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Best Social Media Management software

Finding the best Social Media Management Software for your business is now faster and easier! Compare prices, reviews, features, and get free consultation to find the perfect software.

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What is Social Media Management Software?

Social media management software is a tool dedicated to businesses to enhance communications. It is available in the form of application programs or a software suite. These tools improve the company's ability to engage customers across various social media channels.

The software can help with conversations, documentation, and data analytics. It can track and monitor both inbound and outbound communications. 42% of the population (3.2 billion people) uses social media platforms. Thus, companies prefer to use this software to help with initiating new marketing schemes. And it can accurately evaluate social media presence and utility.

This type of software focuses on a diverse range of users, including influencers, small businesses, marketing agencies, large corporations, and medium enterprises. The tools get configured and calibrated accordingly to assist such diverse requirements.

Companies have the option of choosing free social media management software. These tools help a company reduce its purchasing costs. But the apps may also have limited ability owing to a small set of features. In contrast, proprietary software offers all the features. It can also handle bulk content and multiple social media accounts at the same time.

This type of software usually comes with a single dashboard. The user can connect multiple social media accounts and manage them. They can track and analyze conversations using a single interface. The company can also evaluate consumer preferences and target potential customers.

Key Features of Social Media Management software 

The online world has become complicated, confusing, and chaotic. Just operating a website is not sufficient anymore. Competitive businesses have to explore email campaigns and omnichannel marketing. Otherwise, their brand presence and popularity may deplete in no time.

Thankfully, social media management software comes to their rescue. It helps an agency to manage and market various types of content efficiently. Some tools can simultaneously post to multiple social media platforms.

With a single click, the video, image, meme, or text reaches a broad audience. The web-based software integrates diverse platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Some customized packages help in planning, scheduling, and analyzing the posted content. Which type of package will suit your requirement? Choosing the highest positive-review software or costliest one is not a strategic move. You ought to pick the right one that suits your needs. What should you look for in social media management software? The best social media management software has these key features to support the users.

1. Multi-platform Integration

A single dashboard effectively manages multiple accounts on various platforms. The software connects accounts of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other leading social media platforms. This feature helps the influencer or marketing agent with a friendly user interface to maximize productivity through automated content updates on multiple platforms. More than 95% of brands use at least two platforms. Thus, multi-platform compatibility is essential.

2. Advanced Schedulers

Social media presence has to be continual, carefully monitored, and managed. The tools can work with a single platform preferred by your target audience, or over multiple platforms. Scheduling can be at specific intervals or arbitrary. For instance, the software reminds us to post content at least three times a week. The user can also quickly draw up a schedule in just 30-60 minutes.

3. Tiny URL Generators

Platforms like Twitter have limits on content size and character count. The tiny URL generator feature can condense URLs. You can post short links instead of longer ones to the latest content. By saving on characters, you can create more impactful marketing messages. 

4. Analytics And Reporting

Managers rely on statistics for feedback and campaign modifications. Some tools offer free reports, while others charge a fee for more complex metrics. Users can draw excellent insights from analytic results, Facebook Page, and Twitter overviews.

Benefits of Social Media Management software

Social media management software improves productivity and gives a competitive edge. You can use these tools to accrue various benefits:

  • The gap between customers and brands reduces through enriching conversations.
  • Social engagement gets enhanced through feedback, criticisms, and instant communications.
  • The best social media management software manages multiple social profiles and networks, reducing redundant work.
  • Managers can deliver personalized responses to build stronger customer relationships.
  • You organize and streamline your social communication to eliminate confusion and errors.
  • Smarter tools ensure reliability and security through authorization and permission rights.
  • The top social media management tools can monitor keywords to improve SEO.
  • Content strategy scheduling can help you plan and implement it on time.
  • Content, clicks, and demographics get monitored, evaluated, and analyzed for better results.
  • Transparent reporting and 24X7 mobile accesses build the company's brand image.

Top 5 Social Media Management Software

 Free social media management software is ideal for influencers and small companies. They have limited features and functionality but are inexpensive. But for more advanced features, companies choose comprehensive packages. Here are the top free and option options in the market for your company's needs.

1. HubSpot Marketing Hub

It is the best inbound marketing tool with powerful CRM. The software has excellent tools to attract, engage, and satisfy the customers. It comes with all basic and advanced features for small and larger enterprises in various packages.

2. Sprout Social

This social media management software is an all-in-one tool with numerous features. You can strategize the online presence, connect with the audience, and publish high-quality content. It also helps with real-time teamwork and data analytics.

3. Facebook Pages Manager

The Facebook Pages Manager is a platform-specific free app that helps you check page activity. You can also view insights and respond to viewers directly from the mobile phone. However, it is just for Facebook. More than 90 million small enterprises use this platform for communication. Thus, it is crucial to dedicate enough time and resources for Facebook marketing.

4. Zoho Social

The comprehensive social media management software is feature-rich. It can help you monitor, track, and respond to conversations with alacrity. There are different packages with varying features to suit different customers.

5. Buffer

This software enhances the quality and meaning of social media engagement. It has a reliable and refined suite of applications to assist with marketing and team collaborations. Buffer comes with a lot of features and is available at a reasonable price too. 

How to choose the best social media management software for your business?

Choose the best social media management software using these selection criteria:

  • Determine your social media goals and align the software features with business needs.
  • Set distinct goals for brand awareness, sales leads, site traffic, and customer engagement. Check whether it is possible to use the features in the software to attain those goals.
  • Choose a package that can prioritize performance metrics, team collaboration, scalability, and time-efficiency.
  • Use free social media management software if you have a very small budget.
  • If you have a consistent message for your customers, you can select software that can queue and repeat the content posting activity.
  • Friendly UI/UX for scheduling, posting, analyzing, and reporting is a must.
  • Do you want exposure on numerous platforms? Find the right balance of time, effort, and energy needs with software offering multi-channel support.
  • Assess the returns on investment from productivity and social media activities perspectives before you decide on the budget
  • Tools that can track, report, and respond to brand mentions are essential.
  • Performance analysis and feedback features are vital for optimizing social media presence.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Social media management software comes for different users, like small agencies, large enterprises, and mid-sized businesses. The best tools are eClincher,, Sprout Social, and Hootsuite.
  • Managers use tools to track, publish, and update their online content. They use only the best social media management software. They rely on Buffer, AgoraPulse, Sendible, Social Pilot, CoSchedule, Zoho Social, HubSpot Marketing Hub, Facebook, etc.
  • Schedulers like SocialBee, SEMrush, MeetEdgar, TweetDeck, etc. are quite popular. Only such top social media management tools facilitate integration, multiple accounts, and unlimited posts. The best tool is Hootsuite, with a breathtaking 150 solutions to amplify business brands.
  • Instagram schedulers help influencers schedule their video postings and track their content. This type of social media management software can also plan auto-posting, product tagging, and location tagging. SproutSocial is the best integrated tool for scheduling content and managing multiple accounts.
  • The top social media management tools have rich features to schedule, publish, monitor, and analyze content. Hootsuite is quite popular, but Buffer emerged as a strong competitor. It has an intuitive UI, smart scheduler, and supports diverse content forms and formats.

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