Best Travel Management Software

Best travel management software solutions are HRMantra, EM-HRMS, Debox Global, Derive, BB Soft, and TutterflyCRM. Different features, a user-friendly interface, and customization of business travel management software aid in streamlining the operations of the travel company.

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List of 20 Best Travel Management Software

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Business Travel Management Software

TravelPerk is a corporate travel management software. Users can access a top-notch booking system, that takes care of revisions, cancellations, integrations and connects them with live customer support agents in a single click. Platforms like Skyscanner, Expedia,, Airbnb, etc., are all integrated. All the travel-related needs of businesses may be found, booked, paid for, invoiced, and reported on one platform. Read TravelPerk Reviews

Category Champions | 2024

Best Travel Management Software in India

The feature-rich HR and payroll software, HRMantra, makes it easy for businesses to automate even the most challenging hire-to-retire HR processes with a number of ready-to-use capabilities. Some of the helpful features offered by this travel management platform include event management, audit trail, generation of HRIS reports, email integration, expense management, and more. Platform users can establish client projects, give tasks to workers, check their timesheets, and calculate project profitability. Read HRMantra Reviews

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An all-in-one Integrated Travel, Expense and Payme

Happay is a popular travel management solution. This integrated expense, travel, and payment management technology make corporate self-booking for travel possible, providing employees with privacy while assuring policy compliance. The solution offers real-time spending data by integrating expense management and payments that are made with corporate cards, thus ensuring error-free corporate spend management. Read Happay Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Software by Expensify, Inc

Expensify works as a cloud-based business accounting system and business travel management software. This solution makes use of real-time data processing in order to curb expenses and transactions. Users can manage and enhance their business spending in one location. They can also manage spending, scan receipts, send expense reports, pay bills, create vendor invoices, collect payments, manage miles, schedule trips, and earn cash back with the finest corporate credit card. Learn more about Expensify

Emergents | 2024

Egencia is a corporate travel booking software and business travel service. The Egencia app provides the flexibility and efficiency that businesses need to plan their travel, coordinate, and view business travels. The software also provides the required information to business travelers, travel approvers, travel arrangers, and travel managers as needed. Learn more about Egencia

Expense reports done the easy way.

Zoho Expense offers one of the best travel management tools. You can track and report all of your business expenses with the online expense reporting tool Zoho Expense. It streamlines the approval process, automates the recording of expenses from receipts, and gives business owners control over expenditures. Read Zoho Expense Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Reimagine travel & expense management with itilite

ITILITE is a business travel management software. It enables businesses to control bookings, approvals, and business travel costs. Customers may book hotels, cabs, and flights on ITILITE from one convenient location. Businesses can create their dashboards or use more than 100 reports that are accessible with a single click. Learn more about ITILITE

Category Champions | 2024

The Easiest, Most Cost-Effective Travel Managemen

Routespring is one of the best corporate travel management software. By consolidating every aspect of traveling, like flights, lodging, and vehicle rentals, in one location, Routespring optimizes business travel by providing organizations and their travelers with a centralized location to manage their plans and expenses. The tool also enables businesses to centralize payments to prevent having to pay out of pocket. Read Routespring Reviews

Emergents | 2024

TravelBank is a business travel software. Expense management, business travel, and card management are all consolidated into one system. TravelBank has a camera-first experience for tracking expenses on the go and uses an intelligent algorithm to predict travel costs based on real-time pricing. This software also enables users to offer a rewards program that encourages staff to reduce their costs on business travel when they use it to book more affordable options. Learn more about TravelBank

Emergents | 2024

Through a user-friendly interface, quick expenditure reimbursements, and a travel rewards program, TravelBank gives businesses immediate control over their expense management and travel program. This travel management platform helps businesses reduce spending by their company while increasing employee satisfaction. Companies may easily develop and implement customized expense and travel rules, and they can get assistance from TravelBank's internal customer success team by phone, email, or chat. Learn more about Emburse

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Travel and Expense management for corporates

Tripgain is a comprehensive travel and expense management solution suitable for businesses of all kinds. Users may submit, reimburse, and approve expenses two times more quickly using TripGain's fully automated expense management system. By urging better scheduling options, its AI-driven algorithms assist businesses in cutting costs. This is one of the best travel management software that helps with the automation of policy compliance, rejection of duplicate claims, fraud detection, and much more. Learn more about Tripgain

Emergents | 2024

For organizations of all sizes, whether they are startups, small businesses, or enterprises, Volopay provides cutting-edge financial management and travel management solutions. With its corporate cards, automatic cost management, and accounting connections, financial solution provider Volopay helps companies save time and money while enhancing the function of their finance departments. Learn more about Volopay

Emergents | 2024

You can easily create, run, and scale top-notch corporate travel management programs with the help of TripActions. While TripActions is a simple-to-use travel booking software, it is sophisticated enough to meet any business’s most demanding needs. Implementation of the platform, which has strong policy development, enforcement, and reporting capabilities, only takes a few days. Learn more about Navan (Formerly TripActions)

Emergents | 2024

Rydoo is a popular travel software that is a cloud-based travel management service. This software handles every aspect of travel, ranging from receipt to accounting. Rydoo improves team productivity by streamlining reimbursement processes and automating cost flows. The solution makes it easier to manage to spend while on the go, expense reporting is eliminated, you may be locally compliant, and you have control. Learn more about Rydoo

Emergents | 2024

A web-based program called NexTravel is made specifically for managing business travel. This travel management platform greatly simplifies and improves the convenience of arranging trips, confirming flights, and finding hotels. Users may enjoy business travel without the complications, hidden costs, and time-consuming administrative procedures by using their clear and simple solutions to set travel policies, monitor spending, and create in-depth reports. Learn more about NexTravel

Emergents | 2024

Software by Chrome River Technologies

Chrome River is a SaaS-based solution easily adaptable to your organization's changing needs. This travel manager software offers financial control and compliance for international enterprises. With automated, real-time spend policy compliance monitoring and approval routing, users can easily keep all their expenditures under control. Receipt management, budgeting, forecasting, OCR technology, reporting, and other functions are just a few features available through Chrome River Expense. Learn more about Chrome River Expense

Emergents | 2024

Software by Concur Technologies, Inc

SAP Concur is a cloud-based travel and expense management solution designed to streamline and automate business processes related to travel, expense reporting, and invoice management. It helps organizations manage their expenses more efficiently by providing tools for expense tracking, approval workflows, and policy compliance. Learn more about SAP Concur

Emergents | 2024

Using Expensya, a corporate travel booking software, accounting teams can accurately calculate distance based on mileage and submit reimbursement requests. Expensya offers its users a complete solution for perfect end-to-end control of all business expenditures. Additionally, Expensya links with bank cards, HR software, accounting software, ERP, and travel manager. Expensya automates each stage of the procedure, saving you time and boosting your team's output. Learn more about Expensya

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Expense Reporting Made Easy

ExpensePoint is travel management software and an online expense management tool. This software is perfect for small firms that need to monitor business spending and create expense reports. ExpensePoint has many features designed to automate the complete cost management process and is inexpensive and simple to use. This software proves to be very helpful in the approval process. Learn more about ExpensePoint

Emergents | 2024

WeTravel is a platform for booking and making payments for travel agencies. WeTravel offers travel management tools that assist travel agencies by automating and optimizing processes. With the help of its user-friendly platform, WeTravel helps companies boost sales and revenue, reduce administrative overhead, and automate procedures. A few useful features are ACH Payment Processing, Accounting Integration, Access Controls/Permissions, Activities Bookings, Activity Dashboard, and more. Learn more about WeTravel

What is Travel Management Software?

Travel-management software enables travel managers and other professionals to schedule, track, and assesses information related to different trips.

A travel management software is a specialized system to help travel companies and managers book, analyze, and track business travel. Using such software, organizations and their employees can free themselves from travel and expense management problems. Travel management solutions handle end-to-end business travel woes for companies and take care of flight and hotel searches, seat bookings, hotel reservations, etc.

A travel management software manages a company's strategic approach to business travel. It handles day-to-day corporate travel operations, manages negotiations with vendors, ensures traveler security, payments, and data management. Thus, with the use of such software, organizations can manage their travel needs better.

For many organizations, travel and expense costs represent their second-highest expense after salary and benefits. In many cases, travel costs are much higher than infrastructure or IT-related costs. The expenditures on travel & accommodation may also include cab fares, clients' meals, gifts, office supplies, and other charges incurred during meetings or client visits. Moreover, it contains expenditures made for travelers’ safety management, meeting management, transaction management, and management of overall travel data.

Many organizations have a designated Corporate Travel Manager (CTM) as a part of their HR, Administration, or Finance Team that handles all responsibilities regarding employees' travel needs and plans them in consultation with the management team. In the absence of a CTM, organizations often rely on travel management tools to streamline their corporate trips. Companies that do not use software or have a CTM usually delegate their travel management responsibilities to companies that specialize in global travel arrangements

How does a Travel Management tool work?

Travel management tools can differ vastly from each other. However, their primary goal is to make corporate travel more accessible, faster, safer, and cheaper. Such tools allow corporates to liaise with different vendors, schedule trips, and manage accommodation for their staff while ensuring that their organizational travel policies are adhered to. Modern travel management software provide easy access to business travel information for employees and guides them while they are on the go. They offer support in the form of web and mobile apps to ensure that employees can complete their travel objectives in accordance with organizational rules.

Travel management tools offer customizable approval workflows and extensive trip inventory so that business trips can be initiated round the clock without redirections or delays. Such tools help employees report travel expenses remotely and offer consolidated invoicing for all trips planned. Such tools help organizations review and share the status of all trips and help in easy bookings and cancellations of transport and accommodation facilities.

Features of Travel Management Systems

Travel management systems (TMS) offer the following set of features to make business journeys smooth and efficient:

1. Custom travel policies: There are several organizational, local, or international policies that often need to be adhered to. Even if travel managers book on behalf of travelers, there is a need for keeping administrators on the same page with the in-app policies. Such policies must be customizable to allow the following for travelers:

  • Special policies for travelers from different departments or designations
  • Global policies for nightly accommodation in different cities
  • Global policies for maximum international and domestic flight costs
  • Maximum flight/train charges for specific routes
  • Minimum number of days needed for advanced bookings

Travel management systems should enable you to pre-set your travel policies so that they are live and working anytime you need them.

2. Custom approval workflows: A good TMS should also include approval workflows inside the platform. If anything falls out of company policies, employees can request approval for the updated itinerary and trip details. The approval workflows should be such that travel can be flexible yet compliant. The software should allow different approvers for different teams and departments with varying levels of strictness.

3. Extensive Travel Inventory: Most travel management tools offer different accommodation and trip plans for the same journey depending on the business need and individuals involved. This helps organizations make big savings and often helps staff to pick the ideal accommodation needed for them.

4. Free Support: When people are traveling for business outside their own city or country, it is normal for them to ask for support. Previously travel support had a hefty fee associated with it, which would add to the total cost for travel. However, modern systems provide free support and assistance to travelers round the clock to ensure better convenience and safety at no additional costs.

5. No vendor redirects: Many individuals on business trips have had to face a scenario in which they have been redirected to other vendors at the last minute, leading to added costs and inconvenience. In an unfamiliar territory, avoiding such redirects can be pretty expensive and even risky. Thus, it is important that your travel management tool does not redirect your vendors without advanced notice.

6. Travel Expense Reporting: One of the most pivotal features of travel management tools is the ability to report on business trip expenses. The software must be able to track the following:

  • Travel expenses by depart/teams
  • Travel expenses by time
  • Travel expenses booked out of policy
  • Travel expenses for hiring
  • Travel expenses by event, clients, or projects

The solution should also enable you to generate and share reports and label or tag trips under multiple categories.

7. Consolidated Invoicing & trip status: For administrators overseeing trip expenses, it is highly essential to have all monthly travel invoices consolidated in one place for faster invoicing. The software must also have a database that allows managers/approvers to view the status of past, present and future trips, and the people associated with each. The travel management platform should also allow you to see:

  • Staff who have booked trips within company policy
  • Staff requesting out-of-policy booking & their reasons
  • Staff with a trip in progress
  • Staff who haven't booked their trips in time

The software must allow you to support staff remotely and provide them notifications regarding confirmations, itinerary information, cancellation notices, etc.

8. Easy & instant bookings: Another important aspect to keep in mind while choosing travel management software is the facility for quick and easy bookings. The solution must also allow you to add a few customizations to make the lodging experience better for employees. Also, the interface must be simple enough so that employees, if needed, can book accommodation for themselves directly through the application without waiting for approvals.

9. Personalized Transportation: A good travel management software also helps organizations customize transportation according to their needs. Whether it is group booking or of individuals or changing the mode of transport, the application must assist teams in traveling, keeping in mind their convenience and safety.

10. Mobile application: Nowadays, it is almost necessary for travel management tools to have mobile applications that are easy to use while on the go. This helps employees connect to their organization from anywhere and procure instant approvals. Thus it is wise to choose a provider with a mobile application so that teams can be assisted from far away.

11. Saving In-progress Information: Since there is a lot of research that companies have to do while booking, the software used must allow saving of in-progress bookings in the database. Organizations must be able to see the list of pending and in-progress bookings, notify the staff concerned and be able to take them forward anytime they please using the software. This can save huge amounts of time for any company and smoothen its travel operations.

12. Instant Policy Checks: Another desirable feature in travel management tools is the ability to instantly check if a particular booking is in compliance with the existing company policies. While providing search results, the software must highlight options that exceed the given budget or don’t comply with organizational rules. This will ensure that there are no additional payments or chances of policy violations.

Benefits of Travel Management System

There are several benefits of using a travel management tool, which is enumerated below:

  1. Streamlined Process: Travel management tools integrate people, policies, and processes to offer a seamless experience in business journeys. It allows users to compare accommodations faster, boost savings, and improve travel autonomy.
  2. Reduced Expenses: By allowing users to compare, liaise and book through several vendors, travel management solutions help companies stay within their stipulated budgets, get discounts and save costs. Such solutions offer real-time tariffs, comparisons, and reviews to help organizations save big on both local and international travel.
  3. Saving Time: As discussed above, travel management software saves a great deal of time for companies by bringing all information under a single interface, easy scheduling, and saving of in-progress travel information.

Who can Buy Travel Management Software

Any organization that deals with many business trips and planning should invest in good travel management software. Usually, business conglomerates and MNCs that handle global corporate travel utilize software to automate and streamline their business trip planning. However, any company where field marketing or client visits are involved can benefit from using such software.

Travel management solutions are available for businesses of all sizes and types. They help manage a gamut of aspects related to business trips and their expenses and help digitize transactions. Every company, from startups to large enterprises, can make their business trips safe, easy, and effective.


Travel management deals with an organization's strategic approach to travel, vendor management, daily operations, travel data management, finances, and data security management. Corporate travel management deals with the class of service that employees get while commuting or traveling for business, negotiations for corporate fairs with hotels and airlines, and the use of corporate credit cards for payments. Travel management also includes making actual reservations in accordance with the parameters provided by the given organization.

The price of travel-management software can vary greatly depending on the facilities they offer and the countries/area that they cater to. For software that can handle thousands of travel transactions each day for large conglomerates, prices can be on the higher side. On the other hand, there are many travel solutions that only take care of bookings and ride-fares, which are comparatively cheaper.

Through travel management tools can vastly differ from each other in scope and functionality, we have tried to create a list of the most popular corporate travel management tools available below:

  1. SAP Concur
  2. TripActions
  3. TripIt
  4. TravelPerk
  5. Egencia
  6. Emburse Certify
  7. Uber for Business
  8. Rydoo
  10. Upside Business Travel

All of the above tools provide integrated travel and expense management functionalities with advanced reporting and scheduling.

As the name suggests, travel management companies manage, track and integrate all travel and trip expense information for their clients and help them travel anywhere in the world. Such companies often have their own set of booking tools and apps to help clients create travel plans. They also house specialized teams that help provide premier business travel experiences and support to clients before and during business trips.

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