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Best Transactional Email Software for Business in 2020

Finding the best Transactional Email Software for your business is now faster and easier! Compare prices, reviews, features, and get free consultation to find the perfect software.

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Transactional email is an automated, business email. The sender uses transactional email software to send the mail to a list of recipients. The software uses SMTP or simple mail transfer protocol to ensure the deliveries. Small, medium and large scale businesses use this type of electronic communication.         

It is different from the marketing email due to high-valued and customized information. The sender and recipient may agree upon the transaction beforehand. The receiver chooses the type of information he likes to receive. They focus on confirmations, acknowledgments, and information transfer, and is not entirely marketing information.   So, the recipient, more often than not, opens his or her mailbox to check the email. Hence, this type of transaction has a very high opening rate.                           

The best transactional email software is not the one with every feature known to the market. You need the right software that facilitates account creation and notifications. The software should also ensure password resets and social media updates by notifying friends and followers. It should also facilitate sales-related communication like purchase receipts. Senders use the transactional email system to extract a response or communicate a piece of crucial and personal information.  

The transactional email software is used to automate office tasks. Real-time messages are to a user or customer without the intervention of a human. For instance, when a customer purchases from the online store, the software sends an automated mail with the purchase details. In some cases, the emails expect a reply or action from the customer, which the software can track and acknowledge.

The key feature of this software is its integration with a company's goals. The top transactional email software works in conjunction with a website, service, or application. This type of automation helps to improve business productivity as well as customer satisfaction.

Business transactions deal with product inventory, purchase order, invoices, and sales tracking. A transactional email system can help to generate automatic emails (drip email marketing software) based on any significant events like query mail, purchases, quote requests, and so on. 

Marketing mail is dependent on time, products, and location. But transactions focus more on real-time communication with a customer. When a customer makes a request, a quick response is more satisfactory. The transactional email works by generating timely and informative responses without increasing the workload of the human workforce.

The transactional email software will respond to the triggering action or event, which can be a purchase order, bills, or receipts. They can also include a request for information or password resets. The software transmits the email over the internet in a safe, encrypted manner.

The internet protocol called SMTP helps to configure the company's mail servers. Alternatively, a cloud-based email service is getting more popular, especially among the large and growing enterprise. The best transactional email software should have the ability to configure with a company's CMS(content management software). 

The transaction software delivers engaging mail to the recipient. It can be customized, personalized, and optimized for the best service. The selected technology will also determine the efficiency of the email delivery mechanism. This software needs qualified professionals for implementation, installation, and maintenance. Once integrated into the architecture of the company, the sales team can take over the task.

Productive and competitive businesses require transactional email software. It helps to satisfy the customers and build a brand image by satisfying the marketing needs and improving e-commerce sales. The primary function is creating an ambiance for customers, that the company is actively listening, and ready to serve.

Start-ups and small companies struggle to gain the customer's trust. Transactional email software for small businesses is a value-addition. It ensures reliable information and builds customers' confidence in a company. 

The transactional email service is for businesses and commercial offices. It benefits small and medium companies around the world. A dedicated service is hired by these businesses to deliver the email without any obstacles. 

The options include free software and paid hosting services. The market also offers transactional email software for enterprises. Large corporations benefit from them by sending thousands of emails per month. They use cutting-edge email APIs, protocols, safety, and security standards.

The best transaction software sends personalized emails and automated notifications. It is a crucial tool for retaining customers and increasing profits. Its features cover everything from mail security to user interfaces. The best solutions get delivered as a complete suite of tools and features.       

  1. The sender can preview the email before initiating a transfer.

  2. The right content is sent to the right recipient using contact lists.

  3. The best transactional email software has list management features.

  4. The subscribers' information can be efficiently imported and maintained during migration or transition.

  5. The recipients' lists can be segmented, and their profiles can be managed

  6. transactional email service can tackle high email volumes(thousands)

  7. Creating personalized emails using new or existing templates.

  8. Automated email campaigns designed for leads(buyers)

  9. The top transactional email software can check the delivery status. Good post-sale practices assure the company's online reputation. 

  10. The email tracking guarantees accurate, real-time delivery

  11. Automatic reports generation for checking progress and success

The other features include SMTP relay, robust HTTP APIs, and User Interface. The features enable the effective management of contacts, templates, email campaigns, and integrate with other software applications. They can also be scaled up as the business expands into new territories.

These features include real-time behavioral data analysis. They also facilitate web and mobile channels segmentation. Customers receive contextually-relevant messages using worldwide servers. However, remember that it is not essential to choose the software with every known feature. Choose the one that suits your current needs and can scale.

  • Various businesses depend on top transactional email software. Even start-ups and e-commerce stores can benefit from them.

  • You can separate the transactional email from marketing campaigns. You can also manage the entire process from a single platform. The email performance assessment is an added advantage.

  • You can boost online sales through simple optimization techniques. Transactional email software for small businesses can send notifications, recommend the best products based on customers' actions, and so on.     

  • You can deliver valuable and engaging information to the customer. You can motivate the buyers with promo codes, special offers, and bonus content. A simple message with product or service details adds value to your business.

  • The transactional email software for enterprises facilitates personalization. You can add brand colors and icons to the email template. The engaging content and the familiar format will be reassuring to the recipient. A simple logo can entice the customer and build brand loyalty.              

The transactional email tools can reliably send bulk emails. The services use cutting-edge APIs and SMTP servers. They help you beat the Gmail limit of only 500 mails per day. Rely on the best transactional email software to guarantee deliverability.

The transactional email tools help you fight against spam and junk messages. They help your business in sending valid emails without any loss in reputation. 

  1. SendGrid is an excellent and affordable email marketing software. 

  2. Mailgun sends informative messages only to valid email addresses.        

  3. Hiver, Kezmo, Front, etc., are email collaboration software for groups/teams.

  4. Send newsletters using SendinBlue, Mandrill, and Campaign Monitor.

  5. Amazon is a cost-effective and impactful transactional email service.

  6. Mailjet has email templates along with drag-and-drop editors.

  7. SparkPost and Postmark are transactional email tools with useful metrics.

  8. SMTP2GO ensures faster delivery and domain keys identified mails(DKIM).

  9. Pepipost focuses on deliverability, disruptive prices, and refined analytics.

  10. Mailigen is an integrated platform for email, social, and mobile marketing.

  11. An elastic email has unlimited monthly offering up to 2,500 contacts.

  12. Oracle's Bronto Platform ensures flexible email and SMS solutions.

These services are either free or have flexible pricing plans. Small and medium enterprises can choose their essential plans. Usually, large companies opt for premium packages and receive a full range of features. The premium transaction software provides uptime details and deliverability stats to increase service reliability.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • No. it also delivers anticipated responses for customer orders, requests, and receipts.
  • It overcomes free email disadvantages and limits in terms of frequency, features, and volumes.
  • Yes. Start-ups and small businesses can start with a free service and then upgrade to paid, premium solutions.
  • It relies on secure socket layers and encryption like RSA cryptography algorithms for security.
  • Yes, and the cloud-based services are cost-effective, reliable, and business-friendly.
  • Mailgun, Amazon, Mandrill, Sendinblue, Twilio, Zoho Campaigns,, etc.
  • Chose the software that suits your current architecture, has clear-cut features, and security protocols.
  • The best way is to compare their top features, targeted customers, security, message capacity, pricing plans, and tracking mechanisms.

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