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List of 20 Best Talent Marketplace Platform

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Platform by Workday, Inc

Are you looking for a straightforward and user-friendly talent marketplace software for your company? Well, you can go blindly behind the Workday HCM software. It simplifies HR operations and makes hiring more accessible than ever. The platform provided by Workday HCM acts as a middleman and connects job and job seekers. Read Workday HCM Reviews

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Engage, Communicate, and Track Candidates!

iCIMS empowers organizations to streamline the talent acquisition process and simplify applicant tracking onto one easy-to-use applicant tracking system. Make quality hires, streamline processes, engage the right candidates, and monitor key metrics all within one powerful application. Read iCIMS Talent Reviews

SAP SuccessFactors is a cloud-based human resources management system (HRMS) that enables your employees to complete their tasks more efficiently. This exceptional talent marketplace software empowers your workers through various training programs and skill development courses. In addition, by using this software, companies can easily engage with the right talented people and recruit them. Read SAP SuccessFactors Reviews

Maximising Objectivity

Transform your hiring process into science with AI using the talent marketplace platform XOPA AI offers. XOPA AI software is a leading and intelligent platform that assists all-size businesses in simplifying their recruitment process. With this software, HR people can quickly identify talented people and are available at an affordable cost. Read X0PA AI Reviews

Platform by Virkware

Virkware is one of the best talent marketplace platforms that allows its users to harness the potential of their skills and unlock all the possible opportunities they have in the job market. The platform provided by Virkware helps job seekers integrate all the skills they possess and paves a successful path for career growth. Learn more about Virkware

Platform by Randstad RiseSmart

Randstad RiseSmart is a familiar talent marketplace software that empowers mid-level companies to achieve operational efficiency by boosting their employee lifecycle. It brings more visibility and transparency to employee engagement; this paves the path for the company's growth. The platform helps employees to understand their roles and improve their work efficiency. Learn more about Randstad RiseSmart

Platform by Liberwin Technologies Private Limited

The talent marketplace platform offered by the Liberwin software simplifies the talent discovery process of an organization. The software Liberwin provides real-time insight to the management on how to enhance employee productivity. Also, it assists the HR department team to increase the mobility and engagement of potential candidates on recruitment drives. Learn more about Liberwin

Platform by HRForecast

smartPeople is a fully featured Talent Marketplace Software designed to serve Startups, SMEs, Enterprises. smartPeople provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App. This online Talent Marketplace system offers Skills Management, Talent Marketplace at one place. Learn more about smartPeople

Platform by Gloat

Are you looking to unlock your employee's potential and boost their careers? You should make use of the talent marketplace platform provided by Gloat Software. By using the skills-based models of Gloat software, companies worldwide hire talented people who help achieve business goals without any hassles. Learn more about Gloat

PeopleFluent is among many talent marketplace software that helps all-size organizations manage and develop their internal worker skills. It motivates all employees to do complex tasks and helps businesses achieve better operational efficiency. The tool has all the essential features that a comprehensive HR department seeks. Learn more about PeopleFluent Talent Mobility

Platform by Hitch Works

Hitch offers a complete end-to-end talent marketplace platform to large-scale enterprises to meet their rising need to build a highly potential team for growth. With this platform, the HR department can easily create, reskill, and upskill the existing workers and hire new potential talent according to the needs of real-time projects. Learn more about Hitch

Platform by Promovere

Instead of running behind various talent marketplace platforms, organizations can prefer Promovere software for building a solid internal workforce by understanding their role in the company's growth. Promovere offers an excellent digital marketplace enabling all-size businesses to enhance their employees' skill sets. Promovere software uses Machine Learning techniques to improve employee's intelligence. Learn more about Promovere

Optimize Your Workforce with Fuel50! Power interna

Fuei50 offers a powerful talent marketplace platform that empowers enterprises to identify the right talents around the globe and improve their internal talent ecosystem. The software helps HR departments to match smart people based on their skills and core values. This enables management teams to pick the right person for the potential role. Learn more about Fuel50

Platform by Degreed

If you are looking for a talent marketplace platform, consider Degreed, an intelligent LXP that is directly tied to learning and up-skilling. Degreed builds individuals’ skills from robust learning processes and skill-building programs. Degreed software enables enterprises to hire on-demand resources based on their interests, skills, and preferences. Learn more about Degreed

CloudDevs is a tech talent platform offering highl

CloudDevs is your go-to tech talent platform, offering over 8000 pre-screened remote senior developers and designers for hire. Find and hire highly-vetted, time zone aligned, tech talent who are hand-picked for your project requirements within 24 hours. Learn more about CloudDevs

Platform by Phenom People

Phenom software is an AI-based talent marketplace platform designed to help businesses from all verticals efficiently manage the talent experience. This easy-to-use software encourages skill development through on-demand user learning programs. Phenom's comprehensive platform allows companies to elevate operation excellence by enhancing employees' skills and abilities. Learn more about Phenom

Platform by Neobrain

Are you looking for talent marketplace companies to get a software solution to enhance your employee's skills for your company's growth? Then, approaching Neobrain would be the best option. The AI-based digital solution provided by Neobrain helps companies identify the essential skills of internal employees and focus on all possible ways to improve them. Learn more about Neobrain

Platform by Eightfold, Inc

Eightfold is an AI-powered software that helps businesses find the right talent through its diverse tools. The talent marketplace platform of Eightflod enables recruiters to speed up the hiring and retention process without any lack of operational efficiency. It brings talented people to light and makes you hire them for business development. Learn more about Eightfold

Platform by 365Talents

365Talents is one of the best talent marketplace platforms in today's market. With the power of Artificial intelligence, 365 Talents software offers an exceptional platform that helps the HR department tackle all the internal employee needs. Also, it allows management to keep track of their employee's skills and progress even after hiring. Learn more about 365Talents

Platform by ProFinda

ProFinda is the most innovative way for organizations to improve their workforce skills to meet the rising demands of changing business conditions. The talent marketplace platform provided by ProFinda enables business leaders to make an informed decision to meet the internal talent marketplace's needs and optimize the work's skills. Learn more about ProFinda

Platform by Beamery

Among several talent marketplace companies offering AI-powered platforms to hire quality candidates, the Beamery software stands unique with its peculiar features. Apart from delivering a frictionless experience to HR managers, this software makes it easy to set up cross-functional projects. Employees can easily unlock their skills by using this software efficiently. Learn more about Beamery

Platform by TalentGuard

TalentGuard is a performance management system that offers an undoubtedly simple, flexible, and robust talent marketplace platform that boosts the potential of the workers. Business leaders can also find an easy and effective way to achieve their goals with this TalentGuard software by enhancing essential employee skills. Learn more about TalentGuard

People Intelligence Platform that helps organizati

Apart from being a talent marketplace platform and helping organizations find a desired talent pool of candidates, the Nestor software enables management to unlock the hidden skills of workers and drives more efficiency. Using this Nestor software, companies from any vertical can quickly achieve workforce agility, high performance, and continual growth. Learn more about Nestor

Platform by Paddle HR

Paddle HR is a fully featured Recruitment Software designed to serve SMEs, Enterprises. Paddle HR provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App. This online Recruitment system offers Internal HR at one place. Learn more about Paddle HR

Platform by Prismforce

Prismforce is a fully featured Talent Management Software designed to serve SMEs, Startup, Agencies, Enterprises. Prismforce provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App. This Talent Management System offers Onboarding, Performance Management, Recruitment Management, Dashboard, Compensation Management at one place. Learn more about Prismforce

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iCIMS Talent 4.5(2 Reviews)

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X0PA AI 5.0(1 Review)

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SAP SuccessFactors 5.0(1 Review)

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Last Updated: August 24, 2023