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Best Competitors and Alternatives to TechSoup

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Product Description

I have been using this software for six years and with its help, I can easily manage the daily deleted tickets and keep my tickets on schedule which automatically releases from ON-HOLD status without entering any command. Now can easily search licens... Read ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Reviews

Starting Price: $8 Technician/Month

Common ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus and TechSoup Alternatives

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus review compared to TechSoup

"The easiest solution to manage daily asset works" - Vatsalya


Product Description

Though FreshService has helped us to streamline the IT service desk management of our organization, the disappointment that it brings with its reporting tools can be overlooked. The software lacks a lot in this filed. However, it is very easy to use and the training provided b... Read Freshservice Reviews

Starting Price: $19 Agent/Month Billed annually

Common Freshservice and TechSoup Alternatives

Freshservice review compared to TechSoup

"Comes with easy integration. Disappoints in reporting." - Nembou


Product Description

Very well suggested softwares. We can use on daily basis. Thanks for giving suggestions. Value for money - 3 / 5 Support - 4 / 5 Overall - 4 / 5 Just started to use it so i can provide more details further. Read RemotePC Reviews

Starting Price: $0 Forever

Common RemotePC and TechSoup Alternatives

RemotePC review compared to TechSoup

"Good to use" - Ruchish


Product Description

I like that you get to test out HubSpot to enable one to make an informed decision. My marketing campaign became effective as sales grew by 48 percent in just seven months. HubSpot email templates are top-notch, and the open rate is over 85 percent. Read Hubspot CRM Reviews

Starting Price: $45 Per Month

Common Hubspot CRM and TechSoup Alternatives

Hubspot CRM review compared to TechSoup

"The Robust Marketing Tool That Delivers" - Joel Okoli


Product Description

awesome software to use with clients and the user friendly. At the same time it contains very good option to work with it. Really great one to use n will recommend all to use this software. Kudos to you. Read Olark Reviews

Starting Price: $17 Agent/Month

Olark review compared to TechSoup

"Easyness of Olark" - Naveen Pabreja


Product Description

It is the best Platform which reduces the work time and increases efficiency of work with so many features like LiveAgent, Einestine Bots, Omni Channel Routing and many more. Read Salesforce Reviews

Starting Price: $25 User/Month

Free Trial

Salesforce review compared to TechSoup

"Excellent Platform To Perform Daily Tasks Smoothly" - Pooja Raut


Product Description

It's great to use jIRA for distributed agile teams. It has Integration with slack and other communications tools which makes it super helpful to communicate. However, the work logging feature can be improved. It's not intuitive to use. Read Jira Reviews

Starting Price: $0 Per Month

Free Trial

Common Jira and TechSoup Alternatives

Jira review compared to TechSoup

"Comprehensive tool for Agile Projects" - Prateek Gupta


Product Description

We have customized zendesk to send customized notification triggers to ensure team get real-time notification along with severity of the ticket. It helps in communicating real-time and also give an option of chat with browser extensions which is really commendable. Read Zendesk Reviews

Starting Price: $19 Agent/Month

Free Trial

Common Zendesk and TechSoup Alternatives

Zendesk review compared to TechSoup

"Zendesk - Must for Customer Ensurance" - Manishh Arora


Product Description

User-friendly and reliable tool to help customers, I like that you can create filters for the different type of tickets you might have. It bugs when login, it could be improved but overall is a very useful tool that runs smoothly and is ideal to support the customers through cha... Read LiveAgent Reviews

Starting Price: $9 Agent/Month

Free Trial

Common LiveAgent and TechSoup Alternatives

LiveAgent review compared to TechSoup

"Awesome tool" - Carina De Dios


Product Description

If you think ProProfs Help Desk is just another ticketing system, you are highly mistaken. It is much more. In addition to managing your tickets, you can hold live chat interactions to grow your sales, create a knowledge base to reduce ticket volume, and share surveys to monitor ... Read ProProfs Help Desk Reviews

Starting Price: $30 Per Month

Free Trial

Common ProProfs Help Desk and TechSoup Alternatives

ProProfs Help Desk review compared to TechSoup

"Become a customer support pro with ProProfs" - Ashu Raj


Product Description

Wolken Software is a privately held company with offices in Palo Alto, CA and Bangalore, India, helping modern organizations transform their relationships with customers and employees with our service management solutions. Learn more about Wolken Enterprise ServiceDesk

Starting Price: Available on Request

Free Trial

Common Categories with Wolken Enterprise ServiceDesk:

CRM Software | IT Service Management Software

Common Wolken Enterprise ServiceDesk and TechSoup Alternatives


Product Description

Atera help in my organisation to manage all the security and compliance in a single centralized console. Using a single centralized console easily monitor all the device which was integrated with atera, easily patch update and software by a single click, also provide real time... Read Atera Reviews

Starting Price: $99 Per User

Free Trial

Common Atera and TechSoup Alternatives

Atera review compared to TechSoup



Product Description

Kaseya VSA is an integrated IT systems management platform that can be leveraged seamlessly across IT disciplines to streamline and automate your IT services. Kaseya VSA integrates key management capabilities into a single platform. Learn more about Kaseya VSA

Starting Price: Available on Request

Free Trial

Common Kaseya VSA and TechSoup Alternatives


Product Description

Neeyamo is a leading technology-enabled global payroll and Employer of Record solutions provider for multinational and micro-multinational corporations worldwide. Ignite your payroll revolution today! Learn more about Neeyamo

Starting Price: Available on Request


Product Description

The Ticketing Software is what you will expect it to be. Easy to configure according to your preferences. Just have to read the FAQs in their knowledge base to further understand the function of the submenus. A prepared application in the Google Playstore and App Store is a bi... Read Faveo HelpDesk Reviews

Starting Price: $5500 Onetime

Free Trial

Common Faveo HelpDesk and TechSoup Alternatives

Faveo HelpDesk review compared to TechSoup

"Ticketing System that I've been looking for" - Maulen Carla


Product Description

Managing your project portfolio isn't easy! Cherwell project portfolio management software goes beyond simple planning and collaboration and aligns all your projects with key strategic corporate objectives with instant visibility & status acr... Learn more about Cherwell

Starting Price: $150 Per Month

Free Trial

Common Cherwell and TechSoup Alternatives


Product Description

Expense management system provides automated end-to-end solution. The application provides Google distance which will help you to reconcile with claim. Employees can check the status of claim and payment. Learn more about Easyform

Starting Price: $1 User/Month

Free Trial

Common Easyform and TechSoup Alternatives


Product Description

It allows us to monitor numerous granular functions, including comprehensive IOPS and IO visibility. Other advantages include better capacity planning, interface possibility with DPA and SAM storage, different reporting solutions and OOB alert choices. Read SolarWinds Reviews

Starting Price: $2995 Onetime

Free Trial

Common SolarWinds and TechSoup Alternatives

SolarWinds review compared to TechSoup

"Capable part of any major corporate surveillance strategy" - Aditya Pathak


Product Description

I must say that Ivanti IT Asset Management has redefined the asset management operations. Before its implementation in our organization, we were struggling hard to have a constant check on your asset related operations. The mobile app is also the great help. Read Ivanti IT Asset Management Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Free Trial

Common Ivanti IT Asset Management and TechSoup Alternatives

Ivanti IT Asset Management review compared to TechSoup

"The software is highly useful to have a constant check on your software resources" - Gigi

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