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Best training software exists HRMantra, TalentLMS, Lessonly, iSpring Learn, and Mindflash. This training management software allows companies to train employees who may be located in numerous locations while also allowing coaches to collaborate on training materials in real-time.

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List of 20 Best Training Software

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Category Champions | 2024

TalentLMS is the LMS built for training success. Easy to manage and a joy to use, teams embrace training from the very first click. Designed to get a “yes” from everyone, TalentLMS helps companies reach their training goals. Read TalentLMS Reviews

Software by is a fully featured Lead Management Software designed to serve Startups, SMEs. provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows. This online Lead Management system offers Statistical Analysis, Lead Management, Call Recording, Training Management, Territory Management at one place. Read Reviews

Delivering 360-degree employee growth

Courseplay is the next-gen solution for 360-degree employee growth. Our AI-powered learning experience platform focuses on offering on-the-job, social and formal learning to the workplace. Read Courseplay Reviews

A complete HR solution that improves end to end em

Suite of human capital management applications: HR, benefits, payroll, performance and talent management, suitable for midsize and enterprise customers with 1000+ employees. Learn more about Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM

Build, Manage & Scale your Training Business

Edmingle is an easy to use SAAS learning management software. It offers wide range of features like Integrated Zoom live classes, Exams and Certificates, Course page creation and collecting payments to manage your training & coaching business. Get 14 Days FREE Trial. Read Edmingle Reviews

Category Champions | 2024

World's Most Powerful HR and Payroll Software

HRMantra is the World's most feature rich HR and Payroll software helping automate the most complicated of hire to retire HR processes easily using its CRORES of ready to use features. It saves 30 min per emp per day giving over 10 times ROI. 100% project success assured. Read HRMantra Reviews

Most Reviewed

Emergents | 2024

Software by Lessonly, Inc

Lessonly is very powerful and ease of learning and training management software. Its best feature like as capture & share team, improve skills within feedback and drive greater productivity. The LMS in the community of higher institutions is an online portal that connects lecturers and students. Learn more about Lessonly

High Performer | 2024

The fast LMS to start eLearning in one day!

iSpring Learn is a corporate training LMS bundled with a powerful authoring toolkit. Launch your eLearning fast and easy. Just upload your training materials to the LMS, invite employees, and keep track of their results. Learn more about iSpring Learn

Contenders | 2024

The Training Platform created for the Extended Enterprise builds great training courses with the tools and content already use. Such as PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Video. Courses develop from PowerPoint presentations maintain build animations also on a mobile tool. Read Mindflash Reviews

Category Champions | 2024

ProProfs Training Maker is a great online course creation & learning management system that allows trainers and educators to make courses and administer learners Read Proprofs Training Maker Reviews

Category Champions | 2024

SkyPrep is an intuitive and powerful online training software that helps organizations deliver, track, and optimize training for employees, customers, and partners with ease. Read SkyPrep Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Software by Hurix Systems

KITABOO, a web-based content platform to create-publish-distribute interactive mobile-ready content. It has fantastic features that provide you with content usage analytics for making an informed decision for your business. This best DRM, while dispensing facets to transform content, also renders remote accessibility available instantly at your fingertips. Learn more about KITABOO

Emergents | 2024

Software by Litmos Limited

Litmos is the world's easiest to use Cloud-based Learning Management Software. It use to employee learning, compliance, customer training, channel training, multi-channel. Litmos is iOS and Android compatible. Read Litmos Reviews

High Performer | 2024

EasyLMS is a well-developed Online Examination Software ensures appropriate feedback and rich learning experience for all the users. Supportive on all device and endowed with the best customer relation support it is highly apt for educational sectors. Learn more about EasyLMS

High Performer | 2024

Software by Articulate Global Inc.

The most powerful, full intuitive software for creating interactive courses It’s the world’s favourite e-learning authoring device, better than ever. Articulate is a more effective and popular online learning and training software. Learn more about Articulate

High Performer | 2024

Brightspace is a fully featured Learning Management Software designed to serve Enterprises, SMEs. Brightspace provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows. This online Learning Management system offers Parent Portal, Student Portal, Certification Management, Learner Portal, Assessment Management at one place. Learn more about Brightspace

Contenders | 2024

QuickBase is one of the best business process management software for improve teamwork, collaboration, to create solutions for unique process, and optimization and automate key business processes. Read QuickBase BPM Reviews

Software by Coursera Inc

Coursera is a fully featured Online Certification Platform designed to serve Startup SMEs, Agencies, Enterprises. Coursera provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App. This Online Certification Platform offers at one place. Read Coursera Reviews

Contenders | 2024

UpsideLMS is an AI-powered, Cloud-based Learning Management Software with over a million happy users worldwide. Designed for Enterprises, it offers Gamification, Blended Learning, ILT, Virtual Classroom, Mobile Learning & more. Learn more about UpsideLMS

Emergents | 2024

Userlane is a fully featured Employee Onboarding Software designed to serve Startups, Agencies. Userlane provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App. This online Employee Onboarding system offers Training Management, Behavioral Targeting, Gamification, Analytics, Campaign Segmentation at one place. Learn more about Userlane

Training software is a tool that allows the HR department to manage, develop, assign, track and review employee training programs.

Training software is a tool that allows the HR department to manage, develop, assign, track and review employee training programs.

Students and new employees require focussed, productive training. Their knowledge, personality, and skill sets must undergo constant development. Otherwise, they will not be eligible to compete in the modern business environment. Training software refers to sophisticated, automated learning systems.

The training software is made available in various formats. Vendors offer web-based solutions, cloud services, integrated systems, software tools, and mobile apps. All these software focus on assisting students and new hires in learning at their own pace. They offer fast and engaging learning experiences.

Training software is also known as eLearning or computer-assisted training. It ensures easy creation, management, and implementation of training programs. The students learn from virtual tutors using new courseware. The software ensures versatile, dynamic, and goal-oriented instruction.    

Modern organizations are eager to purchase and install these software systems. They initiate innovative training programs to create HR assets. The well-trained employees acquire the necessary competence to do productive work. The tech-assisted tools also increase their performance levels.

The best training software automates educational activities. It targets academic students and corporate employees. The innovative courseware enhances cognitive skills through minimalistic training. Engaging educational sessions also generate informative performance reports.

Modern learning tools are for the tech-savvy audience. They satisfy the customers by offering a wide range of tangible benefits

Inexpensive education

On-site training classes are expensive and time-consuming. In the real world, you need classrooms, office space, furniture, and other materials. All these essential items are costly and challenging to set up. But with online courses and training software, the costs can be cut down.

The automated tools offer complete eLearning programs at affordable rates. The courses will have the flexibility and customizability to satisfy the customer's requirements. They also have a flexible pricing policy depending on the course complexity and total training hours.    

Talent evelopment

A company sources, screens, and hires candidates with future potential. These new hires may not be ready to take on a real-world project. Their technical and personal skills require further honing. Interactive training software will be an ideal solution to engage these employees.

The software tools provide a talent platform and ensure continuous training. The candidates can participate in individual or group learning sessions. They can improve their performance and work with high confidence. The software also tracks their progress to ensure motivation levels and for appraisal.

Quality assurance

The training software will have high quality and reliability. The experts can also create productive and engaging courses to train the staff. A systematic learning strategy can induce knowledge transfer in a structured manner. The software also ensures time-bound results.

The learners' performance can be more accurately measured. He or she also receives instant feedback from doing course correction. Metrics like scorecards, ranking, and grading schemes can determine the success of the training program with ease. The successful trainees can receive a digital certification as acknowledgment.

Some Other Benefits

  • Software systems ensure instant communications to avoid confusion

  • Companies can recruit eligible candidates more effectively

  • Managers and employees can build strong, long-lasting relationships

  • The new hires will display loyalty and join the workforce with elan

  • Talented employees will produce more and ensure business profitability

First-rate training software is beneficial, convenient, and scalable. It has these key features


The state-of-art software can target individual learners. It can help to design specific training modules, custom-built courses, and learning materials. The trainees can conveniently enroll and acquire talent that serves the company's vision. 

Performance metrics

Learning solutions have to be impactful, flexible, and modifiable. The best software tracks the trainee's progress. It generates real-time performance metrics and valuable feedback. The trainers can use this data to format new courses with webinars, eBooks, online sessions, etc.

Reward system

The ideal software maintains attendance records and marks grades. It also manages certification, course renewal reminders, and standards compliance.

Brand integration

The best learning tools integrate seamlessly with the company's brand. They facilitate custom course layouts, colors, and logos. You can also watermark the training material for restricted use.

Multimedia tools

First-grade software integrates presentations, images, audio, and video courses. It ensures the creation of time-efficient, bite-sized exercises, and video lessons.

Training software assists diverse customers like corporate, NGOs, and governments. It also caters to the needs of educational institutions and academies. Computer-assisted training or e-Learning has breathtaking market potential. As of 2018, the market size estimate stands at $190 billion.

The prospects for the next five years also have great figures. Experts predict the market to have a CAGR of 7% for the period 2019-2025. The projected value of $300 billion for the next six years speaks for itself. The vendors are capitalizing on this demand through innovation and mergers.

The software is also extensively used by small and medium enterprises. The growth drivers are the US, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. The demand in the healthcare sector is also spiking sharply in recent years.

Top grade training software has become indispensable for the corporate sector. The technology usage stands to show a CAGR of 8% in the next five years. Companies are also finding it hard to recruit talented trainers. As a result, their reliance on online tutors has considerably increased.

Select the most dependable and outstanding software after considering these key issues


Trainees and companies have to accrue tangible benefits from the software. The product or service should guarantee a high value for invested money. 


Choose the software with rich features to manage and schedule training. It should be intuitive, mobile-friendly, scalable, and customizable.

Price flexibility

The software must have different pricing models and scalable costs. Trust those who offer free trials, demo tools, and flexible price quotes.


Software that gels well with existing hardware and software is ideal. It should also support different browsers, devices, and databases.

Vendor reputation

Vendors with a solid reputation and positive online reviews are trustworthy. They have a large customer base and offer versatile software tools.


Select products that come with documentation and support services. The reputed vendors provide comprehensive, long-term services in maintenance and troubleshooting.

Free and paid training software up-skills trainees from various backgrounds. These automated tools and systems help to impart quick training. They also explore and challenge the full capabilities of these potential users  


Online courses and custom technology workshops are top-rated. Students sign up for eLearning classes to receive the best education. They stream or download instructional videos and other courseware. They solve new problems and exercises to hone their skills. 


New hires lack the necessary technical and personal insight into real-world business. No amount of textbooks can train them to be industry-ready. Companies usually onboard them after proper training. The new staff receives personalized training for a few weeks or months. 


Corporate training programs use cutting-edge software. The objective of these courses is to develop the trainees' professional and social skills.

HR managers

Managers and team leaders use the software to schedule classes. They also track progress, generate reports, and measure the performance of the trainees.


Freelancers enroll for online courses to hone their technical abilities. They also rely on software tools to acquire innovative, in-demand, and domain-specific skills.

Other users

The other users are CEOs, executives, senior managers, directors, etc. NGOs also depend on the software to conduct professional-grade capacity building programs.

Learner Engagement

The trainees demand attractive, informative courses. They expect a superior learning experience from the software.

Leadership Vacuum

Companies struggle to recruit talented leaders and executives. Software that trains quickly without a drop in performance and productivity is desirable. However, training without a leader’s overlook can be ineffective in some genres.

Change Management 

As mentioned before, this is for the tech-savvy audience. Thus, imparting knowledge to senior executives can be challenging. You can experience high level of resistance from them.

Stable Performance

Consistency is the key to success in any small or big company. Error-prone software with poor quality of metrics and data analytics can be degrading to your brand.

Effective Courses

The courses have to benefit employees and managers in the work environment rather than just imparting knowledge. It is not easy to find a training software that aligns with the company's culture

Practical Approach

The learners have to receive practical and applicable training. Focus on theory has to be overcome by imparting problem-solving skills.

High-quality software is also useful in tracking performance and resolving conflicts. It adds value to the company and assists in business growth. Finally, it caters to the peculiar demands and needs of the 21st century, millennial users.


The cost ranges between $99 to $700 based on software edition, total users, and training hours.

It involves planning, software configuration, course authoring, data migration, user preparedness test, and live sessions.

Yes, learning management systems and training modules can be accessed from mobile apps.

Yes, the best tools are TalentCards, MindFlash, Lessonly, Litmos, Click4Course, etc.

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Last Updated: March 21, 2024