Best Student Management System

List of the best student management systems are PowerSchool, MasterSoft, EduOrbit, Blackbaud, and Ellucian Banner. It helps securely store and manage student records in one place and provides a superior student management experience.

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List of 20 Best Student Management System

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Category Champions | 2024

Digitize your school and become future ready now

Teachmint is leading multinational corporation and creator of the Integrated School Platform (ISP) with over 15 million users in 25+ countries. Available in 20+ languages, the ISP is a school operating system empowering all stakeholders. Read Teachmint Reviews

Best Student Management System for Your School

Vidyalaya is the powerful and topmost company to provide the solution for the students' management. This is the interactive platform for the students, teachers, parents, administration, and management. Students can submit their homework, assignments, and projects and get every announcements and news. Read Vidyalaya School ERP Reviews

Most Reviewed

Emergents | 2024

Best student database management information system

MasterSoft SIS works as a centralized database whereby all the information related to students are stored. It helps the institutions to manage every single detail about students in an organized and cost-effective way. Besides, multiple users can access at the same time.  Read MasterSoft Reviews

Contenders | 2024

Cloud-based school management software

Fekera acts as a student ERP system, which provides a complete 360-degree solution to the student management system. From taking care of students admission process to settling of fees online, and maintaining attendance record, it does it all. Read Fekara Reviews

Emergents | 2024

A leading school management software

PowerSchool is changing the way a school runs. With the help of technology, this school management system attempts to unify back office with the classroom to put everyone on the same team. It’s a great system which helps realize students’ full potential. Read PowerSchool Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Safe and secure school database system

Edu-Orbit is an online student management system that follows a modular approach. For starters, you can choose as many numbers of modules you want. Besides, it allows teachers to create their teaching and evaluation plan and generate a performance report on the same. Learn more about EduOrbit

Emergents | 2024

Scalable student database management system

Campus Management is one-of-its-kind student database management system. It optimizes configuration and streamlines administration processes. Some of its modules include course management, sending notification alerts, enrollment, and billing, etc. Learn more about CampusNexus

Emergents | 2024

New-generation student management system

Unit4 Student Management is one of the most flexible and scalable systems you will come across. It supports students and staff throughout every stage of the student lifecycle. The software is compatible with mobile devices and offers an intuitive interface to use. Learn more about Unit4 Student Management

Category Champions | 2024

Smart Classes software is the best tuition or coaching class management & online learning system. It is the most user-friendly & affordable Saas based system allow users to use It from web, andoird or IOS devices Read Smart Classes Reviews

Category Champions | 2024

Best Student Management System in India

Help your school save time, improve enrollment, and fulfill its mission. Gradelink has everything your school needs, all in one place. Integrated with Google Classroom, Office365, Apple School Manager, Renaissance Learning, and more. Read Gradelink Reviews

High Performer | 2024

All in one College & School Management Software

Fedena is a multipurpose school management software which is used by thousands of educational institutions worldwide for all administration, management and learning related activities. Read Fedena Reviews

Category Champions | 2024

Cloud based School Management ERP Software

Jupsoft eConnect-K12 is an integrated and comprehensive School ERP for educational institutions to manage their complete IT solutions and communication between stakeholders. Jupsoft having experience of 15 years with more than 1000+ clients PAN India and overseas. Read Jupsoft eConnect Reviews

High Performer | 2024

HDSchool is a comprehensive software solution that automates day to day activities of Educational Institution. Easily manage Admissions, Fees, Student attendance etc.. Read HDSchool Reviews

Contenders | 2024

Edumarshal helps make your campus an eCampus, with a rich collection of features suitable for schools, colleges, universities, and other learning & training institutes. Request a Free Demo Today! Read Edumarshal Reviews

Contenders | 2024

Instant. Interactive. Intelligent

ClassTotal is a cloud based complete class management software for coaching classes, institutes, schools, colleges, pre-schools, computer classes etc. With a very simple UI it requires just a few minutes a day to manage your institute. Read ClassTotal Reviews

Category Champions | 2024

100% usable & affordable, Beautiful ERP software

SchoolTime has acheived one objective-100% usable, affordable & beautiful ERP software. This Student management system is built with scientific approach in UX to make SchoolTime usable. Schools can go live with this solution in less than 30 seconds without the need of any ICT knowledge or resources. Pure Self-Service SaaS application for end user delight.  Read SchoolTime Reviews

Contenders | 2024

One of the best student management systems, FollowClass is well-equipped with a robust set of tools required to run a school effectively. It offers a personalized school app to help connect teachers, students, and parents directly and have real-time communication. Learn more about FollowClass - Online Exam Portal

Emergents | 2024

Robust school management software

Shrivra is an all-in-one solution to running a school effectively. It offers a comprehensive set of features, which includes fees management, subject and course management, and more. Besides, it can be accessed from anywhere, using any device — laptop, smartphone, or tablet.  Read Shrivra Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Cloud-hosted student management system

OpenSIS is a flexible and secure school information system that is available to K-12 and higher education institutions. With its intuitive interface, the software is quite accessible. Its specialty lies in its reporting capabilities — it can run and analyze your organization’s progress. Read openSIS Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Transparent approach to classroom management

Skyward is an evolving school database management system, which is aimed at improving the learning experience of K-12 students. It offers a complete management suite, including office and administration, classroom tools, family engagement, student services, and more. Learn more about Skyward Student Management

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student management system guide

What is Student Management System?

A student management system is a tool designed to track, manage and maintain student records, including attendance of students, fees, progress, grades, and their interactive classroom activities.

School management forms an integral part of an education system. However, in this fast-evolving world, the student management system is not relatively easy to manage school affairs manually.

Authorities are continuously looking for ways to manage school functions effectively. As a result, many schools have adopted student management software to perform these activities better and provide an enhanced experience to both students and parents.

Student management software is an extensive application designed to automate and manage various functions of an educational institution. It acts as a management information system, whereby a large chunk of information related to students, parents, and teachers is stored in a single place.

Furthermore, it is known by many names. These include the school database management system, student information management system, student ERP system, etc.

A student information system can easily perform functions like documenting and grading, scheduling classes and other activities, tracking attendance, and other related tasks. In short, it helps schools manage data, scheduling, and communications.

Benefits of Student Management System

The several advantages of the student management system are not limited to the following:

  1. Best Online Interaction:

    Student management software offers a collaborative platform for interaction between students, teachers, and parents. This is beneficial for educational establishments that provide e-learning system courses. In addition, the challenging times of the covid-19 pandemic further establish the use of student management systems.

  2. Omni Access:

    It is easy to access student management software from anywhere in the world. Thus, it brings global functioning to all educational institutes and comforts parents to access their student’s results.

  3. Improved Transparency:

    Many times, parents and teachers feel concerned about the school’s transparency. The student management system brings clarity for parents to stay updated on their kids’ development.

  4. Reducing Workload and Improving Productivity:

    All staff members of the educational institutes can focus on their responsibilities as data management is best handled by student management software. It thus helps in improving the productivity of educational institutes. Many educational institutes have reported increased admissions and online reputations after using digital technology.

  5. Saving Natural Resources:

    It is best to eliminate the carbon footprint of your educational institute by using student management systems that use cloud technology.

  6. Quick and Effective Communication:

    There are no delays in communicating to parents and students when schools use student management software.

Features and Modules of Student Management System

Features and Modules of Student Management System

Any modern student information management system will accommodate the following features:

  1. Cloud-Enabled:

    Cloud-based Saas service is increasingly becoming popular for the right reasons. Having cloud-based student management software means you can access all the information in real time from anywhere. Besides, a student management system saves you money by removing the need for installing heavy IT infrastructure. Instead, you can choose to host it on the vendor’s server. That’s why educational institutions should consider performing all activities in the cloud.

  2. Admission and Fees Management:

    Student record management system acts as a central database, storing all the information and documents related to fees, admission, and more. Therefore, you can easily access all the data whenever you want. Furthermore, using this module, when you upload the form filled by students, the information automatically gets stored in your system. Thus, the whole admission process becomes a smooth ride as it eliminates the chances of human error.

  3. Attendance Management:

    Student management software is well-equipped with tools that enable easy tracking and maintaining students’ attendance records. Furthermore, any useful model will allow you to automatically send notifications to the respective parents through SMS, email, and messaging.

  4. Student Reporting Management:

    Best student academic management system includes a comprehensive reporting management feature. The student management system enables school administrators to generate weekly, monthly, or yearly exam or test reports. Using the design, you can obtain the result for just one student or the entire class. This feature also helps to keep a tab on the teacher’s progress.

  5. Scheduling and Communicating:

    Communication is the key to managing big institutions like schools and colleges effectively. For example, online calendars allow schools to easily schedule timetables, meetings, holidays, programs, and events. And the same can then be easily communicated to the targeted audience via email or SMS, including students, faculty, parents, and alumni.

  6. Grading:

    The student management system offers a well-planned web approach for grade books. Firstly, it replaces traditional paper records. Using the design, teachers can access and upgrade grade books after carefully assessing the students. The system will automatically calculate the final grade based on the points system, standards, and weight average and create the report card. And the same portal is made accessible to the parents, who can check reports of their kids using smart devices.

  7. Faculty Management:

    Many people are involved in running a school — teachers, administrators, stakeholders, and other staff. Maintaining and tracking their work records, payroll calculation, and managing their leave can be tedious. An online student management system provides a separate portal where all the information about them is maintained. Using that portal, you can access their schedule, manage their attendance, and review their details.

  8. Library Management:

    Managing a library means keeping track of issued and returned books, fine collecting, generating unique students' library cards, etc. These are the daily activities that go inside a library. The school database management system is tuned to perform these basic transactions. For instance, if the due date to return the book is approaching, it will automatically send reminders to the members. Besides, some software can generate auto reports for the book condition, fines collected, etc.

10 Reasons Why to Invest in a Student Management System

Reasons Why to Invest in a Student Management System

School management software has managed to ease the task of admins, teachers, staff, and others through a multi-functional platform. Here are a few reasons why we think investing in an online student management system is vital for your institution:

  1. Robust Administration:

    As an experienced educator, you would know how a vital administration process can help run a school smoothly. It is a crucial factor that helps enhance students' learning experience. School management software can take care of the admission procedure, keep track of both teachers' and students' attendance and leave status, and have access to the student board results anytime with just a click.

  2. Acts as A Central Database:

    Managing a school means maintaining records of thousands of students, teachers, stakeholders, etc. Earlier, the files were maintained manually, and if anyone wanted to find any information, it meant searching through hundreds of files kept securely in a room. The student management system was a complete waste of effort and time. However, you can access all the information from a single place by implementing the school database management system. It saves you time and ensures that all the data are kept safe.

  3. Effortless Fee Management:

    The main focus for any school should be to improve the student’s learning experience and not get consumed in paperwork. Using student management software, you can easily automate sending out school fee reminders to the parents. This is an effective method as it also minimizes late fee issues by sending alerts about fees that have not been paid. Besides, parents don’t even have to stand in a queue to get their turn to pay school fees. The system automates a cost-effective collection process and allows parents to pay fees online and on the go.

  4. Efficient Course and Subject Management:

    All the school spends a lot of time planning the course curriculum for their students. The best student management system supports teachers, students, and parents who can track progress for multiple courses. It allows them to use their in-class and after-class time efficiently. Their built-in tools help manage task assignments and send them to students through a well-designed system. This student management system ensures no student is left behind in a particular year, and parents stay up-to-date with their child’s performance.

  5. Monitors Students’ Performance:

    Student ERP solution enables teachers to track student activities, such as grades, disciplinary issues, etc. The school can monitor the student’s progress record on each assignment. In addition, the solution enables them to share comments on specific student actions, share news and information relevant to students, and communicate with them via SMS or the inbuilt messaging system. This results in personalized attention to every student and enhances their learning experience.

  6. Reduces Communication Gap:

    Every parent wants to be involved in the nitty-gritty of their child’s activities. The school ERP system connects schools and parents directly. All the information about their child’s development and learning progress is communicated via SMS or email. Student management system increases teachers' and parents' interactions. Furthermore, the school ERP system allows parents to access their child’s grades, results, attendance, etc. Student management system enables them to make decisions about their education more efficiently. In short, it makes the whole communication process easy between parents, teachers, stakeholders, etc.

  7. Organizes and Simplifies Daily Tasks:

    Using a school ERP system enables administrators to run a school smoothly and effectively. The student management system has a dashboard that gives a block-wise view of all the valuable data on a single screen. All the critical sections are highlighted. The dashboard is quite simple to navigate, allowing teachers and administrative staff to add, update, and view their everyday work more accessible. The most significant advantage is that the best student management software has an easy-to-use interface, which a non-tech-savvy person can also access.

  8. Better Exam Management:

    Another core benefit of Using the student database management system is that it can accommodate any examination format. For example, some schools prefer multiple-choice format to essay-style exams. Whatever your choice may be, you can conduct exams in any form with the help of the school ERP system. The system also includes a report-generating module that automatically calculates all aspects of grading. And student management system reports can also be viewed by the parents using any device.

  9. Easy Homework Management:

    The most significant advantage of using student management software is that it streamlines everyday activities. The students can easily download, complete the assignments and projects, and upload the same into the system. It allows both parents and teachers to keep a tab on their student’s homework status. In addition, the best student management system offers easy customization and integration. Students can customize color and add images, videos, or other attachments.

  10. Manageable Inventory:

    Every school must be well-stocked with supplies, books, uniforms, stationery, and more. A student database management system updates the inventory in real-time and informs the school about the available stocks and those about to run out. It can automatically create a purchase order as well.

Latest Trends in Student Information Management Systems

Latest Trends in Student Management Software

The latest and promising trends in student management software are not limited to the following:

  1. Virtual Classrooms:

    The student management software best follows the challenging times of the covid-19 pandemic and remote learning. It creates an effective platform for students, teachers, and parents to interact without being physically present in one place.

  2. Digital Data Management:

    From the online assessments to records, the student management system ensures all types of effective data management.

  3. Automated Processes:

    Processes like admissions, attendance, salaries, results, online examination conduction, and data analytics are best managed by student management software under one roof.

  4. Handling Finances:

    It is easy to handle all school finances using the student management system. In addition, cloud-based systems further ensure the security of financial management.

  5. 5. Mobile Apps:

    With most of the world accessing the internet through mobile devices only, student management software offers mobile apps to facilitate quick and effective access globally.

Top 8 Student Information System Software

The advent of student information system (SIS) software is a centralized system that automates school data management processes. This software allows teachers, students, administrative staff, and parents to access all the information they need on their desktops and mobile phones.

If you are considering deploying student information system software for your academic institution, here’s a list of the best solutions. We recommend evaluating your requirements as you assess these software solutions and pick the best fit your needs.

1. PCR Educator

The PCR Educator school management software has high-end features for end-to-end school management. Whether its updating schedules, time tracking, report generation, generating quotes and invoices, fundraising, event management, online ordering, or onsite pickup, PCR Educator can automate and optimize all such school-related chores.

PCR Educator


  • Class Schedules: Minimize staff resources with online course selection, walk-in scheduler, cross-divisional scheduling, and more.
  • Student Billing: Build enrollment agreements from the admissions, collect online deposits, generate invoices, and collect fees in an automated manner.
  • Reporting: Derive insights into student data, create personalized reports, and share them with parents without hassles.


  • Intuitive and centralized dashboards
  • CMS Connect system for effective communication and data sharing
  • Seamless communication among students, teachers, staff, and parents


  • Lacks provision to customize specific data fields
  • Not suitable for colleges and universities

Pricing: PCR Educator’s is free if you charge a percentage of the tuition fee (0.4-0.8%) from the parents. But if you plan to invest in PCR Educator’s SIS software, you can opt for plans ranging between $500/month and $1650/month.

2. MasterSoft

MasterSoft is a comprehensive SIS that harnesses the latest technology to render an efficient and intuitive school management solution. Its features can fulfill the needs of schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions. The cloud-based solution ensures ease of access and superior functioning.



  • Library Management: Manage the library’s cataloging, circulation, and accessioning processes from a single place.
  • E-Reporting: Go paperless and let MasterSoft generate e-reports with a simple button click.
  • Fee Collection: Utilize the benefits of online fee collection and payments portal integration and embrace e-payments.


  • 24/7 access with a dedicated mobile app
  • Supports multiple payment modes
  • Supports RFID smart cards, biometric integration


  • Not available as an on-premise solution
  • Lacks event management feature

Pricing: Available on request. Fill out the form and the reps will get in touch with you. You can also schedule a demo.

3. Vidyalaya

Vidyalaya is not a simple student information system software. Besides, it comes with components that make it suitable for HR management, accounting, and inventory management. Vidyalaya is ideal for both schools and colleges as an integrated platform for students, parents, teachers, administrators, and the school’s management team.



  • Admission Management: From admission inquiry to admission forms and follow-up details, it automates every aspect of the admission process.
  • Attendance Management: Record subject-wise, daily, monthly, yearly, and cumulative, and access more such attendance forms.
  • Student Assessment: Conduct hassle-free assessment irrespective of the board - CBSE, ICSE, IB, or state board.


  • A comprehensive suite of applications
  • Third-party integrations simplify management chores
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface


  • Lacks particular emphasis on students
  • Some features may be unnecessary

Pricing: Price on request. You can ask for a free demonstration.

4. Orbund

The Orbund SIS software has provided reliable LMS, SIS, and CRM solutions to educational institutions for the last 14 years. With its ease of flexibility and scalability, Orbund delivers highly customized solutions to universities, colleges, institutes, and other educational entities.



  • Full-Service Instructor Portal: Get access to online course materials, tests, attendance, grade books, and more.
  • Self-Service Student Portal: Right from accessing class schedules to progress reports, class materials, and making online payments, students can manage everything on their own.
  • Integrations: An end-to-end student lifecycle management system open to third-party integrations.


  • Flexible and scalable
  • Ease of data exchange with 3rd party apps
  • Packed with numerous features


  • Not suitable for schools
  • May appear confusing at first

Pricing: Custom pricing on request. You can schedule a free demo at your convenience.

5. Ellucian SIS

Ellucian is a credible student information system software provider with a wide range of education, ERP, and SIS solutions. It offers five variants – Banner, Colleague, PowerCampus, Quercus, and Elevate. The credibility of Ellucian student information system software is evident because more than 2500 college and university customers use Ellucian.

Ellucian SIS


  • Registration: It helps students register with an online system from their mobile apps with global registration models.
  • Advising: It enables advisors to access student profiles to guide students toward their goals.
  • Administration Tools: From streamlining the process to posting grades to importing grades from Excel, it simplifies the process.


  • Powerful analytics and reporting tools
  • Dedicated solutions according to the types of institutions
  • Particular focus on real-time functioning and seamless communication


  • Complications with customizing and integrating SIS and ERP
  • Takes time to get familiar with the functioning

Pricing: Price on request. You can also schedule a free demo. 


If you are looking for user-friendly, interactive, and power-packed student information system software, the EDUHAPPY solution will not disappoint. Apart from being a brilliant SIS software solution, you can also use EDUHAPPY as an LMS. From managing student affairs and uploading courses and lessons to keeping track of everything, you can do it all with the assistance of EDUHAPPY.



  • Gradebook: It enables teachers to enter grades for students’ coursework. Students can access them and determine their progress.
  • Parent Portal: It makes it easy for parents to view their child’s progress and connect with the concerned teachers as and when required.
  • Asynchronous Learning: With online video courses, self-guided lesson modules, and more, EDUHAPPY delivers asynchronous learning to students.


  • Particular emphasis on faculty management
  • User-friendly interface
  • Affordable pricing


  • Minor bugs 
  • Slow functioning in case of poor internet connection

Pricing: You have to pay $1 per user per month to use the EDUHAPPY SIS software.

7. SmartClass

With premium features like multi-campus support, a customized mobile app, API support, and over 200 modules and 300 plugins, SmartClass is one of the best SIS solutions available today. The cloud-based solution runs 44 data centers across the globe, thereby ensuring 99.99 percent uptime.



  • Student Inquiry Management: It manages everything from student inquiry registration to integrating white-label inquiry forms on the website.
  • Staff Management: Staff can log in, access the assigned screens, and mark their attendance on a single portal.
  • Fees Management: It enables you to create course-wise fee structures, collect fees, generate a receipt, and send fees due reminders.


  • Easy to configure and customizable
  • Multi-language support
  • SmartClass app or dedicated school app
  • Seamless third-party app integrations


  • Not a comprehensive ERP solution
  • A little expensive than other SIS solutions

Pricing: Contact SmartClass reps to know about pricing details. They have a straightforward pricing policy and no hidden fees. Schedule a free demo.

8. Student Support Time

Student Support Time (SST) is a no-nonsense school management software that bridges the gap between teachers, students, and parents. It keeps both teachers and students accountable for every task. Integration with other tools will be beneficial if you plan to enhance SST’s functionality.

Student Support


  • Student Dashboard: Students can self-schedule their day and request help if required.
  • Schedule Access: It allows students to view their current and upcoming schedules.
  • Teacher Office Hours: Students can determine the availability of teachers and connect with them for any queries.


  • Dedicated solution for managing education-related chores
  • Resource center for teachers
  • Keeps students accountable for every aspect


  • Not suitable if looking for a comprehensive solution
  • Limited communication mediums

Pricing: Price on request. Ask for a free demo to assess SST functioning and capabilities..

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All data related to students and other details remain safe and secure in the student management system. Thus, you don’t have to worry about any unauthorized access to the school’s confidential data.

Student management systems help faculty to manage their schedules and communicate with each other about students. In addition, this system simplifies information tracking for parents, administrative staff, and students.

It is easy to use a student management system as different service providers offer detailed training to the staff of different schools. This training, along with 24*7 customer support, ensures that schools can optimize the potential of student management software.

Last Updated: January 02, 2024