Best Succession Planning Software

Best succession planning software includes Mercer Mettl 360View, UltiPro, Oracle Taleo, ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll, and EmployeeConnect. Succession plan software helps organizations train for turnover by determining and developing employees to fill critical roles.

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List of 20 Best Succession Planning Software

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Contenders | 2024

360 Feedbacks with The Most Employee-Friendly

360View is Mercer | Mettl’s customizable and 100% secure cloud-based platform that enables organizations to conduct smooth and seamless 360-degree feedback for all their employees. Read Mercer Mettl 360View Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Cornerstone Performance organizations finally have the performance management technology that enables managers to benchmark employee performance and align employee activities with organizational strategy while still providing continuous, meaningful feedback. Read Cornerstone Performance Reviews

Most Reviewed

Emergents | 2024

Software by Ultimate Software

Ultimate provides cloud base all the strategic HR functionality in one solution. This delivers most flexible, functional payroll engine. Can track all of the employee personal info, benefits information, performance management and more. Read UltiPro Reviews

Emergents | 2024

PeopleFluent is total workforce HCM technology company. more time they spend with candidates, the faster positions get filled. It is a recruiting delivery strategy, helping successfully achieve talent aspirations. Read PeopleFluent Reviews

Contenders | 2024

workday Professional Service Automation System is a cloud-based software that gives resource management, portfolio manage and project leader, and secure data & financial data. It is to manage fully workforce automation lifecycle in a system and an easy links unstaffed job opening requisitions for external fulfillment in the software. Read Workday HCM Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Applicant Tracking System by Oracle Corporation

The Oracle Taleo Cloud Service enables enterprises and midsize businesses to recruit top performers with the right cloud talent skills, aligning them to key goals and performance while developing and compensating them appropriately. Read Oracle Taleo Reviews

Contenders | 2024

TalentSoft is cloud-based solution for talent management App. Trusted by more than 1500 customers and 8 million users in 100 countries. Supports 25 languages. It is characterizing the eventual fate of HR. Having dedicated team for enhancing cooperation between HR, directors, and workers with the sharpest, most natural and most adaptable Talent Management solution. Read Talentsoft Reviews

Emergents | 2024

ELMO is the leading employee onboarding platform to provide Talent management, Workforce investigation and effective tools to consistently manage recruiting, onboarding, learning, performance management, progression and HR Core. Read ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll Reviews

Emergents | 2024

HR platform that covers entire employee lifecyle

Emptrack is a user-friendly and easy to configure HR Platform covering the entire employee life cycle. It provides real-time visibility of data for quick decision-making and has a dedicated support desk to answer any queries. Read Empxtrack Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Explore powerful simple to use solutions simply configured to join a unique business need introduce the sample for workflow is driven HR Software, EmployeeConnect gives the solutions & tools to connect & transform workforce behind the traditional boundaries of HR, with complete control. Read EmployeeConnect Reviews

Contenders | 2024

Award-Winning Employee Performance Management Soft

CRG emPerform provides easy-to-use, affordable, and effective employee performance management software to help organizations eliminate manual processes and grow a long-term, ongoing performance management process to align, develop, reward, and retail top talent. Read CRG emPerform Reviews

Contenders | 2024

Talent Successor is a fully featured Succession Planning Software designed to serve SMEs, Agencies. Talent Successor provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows. This online Succession Planning system offers Succession Management, 360 Degree Feedback, Goal Management, What If Scenarios, Performance Management at one place. Read Talent Successor Reviews

Contenders | 2024

TalentQuest is a fully featured Performance Management Software designed to serve Agencies, Enterprises. TalentQuest provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows. This online Performance Management system offers Skills Assessments, Weighted Performance Measures, Compensation Management, On-going Performance Tracking, Succession Planning at one place. Read TalentQuest Reviews

Emergents | 2024

PageUp Recruiting is a fully featured Applicant Tracking Software designed to serve Startups, Enterprises. PageUp Recruiting provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows. This online Applicant Tracking system offers Assessments, Background Screening, Recruiting Firms, Self Service Portal, Matching Engine at one place. Learn more about PageUp

Emergents | 2024

This HR software can be used for monitoring various aspects of employees including engagement in work, appraisal for smart work, etc. It allows you to assign goals, collect real-time feedback and reward employees based on their key performance metrics. Learn more about TalentGuard

Emergents | 2024

Software by Saba Software

SABA HR is one of the best and cloud-based HR Software. Manages whole the process from set goal, achieve it to the performance planning for the individual employee and also, for the team. Support with the mobile app too. An operation is quite easy and simple & provide a platform to built and collaborative talent. Learn more about SABA HR

Emergents | 2024

Software by SumTotal Systems, LLC

SumTotal compensation management software helps you quickly handle approvals and add compensation decisions. If using this compensation software, you can completely eliminate the need for manual budgeting and reward management process from your organization's workbook. Learn more about SumTotal Talent

Emergents | 2024

Ascentis is the latest and greatest, web-based solution, all the updating of tax and regulations are developed and installed automatically. It is automated and streamlines core business processes to save time and money. Learn more about Ascentis

Emergents | 2024

viaPeople Succession Planning is a fully featured Talent Management Software designed to serve Enterprises, Startups. viaPeople Succession Planning provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows. This online Talent Management system offers Organizational Charting, Training Management, 360 Degree Feedback, Goal Management, Succession Planning at one place. Learn more about viaPeople

Emergents | 2024

The employee engagement software that is positive and result oriented is important for any organization. With Cornerstone, it is possible to motivate employees to perform better at each and every touchpoint. It helps provide clarity across the board. Learn more about Cornerstone OnDemand


As new technological advancements emerge, their prominent effect can be seen in the business sector. Many software applications today help businesses make their operations more straightforward and focus on their core objectives. And in the list of software that helps businesses today, succession planning software is important.

Succession planning is a crucial part of talent management strategies and is also important for an organization's future. But just like any other software, it has a lot of options, too. Thus, we have listed the 20 best succession planning systems to make it simple for you. Moreover, you will also learn about the benefits, features, and factors to consider, as well as succession planning software market trends.

What is Succession Planning Software?

Succession planning software is a technology that helps an organization identify and then develop potential leaders and successors for leadership positions. In simple terms, it helps find future leaders who have the potential to keep moving the company in the right direction.

Moreover, with regular monitoring and evaluation, this software also identifies the skill gaps in the current workforce and helps organizations work on these gaps. Hence, the employees can be more engaged when they learn what they are missing about their roles. That's why succession planning software also leads to improved employee retention.

What are the Benefits of Succession Planning Software?

While the functionality of a succession planning tool as a business tool sounds great, you will be surprised by its benefits to any organization. Not only one, but it has multiple benefits for an organization, and here are five main benefits of it:


  1. Supports Business Continuity

    The leadership roles of an organization are undoubtedly the most important for business continuity. However, a transition is always required for these roles as the time of retirement comes close or if there's a risk of employee turnover in the leadership role.

    With succession software, you can ensure a smooth transition by onboarding future leaders without any turbulence in the business operations.

  2. Increases Employee Engagement

    An employee doesn't only work to withdraw a monthly salary but to evolve and get promoted within the organization. So, it's crucial to identify their efforts and act accordingly; otherwise, it may lead to a lack of engagement from employees when you fail to give them what they deserve.

    The succession planning systems help to identify opportunities for promotions for employees, which makes them feel valued and boosts their morale. Hence, it ultimately helps in enhancing employee engagement in the company.

  3. Maintains Loyalty to the Organization

    When you offer your employees growth opportunities, it demonstrates the organization's commitment to their development. This nurturing of employees fosters loyalty, which also increases employee retention.

  4. Helps in Improving Performance Management

    Performance issues are evident when skill gaps are present in a company's entire workforce. Hence, filling these gaps is important but challenging as well. However, be it the identification of these gaps or working on them to improve performance, succession management software helps a lot.

  5. Minimizes Recruitment Costs

    The higher the role you are hiring for, the higher the cost of hiring can be. However, with internal succession planning, these costs to the company can be reduced. When you promote an employee to fill a higher post, the costs like sourcing hiring services, screenings, hiring, and onboarding are eliminated, saving money and time.

What are the Features of the Succession Management Software?

Now that you know what benefits a succession planning software offers, let's look at the features of a succession planning framework and management software.

Here are the seven most important features of a succession planning software -


  1. Talent Identification

    When you implement succession planning software, it is not just to fill the positions when they get empty. It helps in continuous talent identification and management. So basically, the talent identification process starts from the bottom and goes up to the top positions.

  2. Skill Gap Analysis

    If there are skill gaps in your employees, you may fail to get 100% of their capability. The reason is that missing employee skills don't let you utilize the employee's potential around that skill. However, this gap analysis feature in succession planning software allows skill gaps to be analyzed and filled properly.

  3. Career Planning

    This HR succession planning software feature helps employees define their own career paths and pathways in the organization. So, it lets them follow a data-driven career plan instead of moving randomly.

  4. Performance management

    Knowing how your employees are doing is important, but how will you do that? The answer is simple: with the performance management feature of succession planning software. It helps you identify areas for improvement in an employee while also helping to evaluate the employee based on goals and objectives.

  5. Succession Planning Frameworks

    It is one of the main features of succession management software. It allows you to create a framework for succession planning where you can outline potential successors and the steps needed for their succession. Hence, it helps the employee be guided to the next step in the organization.

  6. Talent pools and pipelines

    This feature helps you to keep a record of top talent in your organization to develop talent pools. Simply put, Talent Pools are the potential employees you can consider for promotion. At the same time, talent pipelines include the elements important in a candidate for a particular top role in an organization.

  7. Training and Development Tools

    Training and development are important to succession planning. It includes the resources with which you can facilitate an employee's continuous learning and development for higher roles in the organization.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Succession Planning Software?

As we discussed earlier, there are many options for succession planning software, which can make sorting one out of the many a little tricky. However, a few factors can help filter the best succession planning software for your organization. So, let's look at these factors now.


  • User Interface (UI): The user interface of a succession planning tool must be simple so that navigating through it doesn't come as a task to the HR department. Moreover, some features are necessary for an easy UI. It includes maximum visual elements, comparison tools, and a customizable dashboard.
  • Usability: A smooth experience with succession planning software requires good usability. Here, you need to assess the software's points, like ease of implementation, training requirements, and support services.
  • Seamless Integration: Look for the software's ability to integrate with other software, such as HR software, to feed employee data with no effort. It's crucial so that the operation of it can be made simpler and more efficient. It can help you minimize the manual input, making it straightforward, less time-consuming, and error-free.
  • Cost: Lastly, the cost of implementing succession planning software is also a factor to determine while choosing one for your organization. If the software has simple pricing, then it's easy to calculate. However, pricing on quotes is also not a bad price scheme if the company provides you with a custom solution.

Market Trends in Succession Planning Software

As technology evolves, some recent market trends in succession planning software have emerged. You must look for four market trends in your succession planning software.


  • AI and Predictive Analytics: As AI takes over many fields, it debuted in the succession planning software. However, it's not surprising enough, as this software ultimately works to identify potential successors based on data. So, AI-powered predictive analytics will help it make its work more accurate.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Focus: The developers are now considering creating software that can judge potential talent based on multiple aspects that vary according to the job role. So, this diversity and inclusion focus makes a lot of sense.
  • Leadership Development: Adding tools and resources to improve employees' journey in terms of developing their leadership qualities is also a new emerging trend in succession planning software. It helps the organization to groom their employees better for future opportunities.
  • Cloud-Based Solutions: Last but not least, it is cloud-based. Not only succession planning software but other business software are also migrating to become a cloud-based solution to shed the load off the shoulders of organizations to manage their own physical databases.


Succession planning software is undoubtedly helpful for identifying the right talent within your organization for key leadership positions. Moreover, it also helps to promote leadership development among your employees.

However, having the best succession planning software is more important than having any succession management software for long-term success. The software mentioned above is some of the best you can find, and you can choose any of them based on your needs.


The cost of a succession planning tool can vary depending on its features. However, this software starts from around Rs. 600 per month and goes up to Rs. 3000 per month. Moreover, some companies don't have transparent pricing for their software and provide pricing based on customization.

Succession planning is focused on planning the development and succession of employees to higher positions to keep the business running smoothly. Hence, it focused on identifying and developing internal talent for leadership roles.

On the other hand, talent management practices cover a wider range of activities where the primary objective is human capital management. So, it not only focuses on developing talent through the training of employees but also the recruitment of the right people in the organization.

The four stages of the formal succession planning process are:

  1. Sponsorship from CEO: Succession planning must be done in collaboration with the organization's CEO. So, it's the first step to involve the CEO actively. 
  2. Identification of Leadership Positions: Secondly, you need to identify the positions that will soon be empty or are at risk of getting abandoned. 
  3. Find the High-Potential Employees: With the help of succession planning software, look for high-potential employees for the positions based on employee performance. 
  4. Train them for the new responsibilities: Since a succession role comes with new responsibilities, it's important to prepare the compatible talent for what they must go through and manage in their new roles.

HR plays an important role in succession planning. One of the primary and critical roles of the HR team in any organization is to monitor the performance of employees and give them appraisals. Now, the succession planning process for leadership changes is also quite similar, so keeping HR at the center of it is important to assess the talent pool for top roles.

Last Updated: April 16, 2024