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Best Travel and Tour Operator Software for Your Travel Agencies

Finding the best Tour and Travel Operator Software for your business is now faster and easier! Compare prices, reviews, features, and get free consultation to find the perfect software.

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What is Tour & Travel Management Software?

Travel Management Software is the new age software that has been specially designed keeping in mind the needs of travel agents and tour operators to help them manage their web portal efficiently with tour operator software. As the term suggests, it is a travel agency software that helps to manage all the travel-related errands such as making and canceling reservations, online payments, reviewing sales and inventory management, etc.

A tour operator software is a solution to govern all the activities involved in a tour. It is designed to help tour operators manage their web portal efficiently. As the term suggests, it is a software that allows managing all the tour-related tasks like making/canceling reservations, review sales, payments, and more.

In the simplest terms, the travel agency management software is used to streamline the business management processes and to reach out to customers on a global level via the internet. It not only increases the visibility of the business but also enables the travel agents to sell their products and services swiftly.

How does a Travel & Tour Operator Software Function

As we enter into the world of smart customers, it is necessary that the tools they use, also get smarter. The online tour software is an intelligent solution to sell tours and activities on the website successfully. Moreover, every tour operator needs online travel operator software to upgrade and streamline their business. A wisely chosen tour operator software will turn your site into a vital selling tool that gives excellent customer service.

In the simplest terms, the travel operator software is used to simplify your business management and reach your customers on a global level using the internet. It helps you increase the visibility of your business and sell your products or services efficiently.

Why do you need a Tour operator software?

The managing and tracking of booking flow is a stressful task for any travel agency. So, how do you make your business easier? Opt for a travel operator software. Let the software keep track of your problems while you gain on your business publicity online. It also saves time. With the tour operator software at your disposal, focus on increasing the efficiency of your business.

Also, the tour and travel industry is rapidly growing, and it will continue to grow around the globe. With the exposure going wider and the consumer getting smarter, we are in a dire need to simplify the business by using online tour software.

Moreover, many tourism management businesses are distributed all over the globe. The use of tour operator systems is advisable for such organizations. The software allows communication among branches which is a significant factor for a distributed business. It is used to keep the staff on the same page, so it is easier to acquire information that refines the customer experience and preferences, and reservation details - all such information stored in a single system.

An online tour software with automatic analytics will tell you what works for your business and what doesn’t. That is, showcasing your most-requested time slots, the most-favored tours, and add-ons using an online tour software improve your business. It provides an additional advantage of knowing what your consumers want the most which helps you save time and money.

Features of Tour Management Software

Now that you are convinced that you need a Travel Agency Software, it’s time to find one of the best travel agency tools for yourself.

Before you start looking for the best travel portal software, it is important to know what makes a travel agency software best and what are the features to look for in it.

We list a few features here that are a must-have in any travel management software.

1. Customized Tour Packaging

A business needs to do everything possible to keep the customers, and one such thing is providing them customized solutions. More and more customers today are clear and vocal about every minute detail of their travel plans (trip management software) right from the destination to the kind of accommodation and also the activities they wish to take up. And if the business fails to offer that, they can lose them forever! A travel booking software must feature customized tour packaging for its customers.

2. Create Attractive Itineraries

Travel agents can make use of travel software to create attractive itineraries that will have spectacular photos of destinations, positive reviews from customers, ratings of products and services, special deals and offers, and everything that can possibly attract a customer. When more and more customers are attracted to such itineraries, there are higher probabilities of generating more revenue for the business.

3. Flexible

Providing flexible payment methods is a feature to look for in a travel operator software. It makes sense to incorporate all the payment method options like plastic cards, net banking, cash, and cheque. You will be surprised to know that a lot of the consumers change their base on not finding their desired payment option on your website.

4. Scalable

A good travel software should be scalable, i.e. it should grow with your growing business. Every business aims at growing and expanding with time; travel agencies are no different. So when the travel business is prepared to book flights and accommodations for more customers, the software should be prepared for the same too.

5. Automated Reservation Management

A crucial part of any travel business is making reservations. And there are several operations that tag along with it such as tracking reservations, generating invoices, receiving payments, managing quotations, and handling cancellations if any. Good travel software should be automated to perform all such reservation management programs swiftly.

6. Automated Quotation Management System

Another important element of the travel business is creating quotations for the destination package. It involves considering several factors that are specific to a destination and with customers demanding customized packaging, it becomes even more complicated and time-consuming. Tour operator software or tour operator system must have an efficient quotation management system or tour and travel management system to take care of all of this. The feature lowers the work time thus improving the efficiency and productivity of the agency.

7. A Mobile-friendly Software

In this modern era, the use of mobile phones is at a peak. According to a study conducted by Google and PhocusWright, the percentage of people who prefer to research, plan, and book their tours using smartphones goes as; 87% in India, 59% in Japan, 45% in Australia, 67%in Brazil. Thus, it becomes cardinal to use a tour operator software that is easily usable on mobile devices and computers both.

8. The flexibility of Payment Options to The Customers

With the increase in the number of payment options from plastic cards to net banking and cash to cheque, it only makes sense to incorporate all of them in the tour operator software of the agency. It would be surprising to know, but a majority of the customers change their base if they do not find their desired payment option on the online portal of the company. Offering flexible payment options is an incredible feature to look for in a travel agency management software.

All said and done, a good Travel Booking Software is one that:

Apart from having some outstanding features, it is also important that the travel management software must offer a free trial to its customers. Since the customers, today, are open to several options that give them a lot of choices, having a free trial of the software gives them an opportunity to realize whether or not it is the right choice for their kind of travel business.

  • It makes a travel agency business much more efficient and productive.
  • It helps in achieving customer satisfaction.
  • It brings down the cost of operations of a business and keeps them there.

Key Benefits of Travel Agency Software

Travel Agency Software comes with multiple benefits to the user. It streamlines the administration of the business and helps to generate higher revenue. Some of the key benefits of using travel agency software or travel agency solutions are:

1. It Improves Customer Service

Using a Tour Operator Software or Travel Software can help to reach out to the customers in a dignified manner and improve customer services. The customers can be constantly updated regarding their booking confirmations, cancellations, and online payments via SMS or email notifications. The customers feel they are regularly updated and are in control of the situation when they have a soft copy of all the important information.

2. Helps to Give Customized Solutions to Customers

The customers today are very sure of what they want exactly! The travel booking software used by travel agents, that allows making customized tour bookings for their customers. Their job becomes easier when they are able to illustrate photos, reviews, special offers and deals, the rating of the products, and the best selling deal, all by means of these travel management software products.

3. Helps in The Centralization of Business Processes

The travel portal software that is widely used today helps the travel agencies to centralize their complete business systems. Business processes such as reservations, online payments, tracking inventory and sales, and generating reports are all automated. This does not just reduce the manpower requirement but also reduces the turnaround time.

4. Helps to Increase The Revenue

The use of travel booking software increases the visibility of the company and its products to the consumers. Mobile friendly travel portal software and consumer portals make it easy for the customers to directly reach out for their required products and services and book them online. Since there are more visibility and easy reach for the customers, there is definitely an increase in the revenue too.

5. Makes It Easier to Review Sales and Profits

The reporting tools and the dashboard of the travel agency software help the users to review the sales and profits of the company. Similarly the inventory management tools of a travel software aid in tracking the inventory (products available) and the sales (products sold).

6. Easily Manage your Business

Using software means the customer data stored is in a single system. A consumer can verify reservations and availability from any device and any location. With access to this data, knowing the status of your business become easy with an increase in the efficiency in managing the calendar. Besides, the reception staff can effortlessly see whether there is the availability of reservations or not. Best tour operator software allows its consumers to book directly with administrators at lower rates, hence, taking bookings from marketplaces to administrator channel.

7. Speed of Cash Flow in Your Business

Controlling the cash flow in any business is a vital aspect. Online tour operator systems speed up the cash flow just by being there. With online tour software, customers can prepay for tours and activities. Hence, putting money directly into your account, so removing the lag time in your payments. Now, you don’t have to worry about the payment on the day of the event. Besides, the problem in online payment systems was a lack of trust, which is no longer a problem. The chances of credit card frauds and scams are now lower in online payment gateways. With this, the manual workload decreases even more. Also, provide ease and safety to your customers to book and pay.

Who uses Travel Agency Software?

Since travel agency software fulfills all the basic requirements of a travel business, it can be used by anyone who is even closely associated with the tours and travels business. So whether it is a small tour operator business, a single-handedly run travel business, or a fully functional travel agency with multiple branches, travel agency software can come to the rescue.

Travel agency management software is ideal for an entrepreneur who is willing to start a travel agency or any other travel-related venture. There are several youngsters who are increasingly taking up the job of an independent travel consultant, thanks to the adventure, good money, and exposure in the business, travel software can make their jobs well organized and manageable too.

For anyone willing to start a travel agency and branch it out at a global level, travel portal software allows one to sell their products and services online via the internet and have a worldwide reach.

With the advancement of technology, many industries have seen a complete transition, and the same holds true for the travel industry. More and more jobs that were initially done by manpower are now done via travel booking software; they not only used to be time-consuming but expensive as well.

Reliable travel management software lets you do all you want to do with your business, streamlines processes, cuts costs, and keeps up the customer’s satisfaction.

Simply put, the use of travel agency software is the easiest way to streamline the administration of the travel business and an array of features that have helped businesses to grow and revenue to multiply.

Bottom line

We are in an era of spontaneous results, and customers want their service provider to give accurate, fast, and flexible offers. Hence, using a proper tour operator software can increase your business efficiency and attract new customers. Moreover, the right solution for your business will help you address the variety of customer bases arising nowadays. Also, with the increasing trend in the travel industry, you need software that is designed keeping in mind, all the possible scenarios that can arise in your business. A versatile tool to operate your tour related errands takes your focus off the tiring challenges and lets you relax and enjoy your trip.

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