Best Stock Management Software in 2018

Inventory management software for growing business
Grow your business and streamline your inventory management with Zoho Inventory. Manage multi-channel orders, warehouses, packaging, and shipping, track inventory and integrate with many other applications from a single inventory management software.

HDPOS Software for Retail Stores
HDPOS smart is a feature rich, easy to use Point of Sale billing and inventory management software that is available to you at a very low cost. It has very fastest and easily to checkout which allows to quickly ring up sales, returns, exchange, offers in HDPOS Software.

ProfitBooks Inventory Management

Software BY ProfitBooks
ProfitBooks is amazingly simple and fastest amongst the list of stoxk management system for small businesses. You can easily manage stock, record purchases, create sales orders, maintain warehouses and do much more.

Acme Insight

Billing, accounting and inventory software.
Acme Insight is comprehensive software, specifically made for the Retailers, Wholesalers, and Distributors by considering all the complexities of their business.  


Contalog is a SAAS based platform built for small and medium businesses to get into multiple digital selling channels. Contalog provides a one-best solution for businesses to better their offline and online selling.

inFlow Inventory

Software BY Archon Systems
inFlow Inventory is a stock management system for small and medium size organizations to handle purchase, sales, and inventory management and control. inFlow can help you track stock, take clients orders, reorder stock, create reports, and a great deal more.


Multichannel Stock Management System
Expandly multi-channel stock, inventory & order management platform enables you to sell on sales channels. Expandly is a genuine multi-channel platform that has incorporated with an wide range of commercial centers and shopping carts.


Software BY Veeqo
Veeqo Stock Management System is a cloud based software that manages all your orders, stock and inventory from one easy to navigate dashboard.

Vision Stock

Software BY Ontech Solutions
Vision Stock has been designed specifically as a stock management system software within the wine and spirits industry. It can save your business time and money.

Stock Tracker

Software BY Defy Logic LTD
Stock Tracker is complete stock control system software for retailers, distributors, wholesalers, service providers, resellers, manufacturers and more.


Software BY TradeGecko Pte. Ltd.
TradeGecko is the cloud based online stock management software for successful business managers. TradeGecko manages all your business inventory, stock and relationships for wholesalers.


Free Stock Management System
Spice Works is a Free stock management software and control mobile devices in one spot. Either user is rolling Android, iOS, or Spiceworks MDM can trace details like device type transport and more.

Goods Order Inventory System Pro

Cloud-based inventory management for all platforms
GOIS Pro is an innovative cloud based stock management solution which supports all platforms includes android and iOS.

Integra Trade Plus

Stock Management Software for Traders
Trade plus is a proven quality accounting and stock management system package used by several organizations. It is a single client package with features such as VAT computations, multiple financial years, multiple price rates, cess on VAT calculations, etc.


Free Stock Management Software for SMEs
Canvus apps are built to give Small businesses need innovative solutions that are affordable even free and effective. Stockpile is a free online stock management system excellent support for small and medium sized businesses and at home uses.

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Stock Management Software is used in manufacturing industry to manage inventory, create bills, track product, shipment and predict and manage sales. Businesses of all size and scale use this software to plan efficiently, predict inventory management based on customer behavior, and reduce labor costs & manual errors.

Most of the industries now use stock manager software because:

  1. As the business expands, managing spreadsheets becomes difficult
  2. Increased scope for human error in terms of faulty data entry
  3. Inventory cannot be frequently updated (owing to the size of the stock)
  4. Documents stored might get misplaced or damaged
  5. Analysis of sales results and their prediction becomes a tedious task
  6. Often the manual system may not be in sync with your rapidly expanding business

Stock management is a component of supply chain management that supervises the flow of goods from manufacturers to warehouses and to point of sale. A primary role of this software is to keep a detailed record of each new or returned product as it enters or leaves a warehouse or point of sale.

Feature to look for in a Stock Management System:

Ensuring the right stock is at the right place, at the right time is crucial to manage supply chain process. Stock control software streamlines operations by consolidating sales information, and giving employees access to current and reliable inventory data.

Stock Management System should ideally deliver up-to-date inventory data, financial management and fast, easy reporting capabilities in a single easy-to-use interface. 

We’ve jotted down the features an ideal stock control software should possess:

1) Inventory management

Stock management software being designed for inventory management, the entire inventory stock along with individual items should be visible at all times. Notifications about returns, reorders and inventory that need reorder should be sent regularly.

For ecommerce businesses, the stock management software should integrate with the ecommerce software. This allows tracking of the online sales and physical inventory in stores. Irrespective of the number of websites where you sell, the online sales can be tracked by a single software.

If you’re dealing with perishable items delivery, the stock maintain software should fulfil these needs.

2) Financial tools

A good stock management system allows to update, monitor and implement payment in different currencies, calculate sales tax and automate recurring orders.

3) Administrative features

The stock management software should generate customizable reports based on the information needed at that particular time. Since multiple team members will be operating the software, it should include customizable security access. Suppose in case if some employees need to be shown only the progress while some employees are given permission to make changes.

For those businesses dealing with multiple vendors, the progress of the shipment should be visible across desktops, mobile and tablets. For convenience the mobile app keeps all information on your fingertips.

How do businesses benefit from using Stock Management Software?

Integrating a stock management system with your inventory gives real time updates and decreases human errors. We’ve listed the benefits your business will gain by using this software:

  1. Complete chain visibility : A fully optimized stock management software gives insights about the incoming and outbound product flows.
  2. Forecasting and planning : Along with managing stocks, they predict future product requirements.
  3. Cost effective : By managing and predicting inventory requirements, business owners can utilize the existing shelf space more efficiently.
  4. Scale : With growing business, the stock management software handles growth without having to include new systems. It keeps pace with the scale, be it entering new markets, stocking more inventory, launching new products or expanding customer database.

Key features the buyer should take into account while buying the Stock Management System:

Supporting multiple locations : The stock maintenance software should support inventory handling and tracking from multiple locations and devices.

Centralized : The software should coordinate with physical stores, ecommerce stores and all purchase points.

Support and training : See that the software provider trains your employees in implementation and offers technical support (else you’ll end up paying extra for this necessity!).

Free trial : Ask for a free trial for your employees to try before buying. This is to see if they’re comfortable using it.

Hardware integration : Your desktop, operating system and barcode scanners should support the particular stock management software.

Unlimited users : Check with the software provider that they do not limit the number of users.

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