopping cart solution providers in the market and the business owners must be very careful while choosing any one of them. They have to check out for the various options available and choose the right as well as perfect one for their business.

Must-Have Features of Shopping Cart Software

As said earlier, there are so many software providers present in the market and it is important for a business owner to make a wise decision in order to get the best out of the shopping cart solutions. Here is the list of features that must be present in the shopping cart system for sure.

  1. Ease of Use

Almost everyone is aware of the phrase keeping it simple. Consumers prefer the online shopping sites because of the time saving and easy shopping methods that are provided by them. Providing them with a complex shopping cart platform will surely annoy them and this can lead to different kinds of circumstances so it is very important to keep the shopping cart as simple as possible. The consumers should understand easily about the pricing and other information regarding the products present in the shopping cart at a glance.

  1. Mobile-Friendly Website

Gone those days when people used PCs to search and shop. These days’ people are using mobiles for everything and even Google has declared already that the websites should be mobile friendly for better visitor experience. The shopping cart software of any website should be mobile friendly so that the potential customers who are planning to buy certain items can view the products directly through their mobile. One out of the three online purchases is done through the mobile, so you can do the math now. The integration of shopping cart solution with mobile is one of the must-have features for any kind of shopping cart system.

  1. Photos and Videos of High Resolution

When people are doing online shopping, they won’t be able to see the product or touch it in reality so it is important for the store owners to provide them with the images and videos that will help them in getting an idea about the product they are planning to buy. The shopping cart is the final stage of online shopping and here the buyers will be paying the amount. Hence it is important for the buyers to have one last look at the product that they are planning to buy. Any shopping cart software should have high-resolution images and videos if possible.

  1. User Reviews

Reviews play an important role in online shopping. 92% of the online shoppers highly rely on the user reviews before they make a decision of buying the product or not. A shopping cart platform should include the user reviews of a certain product so that the buyers will be able to have a look at it before they place the order. By having reviews on the shopping cart, it will be easy for the customers to make a decision.

  1. Wishlists

The e-Commerce sites that do not provide wishlist option for their customers are leaving a huge part of revenue on the table. Providing the bookmarking option for the customers is very important for any shopping site. If the buyer decided to remove a product from the shopping cart for any potential reason but want to bookmark it for the next purchase, then it is important to provide them with the wish list option so that they can transfer the items into wishlist and purchase them later. So including wish list in the shopping cart system is very important.

  1. Special Offers

Having an advertisement regarding the special offers provided by the store on shopping cart software is very beneficial when compared to having the advertisement on the home page. So it is important to provide the list of offers that the store provides in the shopping cart. This will motivate the buyers to shop and buy more.

  1. Related Items

Every shopping cart solution should provide a list of related items to the consumer right beneath the check out section. If a customer has shopped for a specific model mobile, providing the related accessories in the “you may like” section will raise curiosity and excitement in the customer. They will check out the items and if they like it, you will get more revenue. Hence providing a list of related items in the shopping cart will help both buyers and sellers.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions

There are different types of buyers out there and some of them would need more information on the product than the usual details provided on the website. Hence having a section for frequently asked questions in the shopping cart system will help these customers get answers for the questions that they have in the mind and even help the sellers to give clear details of the products that they sell.

  1. Security Details

The most important part of online shopping is the payment method. It is the e-Commerce store responsibility to ensure customers that their details are safe with them. They should provide all the details that are related to security in the shopping cart software in order to gain the trust from the customers.

  1. Different Payment Options

There are so many options of payment other than credit, debit or cash on delivery options. It is important for the shopping cart solutions to provide various types of payment options for the users. This way the business owners would be providing a better payment option for buyers.

These are some of the best features that are provided by the online shopping cart system.

How Does Shopping Cart Software Work?

The shopping cart software working can be simply explained in four easy steps.

  1. Adding to the Cart

After shopping on the e-Commerce site, the shoppers will add the items that they love to buy to the cart. The shoppers have provision to either add or remove the items from their cart. If they are shopping for apparel then the sizing list, other color options of the product, etc details are also provided in the shopping cart software. The shopper can change the quantity as per the requirement.

  1. Address Entry and Tax Calculations

Now the shopper should enter their address for shipping. As the shoppers provide their address, the shopping cart solution will start calculating the taxes as well as delivery charges. This calculation depends upon the place where the shopper stays. The software uses plugins for easy calculation of the taxes.

  1. Payment Gateways

Now the shopper is redirected to the payment gateway. This payment gateway will be encrypted providing high security for the consumer details. There are different types of payment gateways available in the market and it is important to choose the one that is highly reliable and can be integrated with the shopping cart software that you have opted for.

  1. Email and Text Order Confirmation

The order confirmation message will be sent to both emails and to the mobile number. The shopping cart will send an email to the provided email address and mobile number. This way the shopper will get a clear picture that their order has been confirmed.

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