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List of Best Taxation Software | Top System in 2020

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What is Taxation Software?

A taxation software is a computer software meant for helping individuals, firms, and companies in tax preparation and filing returns for various types of taxes ranging from income tax, corporate tax, VAT, service tax, customs as well as sales tax. The tax filing software simplifies for you the process of filing taxes by systematically walking you through all the tax forms and guiding you through various issues, and subsequently, it accurately and automatically calculates all your tax obligations.

Features of Taxation Software

Features of Taxation Software

If you are looking for a tax return software, then here are some of the must-have features you must find in a good online tax software:

1. Informative and Straightforward User Interface

In an utterly busy life, one can find it very unpleasant to work on a tax filing software with an utterly complex user interface. A tax return software having a simple yet informative dashboard can thus prove to be the best tax software. This way, you can get the job done quickly in fewer clicks and that too very easily. Also, it’s essential for a tax return software to show you various MIS reports upfront to enable taking quick and effective decisions for your business.

2. Data Security

Currently, in the digital age, data security is one of the must-haves in every software, especially in online tax software. Owning a secure tax return software will help you in protecting your confidential business information from almost all of the potential threats.

3. Multi-platform Adaptability

The tax return software must be accessible through multiple platforms such as desktop, tablet, and mobile phones. This will ease out the process of online return filing, and you can thus comply with all government norms in a quick and timely manner.

4. Flexibility

Some of the best tax software are flexible enough to integrate with your existing systems. This feature of the tax return software will prevent the need for setting up your master data once again in the new taxation software.

5. Tax Filing Software Brings In Cognizance

The online tax software must be able to keep you up-to-date by sending you alerts of all upcoming events related to the taxation process. Thus you can rest assure that no tax-related deadlines get missed and your business can be carried on seamlessly through the tax filing software.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Tax Software

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Tax Software

It’s essential to determine the advantages and disadvantages of online tax software before purchasing one. Here, we have listed all the significant advantages and disadvantages of online tax software:

Advantages of Taxation Software:

1. Helps You Maximize Your Tax Deductions

With changes being made in the tax laws every year and many new types of deductions being added to the list, you are sure to miss availing some significant tax savings. A tax return software ensures that you get all possible tax deductions and thus enjoy a great amount of savings.

2. Allows Filing Tax Returns From Your PC

With the use of a tax filing software, you can quickly e-file your taxes. E-filing your taxes will enable you to get faster refunds and that too without any hassles.

3. Taxation Software Prevents The Risk Of Any Audit

A taxation software checks all your errors before you file your returns. You also get a guarantee from some software companies against calculation errors; i.e., the software company will redeem you of the penalty in case of an audit, and also pay you with additional interest on it.

4. Gives You Easy Answers To Tax FAQs

Of course, you may also get answers to tax-related FAQs through Google search. But an online tax software can give you the closest answers to your queries and even straight to the point and easy-to-understand.

5. Taxation Software Enables Storing Taxes On Your PC

It can be quite challenging to keep a record of all tax-related information such as rate of taxes, HSN code, SAC, date of applicability of tax, date of change in tax rate, b/f input tax credit amount of previous tax period, etc. But some of the best tax software in online versions allow you to store your taxes in secure servers. Thus you can access your taxes at any time, and from any place.

6. Saves A Lot Of Time

The online tax software saves a lot of your precious time; this is because, since the different tax rates are already saved in the software, you don’t need to enter them time and again and you get automatically calculated taxes. Secondly, you don’t have to go and physically submit the forms to the government offices, but you can easily do it from anywhere through the tax filing software; thus saving yourself a lot of time.

Disadvantages of Taxation Software:

1. Using Tax Filing Software Requires Computer Skills

There are many people still who don’t know how to operate various functions on the computer. For someone who doesn’t have good knowledge of operating a computer, it can prove to be a little difficult to use tax software. Thus it may take a lot of time for them to fill the electronic forms, and may not find the taxation software so useful.

Tax Software Market Trends

People all over the world are loving taxation software as it saves them a lot of time and offers a great deal of convenience while paying taxes. Apparently, the global tax software market is also expected to witness amazing levels of growth in the near future. The huge growth in the demand for IoT devices and also the availability of cloud-based software at truly economical prices are also major contributors to a boom in the tax software market.

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