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Very easy to keep everything organized and to keep track of everything. We are a small and growing e-commerce business using Hiver for 2+ years. It helps to keep everything from being lost in the shuffle and allows us to share important information about our clients amongst the t... Read Hiver Reviews

Starting Price: $13 User/Month

Mobile App


Hiver VS Gmelius

Common Hiver and Thunderhead Alternatives

Hiver review compared to Thunderhead

"They are fantastic at onboarding. They kept offering follow ups even when everybody was up and using it." - Waleed Farooq


Absolutely brilliant I always use this application it is really very well and I can said that it can give you much better results belong to others apps. Read Dialpad Reviews

Starting Price: $20 User/Month


Dialpad VS Exotel

Common Dialpad and Thunderhead Alternatives

Dialpad review compared to Thunderhead

"Review about gym insight" - Shah wali Mustafa


HubSpot CRM helps us to engage and interact effectively with our customers through meetings and live chatting. It help us improve our customer relationships and satisfaction which translates to us having successful business. Read Hubspot CRM Reviews

Starting Price: $45 Per Month

Mobile App

Common Hubspot CRM and Thunderhead Alternatives

Hubspot CRM review compared to Thunderhead

"Giving customers a reason to smile with HubSpot CRM. " - Phoebe Alisha


awesome software to use with clients and the user friendly. At the same time it contains very good option to work with it. Really great one to use n will recommend all to use this software. Kudos to you. Read Olark Reviews

Starting Price: $17 Agent/Month

Common Olark and Thunderhead Alternatives

Olark review compared to Thunderhead

"Easyness of Olark" - Naveen Pabreja


WhatsApp is a rock-solid messaging app that uses end-to-end encryption by default for all Chats and Group Chats. It gives people and businesses. Real time position and status sharing is also amazing. Read WhatsApp Web Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request


Common WhatsApp Web and Thunderhead Alternatives

WhatsApp Web review compared to Thunderhead

"My personal Review on Whatsapp" - Skiptracer


Sell.Do property portal integrations have diversified our reach, allowing us to effortlessly manage property listings across multiple platforms. This feature has increased our efficiency in marketing properties and reaching a broader audience. Read Sell.Do Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Mobile App
Free Trial

Common Sell.Do and Thunderhead Alternatives

Sell.Do review compared to Thunderhead

"Effortless listing and more reach " - Ganesh Choudhary


I'm delighted to hear that your experience with Salesforce has been positive. Salesforce is renowned for its robust customer relationship management (CRM) platform, offering a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline and enhance various business processes. Read Salesforce Reviews

Starting Price: $25 User/Month

Mobile App
Free Trial


Salesforce VS Anaplan

Common Salesforce and Thunderhead Alternatives

Salesforce review compared to Thunderhead

"Satisfactory" - Ali Haider


This app is very good service including more options such as more groups and channels, you can make a draft messages to send any time later and save massage Read Telegram Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request


Common Telegram and Thunderhead Alternatives

Telegram review compared to Thunderhead

"Good app" - Dalia Salah


Around two years i was wondering around a website (Aakash Education) and found chat support by Zendesk. I found it very helpful that i could ask my doubts directly to the support team and answers comes in no time. From then onwards i am using Zendesk on most of the website (where... Read Zendesk Reviews

Starting Price: $19 Agent/Month

Free Trial


Zendesk VS Opsgenie

Common Zendesk and Thunderhead Alternatives

Zendesk review compared to Thunderhead

"Easy Accessibility " - Manav


Landbot is an easy to use, no-code answer for making conversational chatbot applications. Everyday applications consolidate the advantages of an intelligent casual point of interaction with rich UI components while computerizing progressed information work processes like business... Read Landbot Reviews

Starting Price: $39 Per Month

Free Trial


Landbot VS Intercom

Common Landbot and Thunderhead Alternatives

Landbot review compared to Thunderhead

"my persanel review on landbot" - raza saab


WherEver Chat lets you create a custom click-to-chat link. This link can be embedded anywhere online- yellow pages, facebook, email signature, google ad etc. Free trial for one month. Learn more about WherEver Chat

Starting Price: $12 User/month

Free Trial

Common WherEver Chat and Thunderhead Alternatives


Octadesk puts together the key sales and service networks in a centralized structure, where you can plan, handle, and evaluate customer conversations. Learn more about Octadesk

Starting Price: Available on Request

Free Trial

Common Octadesk and Thunderhead Alternatives

#13 is a platform which allows organizations to get started on WhatsApp Business API and built complex chatbots according to their use cases. Learn more about

Starting Price: $42 Per Month

Free Trial

Common and Thunderhead Alternatives


Amity is the world's most powerful solution for customer engagement. Provide all the features for customer success. Automatically capture customer's frustration, suggestions, and quarry and update it. Help sales team to improve conversions. Learn more about Amity

Starting Price: Available on Request

Free Trial


Amity VS Zendesk

Common Amity and Thunderhead Alternatives


KAEM -Customer Loyalty Program Software. Customers are provided with a Membership Card which can be swiped at payment counters for availing the applicable offers and discount. Learn more about KAEM-Customer Loyalty

Starting Price: $295 One Time

Free Trial

Common KAEM-Customer Loyalty and Thunderhead Alternatives


I used loyalty-deals to grow my restaurant business. I am satisfied with the ROI that I got from using this Customer Engagement Software. It ran a good SMS marketing campaign for us. Bringing new customers is difficult, it requires well planned marketing campaigns also not to for... Read Loyalty Deals Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Free Trial

Common Loyalty Deals and Thunderhead Alternatives

Loyalty Deals review compared to Thunderhead

"A well-planned marketing campaigns at low budget." - Mahi


Miosalon is fantastic! The user-friendly interface, extensive features, and excellent customer support make it the perfect choice for managing my salon efficiently. Highly recommended Read MioSalon Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Free Trial

Common MioSalon and Thunderhead Alternatives

MioSalon review compared to Thunderhead

"MioSalon Software" - Vivin Richard


Listen360 is a comprehensive customer engagement software. It provides you with ideas to impress your customers. It provides you with real-time alerts about customers grievances, even on nights, so that you can respond right away. Learn more about Listen360

Starting Price: Available on Request

Free Trial

Common Listen360 and Thunderhead Alternatives


Jive Interactive Intranet provides a complete AI-powered hub for company communication, collaboration, employee engagement and strategic alignment. Learn more about Jive Software

Starting Price: Available on Request


Common Jive Software and Thunderhead Alternatives


We provide a cloud-based platform that gives sales teams access to deep analytics and insight into how customers interact with content over email, on the phone, and in person. ClearSlide increases seller productivity, sales management effectiveness, ... Learn more about ClearSlide

Starting Price: $35 Per Month

Free Trial

Common ClearSlide and Thunderhead Alternatives

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