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Best Time Tracking Software in India

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What Is Time Tracking Software?

Time is the essence of all business. With the help of time tracking software, from freelancers to multi-national corporate; every business can record the time spent on various tasks. Time tracker software is a kind of computer software which is prevalent across all industries. The primary use of this software is to keep a track on all time-related activities, and ensure that there’s no effort wastage. Its integrated features, innovative characteristics, and flexibility make it beneficial for its end-users.

Features of Time Tracking Software

There are mainly two kinds of time tracking software- timesheet and time-recording. The former is manually handled by the users, where they enter the time spent on different jobs. Contrary to this, the latter automatically records and updates work done on computers. Irrespective of its type, typical time tracker software has the following noteworthy features:

  1. Easy Set-up & Installation: The software is easy to install and operate. Companies can follow three basic steps- adding new users (the employees), sending the link, and finally they proceed.

  2. Live Record of Business Hours: Time Recording software provides live and updated records of all hours including time taken for a specific task, time spent within the organization, login and logout time, and other time-related activities.

  3. Integrated Google Maps: There are customized software which comes with integrated Google maps and also displays the location where data entry has been mapped on Google. Thus, not only in office, it is also useful for those working on fields and sites.

  4. High Integration with Other Software: Time tracking software and be effectively integrated with customer support software, accounting and payroll software, project management software and other kinds of software, specific to each business. It can also be well-integrated with other data-driven, virtual business tools.

  5. Presence of Mini-Camera:  Many software has in-built mini-camera which helps to capture a snapshot of the employees. Besides this, it also captures the keyword stock and movement of mouse.

  6. Personalization: This is one of the most sought-after features, which enable the end-users to add their customized notes to each of their activity, customer and project. The software also has varieties of timelines and background. All such features make it compact, accurate and highly reliable software.

Advantages of Time Tracking Software

With all the above common features; freelancers, hourly employees, full-time professionals, and the entire business can benefit in the following ways:

  1. Enhances Productivity: Based on the kind of software, it helps companies to identify who fits where, and thus increase productiveness at work. As a result, employees are satisfied at their job; they love it, and enjoy it. This makes them more prolific than ever. Thus, employee morale and the performance of the organization, as a whole drastically increase. 

  2. Motivates Professionals: Certain software like Method CRM, Fanurio, and Clevork influences motivation among all workers, including freelancers, hourly paid employees and full-time professionals. Each second gets recorded, work hours become clean and fair, and internal business environment gets clear and transparent. This promotes equality among all employees, highly motivates them and displays proven work hours to the HR managers. 

  3. Alerts Employers: Where the time tracker software caters to equality of all professionals, it also protects the company by restricting people from cheating their job hours. Through the software, business heads become responsible for paying the staff. It also informs the company about the exact working tenure of the professionals, by showing the correct figure in its statistics. 

  4. Effective Time Management: Companies and professionals can largely benefit from the timesheet management software, and plan simultaneous projects, and manage time. With this software, team leaders can also allocate resource on the high-priority assignments, and complete all projects, within the stipulated timeline.

  5. Balanced Work Life: In case of tight work schedules, such software helps workers to ease their load, and get more organized. The online employee time tracking software allows one to plan work and breaks together; and have more focus and concentration while doing the job. Thus, there’s no delay in submitting projects, and the work gets executed in a flawless manner.

Need for Time Tracking Software

In today’s age and time where everything is fast-paced, there’s an urgent need to track the time taken for completing each particular job. This gives rise to the need for Time Tracking software.

  1. Increased Work Stress: With multiple projects running simultaneously, employees face difficulties in prioritizing projects. As a result, in such circumstances, they lack the potential to plan out their work, have to-do lists, or exert control on their projects and performance. Time recording software is a one-stop solution for all such issues. It helps users to organize their work, set timelines, and work efficiently to meet deadlines.

  2. Workflow Issues: Top-level heads of large businesses and MNCs often face difficulties in understanding the workflow within the company. By installing a time management software, they develop good idea about the ongoing work, and are quite clued on daily business activities happening across its group companies and departments. 

  3. High Wasted Costs: Today, company heads are constantly looking for ways to cut down costs, and improve their bottom line. With the help of the software, they can understand the prevailing workflow within the organization and can easily identify problems or issues within the flow. With this, they become aware about the shortcomings and correct the problems, thereby enhancing efficiency and performance.

Bottom Line: 

To sum up, time tracking software is a one-stop solution for everyone in the industry platform. It serves as a win-win situation for both professionals and the employers. The software ensures efficiency, high performance and accuracy in all business activities. It also shows updated statistics which gives essential insights about work hours. Whether for paying the employees (freelancers, hourly, full-time) or for calculating their payrolls; time-recording is a powerful and effective software.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Time tracking is the process of tracking and recording the working hours of employees to ensure they are rewarded accurately for their efforts. It usually comes under time and attendance management, and consists of the following components:

    • Time entry
    • Approvals
    • Reporting
  • If you are a freelancer, business owner, manager, or employee, you should use web-based time tracking software to effectively manage your work hours and project deadlines. It helps you get a precise estimate of how much does it take to complete particular tasks and projects, which enables you to generate accurate bills and invoices.
  • Yes, time tracking apps are used by managers and team leaders worldwide to enhance their team's performance. It helps you get detailed reports of how each member of your team is spending their team, which enables you to track their performance and reward and punish them accordingly. When team members realize that their performance is being monitored continuously, they will become more focused and determined towards their job.
  • The latest time tracking system not only helps you track time but also help you manage invoices and record employee billable hours. If you're looking for the best cloud-based time tracking software, here are a few options to choose from.

    • Zoho Projects
    Time Doctor
    • Wrike
    • Mavenlink
    • BQE Core

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