Best Subsidy Management software

MI Subsidy

Software BY Maruti Computers Pvt. Ltd.
With a mission to improve and increase the performance the Micro Irrigation (MI) for Horticulture and Non Horticulture crops across every region in all states of India, web based software for centralized subsidy allocation and management monitoring software is developed.

PHP Video Portal Script

Software BY PHP Scripts Mall
PHP scripts mall introduces newly developed software with all latest features implemented. We retain advanced banner management system, category management system and e-mail subscription login. The user gets more wishlists when shared with social media for a product.

Ten Mast

Software BY Tenmast Software
Tenmast is created to manage all kind of housing. various subsidies and dynamic properties are completely tracked and automated as much as possible. Tenmast is produce for clients needs.


Software BY Bosch Software Innovations
BOSCH PLM is to make successful management of product lifecycle from design to development is an essential aspect of product development. That is useful companies need the robust solution and that can assist them throughout of product lifecycle.


Software BY Controltec Inc
Using KinderTrack agencies can maintain their subsidized childcare plans and streamline the method of creating payments. KinderTrack simplifies the tasks associated with maintaining subsidized childcare programs by automatically manage family and child eligibility


Software BY Strategic Information Technology (SIT) Ltd
SIT Software for managing government lending and subsidies. It is typical that all development loan or subsidy program often has specific items that require being tracked over time to support give sufficient data.


Software BY Maruti Computers Pvt. Ltd.
MCL is web based software for centralized subsidy allocation and supervision monitoring software is produced. Its software is an end-to-end tool which simplifies and help the entire method of release of subsidy to the beneficiaries.


Software BY Stratech Software Solutions
Stratech has the difficult task of maintaining subsidy simple solution its grant management application Stratech. Subsidies are a great tool for municipalities and provinces to achieve policy goals. The social and financial importance is great. Subsidizing should promote a just provision and efficient use of the reward.


Software BY RealPage Inc
Eliminate double entry and the requirement for multiple applications by seamlessly combine accounts receivable solution with compliance rule. quickly track subsidy and resident accounts receivable with multiple ledger capabilities.

MultiSite Systems

Simply maintain properties with multiple subsidy contracts. The entire general Tax Credit solution. Concurrent Multiple Subsidy Qualifying. It is accessible, Faster, Cost useful than any other software.

DayCare Works

software is Integrated billing and state third party subsidy and food program management tools save time and more up collections. select subsidy payments in one step to multiple families and produce invoices for excellent subsidy payments.


Software BY Programica
LogiCentre RSG was made to improve control private home daycare or subsidized home daycare provider. It was developed with the aim of being easy to use and to be very automatic.

Msg Life

Software BY msg life ag
Products subsidized under the Riester system have been among the drivers of growth in the financial services industry for many years. In the meantime, their portfolios have support at a high level. It has method related to the topics of the housing Riester system and the home subsidy report.


Software BY Formpipe Software AB
Formpipe's solutions for subsidy management offer an organization many benefits in the form of shorter lead times increase flexibility and a reduced margin of error. Formpipe produce and performs a number of different solutions with a focus on the automation of subsidy and case management processes.


Software BY Beta Technology
The Canteen Subsidy Management System was complete with the main objective to help a client to manage staffs' daily subsidy in the factory's canteen. the client had started the subsidy program by allocating physical print of subsidy vouchers while at the same time.

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