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Best Student Management System in 2020

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What is a Student Management System?

School management forms an integral part of an education system. However, in this fast-evolving world, it is not quite easy to manage school affairs manually.

Authorities are continuously looking for ways to effectively manage school functions. To better perform these activities and provide an enhanced experience to both students and parents, many schools have adopted student management software.

Student management software is an extensive application that is designed to automate and manage various functions of an educational institution. It acts as a management information system, whereby the large chunk of information related to students, parents, and teachers are stored in a single place.

Furthermore, it is known by many names. Some of which includes, school database management system, student information management system, student ERP system, and more.

A student information system can easily carry out functions like documenting and grading, scheduling classes and other activities, tracking attendance, and other related tasks. In short, it helps schools with managing data, scheduling, and communications.

Features and Modules of Student Management System

Any modern student information management system will accommodate the following features:

  1. Cloud-Enabled:

    Cloud-based Saas service is increasingly becoming popular and all for the right reasons. Having a cloud-based student management software means you can access all the information in real-time from anywhere. Besides, it saves you money by removing the need for installing heavy IT infrastructure. You can choose to host it on the vendor’s server. That’s why educational institutions should consider performing all activities in the cloud.

  2. Admission and Fees Management:

    Student record management system acts as a central database, whereby all the information and documents related to fees, admission, and more are stored. You can easily access all the data whenever you want. By using this module, when you upload the form filled by students, the information automatically gets stored into your system. Thus, the whole admission process becomes a smooth ride as it eliminates the chances of human error.

  3. Attendance Management:

    A student management software is well-equipped with tools that enable easy tracking and maintaining students’ attendance record. Furthermore, any useful model will allow you to automatically send notifications to the respective parents through SMS, email, and messaging.

  4. Student Reporting Management:

    Best student’s academic management system includes a comprehensive reporting management feature. It enables school administrators to generate weekly, monthly, or yearly exam or test reports. Using the system, you can obtain the result for just one student or the entire class. In fact, this feature also helps to keep a tab on the teacher’s progress.

  5. Scheduling and Communicating:

    Communication is the key to manage big institutions like schools and colleges effectively. Using online calendars, schools can easily schedule time tables, meetings, holidays, programs, and events. And, the same can then be easily communicated to the targeted audience, including students, faculty, parents, and alumni via email or SMS feature.

  6. Grading:

    Student management system offers a well-planned web approach for grade books. Firstly, it replaces the traditional paper records. Using the system, teachers can access and upgrade grade books after careful assessment of the students. The system will automatically calculate the final grade based on the points system, standards, and weight average and create the report card. And the same portal is made accessible to the parents, where they can check reports of their kids using smart devices.

  7. Faculty Management:

    A lot of people are involved in running a school — teachers, administrators, stakeholders, and other staff. Manually maintaining and tracking their work records, payroll calculation, and managing their leave can be quite tedious. An online student management system provides a separate portal where all the information about them are maintained. Using that portal, you can access their schedule, manage their attendance, and review their personal details.

  8. Library Management:

    Managing a library means keeping track of issued and returned books, fine collected, generating unique students library card, etc. These are the daily activities that go inside a library. School database management system is tuned to perform these basic transactions. For instance, if the due date to return the book is approaching, it will automatically send reminders to the members. Besides, some software can generate auto reports for the book condition, fine collected, etc.

10 Reasons Why to Invest in a Student Management System

School management software has managed to ease the task of admins, teachers, staffs, and others through a multi-functional platform. Here are a few reasons why we think investing in an online student management system is vital for your institution:

  1. Robust Administration:

    If you are an experienced educator, you would know how a strong administration process can help run a school smoothly. It is a crucial factor that helps in enhancing the learning experience of students. To name a few, a school management software can take care of the admission procedure, keep track of both teachers and students attendance and leave status, and have access to the student board results anytime with just a click.

  2. Acts as A Central Database:

    Managing a school means maintaining records of thousands of students, teachers, stakeholders, and more. Earlier the files were maintained manually, and if anyone wanted to find any information, it meant searching through hundreds of files kept securely in a room. It was a complete waste of effort and time. However, with the implementation of the school database management system, you can access all the information from a single place. It not only saves you time but also ensures that all the data are kept safe.

  3. Effortless Fee Management:

    The main focus for any school should be — how to improve the students’ learning experience and not get consumed in paperwork. Using student management software, you can easily automate the task of sending out school fee reminder to the parents. This is an effective method as it also minimizes late fee issue by sending alerts about fees that have not been paid. Besides, parents don’t even have to stand in a queue to get their turn for paying school fees. The system automates a cost-effective collection process and allows parents to pay fees online and on the go.

  4. Efficient Course and Subject Management:

    All the school spends a lot of time in planning the course curriculum for their students. The best student management system provides support to teachers, students, and parents who are able to track progress for multiple courses. It allows them to use their in-class and after-class time efficiently. Their built-in tools help manage task assignments and send them to students through a well-designed system. This system ensures that no student is left behind in a particular year, and parents stay up-to-date with their child’s performance.

  5. Monitors Students’ Performance:

    Student ERP system enables teachers to keep track of the student activities, such as their grades, disciplinary issues, and more. The school can monitor the student’s progress record on each assignment. The solution enables them to share comments on specific student actions, share news and information relevant to students, and communicate with them one on one via SMS or the inbuilt messaging system. This results in personalized attention to every student and enhances their learning experience.

  6. Reduces Communication Gap:

    Every parent wants to be involved in the nitty-gritty of their child’s activities. The school ERP system connects school and parents directly. All the information about their child’s development and learning progress is communicated via SMS or emails. It increases teachers and parents interactions. Furthermore, school ERP system allows parents to access their child’s grades, results, attendance, and more. It enables them to make decisions about their education more efficiently. In short, it makes the whole communicating process easy between parents, teachers, stakeholders, etc.

  7. Organizes and Simplifies Daily Tasks:

    Using school ERP system enables administrators to smoothly and effectively run a school. The system has a dashboard that gives a block-wise view of all the useful data on a single screen. All the important sections are highlighted. The dashboard is quite simple to navigate, and it allows teachers and administrative staff to add, update, and view their everyday work easier. The most significant advantage is that the best student management software comes with an easy-to-use interface, which can be accessed by a non-tech savvy person too.

  8. Better Exam Management:

    Another core benefit of using school management system is that it can accommodate any examination format. Some schools prefer multiple-choice format to essay style exams. Whatever your choice may be, you can conduct exams in any format with the help of school ERP system. The system also includes a report generating module which calculates all aspects of grading automatically. And, these reports can also be viewed by the parents using any device.

  9. Easy Homework Management:

    The biggest advantage of using student management software is that it streamlines everyday activities. The students can easily download, complete the assignments and projects, and upload the same into the system. It allows both parents and teachers to keep a tab on their student’s homework status. Best student management system offers easy customization and integration. Students can customize colour, add images, videos, or other attachments.

  10. Manageable Inventory:

    Every school needs to be well-stocked with items like school supplies, books, uniforms, stationeries, and more. A student database management system updates the inventory in real-time, keeps the school informed about the available stocks and the ones that are about to run out. It can automatically create a purchase order as well.

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