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Best time-tracking software are Clockify, TMetric, Zapier, Desktime, and Hubstaff. Time tracking tools allow organizations and employees to keep records of time spent on tasks or projects. Compare and choose the perfect time tracking software as per your requirements. All software listed by pricing, by genuine customer rating & reviews, by features, by industry wise, by business type, by device supported. Schedule FREE demo now.

List of 20 Best Time Tracking Software

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Powerful collaboration tool for teams of all sizes

Wrike is an online project management software that gives you complete visibility and control across your tasks. Online project management software to establish an advantage and align your team to work quick and active across your organization. Read Wrike Reviews

Software by TimeClock Plus, LLC

TimeClock Plus is very effective solution for the Biometric attendance to save the time and manage very accurately work-time for the employee. Having very effective key features to maintain the record. Read TimeClock Plus Reviews

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TIme tracking tool to optimize employee performance

Insightful software empowers your organization to optimize employees’ performance and productivity. It helps you streamline the processes, manage the remote teams, and increase overall productivity. Read Insightful Reviews

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Best Online Time Tracking Software for Business

Cloud-based accounting technology tool to keep track of the tedious billing task. This time tracking software will reduce your paperwork and increase its accuracy by avoiding all sorts of errors while keeping track of your accounts. Read FreshBooks Reviews

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End To End Program for Time Tracking

7shifts is a fully-featured time-tracking software. Specially designed for the restaurant. It can save time and money for staff members and is easy to use for managing their upcoming shifts, also able to check the availability of staff. Read 7shifts Reviews

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For Managing and Tracking Time of teams

Employee time and work tracking software to enable effective remote work and improve productivity in remote teams. It is the most accurate productivity software in the market. Read Time Doctor Reviews

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An employee-centric online time tracking software

Keka is all you need to elevate yourself as a human resource management expert. This online software is a one-stop solution for every aspect of time tracking management and even payroll. Read Keka Reviews

Most Reviewed

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An End To End Time Tracking Solution Provider

WalletHR is a software that helps you manage all your time tracking operations in one place. This solution comes with features like benefits management, performance management, payroll management, a self-service portal, and employee management. Read Wallet HR Reviews

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Truein is the best solution for time tracking in a contractual distributed workforce. Truein is centralized and foolproof. It runs on any mobile/tablet. Use Truein to bring transparency and control to your attendance and timesheet process. Read Truein Time & Attendance Reviews

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Time tracking software with ease of customization

Securtime is one of the top time tracking programs for attendance and workforce management. It allows organizations to track the distributed workforce on a real-time basis. Read Securtime Reviews

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Best Time Tracking Software Solution For Your Organization

HRMantra is a top software for tracking time with a 100 percent guarantee for project success. It saves 30 min per employee every day. Thus elevating your firm’s ROI by 10 times. It helps to ease your task of tracking the hours spent on any project. Read HRMantra Reviews

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An accurate and hassle free time tracking software

Officetimer is currently used by hundreds of customers worldwide as an effective time tracking management software. It takes care of employee time-offs, project expenses tracking, timesheet management, expense reimbursement, project management, and client billing. Read OfficeTimer Reviews

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A top time tracking tool for uninterrupted work flow

Zoho People is a cloud-based time tracking solution to automate HR processes. It is designed for small, medium and enterprise businesses. It will not only help you analyse the work schedule but will also assess help you on the parameters of the discipline of time. Read Zoho People Reviews

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Easy-to-use Top Rated Time Tracking Software

Zimyo is used by HR professionals to reduce workload, save time, and reduce errors in time tracking. This time tracking tool enables you to eliminate the need for manual data entry and save time by at least 2x. Read Zimyo Reviews

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Top time tracking tool for employee monitoring

LogNTrack is top software for employee time tracking. It helps to track and increase employee productivity of remotely working employees. The best tool with verified features and reviews. Read LogNTrack Reviews

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The Holistic Time Tracking Software

Grove HR Time software simplifies workforce management by providing an intuitive platform for tracking employee hours, attendance, and projects. With user-friendly features, automated timesheets, and real-time insights, this software enhances efficiency, streamlines payroll processes, and ensures accurate tracking of work hours for improved productivity and compliance. Read Grove HR Reviews

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Cloud based time tracking program

HROne - A Complete software solution that helps HR professionals stay more productive and manage all their tasks seamlessly. This online time tracking program enables background screening, employee management, payroll management, and recruitment management. Read HROne Reviews

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Easy To Use Time Tracking Platform For Your Business

TMetric is crafted to aid both teams and individuals in effectively organizing their work hours. It encompasses functionalities such as tracking tasks, overseeing projects, generating reports, analyzing productivity, and streamlining optimization efforts. With seamless integration into diverse project management platforms and a user-friendly interface, TMetric stands out as an uncomplicated solution for time tracking needs. Read TMetric - Free Time Tracker Reviews

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A time tracking tool to increase organization productivity

Freshteam is an outstanding software program for small businesses to track the time of their employees. It allows you to manage your steps of hiring employees, onboarding, employee data, time-off, and HR workflows for impactful business decisions. Read Freshteam Reviews

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The most popular time tracker for teams

Real-time online work and time tracking program for small businesses. It tracks employee working hours and productivity with features like scheduling, project tracking, and optional screenshots. Read DeskTime Reviews


Modern businesses have complex, technology-intensive operations. A company's team normally works together in the same geographic location or for the same purpose via online collaboration and messaging. In this context, Project management and time-tracking software are essential for any business. It helps managers to improve team productivity, work experience, and resource efficiency.

Productivity tools like time trackers are automatic and engaging software that helps business managers to monitor team performances, compare them with deadlines, and communicate the same to their teams. Consequently, the company's project goals can be adjusted and optimized. Time-tracking software goes beyond traditional timesheets. It can track time and monitor user activity so that you can get better results. It also integrates well with CRM systems, accounting, and project management systems.

What is Time Tracking Software?

Time tracking software is computer-based software that manages working hour records and monitors the overall productivity of employees to reduce idle time and ensure that work is completed on time. It typically allows users to log their work hours, track time spent on specific tasks or projects, and generate reports for analysis and billing purposes. Freelancers, businesses, and teams can use this software to improve productivity, manage workloads, and accurately bill clients or customers for time spent on projects.

What is the Need for Time Tracking Software?

In today’s age and time where everything is fast-paced, there’s an urgent need to track the time taken to complete each particular job. This gives rise to the need for cloud-based time-tracking software.


1. Increased Work Stress

When multiple projects are running at once, employees often struggle to prioritize them. As a result, in such circumstances, people cannot plan their work, have to-do lists, or exert control on their projects and performance management. Time recording software is a one-stop solution for all such issues. It helps users to plan their work, set goals, and work efficiently to achieve them.

2. Workflow Issues

Leaders of large and multinational corporations often face difficulties understanding their own company's workflow. By installing time tracking software for small businesses, they develop a good idea about the ongoing work. They are quite clued on daily business activities happening across their group companies and departments.

3. High Wasted Costs

Today, company heads constantly look for ways to cut down costs and improve their bottom lines. With the help of the work timer software, organizations can easily identify problems or issues within the workflow. With this, they learn about their shortcomings and correct them, thus enhancing their efficiency and performance.

What are the types of Time Tracking Software?

The best time-tracking software in India comes for different platforms like iOS, Windows, Linux, etc. You can also find different packages for installation on servers, PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. The main types of software offered by the best vendors are as follows.


1. Automated Timesheets

Paper-based time trackings are tedious and inefficient in an office environment. The time spent on tasks should be manually entered into these sheets. Also, the managers have to organize and file them for posterity. Spreadsheet software like Excel can help automate the timesheets.

You can also purchase or download free templates for PDF and Word formats. They are helpful in the record and report regular and overtime work hours. The simple sheets are sufficient for self-employed and small businesses. However, spreadsheet software is generic and can be very clumsy and unfriendly to a first-time user.

This type of software is also prone to numerical inaccuracies and errors. Besides, the user has to perform import or export operations and other administrative tasks. In many ways, it is not very suitable for mobile consultants or large enterprises.

2. Time Recording Software

Professional time-tracking tools are beneficial to small, medium, and large companies. The two important choices offered for customers by well-known vendors are.

3. Stand-Alone Tools

This style of software satisfies specific time-related activities. It is user-friendly, intuitive, and does not require additional manual tasks. And it works well on mobiles, desktops, and laptops with aplomb. The software's key function is to record work hours on a digital timesheet. It can also generate related business reports like invoices and timesheets.

Customers can choose dedicated mobile apps or online timesheet services. Besides, the applications run in the background and improve job delegation tasks. Managers can optimize their productivity by optimizing employee routines.

4. Integrated System

The software can monitor employee productivity and track computer usage. It facilitates diverse time-tracking mechanisms and improves resource scheduling. Moreover, it integrates well with other computerized systems of the company. The software can also perform the following additional tasks.

  • Feed timesheet data directly to the office accounting system.

  • Integrate with the billing system to generate invoices.

  • Project managers use time reports to visualize workers' productivity.

  • Timesheets are input into the payroll system to generate time-based payslips.

  • Allocating, recording, and confirming schedules.

What are the Advantages of Online Time Tracking Software?

With all the above common features; freelancers, hourly employees, full-time professionals, and the entire business can benefit in the following ways:


1. Enhances Productivity

Cloud-based time tracking software helps companies identify who fits where thus increasing productivity at work. As a result, employees are satisfied with their jobs; they love them and enjoy them. This makes them more prolific than ever. Thus, employee morale and the performance of the organization, as a whole drastically increase.

2. Motivates Professionals

Certain software like Fanurio, and Clevork influences motivation among all workers, including freelancers, hourly paid employees, and full-time professionals. Each second gets recorded, work hours become clean and fair, and the internal business environment gets clear and transparent. This promotes equality among all employees, highly motivates them, and displays proven work hours to the HR managers.

3. Alerts Employers

Where the time tracker software caters to the equality of all professionals, it also protects the company by restricting people from cheating their job hours. Through the software, business heads become responsible for paying the staff. It also informs the company about the exact working tenure of the professionals, by showing the correct figure in its statistics.

4. Effective Time Management

Companies and professionals can largely benefit from the timesheet management software, plan simultaneous projects, and manage time. With time reporting software, team leaders can also allocate resources to high-priority assignments, and complete all projects, within the stipulated timeline.

5. Balanced Work Life

In tight work schedules, such software helps workers ease their load and get more organized. The online employee time tracking software allows one to plan work and breaks together, and have more focus and concentration while doing the job. Thus, there’s no delay in submitting projects, and the work gets executed flawlessly.

What are the Features of Time Tracking Software?

There are mainly two kinds of business time tracking software - timesheet and time recording. The former is manually handled by the users, where they enter the time spent on different jobs. Contrary to this, the latter automatically records and updates work done on computers. Irrespective of its type, typical time-tracking software has the following noteworthy features:


1. Easy Set-up & Installation

The software is easy to install and operate. Companies can follow three basic steps- adding new users (the employees), sending the link, and finally, they proceed.

2. Live Record of Business Hours

Time recording software provides live and updated records of all hours, including time taken for a specific task, time spent within the organization, login and logout time, and other time-related activities.

3. Integrated Google Maps

There is customized software that comes with integrated Google Maps and also displays the location where data entry has been mapped on Google. Thus, not only in the office, but it is also useful for those working on fields and sites.

4. High Integration with Other Software

Best online time tracking software can be effectively integrated with customer support, accounting, payroll, project management, and other kinds of software, specific to each business. It can also be well integrated with other data-driven, virtual business tools.

5. Presence of Mini-Camera

Many software has an in-built mini-camera that helps to capture a snapshot of the employees. Besides this, it also captures the keyword stock and movement of the mouse.

6. Personalization

This is one of the most sought-after features, which enables the end-users to add their customized notes to each of their activity, customer, and project. The software also has a variety of timelines and backgrounds. All such features make it compact, accurate, and highly reliable software.

Top Time Tracking Software Vendors By Company Size


Small Scale Businesses Time Tracking Software

  • OnTheClock: It is a free, web-based software that simplifies payroll management and uses the clock-out process to track time. It offers GPS, payroll integration, and mobile applications. The software improves the synergy levels between staff and managers.

  • FreshBooks: It is a cloud-based, contemporary technology for time recording. It accurately accounts for work hours and simplifies invoice generation. Small businesses can avoid paperwork and improve accuracy and workforce transparency.

  • Calamari: It is a full-featured tool to track time and check workers' availability. It conveniently maintains leave, attendance, and performance records. So, the business manager can efficiently designate project work to cut down costs.

Mid-size Companies Time Tracking Tool

  • Gusto: It is a user-friendly software for managing payroll and benefits. You can manage a team efficiently and grow a medium-scale business. You can also buy it along with HR tools and world-class support. You can choose Contractor, Core, or Complete editions with features like worker compensation, permissions, employee onboarding, data security, reminders, time-offs, etc.

  • TMetric: An accurate tool for associating wages with completed projects. You can opt for free, professional, and business editions. They have features like unlimited projects, automatic timers, breaks, project notes, invoicing, to-do lists, billable time, and time sync with project management solutions like Redmine and JIRA.

  • Wrike: An online software with complete visibility. Control your task assignments and align teamwork better. Use the free trial to test file sharing, task management, real-time activity stream, a spreadsheet view, and necessary integrations (Google Drive, iCal, Box, etc.). The professional and business versions have dynamic timelines, shareable dashboards, notifications, report templates, and graphical analytics.

Large Enterprises Time Tracking Software

  • Hubstaff: It is a robust software that integrates with more than 30 apps. Enhance productivity with features like task-specific tracking, automatic timesheets, and payroll. You can also manage clients, projects, budgets, invoices, and time limits.

  • DeskTime: It is a cloud-based real-time tracker software for effective planning. The Pro version has mobile and productivity tracking with auto screenshots. The Pro for Team edition allows 5000 users. It can track, schedule, and handle projects using reports and absence calendars.

  • Time Doctor: It is the best cloud solution for remote team tracking and improving productivity with periodic screenshots, website, and application monitoring. It manages time, absence, leaves, applications, and expense management. The multilingual time tracking management software has an employee database, file sharing, and payroll integration capabilities.

Challenges faced in Implementing Time-Tracking Software

Time tracking software is, without a doubt, beneficial to many industries. However, implementing the software in India might be quite daunting, especially for first-time users.


1. Employee Resistance

Employees would resist any change you bring to their work routine. In some cases, the developers can lose track of basic features by concentrating too much on advanced functionality. It would help if you found a package with user-friendly interfaces with intuitive menus, fonts, navigation, and screen coverage. The software should also ensure quick learning as well as a long-term, satisfactory experience for the users.

2. Integration

A time tracking solution should be more efficient than a spreadsheet. It should ensure precision tracking to hours and minutes. However, it could be a little daunting if the software has to access many legacy systems for attendance, project status, and other factors.

In most cases, companies assign a team to manually enter data from the legacy system into the software, making the entire process redundant and inefficient.

It is best to implement time tracking management software with diverse methods that can accommodate duration, chronology, exceptions, location, monitoring, and automation needs. The software has to integrate with existing Accounts, ERP, CRM, and HR systems.

3. Reports And Analysis

For a growing and maturing company, analysis of time details is crucial. Managers must factor in work time quality, overtime rules, customer-specific time consumption, and hourly rates (consultants, freelancers). Thus, the employees and managers should understand the time tracking software importance and the benefits of these reports and analyses. Time tracking is not just for monitoring purposes but should be a part of the company culture.

Latest Market Trends of Time Tracking Software

Due to the technological influx, business time tracking software has a global demand. Internet usage and mobile connectivity also changed the nature of modern jobs. As a result, sophisticated tracking software for diverse businesses has excellent potential. Tools with features like instant notifications, dashboards, and AI-powered data analysis are in demand.

This type of software is relevant because it improves productivity. It is also a good troubleshooter for many managers. Modern companies struggle with devious tactics like buddy punching. At the same time, time theft hurts 20% of the profit for businesses. Besides, companies lose billions of dollars every workday. Mobile apps, on-premise software, and cloud solutions can come to their rescue.

The major markets are North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific. Its forecast looks promising, with a CAGR of 20.69% for the next few years. Here are the modern-day trends of time tracking solutions.

1. Kanban Boards

Kanban boards started in Toyota and now have become jargon. It is a tool that primarily tracks time and performance and predicts the amount of time an employee would take to complete a project. This prediction helps to make better decisions and delegate smartly.

2. High Security

Although it is a simple tool, it holds data regarding the current project, status, and more. Thus, sophisticated time trackers with a superior system and cloud integration are the need of the hour.

3. Automated Time Tracking

AI-powered time tracking solutions are more reliable and compliant with the regulations. It also eliminates redundant and unreliable manual work. Chatbot usage will grow as will the large-scale integration with CRM and ERP software.

Best time tracking software is a win-win situation for professionals and employers. The software ensures efficiency, high performance, and accuracy in all business activities. It also shows updated statistics which give essential insights about work hours. Whether for paying the employees (freelancers, hourly, full-time) or for calculating their payrolls; time-recording is a powerful and effective software.

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If you are a freelancer, business owner, manager, or employee, you should use web-based time-tracking software to effectively manage your work hours and project deadlines. It helps you get a precise estimate of how much it takes to complete particular tasks and projects.

Yes, time-tracking apps are used by managers and team leaders worldwide to enhance their team's performance. It helps you get detailed reports of how each team member is spending their team, enabling you to track their performance and reward and punish them accordingly.

Users can choose to input their work hours manually or utilize timers and similar features for automatic tracking. Some software even observes activity passively to ensure accurate timekeeping. Subsequently, this data is compiled into reports, aiding users in making informed decisions, boosting productivity, and mastering time management more effectively.

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