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What is Valentina Studio?

The native GUI manager of such databases as ValentinaDB, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server, and MongoDB. PRO Edition has Report and Form Editors with Python/JS scripting and many other PRO features.


Valentina Studio Starting Price

$ 0/Free License

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Key Features of Valentina Studio

Here are the powerful features that make Valentina Studio stand out from the competition. Packed with innovative tools and advanced functionalities, this software offers a range of benefits.

  • Archiving & Retention
  • Backup
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Business Process Automation

Valentina Studio Screenshots

Valentina Studio Pricing

Here are the pricing plans for Valentina Studio. Choose the plan that best fits your requirements and budget. Get Detailed Valentina Studio pricing as per your requirements.

Valentina Studio Free
$ 0
Free License
  • Schema Editor
  • Data Editor
  • SQL Editor
  • Import/Export
  • Server Admin
  • Diagrams - Forward Engineering
  • Docs Generation
  • SQL Query Editor
  • SQL Dump/Load
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Valentina Studio Pro
$ 199
Per Year
  • Valentina Project Development (Reports, Forms, JS, Python, ...)
  • Design Report in Report Editor
  • Design Forms in Form Editor
  • Scripting using JS or Python
  • Workspaces
  • Data Transfer
  • SQL Diff
  • Diagrams - Reverse Engineering
  • Schema Snapshoot
  • Source Control
  • SQL Search
  • Keyboard Shortcuts modify
  • Data Editor - Layouts
  • Data Editor - Multiple Updates
  • SQL Editor - adds dozen PRO features
  • Pro License / All Databases
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Valentina Studio Universal
$ 399
Per Year
  • All Pro Features
  • Bundle to save 200$ for 3 OS
  • Pro License / for 3 OS (Win+Lin+Mac)
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Valentina Studio Single
$ 79
Per Year
  • All PRO Features except Reports/Forms
  • Pro License / 1Database of your choice
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The pricing information was last updated on 7th June 2024.

Free Trial is available

Valentina Studio Specifications

Get a closer look at the technical specifications and system requirements for Valentina Studio. Find out if it's compatible with your operating system and other software.

Company Details :
Company Name : Paradigma Software
Full Address : 6107 SW Murray Blvd #151, Beaverton
Overview Provided by : Ruslan Zasukhin
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Valentina Studio Description

Here's the comprehensive description of Valentina Studio. Gain a brief understanding of its unique features and exceptional benefits.

Valentina Studio is the native cross-platform tool to manage the most popular RDBMS including Valentina DB, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS SQL Server... And MongoDB. 

Valentina Studio is a great choice for DB Admins, developers of applications that use databases, Students, and Business Offices. 

We provide a few Editions of Valentina Studio:

  • Free  ($0) 
  • Pro ($199/OS)
  • Universal ($399 for 3 OS) - save $200 if you work on 3 OS;
  • Single ($79/OS) - limited to 1 DB of your choice and Valentina Project excluded. 

Yes, even commercial companies can use FREE Valentina Studio. There are NO uncomfortable limits. Free Valentina Studio offers tools that you can find in other $20-90 products.

FREE Edition gives you forward engineering diagrams, and powerful Editors for managing DB Schema, Table Records, SQL Queries, DB Server Administration, Import/Export, Dumps, Backups, etc.:

  • Diagram Editor - design your new db here then generate tables and other db objects from that diagram.
  • Schema Editor (tree view and column view) - create/modify schema objects: Tables, Views, Fields, Enums, Links, Constraints, Triggers, Indexes, Stored Procedures, ... 
  • Colorize different databases.
  • Data Editor - easily browse table records in a grid, modify records, inline edit of values, sort, filter records and save favorite filters, preview images, hex editors for binary values, specify own named layouts, ...
  • Related Data Editor - easily learn and manage linked records of two tables, link/unlink records by a mouse click, do set operations over linked records, ...
  • SQL Editor - provides color syntax, auto-completion, recent and saved favorite queries, templates of queries, and a console with error/warning reporting, ...
  • Query Editor - produce SQL queries visually in a few mouse clicks

FREE Tools:

  • Import/Export Wizard -  to import/export DB data from/to XML, CSV, etc
  • Server Admin - manage users, and learn logs and other parameters of a DB server.
  • Documentation Generator - to generate a description of the database schema into a PDF file.
  • Cloud Sync - share some of your VStudio data (bookmarks, SQL snippets virtual links, recent connections) between a few of your computers. 


  • A very important feature of Free Edition is that it can open in read-only mode, but run a Valentina Project with Reports and Forms designed in the Pro Edition.

PRO Edition adds advanced Features, Editors, and Tools.  

  • Valentina Project - contains Reports, Forms, and Scripts. (!) Valentina Project can be under a Valentina Server to allow multi-user work with Reports and Forms.
  • Form Editor - Design Forms and script them using JSt/Python.
  • Report Editor - Design Reports and script them using JSt/Python/SQL. These Reports can be printed or saved as PDFs/Pictures, directly from Valentina Studio or your Desktop/Web Applications.
  • Workspaces - cool for developers who work on 2 or more projects. One-click - and all your windows, and connections to some DB servers are changed. 
  • Data Transfer - transfer data from one database to another.
  • SQL Diff - compare schemas of two databases.
  • Schema Snapshot - allows the granulation of the schema representation.
  • Source Control - provides an ability for database development using any VCS (GIT, ...)
  • Documentation Generator - you can modify the style of the used report as you want.

Valentina Studio can be used around Valentina Server for multi-user work around Valentina Projects. Notice, that Valentina Server is a multi-Server (4 in 1):

  • Valentina DB Server
  • Valentina SQLite Server
  • Valentina Report Server
  • Valentina Form Server 

Reports developed in Valentina Studio can be integrated into your applications on all major programming languages (C/C++/C#/NET/Java/PHP/Xojo/LiveCode/Swift/...) via Valentina Report ADK. Still, 3 OS are supported for each ADK. 

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Valentina Studio FAQs

Can I use Valentina Studio for FREE?

YES, Valentina Studio provides FREE Edition, you need just to register on our site (Name/email) to get a FREE serial.  Even simpler todo this from Valentina Studio itself on its first start.

PRO Edition at 199$ adds a few dozen PRO Features, improving work. 


What means that Valentina Studio is native on each OS?

Valentina Studio is developed with C++ (and QT), so you get the maximum speed on each OS: Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

Is PRO license of Valentina Studio perpetual?

YES. You can buy it once, and use that version forever  (of course, until the Sun shines) 

Even better, you will get free upgrades for 1-year. 

Only if you wish, you can renew the 1-year subscription to get upgrades for the next year.


Can I get academic discount?

Yes, we provide -50% discount for schools, teachers, students. 

What types of businesses does Valentina Studio serve?

Valentina Studio serves a wide range of businesses, including but not limited to Freelancer, Startups, SMEs, Agencies & Enterprises.

How is Valentina Studio commonly used?

Valentina Studio is commonly used for various purposes, such as Reporting and more.

Who are the primary competitors of Valentina Studio?

The three major competitors of Valentina Studio are dbForge Compare Bundle for MySQL, Claris FileMaker and DataGrip. Compare and evaluate their features, advantages, disadvantages, and other aspects to find the best option for your business.

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