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25 Best ERP Software For Small Business In India

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small Business ERP Software Guide

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Enterprise resource planning software (ERP) is one the most important automated solution any business should have to manage production, inventory, and order processing. It is one of the software an organization must own be it small or large. It helps in the allocation of resources for the effective functioning and also monitors the use of resources overall from a centralized data management system. The built-in analytics analyze the recorded data and allocate the most feasible resources for effective functions. The best ERP software along with its supporting applications also tracks the information across departments.

What is Enterprise Resource Planning software?

The enterprise resource planning software is an information system the eliminates the need for manpower for resource allocation and through integration, manages all the aspects of the business which includes, production, purchasing, planning, sales, distribution, manufacturing, customer service, and accounting solution.

ERP Solutions For Small Business

As large companies need to manage the entire production and hence require an automated system, ERP software is also required by small businesses. ERP software not only helps in managing the production line but also plays a major role to improve communication across departments and optimize business processes. It provides easy visibility and progress of the work in real-time and hence keeps departments updated. Besides the on-field functions, the ERP software for SME also helps in the integration of all the financial information related to business in one place. Which can be accessed anytime by the authorized persons.

ERP software not only helps in business operations but also is useful for the business that wants to standardize its human resource data. The integration of the ERP software across the departments ensures greater transparency in every area of the business, which is from operations to strategic decision level. The great insight and analytics of the production, inventory, and financial data make it easy to identify new opportunities which ultimately would save costs and improve the efficiency of the overall tasks.

Requirements of ERP Solution for Small Business

Requirements of ERP Solution for Small Business

The ERP software ease-out the task for an organization. But it’s important to select the ERP software that works best for your business. Since small organizations have fewer requirements then large companies the small business ERP solution to buy should be function specific. Below are a few features of an ERP Software that would help small business:

  • Industry-Specific

The industry while opting for ERP software can consider buying industry-specific software. The type of software can be tailored to suit the needs of the specific industry such as an automobile, retail, etc. This can help avoid the complex details to be known and respond to the specific needs.

  • Web-Based

The cloud-based software is also known as cloud ERP small business is effective in terms of access. These are open-source ERP software and can be accessed from anywhere. The remote access helps in tracking the data and keeps the departments on board with the work progress. The web-based ERP software is less complex in terms of learning and set-up and makes it a suitable choice for the small business.

Other than the above-listed requirements, Enterprise Resource Planning software can also be divided based on business requirements and future goals. It can be divided into:

1. Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning Small Business

These are open-source software and have their source code available over the internet. They are less secure but serve the entry or initial level of business purpose.

2. The free version of Proprietary Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Small Business

These are limited or trial versions of the small business ERP systems. The limitation is in terms of functionality as not all the functions are active in the trial version. Also, since it’s for the limited period the stored data can be lost or become inaccessible once the trial version is over.

3. Proprietary Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Small Business

This is the purchased version of the ERP software and is cloud-based. The organizations wish to pursue long term maintenance and usage of inventory can opt for the paid version of the ERP software as it has all the functions active and is either available on the cloud or standalone client-server architecture.

Essential Features of ERP Software for Small Business

ERP Software for small business is loaded with features such as business intelligence, accounting, inventory management, CRM, manufacturing, human resources, supply chain management, integration and analytics and reporting to make the day to day task easy. Erp software brings all the cross-department functions on one platform and integrates it into a single system. It uses a single centralized database and a software infrastructure to provide a better understanding of the system and information in real-time. The updated information helps managers make better and effective decisions about the supply chain, operations, and logistics of the business.

The main features of the ERP software for small companies are listed below:

1. Accounting

The ERP software helps small businesses to simplify their financial reporting process and manages the effective allocation of the resources.

Business Intelligence?- ERP software helps businesses analyze the process and data and generate a report. The reports help the management in effective decision making at various steps.

2. CRM

Customer Relationship Management helps businesses increase overall customer satisfaction by providing better services. This, in turn, increases the revenue by managing interactions with leads, customers, and clients. The tracking of operations at every step also makes sure to scrap if there is any loophole that exists.

3. Inventory Management

The inventory management is the key feature and helps in tracking information on the product supply. It keeps track of the products in the stock, their timely delivery, tracking the current position, and generation of invoices. This helps businesses to maintain adequate stock and hence helps in cost management.

4. Supply Chain Management

The ERP software tracks the position of goods in the supply chain management and helps in planning, supply management, and warehouse management.

5. Analytics and Reporting

The ERP software analyzes the data in-depth and provides a comprehensive analytics report. The report is helpful to higher management and facilitates proper data analysis and decision making.

How to Choose Best Small Business ERP Software

How to Choose Best Small Business ERP Software

Selecting the right Enterprise relationship software is important to improve the overall efficiency of the business. The introduction of cloud ERP small business software made it easier for organizations to make software solutions more accessible and cost-effective. To choose an ERP software business must consider the following:

1. Cost

Since a small business always keeps the costing factor in mind, selecting the cost-effective ERP software is important. Compare all the vendors, subscription plans, maintenance costs, customization costs, and all other available options in the market and make a fair choice.

2. Integration

Small business has many stand-alone applications that assist in the day-to-day operations. While making the purchase, consider the ERP software that integrates with all the present applications so as to have the most effective use and centralized data storage.

3. Customization

ERP software should be flexible enough to get aligned with the changing and upgrading demands of the business. As a small business grows there are many applications that require to be implemented. Hence, the ERP software should be in sync with the system.

ERP software is useful for small businesses that want to standardize their data and integrates the business function to have transparency in the business process and effective utilization of the resources.

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