20 Best Competitors and Alternatives to SVGator

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You can design awesome videos, but you can also make basic logos. You can place them in expert markups. The monthly fee is affordable! Read Renderforest Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Common Renderforest and SVGator Alternatives

Renderforest review compared to SVGator

"Anyone can do graphic artist work with Renderforest" - Janet N Love


Wondershare is very amazing software for video editing. I use this software personally. It's interface is really easy to use any person can understand very easily. Read Wondershare Reviews

Starting Price: $5 One time

Common Wondershare and SVGator Alternatives

Wondershare review compared to SVGator

"Review about Wondershare" - BK photo pose


The best video making software for marketing purposes for individuals and business as well. Recommended using this if you are a beginner in video making. Hugeassets library makes us easy to create an awesome video. Read Vyond Reviews

Starting Price: $49 Per Month


Vyond VS Doodly

Common Vyond and SVGator Alternatives

Vyond review compared to SVGator

"Best software" - abhay


Blender is open-source software. Beginners are friendly to users. Every month add-on will be provided in the blender marketplace. Low-end pc also runs this blender software. No need highly recommend pc. Read Blender Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request



Blender VS Leopoly

Common Blender and SVGator Alternatives

Blender review compared to SVGator

"This is best 3d modelling software.easy to use for beginners " - santhosh gta


Online Community and Resources: After Effects has a vibrant online community with numerous tutorials, forums, and resources available. This helps users enhance their skills, learn new techniques, and troubleshoot issues. Read Adobe After Effects Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Common Adobe After Effects and SVGator Alternatives

Adobe After Effects review compared to SVGator

"Adobe After Effects" - Burar


The software our company has been using for the past two years is unbelievable and is the best in every dimension of the field. It's perfect and reliable and incredibly Awesome Read Unity Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request



Unity VS Blender

Common Unity and SVGator Alternatives

Unity review compared to SVGator

"Best in class software " - Dr Dhamaka


I thoroughly enjoyed using Doodly. My mundane weekly tasks creating video content suddenly sparked creativity and innovative solutions when I switched to this software. The interface is well-designed, intuitive, and easy to use. The content I have created using Doodly has been we... Read Doodly Reviews

Starting Price: $39 Per Month

Free Trial

Common Doodly and SVGator Alternatives

Doodly review compared to SVGator

"Innovative and fun solution to spark creativity " - Ria Sooknarine


Autodesk PDMC Collection was very useful software for designing and development of products, its consist of both 3d & 2d, and it was very helpful for our organisation to complete task in shortest possible time. Read Autodesk Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Mobile App
Free Trial

Common Autodesk and SVGator Alternatives

Autodesk review compared to SVGator

"Autodesk Software Review" - Gaurav Sinha


Animation Paper is a full 2d animation software for pupils, filmmakers, and developers. Simple and easy to use for users and give the powerful solution. Complete packaging with feature i.e high quality, smooth rotation of view, customizable by u... Learn more about Animation Paper

Starting Price: $79 Onetime

Free Trial

Common Animation Paper and SVGator Alternatives


Moovly is one of the best animation software for generating videos by stock media objects. East to share videos to one stage to another stage also customizable by users requirements. This computer animation is particularly designed for all size ... Learn more about Moovly

Starting Price: Available on Request

Free Trial

Common Moovly and SVGator Alternatives


Dragonframe is the best animation software. Attributes i.e cinematography, update audio files, lighting, modern instruments for drawing, excel sheet for reminder and timing, multiple displays for camera setting, recording and track the audio and vide... Learn more about Dragonframe Software

Starting Price: Available on Request

Free Trial

Common Dragonframe Software and SVGator Alternatives


Adobe Animate is a multimedia authoring tool used for creating 2D animations, interactive content, and multimedia applications. It supports vector graphics, offers a range of animation tools, and allows for exporting projects in various formats suc... Learn more about Adobe Animate

Starting Price: $23 Per Month

Free Trial

Common Adobe Animate and SVGator Alternatives


PowToon is the best animation software for making business and education video. Simple and easily share on youtube. This best animation software is a modern and developing the site to increase traffic on that. Learn more about PowToon

Starting Price: Available on Request

Free Trial


PowToon VS OpenToonz

Common PowToon and SVGator Alternatives


Transform boring data into stunning visual formats right from your browser with Visme. Present your stories in the form of most engaging and powerful design, presentation, infographics, and more. Leverage ready-made templates and grab people's at... Learn more about Visme

Starting Price: Available on Request

Free Trial

Common Visme and SVGator Alternatives


I'm recommending pixteller.com to all my collaborators and coworkers because it's easy to use and has a lot of futures that I did not find anywhere else! Read PixTeller Reviews

Starting Price: $7 Per Month

Free Trial

Common PixTeller and SVGator Alternatives

PixTeller review compared to SVGator

"The best online animation tool I've ever used" - Pomirleanu


Nice software easy to use and handle keep good data search is good. Read DigiCel FlipBook Reviews

Starting Price: $20 Per Copy

Free Trial

Common DigiCel FlipBook and SVGator Alternatives

DigiCel FlipBook review compared to SVGator

"Easy to use" - Ayan


Saola Animate is one of the best animation software for making html5 animation and interactive web content. Expert qualities increase your productivity i.e timelines, scenes, sprite sheets, auto-keyframes, symbols and different shapes of de... Learn more about Saola Animate

Starting Price: $79 Full License/Single User

Free Trial

Common Saola Animate and SVGator Alternatives


Source Filmmaker is what helps you to give shape to your creativity. This animation software has easy editing tools, shape modification facilities, and final product sharing platforms. It ensures videos are tagged and marked properly. Learn more about Source Filmmaker

Starting Price: Available on Request

Common Source Filmmaker and SVGator Alternatives


Great software Great Price Great Value. Become a rapid movie maker in a fraction the time. No need to be a 3D expert. Read Muvizu Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Free Trial


Muvizu VS PowToon

Muvizu review compared to SVGator

"Brilliant one of a kind software" - Greg Z Fainberg

Last Updated: December 08, 2023