Best Transport Management System in 2018

Cogxim Transport Management

Software BY Cogxim Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Cogxim is complete transport management software, for transporters, which enables the user to computerize his business needs. Considering transportation is very versatile business, Transport Management system built very efficient application to accustom the need of this business.


Software BY Kale Logistics Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
HELIOS-TRANS is an ideal transport management system that can be integrated with various mobility & tracking solutions like GPS, RFID/ Barcoding. It helps manage activities such as vehicle placement, consignment booking, trip sheet, tracking, customer & vendor contracts, Demand & POD management & more.

AgES Logistics

Software BY Agaram Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
AgES for Logistics provides a wide range of solutions and services for transportation. Transport management system will help you in streamlining transportation operations thereby helping clients to meet the challenges of an ever changing logistics Industry.

Excelanto Transport ERP

Software BY Excelanto Technologies
Excelanto transport software is a user-friendly ERP solution. Irrespective of your transport strength, Excelanto Transport ERP for Transport Management can provide solution for all your vehicle operations, trucks, cars or any other commercial vehicles.

Entitle ITMS

Software BY EntitleTech Solution Pvt. ltd.
Entitle ITMS signifies our one stop automated and yet integrated transportation software platform for transport services Domain. Be it intercity operation, rental / lease operation, staff transportation, cargo / parcel booking operation, vehicle tracking or mobile application.

Mindfire Transport Management

Software BY Mindfire Solutions
Mindfire transport management software solutions is one of the best system for transportation, logistics, trucking and the mover/storage industries. Our expertise in specific transportation/logistics workflows, processes, systems and technologies ensures a faster ramp-up and domain-intensive understanding.

Trapeze Transport Management

Software BY Trapeze
Trapeze’s Transport Management System is a comprehensive suite of business tools, which can give your organisation a competitive edge in achieving service excellence. We help companies of varying sizes in both public and private sectors manage safe, cost-effective and reliable transport services.

Kairee Transport Management Software

Software BY Kairee Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Kairee Systems is a leading IT company providing transport management system solutions across the globe. To cater to the current market, it is our sincere desire to create a wonderful environment for you to explore and to create a discovery experience.


Software BY VRS software
UniTMS- Transportation software is developed for giving the technology edge to Road Transport industry. Transport management software gives you the ability to receive orders electronically, inbuilt inventory module, optional financial management module.

Kewill MOVE

Software BY Kewill
Kewill MOVE is a multimodal transport management system platform designed to accelerate the speed, accuracy and transparency of global logistics and transportation processes for organizations of all sizes.

ARC Transport Management Software

Software BY ARC Advisory Group
ARC TMS helps companies move freight from origin to destination efficiently, reliably, and cost effectively. ARC segments the TMS market into two basic solution types: planning & execution solutions are systems for freight moves involving carriers; and fleet management solutions are systems for freight moves involving transportation assets owned by the company.


Software BY ISVenture Pvt. Ltd
Easily access to your personal account from anywhere & anytime and get Personal Profile, Status Updates, Notifications, Schedule Status, Route Information, etc.

LogiNext Mile™

Real-Time Route Planning, Tracking, Analytics
LogiNext Mile provides automated optimization for delivery routes and resource capacity to reduce this cost up to 10%, primarily in number of kilometres travelled, number of resources required and has been voted as the route optimization software.


Innovative cloud solutions for rental and lease
Innovative cloud solutions supporting the growth and management of short and long term rental and lease companies of vehicles and trucks. 


Software BY ATIC Data Systems Private Limited
MZone is online transport management system designed for transport companies. The application is a comprehensive transportation software that is a completely web based reporting and mapping system proven to help streamline tour and travel operational costs.

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Transport Management Software is a management software for transporters empowering them to automate their business needs in terms of improved efficiency, reliability and affordability. It helps in growing and managing business by reflecting transparency in costs and resources and automating the entire process. The business owners are alerted in case of issues in the transport cycle to being solved at initial stages and keeping many bigger problems at bay.

Along with changing business ecosystem, the transport management software can be optimized, integrated, extended and scaled. This system helps transport companies move goods from origin to destination efficiently, reliably, and cost effectively using automated processes. It’s a software that accelerates interactions between company's order management system and its warehouse management system.

TMS serves as a logistics management tool in a collaborative network of shippers, carriers, vendors and customers. Their modules include route planning and optimization, load optimization, execution, goods audit and payment, inventory (yard) management, advanced shipping, order visibility and career management.

Using transportation management software, a company can reduce costs through better route planning, load optimization, and mode (air/road/ocean) selection. They improve accountability by adding visibility into the transportation chain process.

Features to look for in a Transport Management Software:

Here we’ve done the research legwork and listed the important features an ideal transport management software should possess. The key features are categorized into three subsections:

  1. Optimization
  2. Execution
  3. Performance management

1) Optimization

Optimizing and consolidating the route – The software should be designed to display the best ideal route for shipments. Simultaneous planning and route execution for numerous carriers by combining multimodal transport system is a crucial feature of the TMS. This saves costs and eliminates the needless extra trips thereby reducing transport costs.

Selection of mode and carrier – Automated selection of the type of carrier and mode of transport based on parameters such as cost, distance, service demands and efficiency. Taking into consideration the past performance, cost and requirement, the most suitable carrier method is selected from the available central pool of data.

2) Execution

Integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS) – Real-time data about the warehouse inventory entry and exit movement, tracking of goods, carrier dispatchment are easily accessible. This enables improved decision making.

Integrated audit and payment – This includes calculating available service options, freight charges, overheads and spotting the key areas of improvement. The organization quickly identifies the pain points and solve these issues with the customers and the shipment. The transport management software should enable efficient and automated management of payments.

Multi-mode transportation – Does the TMS support geo-coding, multi-transport routes such as air, road, and ocean and enable international transport? These features should be looked for in an ideal software.

3) Performance management

Tracking and tracking shipment – Carrier information is available to distributor and customer across website and mobile applications to increase the goods visibility and monitor the shipment leading to improved management and reporting to both the customer and the shipment agency.

Visibility – This feature provides a comprehensive view of the entire transportation process. Supply chain’s vital information is visible all the time to better manage the supply and demand of the goods to be transported. There’s significant transportation cost reduction.

Business intelligence and analytics – Allows generating reports about the data warehousing such as collecting, analyzing and summarizing the demand and supply of goods. The existing strategies can be better evaluated, the pain points in the process are identified and this leads to making informed data-driven decisions.

Hazard Management – If you're in the business of transporting hazardous materials, the TMS helps in avoiding universal (international) delivery risks via automating audit processes, generating reports and ensuring due diligence with in-country regulatory programs or cross-border customs requirements.

How do businesses benefit from using Transportation Management Software?

The benefits of including this software in your organization are:

Enhanced accessibility – Every partner involved in the transportation process is onboard the platform. Live data about the shipment is streamed to all the individuals involved leading to accurate information.

Improved visibility – Transport management software allows real time communication between every party involved. Details such as the location, what is happening, how, where and why along with other performance metrics leads to much better visibility.

Efficient Collaboration – Since vendors, shipping organization and carriers are on the same platform, information can be shared across various parties involved quickly. Sharing transport details, scaling and collaboration is incrementally boosted.

Increased Customer Service - A typical TMS software improves customer service by monitoring real time performance and also tracking of shipments and identifying service failures, thus improving overall supply chain visibility.

Simplify billing process – Electronically tracking your entire transportation management system leads to more efficiently handling the payments. The amount of time you’ll save on paperwork makes transportation management software worth the investment!

The buyer should search for while buying the TMS:

Carrier contract management – Tracking of all agreements, alerting when a contract expires and for discount coupons. Displays total cost offered by different vendors and helps selecting the lowest cost vendor.

International logistics functionality – For businesses dealing with international transport, this feature keeps them updated on the country’s regulatory rules, international freight charges and supports foreign currency.

Item visibility – To have all the parties involved in the shipment process on a single platform so that they know the progress of the goods during the transport cycle. 

Business intelligence – Analyses shipping procedure and available data to identify areas that can be improved to make better decisions based on accurate prediction.